Saturday, December 27, 2008

This'n'That; December 27th [NYS Econ;Unempl]

Does Any Politician Remember Econ-101? What I read daily in the Demogogue and Comical has me wondering if any politician has ever taken "Econ-101;" remembers anything he read or heard in "Econ-101;" can even spell and define "Econ-101?" The governor needs to have someone explain the basic economic statistics to him. He can't seem to find anyone to do that so I'll attempt it. Hey Gov'ner..... the unemployment rate means a percentage of the total NYS workforce that is not working. It might be wise to point out here that New York City is not the only political sub-division within the State of New York; You have the needs of the north country, central New York, western New York and the Niagara Frontier to consider. Inflation is defined as a persistent increase in the level of consumer prices or a persistent decline in the purchasing power of money, caused by an increase in available currency and credit beyond the proportion of available goods and services. These definitions, statistics and the current budget proposal beg several questions: 1] With the state, national and global economies "in the dumper," how do you justify 137 new or increased taxes and fees?? These are being heaped upon the people of the most taxed state in the union!! 2] The only portion of the economy you directly control is government employment. In your proposal, you "brag" about laying off 520 employees. Then we find out this number is polluted by attrition and early retirements, NOT direct lay-offs. How can you hype the layoff of 520 people when it ONLY EQUATES TO .25% [one quarter of one percent] ?? Statistics from the NYS Labor Department indicates that government employment actually INCREASED by 9,100 souls-care to explain how this is read as a reduction in employment?? 3] Had you taken Econ-101, you might remember that NO GOVERNMENT UNIT has ever "spent itself to prosperity!!!" Did it ever occur to you to reduce government spending-thus reducing the residents' tax liablility-thus freeing cash for investment; which WILL ACTUALLY STIMULATE THE ECONOMY?? 4] With the slightest grasp of the principles of Econ-101 you'd discover that your tax-and-spend methods are driving businesses OUT OF THE STATE!! Might it be time to forgo your confiscatory taxes [both numbers and rates] and fees that strangle small businesses in the state?? 5] Have you considered how the self-esteem, work ethic and the will to succeed of the average welfare rat has been reduced to practically zero?? Rather than give them a 10% raise [unheard of in the private sector]... how 'bout a dollar-for-dollar match...... you SPEND MY TAX REMITTANCE to match the rats' earnings up to a limit of.... oh, say......$250 a week?? I'd feel a little better about you "pissin' my money away" and they'd eventually feel better for having been forced OFF THEIR DEAD ASSES!! *************************Unemployment Rates (seasonally adjusted) ********************November 2008*****October 2008*****November 2007 New York State*********6.1*****************5.7***************4.6 United States***********6.7*****************6.5***************4.7 New York City**********6.3*****************5.7***************5.1 NYS, excluding NYC*****5.9*****************5.7***************4.2 Industries with Job Gains: Educational & Health Services----+22,200 Government----------------------+9,100 Other Services-----------------------+2,700 Information---------------------------+500 Natural Resources & Mining---------+100 Industries with Job Losses: Manufacturing----------------------\\-17,700 Trade, Transportation & Utilities--\\-16,800 Financial Activities -----------------\\-15,900 Professional & Business Services -\\-13,300 Construction-------------------------\\-2,800 Leisure & Hospitality------------------\\-800

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