Monday, October 31, 2011

This'n'That; October Thirty-First #1; Desperation

owe-bamacRATics Desperation 2.0
    More and more, the owe-bamacRATics are operating from a position of fear; fear that their chosen messiah, "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" will not live up to his self-proclaimed desire 'to be a good one-term president rather than a mediocre two-term president.'  The scorecard--as it currently stands--would demand that "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" be graded as a terrible, horrible president; Jimmuh Cahtah (Jimmy Carter) 2.0!!
    Now the 'worst lady' michelle "Eat'cher Veggies" owe-bama has evolved from "the Hawg" on Paula Deen's cooking show to "the (attack) Dawg" for the owe-bamacRATic party in general; for the ZERO-bama re-election effort in particular.  Last week, George Soros, Valarie Jarrett, et al; dispatched 'Mad michelle'--in her personal $350 million Boeing 747--to Davis Island, Florida to hob-knob with those hated, vile, evil 1%ers!!  Remember folks these guys'n'gals are the millionaires and billionaires "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" loves to; LIVES to vilify!!
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Sunday 'Report;' 10/30/2011

What The National Pamphleteers Don't Report:
All American Bank Fails; 2011 Tally at 85
By Philip van Doorn
October 28, 2011
DES PLAINES, Ill. (TheStreet) --The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation on Friday shuttered All American Bank of Des Plaines, bringing this year's total number of bank failures to 85.   All American Bank had $37.8 million in total assets and $33.4 million in deposits when it failed.  
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. was named receiver and sold the failed institution to International Bank of Chicago.   The failed bank's office was set to reopen during normal business hours as a branch of International Bank of Chicago.   The FDIC estimated the cost of All American Bank's failure to the deposit insurance fund [....]

Things Debt Collectors Won't Say

by Sarah Morgan
October 21, 2011

1.  We'll say anything to get you to pay."
"You just need to pay me $1,200 by 2 p.m. or I'm going to send the sheriff out to arrest you." That's what one debt collector told a client of credit counselor Jan Jones, who works with the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Alaska. One woman in her 70s who fell behind on credit card payments was told she'd be deported if she didn't pay right away, says Dafne Torres, director of operations for [....]

Ad for gun training bars Muslims and Obama voters

By Zachary Roth
Senior National Affairs Reporter
The Lookout
October 28, 2011
A radio ad for a handgun training class that bars Muslims and Obama voters has sparked an investigation in Texas.  "We will attempt to teach you all the necessary information you need to obtain your [Concealed Handgun License]," the ad says. Then towards the end, it adds: "If you are a socialist liberal and/or voted for the current campaigner in chief, please do not take this class. You have already proven that you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision under the law."  And then: "If you are a non-Christian Arab or Muslim, I will not teach you the class with no shame; I am Crockett Keller, thank you, and God bless America."  The ad ran for six days on KHLB, [....]

Herman Cain Says Jesus Was ‘a Perfect Conservative’ Who Was Condemned By a ‘Liberal Court’

by Billy Hallowell,
October 20, 2011
Last December, GOP presidential contender Herman Cain penned an interesting article about Jesus Christ that has been resurrected (no pun intended) and is getting some attention in the blogosphere. Published just five days before Christmas, the piece claims that Jesus was “a perfect conservative” and that “he…changed the world for the better.”  In his article, Cain goes on to explain, though, the reasons why he believes [....]

Rebellion Against The US Junta

by Ralph Benko
October 30, 2011
Does this government represent you? 78% of us say that America is on the wrong track. Only 15%, near an historic low, feel America is headed in the right direction. This implies that a supermajority says that their intention, their well being, and their very dignity are being violated.
The “ruling junta” governing the U.S. seems to have forgotten an axiom critical to its legitimacy: “the consent of the governed.” Americans of all parties and ideologies bitterly cling to a fundamental American principle, stated in the Declaration of Independence, that we “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,” … and “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” (Emphasis added.)  Complaints about the unresponsiveness to popular will have been emerging with greater and greater clarity and force from the populace. They were called [....]

Shale gas drives US energy group mergers
By Sheila McNulty in Houston
Financial Times
October 26, 2011The total value of US oil and gas mergers and acquisitions increased 135 per cent to $48.8bn during the third quarter of 2011, driven by a long-term bet on shale gas, according to a new study.  The study, to be released on Wednesday by PwC, the consultancy, counted 46 deals with values greater than $50m – the minimum threshold to be included in the study – and was up from $20.8bn during the same period in 2010.  Thirteen of the deals, totalling $22.6bn, or 46 per cent of deal value, were related to shale – the geologic formation the industry has only been able to economically extract gas and oil from in recent years.  Among them were four transactions in the Marcellus Shale, totalling $3.6bn, and four in the Utica Shale, totalling $3.1bn.
Given the high gas content in these formations, the deals revealed continued interest in natural gas despite the drop in prices to about $4 per million British thermal units from a record of $13.69 per mBtu in 2008.  “Shale gas assets continue to attract vast interest from oil and gas companies, with five of the top 10 largest deals in the third quarter involving shale plays,” said Steve Haffner, partner in PwC’s energy practice.  Analysts said [....]

School Competition Rescues Kids

by John Stossel
October 26, 2011
For years, American education from kindergarten through high school has been a virtual government monopoly.
Conventional wisdom is that government must run the schools. But government monopolies don't do anything well. They fail because they have no real competition. Yet competition is what gives us better phones, movies, cars -- everything that's good.   If governments produced cars, we'd have terrible cars. Actually, governments once did produce cars. The Soviet bloc puts its best engineers to work and came up with the Yugo, the Volga and the Trabant. The Trabant was the best -- the pride of the Eastern Bloc. It was produced by actual German engineers -- known for their brilliance. Yet even the Trabant was a terrible car. Drivers had to put the oil and gas in separately and then shake the car to mix them. Trabants broke down and spewed pollution. When government runs things, consumers suffer.   Our school system is like the Trabant. Economist Milton Friedman understood this before the rest of us did. In 1955, he proposed school vouchers. His plan didn't call for separating school and state -- unfortunately -- but instead sought a second-best fix: Give a voucher to the family, and let it choose which school -- government-run or private -- their child will attend. Schools would [....]

Speculation On Apple's Next Big Thing:
A Home Entertainment Center

by: Robert McDonald
October 28, 2011
Steve Jobs of Apple (AAPL) stated in his just released biography by Walter Isaacson that “television” is another consumer product area that he wanted to revolutionize. He goes on to say that "I'd like to create an integrated television set. It would be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud ... It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine."  Given that, you have to believe that Apple has initiated a highly secret internal project to move this idea forward. The only question is how far downstream are they?
Monday morning Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray who has also been speculating on this idea for some time, is saying that Apple is already building prototype TV sets and has a supply chain starting up in Asia.  It is only logical that Apple will apply its perfectionist “Gucci” like design skills in combination with existing hardware and software core competencies to start up yet another highly profitable business. This business will produce home [....]

How to Avoid Costly Home Repairs
by Farnoosh Torabi

Yahoo Finance
October 24, 2011The costs of home ownership stretch far beyond mortgage payments, property taxes and insurance. From clogged gutters to broken shingles and mold, home repairs can easily add up — especially with all the precipitation and cold weather this time of year. We spoke with home improvement specialist Ron Hazelton for his preventative home maintenance checklist, which he says can save the average owner over at least $100,000 in repairs over the years.
Inspect Your Foundation
Foundation repair can cost as much as $25,000, so Hazelton's first bit of advice is to survey the exterior base of your home for any cracks, which may have been caused by rainwater mixing with soil. "When soil meets water, the soil tends to expand like a sponge and exert a great deal of pressure on a home's foundation and basement walls," says Hazelton. "After a heavy rainstorm go outside and walk around your home. Check within five feet of the house to make sure you don't see large puddles...Avoid having any water soaking the ground right next to your house."  For foundation repair, it can cost $400-$800 to repair simple, tiny cracks in the foundation. Moderate damage can run as high as $8000-$30,000 to repair, according to
Routinely Unclog Your Gutters
Check for built-up debris in your home's gutters, which may also lead to cracks in your home's foundation. Hazelton says that as rain falls, water may spill over the edge of the home and directly onto the ground. The water may saturate the soil surrounding the house and, again, force [....]

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls
October 29, 2011
Investor Confidence Gains Seven Points on Saturday
Obama 45%, Perry 38%
Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 36%
16% Say U.S. Heading In Right Direction
For many conservatives and Tea Party voters, the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination boils down to “anyone but Romney.” Yet the former Massachusetts governor remains a frontrunner for the nomination, while the various conservative hopefuls rise and fall.   Romney is still the GOP presidential contender who voters consider most qualified to be president, although he falls short of the number who feel that way about President Obama. But most GOP voters think all four top hopefuls for their party’s presidential nomination have what it takes, although they’re a little less sure about Herman Cain.  The Republican numbers tell an interesting story. Cain has surged to challenge Romney in recent weeks as Texas Governor Rick Perry has stumbled. But our latest numbers show that 61% of GOP voters now think Perry is qualified to be president, up from 52% in late September and virtually tying the number who feel that way about Romney. In that same period, however, the number of Republicans who think Cain is qualified to be president as risen only marginally from 49% to 52%.   But those numbers still don’t translate to all voters at large. Romney is the only Republican who consistently runs even with Obama, running neck-and-neck with the incumbent again this past week. The two men have been within two points of each other in surveys since mid-September. Frontrunners for the nomination typically run [....]

Solyndra with a Needle:
Obama Considers Injecting U.S. Children with Anthrax

by Ben Johnson,
The White House Watch
October 28, 2011

Update: The advisory board voted to move the process forward on Friday by asking a review committee to solve the ethical problem of injecting children with anthrax. “Protecting children still stands, for me, among the most important responsibilities that we have as a nation,” said Dr. Nicole Lurie (see below). In this case, “protecting” means injecting children who will probably face no threat of being exposed to anthrax with a vaccine that has caused the most fit Americans, its servicemen, such severe reactions as heart problems and diabetes. — BJ.
The Obama administration is considering injecting American children with an anthrax vaccine in an unprecedented scientific experiment that bioethicists say will unnecessarily endanger the youngsters’ lives and health. The National Biodefense Safety Board (NBSB), will vote today about whether the pediatric vaccinations should go forward. A smaller working group comprised of a whopping eight members endorsed the vaccinations in September.  Since 1998, more than a million people have been vaccinated, mostly servicemen stationed overseas. The vaccinations were temporarily halted by court order but continue today.  Following the 2001 Anthrax infections on Capitol Hill, which resulted in [....]

Occupy Wall Street and Entrepreneur Investment

by Jeff Carter
October 30,2011
Reading many blogs from various VC’s and entrepreneurs, I get the impression that they are on the side of Occupy Wall Street. Or, if they aren’t on their side totally, they are cheering for them.
Here is what I don’t understand. The VC and entrepreneurial community wants to fund businesses that are disruptive, make things horizontal, and decentralized. Currently, many of the hottest businesses take the power from dominant players and put it into the hands of individuals. There is huge power in catering to individual choice, and individual consumers can exert a great amount of influence over the profitability of a company. Freedom is unleashed and the power of that freedom increases productivity and profit. Individual choice benefits the masses.  Yet, when it comes to government, these same VC’s and entrepreneurs contribute, and actively campaign for Democrats. Democrats are the antithesis of where most of them try and earn a return on their investment dollars. Democrats are for huge centrally planned bureaucracies that always screw things up and cater to the middle, not the individual. Freedom is limited and restrained. Certain favored individuals get what they want, but the masses are left in the lurch.
The logic doesn’t add up.
Here is a different way to put it. If you are a VC that supports Occupy Wall Street, don’t invest one new dollar in Silicon Valley or Boston or Austin. They are the 1%. Invest in Detroit or Cleveland. Aren’t they the 99%? If you happen to be fortunate enough to earn a return, donate most of the profit to charity.   That’s what Occupy Wall Street is telling everyone, or at least that’s what I am hearing.
Just a point of information.
None of the Tea Parties turned into mobs where thugs were arrested for drugs, rape, beatings, and public indecency. As a matter of fact, in a lot of places the streets and parks they marched in were cleaner than when the Tea Party first set foot there. Occupy Wall Street is a useless leftist movement for the most part. For the people that are truly frustrated, I empathize. But what OWS stands for won’t get you what you want. It’s tough [....]

Hundreds Want Death-Defying Beagle Named Daniel

Good Morning America
October 28, 2011
Hundreds Want Death-Defying Beagle Named Daniel (ABC News)
Hundreds of people are vying to adopt Daniel, a 5-year-old miracle beagle who sniffed at death and came out of an Alabama gas chamber wagging its tail.   The pooch was sent to his doom along with 18 other dogs at an overcrowded animal shelter in Florence, Ala., on Oct. 3.  But when the animal control officer in charge of the operation returned to the locked chamber he found the dog waiting at the door, wagging its tail. The other dogs were dead.  His amazing survival has attracted [....]

Ford reintroduces the 1965 Mustang

If all you wanna do is ride around, the classic convertible can be yours for $15,000.
By Justin Hyde
Yahoo! Autos
October 28, 2011

Ford Motor Co. will soon sell brand-new 1965 Ford Mustangs for just $15,000 each. The only hitch: There's some assembly required.  As part of its Ford Reproduction business, Ford revealed today it had approved a new stamping of the steel bodies for first-generation Mustang that buyers could then build into their own 1964 1/2 through 1966 Mustang, using whatever engine, axles, interior and other parts they can find on their own.  The first-generation Mustangs rank as America's most-restored vehicle, and the cottage industry of reproduction parts [....]

..Gadhafi’s dead, but White House war on “leading from behind” escalating

By Laura Rozen
Senior Foreign Affairs Reporter
The Envoy
October 27, 2011Moammar Gadhafi was buried in a secret location in the Libyan desert this week, bringing closure to Libyans' nine-month struggle to topple their dictator of 42 years.
Despite the victory celebrations in Benghazi over Gadhafi's demise, the Obama administration apparently is still bothered by a noteworthy phrase that has been used to describe President Barack Obama's chosen form of military intervention.  "Leading from behind" is  [....]

Luck of O'bama: Another CEO Bites the Dust

by John Ransom
October 30, 2011If you’ve had anything to do with Obama from a bumper sticker to bailouts, you might want to turn a circle three times in your tracks while you cross yourself. Or tack a horseshoe above your door. Or do a novena to Saint Jude.   Because the president is more than just a bad executive, he’s star-crossed. From union bosses, to Chicago, to CEOs, to millionaires, to billionaires, homeowners and healthcare practitioners, everyone involved with him is feeling hexed.   The hasty departure of First Solar CEO Robert Gillette, an Obama favorite, sent share prices for the publicly-traded “green” energy company tumbling 25 percent on Tuesday, on general jitters that another green rat may be abandoning another solar-powered sinking ship.  The company, whose stock [....]

Best jobs for fast growth

by Jessica Dickler,
Anne C. Lee,
Greg Swiatek

If you're stalled or burned out, these fast-growing fields (with relatively low barriers to entry) can help you earn more, get ahead and put life back into your career.
Software Developer.
Median pay: $82,400
Top pay: $118,000
10-year job growth: 32%
Total jobs: 380,000
The job:
As technology evolves rapidly, companies continue to need developers to design, test, and debug software programs for mobile devices and apps. Since the landscape changes so often, even longtime developers frequently need to retrain and learn new programs, lowering the barriers to entry for job switchers.
How to switch:
If you have a technical background, all you need are self-study courses for vendor-specific program certifications. Tech newbies should start with a programming course at a local college. [....] 
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"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; October 29th

A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince;" 10/29/2011
barackingham Palace,
District of Corruption,
October 29, 2011
This week, a new economic report confirmed what most Americans already believe to be true: over the past three decades, the middle class has lost ground while the wealthiest few have become even wealthier. In fact, the average income for the top one percent of Americans has risen almost seven times faster than the income of the average middle class family. And this has happened during a period where the cost of everything from health care to college has skyrocketed.  Now, in this country, we don’t begrudge anyone wealth or success – we encourage it. We celebrate it. But America is better off when everyone has had the chance to get ahead – not just those at the top of the income scale. The more Americans who prosper, the more America prospers.  Rebuilding an economy where everyone has the chance to succeed will take time. Our economic problems were decades in the making, and they won’t be solved overnight. But there are steps we can take right now to put people back to work and restore some of the security that middle-class Americans have lost over the last few decades.
[What I'm not telling you:  As usual, most of today's blather is complete fabrication; complete--and bald faced--lies!!  Based on that premise, let's attempt to rewrite today's weekly blather with a modicum of truth.  Here are some facts as researched by some of America's best 'think-tanks:'
During the first decade of the twenty-first century, median income (50% of earners above; 50% below) dropped by 7%;
The wealthiest 20% of households saw their income drop by 16%!;
The remaining wage earners experienced a 25% drop over the same period;
Incomes are expected to rise only 5% in the next decade.
{ }
    Additionally--under my leadership, or the distinct lack thereof--the collapsed housing bubble cost $6 TRILLION in lost value, with another $2 TRILLION in losses expected in the coming year.  These realized and projected losses equal 53.6% of the current national debt.  How does this affect you, the taxpayer; you, the homeowner?!?  Not only do you, but your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren are responsible for repaying this unconcionable level of national endebtedness;  these same folks are expected to suffer the affects of the monetary losses experienced by the American homeowner. 
So in total, JUST the national debt and the housing losses equal $22.9 TRILLION!! 
How is that figure even fathomable?!?
How is that figure even repayable?!?
    Upon close review of the past two-and-a-half years, you'll find that not only do I "lead from the rear;"  I "lead from the golf course!"  And yet, I demand to be given credit for the demise of the planet's worst miscreants: owe-bama Osama bin Laden, Muammar Gaddafi as well as the ouster of our buddy in Egypt: Hosni Mubarak!  Said review will also reveal my penchant for being the personification of Albert Einstein's definition of insanity.  That definition being: doing the same thing over-and-over, expecting a different result!!  To that end, my regime continued the destined-to-fail TARP bailout authored by that evil President George W. Bush, 43;  then George Soros insisted on the $787 BILLION PORKulus bill to fund the requisite pay-offs for the regime's supporters and contributors as well as the unions' hierarchies.  Then we had that debt-ceiling increase kerfuffle that never should have been approved!  Now we have PORKulus 2.0 disguised as the American Jobs Act.
    Not only have these programs not stimulated the jobs market, there will be no stimulation in the near future!  Everything the regime has done, was done in direct defiance of the logic of economics.  The only jobs that can be created by government--at any level--are government jobs!  To acquire funding for owe-bamacRATic policies; the government must either take the same amount of money from the American public or borrow the funds in the name said American public!!  If job creation is the true objective, the most effective path to accomplishment is tax reduction AND regulations-and-rules set-asides or nullifications!]
Right now, Congress can pass a set of common-sense jobs proposals that independent economists tell us will boost the economy right away. Proposals that will put more teachers, veterans, construction workers and first responders back on the job. Proposals that will cut taxes for virtually every middle class family and small business in America. These are the same kinds of proposals that both Democrats and Republicans have supported in the past. And they should stop playing politics and act on them now.  These jobs proposals are also paid for by asking folks who are making more than a million dollars a year to contribute a little more in taxes. These are the same folks who have seen their incomes go up so much, and I believe this is a contribution they’re willing to make. One survey found that nearly 7 in 10 millionaires are willing to step up and pay a little more in order to help the economy.  Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress aren’t paying attention. They’re not getting the message. Over and over, they have refused to even debate the same kind of jobs proposals that Republicans have supported in the past – proposals that today are supported, not just by Democrats, but by Independents and Republicans all across America. And yet, somehow, they found time this week to debate things like whether or not we should mint coins to celebrate the Baseball Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, they’re only scheduled to work three more weeks between now and the end of the year.
[What I'm not telling you:  By January, 2010--the start of my second year of rule--the owe-bamacRATic controlled Senate had held up 290 bills previously approved by the House of Representatives, which was also owe-bamacRATically controlled.  Since the "Tea Party" movement's victory in November, 2010, the Senate has continually held up legislation beneficial to the American economy; not necessarily beneficial to the regime's direction for the United States! 
    Remember the Rep Louie Gohmert "American Jobs Act of 2011?!?"  Rep Gohmert's proposal is diametrically opposite to my "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist"  'American Jobs Act.' 
To date, have there been any negotiations to reconcile the two bills?!? 
Absolutely not!! 
Why not?!? 
I've instructed little 'pinky' reid to not allow them; it's "my way or the highway!!" 
    If the reader cares to check the referenced URLs above, they'll find that to qualify as one of "the 1%ers" one must have an AGI (adjusted gross income) of $343,927!! The millions and billions of dollars that I elude to as I continue to vilify the the nation's most prosperous citizens is nothing more than my usual 'smoke-screen.'  As is my promotion; the citizenry gets 'a bad taste in their mouths' when they hear 'millions; billions' as it relates to wealth they don't have!   This is an example of 'class-warfare' that actually works!!  Nothing breeds anxiety and anger more than money, or the lack thereof!!]
The truth is, we can no longer wait for Congress to do its job. The middle-class families who’ve been struggling for years are tired of waiting. They need help now. So where Congress won’t act, I will.  This week, we announced a new policy that will help families whose home values have fallen refinance their mortgages and save thousands of dollars. We’re making it easier for veterans to get jobs putting their skills to work in hospitals and community health centers. We reformed the student loan process so more young people can get out of debt faster. And we’re going to keep announcing more changes like these on a regular basis.  These steps will make a difference. But they won’t take the place of the bold action we need from Congress to get this economy moving again. That’s why I need all of you to make your voices heard. Tell Congress to stop playing politics and start taking action on jobs. If we want to rebuild an economy where every American has the chance to get ahead, we need every American to get involved. That’s how real change has always happened, and that’s how it’ll happen today.
[What I'm not telling you:  I know it's tough, but try to bear with me as we reveal the truth--at least part of the truth--behind my policies and the legislative kerfuffles in the Congress.  Revealing that truth about me telling little 'pinky' reid to stall on the republicRAT-passed legislation, was a bit premeature so far as this blather opportunity goes.  Notice how I usually vilify 'the Congress' in my blusterful blatherings?!?  To my advantage, the average American will normally focus on the House of Representatives, not the entire congress.  The Senate is doing my bidding by little 'pinky' reid's stall tactics.
    Much to my chagrin the Founding Fathers 'had-it-right' when they debated the merits, then approved the draft of the United States Constitution.  That the document was ratified by the required number of states, buttresses the basic logic contained therein.  The 'checks-and-balances' contained in the document makes my actions very difficult if not unconstitutional!!  The requirement that all financial, monetary legislation originate in the House of Representatives renders my Executive Orders unconstitutional on their face!  
    Take my Executive Order on student loans as an example:  I've managed to convince most of those with student loans--those educated in American colleges and universities--that my actions will save them untold amounts of money.  In actuality, the average student will save between $4.75 and $7.50 per month!!  Those with huge debt load (above $100k), will save a whooping $28.50 per month.  This is the relatively insignificant amount all those "occupy...." miscreants are demonstrating for!  I wasn't in favor of these demonstrations when George Soros started paying them to show up, nor when the current version of ACORN (with names like New York Communities for Change; New England United for Justice; et al) began aiding them.  The demonstrators are every bit the hypocrite the owe-bama Regime is:  the majority of demonstrators go home or to hotels during the cold, inclement over-night hours!!  
    Most of my "Executive Order" actions are either another duplication-of-effort, competing with current programs in place or they are a rehash of already-failed plans like the mortgage refinancing plan that very few Americans took advantage of!!   To correct the current housing kerfuffle and to prevent future kerfuffles; eliminate both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  The federal government should not be in the student-loan or the mortgage businesses!!  When I took over the student-loan programs, how many small businesses; how many jobs, were destroyed by my actions?!?]



Friday, October 28, 2011

This'n'That; October Twenty-Eighth #2; Vote Values

The Dollar Value Of Votes
    "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" has created an unforeseen benefit with his "We Can't Wait...." financial scam; that being the actual dollar-value range of a vote in the upcoming presidential election.  This plan is nothing more than another election fraud purpetrated on those least able to understand it!!  Remember, this involves student loans to current and former American college students.   Most students will be unable to understand the text--let alone the math--of "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist's" latest dictatorial edict!

  The Atlantic Monthly has done a superior job of ferreting out thescam's nuts-and-bolts; for more details, see: 
Boiled down, this latest scam will save the average college student/graduate between $4.50 and $7.75 per month!!  The average student/graduate has student loans in the area of $27,204.  The student/graduate with $100,000 in student-loan debt can look for a monthly saving of a whoopin' $28.50!!
One problem here is:  student loan balances (and by extension, tuition expenses) have outpaced disposable income--511% to 73%!!  And 82% of the total student-loan balances have been accrued in the past ten-years, alone!!
Why?!?  Professorial salaries are a good starting place.  

$55,941 (average; bachelor's; private-church related)
$74,299 (high; doctoral; private-independent)
$101,620 (average; doctorate; full professorship; public institution)
$113,740 (average; doctorate; full professorship; private-church related)
$131,232 (average; doctorate; full professorship; private institution)
$172,800 (high; doctorate; top faculty post; research institution)
Another problem here is:
Recently the "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" regime asked permission for cellphones to be used to track down delinquent student-loan holders and harass them incessantly, 'til they pay!!
Still another problem here is: 
We somehow have to dispel the notion that the only way to get ahead is to go to college! 
Absolutely, not so!!
I'm living proof!

I've attended--but didn't graduate from--Central Missouri State University, a fine institution in Warrensburg, just 50 miles outside Kansas City.
I've been a self-employed carpenter;
I've been a self-employed cabinetmaker;
I've been a product engineer with a company making--arguably--the finest office furniture on the planet;
I've been a CNC router/boring machine operator and programmer with the same company;
I've been--definitely the best job, ever--an over-the-road truck driver with two nationwide trucking companies;
I've been--definitely the second-best job, ever--an owner-operator with two nationwide trucking companies.
I cite these employment experiences only to fortify my argument that not everyone needs a college education; a college education is not always necessary for success.  Don't you consider those salaries a "hell'u'va-price-ta-pay" to have some grad-student blather at your kid?!?

    My trucking experiences have been the most lucrative: over one-million-dollars in less than twelve-years!!  The industry isn't the dirty-fingernails, tobacco-chewing, cussing career it was 50-years ago.  The truck drivers you see are small businessmen and women; they may very well be retired doctors, nurses, dentists, accountants, military, lawyers, practically any-and-every walk of life!
    Finally, investigate all avenues; all career possibilities as well as the expenses involved in the preparation.
Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That; October Twenty-Eighth #1; Growing on Trees!!

Good (Borrowed) Money After Bad!
Remember the age-old axioms like this ol' favorite:
"If their lips are movin,' they're lyin'!!"
We should add a new one to the list:
"If ya hear the word 'money,' look around for a union thug!"
    In this instance, to understand the hypocrisy that is owe-bamacRATic politics, one must be versed in the Forbes Magazine's 'richest' lists.

Russian Alexi Mordashov is number 29 on the latest Forbes Magazine's "The World's Billionaires" List, at US$18.5Billion.  Mr Mordashov made his fortune as the principal owner of the Severstal steel conglomerate.  Severstal Steel realized total SIX-MONTH revenues of US$8.1Billion.  Severstal Steel has several US interests, among them: Severstal Dearborn (Mi); Severstal Columbus (Ms); Severstal Sparrows Point (Md); Severstal Warren (Oh); Severstal Wheeling (WV); Mountain State Carbon Steel (WV) and Northern Steel Group (IL).
    OK.  Now ya gotta feel for this huge, very well managed, very well financed Russian steel company?!? 
OK.  Now 'splain ta'me why--this past July--the United States'--"Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist"--Energy Department determined the necessity for a loan of 730 Billion borrowed-from-the-Chinese, US dollars to one of the world's largest; one of the world's best financed, steel manufacturers?!? 
Need a hint?!? 
Remember the new saying?!? 
Now ya get it?!? 
OK.... think 'union thug!' 
Now ya get it?!? 
OK, silly.... the reason this loan of borrowed money your great-grandchildren will be responsible for; is the beneficiaries of this largess will be the labor, the steel and the auto UNIONS, more specifically MICHIGAN UNIONSTo work in MICHIGAN, ya gotta be a UNION member!
Ya understand now?!?
    This--along with his "We Can't Wait...." shenanigans--has to be one of "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist's" grandest money-laundering schemes since Solyndra!!
Has the time arrived to impeach this slimy 'Dick?!?'
Til Nex'Time....



Thursday, October 27, 2011

This'n'That; October Twenty-Seventh #3; Equality?!?

Equality Depends On Ideology!
    In Richmond, Virginia--and many other cities--the city government demands fees and compliance prior to issuing an assembly permit; ONLY IF said permit is for a "Tea Party" movement function!  Currently the 'occupy-Richmond' miscreants haven't had to participate in the permitting process, nor have they had to comply with most rules of public assembly.
    While the 'occupy-Richmond' miscreants occupy Richmond's Kanawha Plaza free of charge, the "Richmond Tea Party" had to fess-up over $10-grand to hold their April (2011) Tax-Day Rally.  Someone has an unauthorized FREE public assembly--that's going on for days--Someone is charged $10-grand--PER DAY--for an authorized public assembly!!  Colleen Owens--a "Richmond Tea Party" spokesperson--says:
The "Richmond Tea Party" is preparing an invoice for their "Tax Day Rally" expenses, to be presented to Mayor Dwight Jones' office for a full refund.
"We followed the rules, we followed the law, we got all the permits, we paid all the fees, we had to jump through all the hoops they asked us to.  We didn't complain about it.  But then we're sitting back and watching these Occupiers in Richmond and they're basically camped out at Kanawha Plaza.  And they're not having to pay for the park, they're not getting permits, they're not paying for police, they're not paying for port-o-potties, they're not paying for emergency personnel.  Everything that we were required to do."

I guess some of us are more equal than others of us!!
Til Nex'Time....,0,7880023.story



This'n'That; October Twenty-Seventh #2; Future

The 'Occupy-tional Forces'
    You may have heard of the twenty-point plan for curing all the country's ills.  I'm working up a point-by-point response.
Some of the 'occupy....' points are well thought out, others: not so much!
Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That; October Twenty-Seventh #1; Food FIGHT!!!

Deen Versus owe-bama!!
    Who doesn't love Paula Deen?!?  Most of us northreners (I know; I spell like I talk) fall in love with her accent first; then comes her vibrant sense of humor.  I mean this gal can make a tree-stump laugh!!  Everyone who's seen Ms Deen's cooking show, knows that her entrees; desserts--nearly everything--generally aren't the best as far as healthy diets go.
     While promoting her latest book:  "Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible,"  some in the owe-bama "water-carryin'" national pamphleteers are saying Ms Deen took some 'pot-shots' at michelle "Eat'cher Veggies" owe-bama; I say no!! Ms Deen merely points out the hypocrisy that is the owe-bama family!!  Ms Deen has revealed that michelle was a veritable HOG--as a guest--during the taping of a Deen cooking show back during "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist's" 2008 campaign for George Soros' "Selection-for-Election."  During a post-taping interview, Paula Deen opined that 'michelle would be serving high-fat, greasy and sugary foods' after the "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" immaculation.  Ms Deen also noted:

An owe-bama "Pig-Out" visual.... Ugh!!

Now.... all you serfs: Go Eat'cher Veggies!!
'michelle kept eating and eating; even during commericalsmichelle gourged herself on greasy french fries, fatty-hot chicken wings and sugary deep-fried Snickers bars!!  She (michelle) probably ate more than any other guest I ever had on the show!'

Til Nex'Time....



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This'n'That; October Twenty-Sixth #1; Fixing the Deficit

[Odds are really good that this post will be out-of-sequence! Check:]
Buffett 'Changing Horses....?'
    This item has recently started it's "trip" around the internet.  While an excellent idea, doesn't it seem a bit disingenuous of Mr Buffett?!?  Not too long ago, he was practically demanding that he--and other millionaires and billionaires--be made to pay more income taxes.  He could have satisfied his demand by merely writing a check to the Treasury Department, say 3 or 4 billion bucks a year!!  For those of the public that would like to help Mr Buffett with his deficit reduction efforts--IF in fact, he actually takes my advice--I've included the Treasury Department's URL at the bottom of this post.
    I intend to 'cut-and-paste' the information below (red; shaded AND unshaded) into an email I'll send to all those on my 'contacts list.'  You should consider doing the same!

    Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling:
"I could end the deficit in 5 minutes," he told CNBC.
"You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.
The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only 3 months and 8 days to be ratified!
The people demanded it.
That was in 1971... before computers, e-mail, cellphones, etc.
Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took 1 year or less to become the law of the land...all because of public pressure.

_*Congressional Reform Act of 2011*_
1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.
2. Congress (past, present and future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.
3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.
4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.
5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.
6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.
7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen. Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career.
The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work. 
If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people then it will only take three days for most people (in the U.S.) to receive the message.
Maybe it is time.
I would add a '#8' to this list or an additional piece of legislation:The various forms of 'public assistance' are blatant--in-your-face--examples of government excess.  Those who roll-out-of-bed everyday and go to a job they may-or-may-not enjoy are confronted at least daily by those who help the taxpayer "spend his or her money" when they--in many cases--could get off their more-than-ample asses and support themselves.
    Currently--as near as I can find out--entitlement programs LESS SOCIAL SECURITY, cost the taxpayers, $800Billion annually.
The estimated 2010 GDP was $14.72Trillion, so non-Social Security entitlement programs are 5.4% of GDP.  The non-Social Security entitlement monies are a budgeted dollar amount--and as such--are not subject to the fluxuations of the national economy; the world economy.
    My proposal is this:

Each successive annual federal budget, the amount budgeted to 'destroy the American Dream; to destroy the American will-to-succeed,'  be reduced by .25% (one-quarter of a percentage point) until the level of 2.7% of GDP; half of the 2010 levels; approximately $400Billion dollars.  Additionally, some 'shame' must be returned to the receipt of federal--unearned--dollars!  Do away with the debit card onto which, the free money is loaded each month.  If the citizen is feeding from the public tit, the citizen should acknowledge the source of this largess and report--in person--to a village, town, city or county administration building to pick up their--taxpayer provided--CHECK!

Just my opinion!
Til Nex'Time....



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This'n'That; October Twenty-Fifth #2; ....again?!?

Another Example:
    C. Ellis Schumer is but the latest to test Albert Einstein's definition of insanity!  Mr Einstein's definition is:  Doing the same thing time and again, expecting a different result.  As many can atest, I can get really, really riled when posting on this site.  For this posting, I've decided to accord Mr Schumer a full measure of my respect!
    When I first heard of him--not that many years ago--Mr Schumer used the moniker: Charles Schumer.  In a blatant attempt to pander to the younger crowd, he became 'Chuck' Schumer.  When Mr Schumer took his seat on the dais of 'The Ruling Class,' I've assigned two more fitting references:  'C. Ellis Schumer', in deference to his--self-perceived--rightful place among 'The Ruling Class;' the most elite, of the most elite; the other is in deference to his religion.  Mr Schumer is Jewish, not that that matters to me so much as how he treats the serf class--but I digress--to me, Mr Schumer is known as "The Putz of Park Avenue!" 
Putz:  A fool, a jerk, a penis (maybe by extension, 'a dick' in deference to owe-bama).
Park Avenue:  The residential address most desired by "The Ruling Class."

    C. Ellis Schumer--"The Putz of Park Avenue"--is blossoming; blossoming into the complete idiot I've long suspected him to be! 
What'ta f**k is wrong with this guy?!? 
Has he never seen a history book--let alone, read one?!?
Hey, C. Ellis, ever heard of Smoot-Hawley?!?
I've read the history books--back when a public-school education was something to be proud of--and I'll gladly impart some of that knowledge:
Much like we have today, a miscreant was elected president in 1928. 
Much like we have today, Herbert Hoover promised remedy the country's ills.
Much like we have today, Mr Hoover's actions were a complete disaster.  Prime among those disasters was the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930.
Much like we have today, Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 was instrumental in the economic devastation known as The Great Depression; today's economic devastation is known as owe-bamaGeddon.
    Your proposed protectionist currency and trade policies targeted toward China will further deepen the already disasterous affects of owe-bamaGeddon; exactly as Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 precipitated The Great Depression.   What happened with your 2005 proposal--nay, demand--that China revalue it's currency?!?  Bear in mind the average 2005 unemployment rate was 6.1%  The Chinese yuan has increased over 30% since; the unemployment rate?!?  All-the-way down to 9.1%!! Now you're blathering on about the Yuan being undervalued by 32.5%.  As a result of your 2005 whine, how much was the deficit reduced?!?  Not one red cent!
Not one dam' dime!
  Come on now, Putz!!  There's no way you can explain your incompentency away with this one!! 
I have long hailed "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" as the most incompetent boob of both the twentieth and twenty-first centuries! 
I stand corrected!
You--C. Ellis Schumer, "The Putz of Park Avenue"--are now at the top of the "Most Incompetent Idiot In Elective Office Today" list!!
Til Nex'Time....
{And now, that 'respect' part I told you about:}



This'n'That; October Twenty-Fifth #1; Indoctrination?

Government Fascists On The 'Attack!'
[Rather than give my interpretation of the following article, I cut-and-pasted' it from the original site.  Blogspot will most probably render my efforts horribly out-of-order!  For an in-order view, see:]
    As a part of the "Tea Party" movement, I'm involved with the 'We Surround....' folks in Rochester, N.Y., the nearest chapter.  As such, I get email updates on their activities; on their important issues.  Another member found the below article--on the 'As A Momsite--and published it to the 'We Surround....' website.  Although not very surprised, I did find this entry quite alarming.  The government (public) schools are pulling out all the stops in support of the miscreants defiling the public areas in cities, nationwide!  Said entry:
    My 14 yr old public high schooler was given a pamphlet from "Occupy Wall Street" yesterday with an assignment to do for the rest of the week in World Geography class. They are to break into small groups and compile a list of grievances. They are to then use the school's video equipment to make a video of the list and send it to Occupy Wall Street. The pamphlet has a ballet dancer on top of the Wall Street Bull statue. It has the Ocupy Wall Street "hand signals" to be used to voice your opinion. It also has the address to send your info to: The UPS Store, Re: Occupy Wall Street, 118A Fulton Ste #205 NY, NY 10038.
It says they are low on food.
    I am so mad, I could spit! I sent an email to this teacher thru the school's website (to hopefully create a paper trail). I made my own permission note, denying permission for my kid to participate in this assignment/protest and denying my permission for my kid's name or image to be used in this assignment/protest. I did this yesterday. This morning I got a reply basically just saying OK your kid will not participate. I am worried for my kid today. I will wait and see how today plays out at school before taking more action.
    Ask your kids if they have been introduced to this protest at school. My kid knew I would be mad and said that she would not be filmed during class when the assignment was given. She was given the camera man job.
(I moved this post from the Texas education forum to this because it has a wider audience)

This article--as brief as it is--certainly makes the case for 'home-schooling!'  If I still had kids at home, I'd surely consider the option!
Til Nex'Time....
    George Soros; his sycophants and subordinates; the lil' darlin's who do his daily bidding, demonstrate the lack of limits to which they'll go in bringing down the government!!  The immaculation of "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" was but the first step.



Monday, October 24, 2011

This'n'That; October Twenty-Fourth #2; He Can; You CAN'T!

"Clown Prince" to Las Vegas; You're Not To Go!
    Twice "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" told us not to go to Las Vegas to spend any money!!  He said that in early 2009--about a month after THE immaculation--and issued a reminder in early, 2010. 

"We're really bonin' the Taxpayer now, aye Barry?!"
    Now the Blusterful, Blathering Boob is using Las Vegas as the backdrop for his latest plan to continue shredding the U.S. Constitution; for figuratively showing the American Taxpayer BOTH his 'middle fingers.'  The Blusterful, Blathering Boob that is "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist," intends to completely finish the Constitution shredding by circumventing the House in his "We Can't Wait...." campaign to continue the economic rape and molestation of the American Taxpayer.  Remember--which the 'Boob' seems unable to--all spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives.... that's written into the aforementioned, nearly shredded document!!
    Rather than--once again, ARTIFICALLY--prop up those who're under water with their mortgages, amongst the Blusterful, Blathering Boob's other ill conceived attempts at vote-buying, "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" would better serve the people by arresting and castrating both ex-senator Chris Dodd and current representative Barney Frank, architects of the current credit malaise as well as tinkering with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae so as to benefit the owe-bamacRATics' vote-buying schemes!!  After castration, I suggest they be on display--the criminals, NOT the nuts--in the National Mall!!
Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That; October Twenty-Fourth #1; What Now?!?

What Was Accomplished; Where To, Now?!?
    We--the American Taxpayers--were led into the Libyan civil war by "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist."  He was a little bit pissed when French President Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron garnered more press than he; garnered more adulation of the Libyan commoner than he!   They were 'first in' with their military assets; "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" was forced to go to the United Nations and beg to 'play-with-the-big-kids.'  Early on, "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" lied to us--the American Taxpayers--about there being no 'boots-on-the-ground' in Libya.  I submit that there's rarely a kerfuffle--worldwide--that America's premier 'toy breakers and opposition neutralizers' are not involved in--overtly or covertly!!  America's special forces--members of USSOCOM--are highly trained as--among many other things--forward-air-controllers; calling in air strikes on the opposition's civilian and military assets.
    Now the Libyan civil war has ended with the ouster and death of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.  The new quasi-dictator--Mustafa Abdul-Jalil--is calling for the incoming regime to adhere to tenants of Sharia Law.  While Colonel Gaddafi's Libya certainly was not an 'equality government,' this reversion to Sharia Law is several backward steps toward The Stone Age.  In all fairness, the damage will be determined by which version Abdul-Jalil and his camp followers will insist adherence to:
A.)  Secular muslim states-religious interference in state-affairs, law and politics is prohibited (Kazakhstan, Turkey).
B.)  Blended sources-the ultimate authority is their constitution and the rule of law, with legal systems strongly influenced by Sharia Law (Pakistan, Afganistan, Egypt).
C.)  Classic Sharia Law-no constitution; no legislatures.  Laws based on Sharia as interpreted by religious scholars.  Rulers--dictators--have limited authority to change laws (Iran, Saudi Arabia).

Til Nex'Time....
    Therein lies the kerfuffle!!  Which boot to put on the neck of the citizenry?!?  "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist's" Islamic background dictates that he stay out of discussions on the form of government; the rule of law.  Now--just in time for the campaign season--"Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" can claim that but for he, himself.... the Libyan people would still be living under that tyrant, Colonel Gaddafi!!



Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Sunday 'Report;' 10/23/2011

What The Nation Pamphleteers Don't Report:
Seven Hidden-Gem Careers
By Larry Buhl,
Monster Contributing Writer
Jobs that impress strangers and make your parents giddy with pride may not be the best for you. Whether you’re starting out or changing careers, lesser-known alternative careers may offer lower pressure, better hours and greater personal satisfaction. Here’s a look at seven hidden-gem careers:
If you love to teach but prefer adult students to kids:
Corporate trainers teach employees skills, technologies and protocols. A bachelor’s degree is required. A technical, business or psychology background plus a certificate are helpful. The median training and development specialist salary was $54,160 in May 2010, according to the BLS.
If you’re a wiz at finance and investing but wary of Wall Street:
Personal financial advisors are often self-employed, so you’ll need entrepreneurial skills. Strong math, accounting and problem-solving abilities [....]
Steve Jobs and the 7 Rules of Success

By Carmine Gallo
October 14, 2011
Steve Jobs' impact on your life cannot be underestimated. His innovations have likely touched nearly every aspect -- computers, movies, music and mobile. As a communications coach, I learned from Jobs that a presentation can, indeed, inspire. For entrepreneurs, Jobs' greatest legacy is the set of principles that drove his success.  Over the years, I've become a student of sorts of Jobs' career and life. Here's my take on the rules and values underpinning his success. Any of us can adopt them to unleash our "inner Steve Jobs."
1. Do what you love. Jobs once said, "People with passion can change the world for the better." Asked about the advice he would offer would-be entrepreneurs, he said, "I'd get a job as a busboy or something until I figured out what I was really passionate about." That's how much it meant to him. Passion is everything.
2. Put a dent in the universe. Jobs believed in [....]

Conservative Celebrites (38 images)
Tony Danza
The star of "Who's the Boss" is glad to see Republicans as the bosses, and is a registered Republican. [....]

U.S. truckers, lawmakers unite in bipartisan opposition to cross-border trucking

[Along with OOIDA’s Executive Vice President Todd Spencer, small-business trucker and OOIDA member Jose Escott spoke of concerns about opening the border to Mexico-based motor carriers. They were joined by Congressmen Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., and Bob Filner, D-Calif., along with James P. Hoffa, general president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.]
The Truckers News Service,
OTAY MESA, Calif. — The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) today stood at the Mexican border alongside Republican and Democratic lawmakers and other vocal opponents of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s cross-border trucking pilot program — citing concerns for highway safety, homeland security, and regulatory fairness for U.S.-based companies and drivers.  The bipartisan [....]

Letting Wood Express its Kinetic Energy
Posted by hipstomp

October 11, 2011
Having spent time in the shop, we all know the line that wood is still alive even after it's dead. Sawn boards have an elasticity and flex that we attempt to master with screw guns and glue-ups (and occasionally, screw-ups). But here's a rather novel use of wood's properties for recreational purposes: The Stick Bomb.
A Stick Bomb is simply a grouping of sticks—in this case, tongue depressors or ice cream sticks—woven together [....]

The Conservative Case Against Mitt Romney (2011 Edition)
John Hawkins, 
October 18, 2011
It's no accident that Mitt Romney has done so well during this election cycle. He has excellent name recognition, he's extremely well organized, he's a great fundraiser, he's become a polished debater, and he's not gaffe prone. His business experience doesn't hurt either, although it is worth noting that the only reason he's able to brag that he's not a "career politician" is because he lost to Ted Kennedy for the Senate and probably would have lost in 2008 had he run for governor of Massachusetts again.
All that being said, there's a reason why Mitt Romney has been unable to walk away with the nomination despite all of those advantages. It's because Mitt is a deeply flawed candidate. Yes, he would certainly be better than Obama (and I will vote for him if he gets the nomination), but this IS NOT someone conservatives should want as their nominee.
1) Romneycare: One of the biggest issues the Republican Party has to run on in 2012 is Obamacare. Although Mitt Romney does oppose Obamacare, it's purely a political calculation because [....]

Rare Titanic photos and letters

An archive of incredible photos and handwritten letters acquired from the descendants of Titanic survivors John and Nelle Pillsbury Snyder, who were returning from their honeymoon when the tragedy struck. They were some of the first people to board lifeboats and later rescued by the Carpathia, the first ship that arrived at the disaster scene on the morning of April 15, 1912. The collection is due to be sold by Philip Weiss Auctions on October 22, 2011, and the current minimum bid is $36,000. [....]

Random Thoughts
by Dr Thomas Sowell, Columnist,
October 18, 2011
Like so many people, in so many countries, who started out to "spread the wealth," Barack Obama has ended up spreading poverty.
Have you ever heard anyone as incoherent as the people staging protests across the country? Taxpayers ought to be protesting against having their money spent to educate people who end up unable to say anything beyond repeating political catch phrases.
It is hard to understand politics if you are hung up on reality. Politicians leave reality to others. What matters in politics is what you can get the voters to believe, whether it bears any resemblance to reality or not.
I hate getting bills that show a zero balance. If I don't owe anything, why bother me with a bill? There is too much junk mail already.
Radical feminists seem to assume that men are hostile to women. But what would they say to the fact that most of the women on the Titanic were saved, and most of the men perished -- due to rules written by men and enforced by men on the sinking ship?
If he were debating Barack Obama, Newt Gingrich could chew him up and spit him out.
Whether the particular issue is housing, medical care or anything in between, the agenda of the left is to take the decision out of the hands of those directly involved and transfer that decision to third parties, who pay no price for making decisions that turn out to be counterproductive.
It is truly the era of the New Math when a couple making $125,000 a year each are taxed at rates that are said to apply to "millionaires and billionaires."
On many issues, the strongest argument of the left is that there is no argument. This has been the left's party line on the issue of man-made global warming and the calamities they claim will follow. But there are many scientists -- some with Nobel Prizes -- who have repudiated the global warming hysteria.
With professional athletes earning megabucks incomes, it is a farce to punish their violations of rules with fines. When Serena Williams was fined $2,000 for misconduct during a tennis match, that was like fining you or me a nickel or a dime. Suspensions are something that even the highest-paid athletes can feel.
Most of us may lament the fact that so many more people are today dependent on food stamps and other government subsidies. But dependency usually translates into votes for whoever is handing out the benefits, so an economic disaster can be a political bonanza, as it was for Franklin D. Roosevelt. Don't count Obama out in 2012.
Politicians can solve almost any problem -- usually by creating a bigger problem. But, so long as the voters are aware of the problem that the politicians [....]

Protests Are a Payday for Security Firms

by Kevin Roose,
The New York Times
October 18, 2011
They call when they make the Forbes 400 list. They call when annual hedge fund rankings appear, when their names are mentioned on CNBC and when their children travel abroad. And, these days, they call when protesters camped in Lower Manhattan grow uncomfortable with the idea of their existence.
The ultra-rich bankers, hedge fund managers and private equity executives of New York City have long enlisted private security firms to help safeguard them and their wealth. But as the mood on Main Street turns increasingly hostile, New York’s financial titans are cranking their security measures up to 11. For the high-end security firms that provide the moneyed elite with specialty services like around-the-clock bodyguards and elaborate home security systems, Occupy Wall Street has been a stimulus package all its own.  “We expect to more than double our revenue in New York this year,” said Paul M. Viollis, a [....]

No Apology Necessary, Mr. President

by Ben Crystal
October 15, 2011

Mexican drug cartels recruiting Texas children

By Jim Forsyth
October 18, 2011
SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) - Texas law enforcement officials say several Mexican drug cartels are luring youngsters as young as 11 to work in their smuggling operations.  Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, told Reuters the drug gangs have a chilling name for the young Texans lured into their operations.
"They call them 'the expendables,'" he said.
McCraw said his investigators have evidence six Mexican drug gangs -- including the violent Zetas -- have "command and control centers" in Texas actively recruiting children for their operations, attracting them with what appears to be "easy money" for doing simple tasks.
"Cartels would pay kids $50 just for them to [....]

Mark Cuban and His OWS White Lie

by Jeff Carter
October 17, 2011Mark Cuban has shared his opinons on Occupy Wall Street. I empathize with them, but Mr. Cuban and I have very different opinions on the movement.
I like Cuban’s public persona. He is obviously smart, is unafraid of risk and has been wildly successful. I have never met him.
Wall Street doesn’t shoot straight with the public. Investment bankers are salesman. Do you think a car salesman shoots straight with you when you go into the showroom? Why do you think an investment advisor that makes money selling you financial products is going to be any different? “Buyer beware” holds true no matter what you are buying.
In order to be a successful CEO of a company, you have to know how to sell. It’s one of my basic requirements if I am going to invest in a start up. Some CEO’s are great salesman, and it’s reflected in the companies stock price. Warren Buffett is a tremendous sales person. How much value he himself by force of personality adds to the stock price we won’t know until after he is gone. Apple’s ($AAPL) Steve Jobs was a great salesperson too. It will take some time for the dust to settle to see how much of a dollar effect his loss figures into the stock price. One of the reasons that Apple doesn’t mind articles pushing the fact that “Jobs still has products in the pipeline” is because they want to Jobs effect to be priced into their stock.
Cuban says, “Great CEO White Lie = “We are acting in the best interests of shareholders.””.
It is a great white lie depending. CEO’s also act in the best interest of management, which doesn’t always align with the best interests of shareholders. If the economic interests of shareholders and CEO compensation are aligned correctly-everyone benefits. That’s generally where the problem is found.  I don’t pay too much attention to the actual salary of the CEO and top management. I pay more attention to the type of asset they are being paid to manage, and how much risk the shareholders have at stake. The CEO of Boeing ($BA) ought to be paid more than the CEO of Kellogg ($K). Boeing has a market cap of 47 billion, Kellogg 19 billion. Steve Kaplan did [....]

[Content related to above article.]
Professor Steven Kaplan on CEO pay in Crain’s Chicago Business

by Steven Kaplan,
ChicagoBooth News,
June 10, 2005Are CEO salaries too big? Steven Kaplan, Neubauer Family Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance , took the opposing view in a May 30 Crain’s Chicago Business article. He squared off in the debate against Dale Moyers, president of the Chicago Compensation Association and director of compensation and benefits at Loyola University of Chicago.
The article took the form of a series of four email responses to questions posed by Crain’s. The use of email allowed each speaker to polish his thoughts.  The debate kicked off with a look at executive salaries for Chicago’s 20 top companies. At an average of $10.3 million, they have increased 35% over the last two years. Kaplan observed that larger salaries “…(boost) the (relationship) of CEO wealth to stock performance by a factor of more than 10.” Kaplan sees that relationship [....]

In tiny rural Kansas district, students out-performing global competition
By Liz Goodwin
National Affairs Reporter
The Lookout
October 20, 2011
In the rural Waconda Lake area of North Central Kansas, the nearest Wal-Mart is 60 miles away and the best-known local landmark is an enormous ball of twine that locals claim is the largest in the world. (Darwin, Minnesota begs to differ.)  But don't be fooled. The students in this sleepy agricultural community are not only out-performing American kids in other, much wealthier schools; they're also out-performing most students in developed nations around the world, according to a new analysis.  The average student at the Waconda school district of 385 kids scores better than 90 percent of students in 20 developed countries on math and reading tests, according to The Global Report Card, published in the journal Education Next. In fact, Waconda is the second [....]

Pampered Protesters

by Michael Reagan
October 12, 2011
The hordes of so-called “protesters” now polluting the streets of several U.S. cities, including New York, are sending confused messages about their grievances.  The unemployed among them complain that the jobs available to them are beneath them. I guess that cancels out the old concept of starting in the mailroom and advancing step-by-step to the boardroom. It used to be the norm that one started at the bottom and worked his way up. This bunch seems to be living under the delusion that simply by virtue of having been born they are entitled to immediate arrival at the boardroom level with appropriate compensation.
Viewing these unruly mob scenes, featuring numerous public sexual activities posing as protests, I am reminded of the manner in which my dad dealt with such malcontents. If they were government employees he simply fired them. It worked. The remaining ones slinked back to work.
And I recall how he dealt with his son (me) back in 1965, when I dropped out of Arizona State University and thought that I was simply going home to live with — and off — either my mom or dad, who were then divorced. When I got home I found that their doors were locked to college dropouts.
Nancy, my ever-loving stepmom, was busy calling all branches of the military to let them know I was a college dropout and thus now eligible to be drafted. Don’t you just love such devoted stepmothers, eager to help their stepsons make their way in the world by locking the doors to keep them out?
When I finally was able to speak to my parents, they simply told me to find another place to live and to get a job. I did both. I moved in with some friends and got a job working at Asbury Transportation Company in Los Angeles loading oil-well freight from 5:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., Monday through Friday. That’s where I was working when my father was elected governor of California.  Did I complain that my lowly job was beneath my new station in life as the son of the governor of California? How could I? I was the one who set [....]

A Blueprint for America's Survival During the Next 50 Years (Part 1 of 2)

by Cliff Ennico Columnist
October 18, 2011
A lot of people are worried about America's future right now.
And they are right. Things have changed so quickly in the past few decades that only a handful of people -- and I'm not sure about them, either -- have an idea of what it even means to be an American right now. What values do we uphold? Does our Constitution continue to make sense? Does it matter that we may soon no longer be the No. 1 economy in the world?
This is a column for entrepreneurs, not political junkies, but you can't write for business owners without at least thinking about the political, economic and environmental climate that is healthiest for them. I try to do this from time to time, hopefully without getting too personal about my own opinions.
That's why I thought it might help the current debate to point out a few self-evident, if inconvenient, truths about what America will need to do -- not just the government, but all of us as Americans -- if our country is to survive the next 50 years on Earth.
-- We have to maintain leadership in technology.
We no longer can be the world's manufacturer; many countries have proven that they can make stuff cheaper and better than we can. If America has an economic future, it is as the world's research-and-development department. We must maintain our leadership in innovation and the development of new technologies, ideas and business models that will rule the future. If we let China, India or anyone else take that away from us, we're toast.
-- We have to maintain our military might.
We live in an increasingly dangerous world. A nationalistic [....] 

'Occupy' memo could discourage victims from reporting assaults
Protest group says it wants to be self-contained community
October 19, 2011
By Peter Hermann,
The Baltimore Sun
Efforts by the Occupy Baltimore protest group to evolve into a self-contained, self-governing community have erupted into controversy with the distribution of a pamphlet that victim advocates and health workers fear discourages victims of sexual assaults from contacting police.
The pamphlet says that members of the protest group who believe they are victims or who suspect sexual abuse "are encouraged to immediately report the incident to the Security Committee," which will investigate and "supply the abuser with counseling resources."
The directive also says, in part, "Though we do not encourage the involvement of the police in our community, the survivor has every right, and the support of Occupy Baltimore, to report the abuse to the appropriate authorities."
Despite this caveat, the heads of three rape crisis centers and a nurse who runs the forensic division at Mercy Medical Center called the message about not involving police dangerous. They said it contains erroneous information that could undermine efforts to convince victims to properly report crimes and get the counseling they need.
"It might actually passively prevent someone from seeking justice," said Jacqueline Robarge, the executive director of Power Inside, a nonprofit support group that helps women who have been victimized.  The hodgepodge of anti-establishment activists who have erected a tent city at the Inner Harbor as part of the broader Occupy Wall Street movement [....]
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