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This'n'That; August Thirty-First #2; Congress

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Where Do owe-bamacRATics Find These Miscreants?!?
    Are there millions-upon-millions of "KoolAid drinkers" in the State of Indiana?!? Most of them must reside in Indiana's 7th Congressional District which encompasses Indianapolis and most of it's suburbs.  How else can it be explained that this owe-bama kinsman-miscreant Andre Carson was elected to the U.S. Congress from Indiana's 7th District?!?
   Miscreant Carson is expressing his and the rest of the owe-bamacRATics' increasing FEAR!  This FEAR has two separate but related sectors; first the FEAR that the republicRATs will increase their House majority, secondly that the Senate will fall to a republicRAT majority!  Given the drubbing the owe-bamacRATics suffered at the hands of the "Tea Party" movement, the realization of both those FEARs are real possibilities!!
    The method to 'get back at' the "Tea Party" movement chosen by Miscreant Carson is vilification.  To that end, Miscreant Carson is now blathering that the "Tea Party" members of Congress want to 'hang blacks from the trees!'
    My guess is that Miscreant Carson is trying to compare the "Tea Party" movement to the Ku-Klux-Klan of the Deep South of old!  That ain't gonna fly!! Obviously, Miscreant Carson was educated in Gub'mint (read: public) schools, hence he's gotten the cleansed, politically-correct versions of all course material.  No doubt Miscreant Carson learned that the KKK ran around the country-side at night, in bedsheets, hanging any negros they found.  Sure, it happened-but not at the frequency Miscreant Carson--and the textbook editors--would like us to believe.
Miscreant Carson said that some in Congress would "love to see us as second-class citizens" and "some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me....hanging from a tree."

Firstly, you have to know: members of the democRATics (the forerunner of the current owe-bamacRATics) were the primary segment of the KKK membership.
Secondly, you have to know: republicRATic AWBs (average white-boys) were the first and primary targets of the lynch mobs, to deter the populus from voting republicRATic.
Thirdly, you have to knowThe Civil Rights Act of 1964 met stiff democRATic opposition in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.  Several prominent and powerful democRATics voted against it.  In the House, 87 (93%!) southern democRATics voted against the bill; in the Senate, 21 (95%!) southern democRATics voted against the bill.
    Miscreant Carson's own party--the owe-bamacRATics--has been--and continues to be--the prime mover in beating down the negro and yet as a race, the negro will align itself with the owe-bamacRATics every time!!  Look at the rich and powerful negro owe-bamacRATics--like Maxine Waters--in the House and the Senate!!  With all the congressional power and public and private money they control, why are negro unemployment rates far out-distancing AWB unemployment rates?!?  The negro unemployment rates by state range from 20 to 27%!!
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This'n'That; August Thirty-First #1; Kinsmen

owe-bama Kinsmen
    By now, everyone's heard about the felonious owe-bama's felonious uncle, Omar owe-bama Onyango.  The guy--an alleged drunk driver--who not only avoided deportation for nearly 20 years but has a valid driver's license and a valid Social Security card.  And remember, felonious owe-bama's felonious Aunt Zietuni Onyango, who lives in rundown Boston public housing.
    "Clown Prince" owe-bama has many times in the past--and continues to--play 'the race-card' so I feel free to do the same when discussing his kinsmen-the American Negro.
Party of No 
Let me set the scenario here:  I'm a retiree living in a working-class neighborhood in Rochester, N.Y.  Most of my neighbors work for a living; in many cases, both parents.  The area is mixed-race, mixed-family, mixed income levels, so those are only factors when speaking about the owe-bama kinsmen (not by blood; not by marriage).
    The house across the street had long been a 'drug-house' so the neighborhood was thrilled when a single lady (let's call her 'Mary') bought the place in early Spring and put some money into renovations.  Well, everything came to a screeching halt when some owe-bama kinsman (read: 'street-negro') kicked in the front door in broad-daylight (6:30PM on a bright, sunny day)!!  My wife heard a crashing noise she assumed was a neighbor who had broken something wooden.  Within minutes of that sound, I went to the front porch for a smoke.  As I visually checked the neighborhood, I saw Mary's front door open, screen-door closed, which is not unusual-she doesn't have air conditioning.  I saw a Negroid face peeking out the screen door; when he saw me, he disappeared.  I continued to watch the front and side of the house as well as neighboring driveways.  In seconds, he came down a driveway two houses away and casually walked up the street (away from me).  I called 9-1-1 and Rochester PD Officer Delveechio--among several others--responded, searched the house for any remaining owe-bama kismen-miscreants and searched the area with my highly-detailed description.  The owe-bama kinsman-miscreant has yet to be found, three weeks after stealing a laptop.

    The next scenario:  My east-side next-door neighbor (let's call him 'John')rehabs relatives' commercial and residential rental properties as necessary.  With this 'part-time job,' John works some long days and some not-so-long days.  When he's away, I keep a closer-than-normal eye on his house and grounds.  On one of his few days off--last Monday(08/29)--we were talking in his front yard.  Ya gotta know John: he's one of those guys who's never still; always doing something, even when in casual conversation.  While we talked, he was picking up various pieces of paper trash that sometimes blows around the neighborhood.  John found a 'benefit card' from one of the local convenience stores, then found a driver's license for a man up the street from our houses (too far to be in my viewing range).  He walked up the street to return both items and found that the rear door of the residence had been kicked in just minutes before.  John remembered an owe-bama kinsman casually walking down the street just before we found the license and card.  He called 9-1-1 and gave the report and description.  As far as I know, the owe-bama kinsman-miscreant hasn't been found yet.
Anti Obama - Hope Aint Hiring
    Is this or is this not, a direct result of the owe-bama Depression?!?  Every part of owe-bamanomics has exacerbated the falling economy and as a result, increased negro unemployment to meteoric levels, far beyond that of the white guys!!  A related article, check out this URL for a semi-local (Syracuse, N.Y.) judge (William Walsh) who has finally seen the light and is sentencing the owe-bama kinsmen-miscreants to meaningful terms in jail!!
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This'n'That; August Thirtieth #3; Bus Tour Fraud

Miss Me Yet? Sticker (Bumper)
owe-bama: A Complete Fraud!
    Another first for "Clown Prince" owe-bama, he's been confirmed: a complete fraud!! 
Remember the "Magic Negro" Bus Tour?!? 
You and I bought the "Clown Prince" a pair of custom Prevost tour busses for almost three-million-bucks, remember that?!? 
The photos and videos of "Clown Prince" owe-bama gleefully hopping off the "Magic Negro" Tour Bus like an oversexed high school freshman, remember them?!?

    As it turns out, the busses were nothing if not more wasted 'owe-bama money;' an unnecessary Canadian stimulus, as it were!!  Both owe-bama and the busses flew on military aircraft; "Clown Prince" owe-bama on Air Farce One, the busses on C-17 cargo aircraft.  He and the busses then rode into each town like knights "Clown Princes" on white black horses!!  If that evil President George W. Bush-43 had done the same, the incompetent media would have vilified President Bush-43 with the same fervor they display in continuing to carry the "Clown Prince" owe-bama fraudulent 'water!!'
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Scorecard and 'Miss me..' bumper stickers:



This'n'That; August Thirtieth #2; Bumper 'Snickers!'

More Bumper "Snickers" From

Hydrogen Barackside

Sorry Yet? You Can't Blame Bush Anymore!

United States Tea Party

Obama Mart

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This'n'That; August Thirtieth #1; Perpetual Vacation?!?

Founding Fathers: Miss Us Yet?
Our 'Rulers' Have NOT A Clue!
    "Clown Prince" owe-bama went on vacation.  Nothing new, you say?!?  Well, the 'worst first family' used two--count 'em: not one, but TWO--military aircraft to transport the family to their TAXPAYER FUNDED, Fifty-Thousand-Dollar-A-Week vacation enclave on Martha's Vine Yard.  The hell-of-it-is, they arrived within four hours of each-other!!  Not only did this require two--count 'em: not one but TWO--military aircraft, but two--count 'em: not one but TWO--motorcades as well!!  After all, we must make our 'splash,' mustn't we?!?

    Now we learn that the consummate almswoman--the 'worst first lady,'--has spend upwards of 10 MILLION BUCKS just galavanting around the country-side!!  Her luxuries include 5-star hotels, expensive massages and even more expensive liquor and wines.  "Ms Veggie's" 42--count 'em: forty-two--days just this year, on vacation included $375,000 in Spain, ALONE!!  At that little romp-in-the-snow at the Aspen resort?!?  She spent $2,000--of your money--a night just for the hotel!   Neither "Ms Veggie" or "Clown Prince" owe-bama seem to have any clue about the value of money:  His record is self-evident; she was so important in the private sector that her $273,000-a-year, no-show job at the University of Chicago Medical Center was eliminated when she left to find respect for her country!!!
Obama Ass 2012 Sticker (Bumper)

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The Sunday Report (A Day Late!) 08/29/2011

What The National Pamphleteers Don't Report!

07/29/2010Under appropriate circumstances, a law enforcement officer who previously lacked even reasonable suspicion to detain, by discovering a valid warrant, gains probable cause not just to detain, but to arrest. If an officer engaging in a consensual encounter with a citizen discovers an arrest warrant, the subsequent arrest is valid and any evidence discovered during a search incident to arrest is admissible, subject to inquiry into whether an illegal detention occurred. State v. Hummons, CR 10-0309-PR (236 P.3d 1201 (2010)).  Read Full Story [....]

Ohio Congressman Has Cops Confiscate Cameras At Town Hall Meeting

Steve Chabot had two cameras confiscated in public meeting
By Carlos Miller
August 23, 2011
Hoping to prevent an embarrassing Youtube video from making the rounds, Republican Congressman Steve Chabot of Ohio ordered police to confiscate cameras from people attending a town hall meeting Monday night.  The result was two embarrassing Youtube videos that are sure to make the rounds.  The first video shows a police officer confiscating a video camera from a woman in the audience as television news videographers record the interaction.  The second video shows a police officer confiscating a man's iPhone as it recorded, capturing the dialogue between the two.  [....]

Hedge funds regulation: It's not working out

Hedge funds by Stanley Druckenmiller and George Soros would rather push out outside investors than adhere to new rules. Will more hedge funds follow?
By John Carney,
July 27, 2011
Years of concern about giant pools of investment capital that were said to be under-regulated and under-taxed concluded in Dodd-Frank’s hedge fund regulation requirements and gave rise to new plans to end capital gains treatment for the profits of hedge fund managers.  But instead of kneeling down before the regulators and the tax collectors, some of the largest hedge funds are avoiding the regulation by shutting themselves off to outside investors.  First, we had Stanley Druckenmiller, who shuttered his $12 billion Duquesne Capital Management hedge fund just a [....]

Man sentenced for pamphleteering

By William R. Toler
July 28, 2011
A Florida man will be spending some time in jail for activity that is usually allowed outside a courthouse.  Mark Schmidter was found guilty of “indirect criminal contempt” Tuesday for passing out pamphlets in Orlando during the Casey Anthony trial, according to the Sentinel.  The pamphlets he was handing out described jury nullification, the power of a jury to return “a verdict of ‘Not Guilty’ despite its belief that the defendant is guilty of the violation charged.”  According to the Sentienel [....]

Lender Processing Services Law Firm Targeting April Charney, Foreclosure Defense Pioneer

You know the powers that be are pretty desperate when they feel compelled to go after a Legal Aid attorney.
by Yves Smith,
August 23, 2011 
Admittedly, April Charney is no ordinary Legal Aid attorney. She was one of the first lawyers to focus on the question of whether party showing up in court really was the right party and whether it could demonstrate that it had the right to foreclose. Most judges (as in the non-captured-by-corporations kind) regard these as threshold issues. If someone shows up in court claiming that you owe them money and they want the judge to garnish your wages, I’m sure you’d want the judge to listen if the person who wanted your [....]
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"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; August 27th

A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince;" 08/29/2011
Saturday, August 27, 2011
barackingham Palace,
District of Corruption
In just two weeks, we’ll come together, as a nation, to mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. We’ll remember the innocent lives we lost. We’ll stand with the families who loved them. We’ll honor the heroic first responders who rushed to the scene and saved so many. And we’ll pay tribute to our troops and military families, and all those who have served over the past ten years, to keep us safe and strong.  We’ll also recall how the worst terrorist attack in American history brought out the best in the American people. How Americans lined up to give blood. How volunteers drove across the country to lend a hand. How schoolchildren donated their savings. How communities, faith groups and businesses collected food and clothing.  We were united, and the outpouring of generosity and compassion reminded us that in times of challenge, we Americans move forward together, as one people.
[What I'm not telling you:  I truely do understand how Americans of all walks of life came together during the "Twin-Towers Incident!"  That was a different time; a different mind-set as well as a different administration--in my case, a different regime!!   The muslims that couldn't drive an airplane, ment us no harm; they just didn't understand the principles of flight!  Yes, we muslims are united, particularly behind that insulting mosque within "spittin' distance" of the Ground Zero site.]
This September 11th, Michelle and I will join the commemorations at Ground Zero, in Shanksville, and at the Pentagon. But even if you can’t be in New York, Pennsylvania or Virginia, every American can be part of this anniversary. Once again, 9/11 will be a National Day of Service and Remembrance. And in the days and weeks ahead, folks across the country—in all 50 states—will come together, in their communities and neighborhoods, to honor the victims of 9/11 and to reaffirm the strength of our nation with acts of service and charity.  In Minneapolis, volunteers will help restore a community center. In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, they’ll hammer shingles and lay floors to give families a new home. In Tallahassee, Florida, they’ll assemble care packages for our troops overseas and their families here at home. In Orange County, California, they’ll renovate homes for our veterans. And once again, Michelle and I look forward to joining a local service project as well.  There are so many ways to get involved, and every American can do something. To learn more about the opportunities where you live, just go online and visit Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost; a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11.  [What I'm not telling you:  Michelle and I intend to treat the visit to the various sites of the combined "incidents" as an elongated week-end vacation!  Now, was that a surprise to anyone?!?  Another surprise:  The 'progressives' who are  performing these acts of service and charity are from 'blue states!'  The 'red staters' are far too concerned with countering owe-bamanomics!!]
On this 10th anniversary, we still face great challenges as a nation. We’re emerging from the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes. We’re taking the fight to al Qaeda, ending the war in Iraq and starting to bring our troops home from Afghanistan. And we’re working to rebuild the foundation of our national strength here at home.  None of this will be easy. And it can’t be the work of government alone. As we saw after 9/11, the strength of America has always been the character and compassion of our people. So as we mark this solemn anniversary, let’s summon that spirit once more. And let’s show that the sense of common purpose that we need in America doesn’t have to be a fleeting moment; it can be a lasting virtue—not just on one day, but every day.
[What I'm not telling you:   I reminded George Soros of just who killed Osama and I thought this would have been the perfect place to brag about it!!  It wasn't programmed into the teleprompter and I've been chastized for 'straying' off teleprompter.  Unless you've suffered a 'Soros chastizing,' you have no idea what I'm talking about!!  He reminded me that I had to be dragged "kicking-and-screaming" from the local golf course when obama's Osama's death actually happened!]



This'n'That; August Twenty-nineth #1; Delayed

A Long Weekender!
    "The Young Miss Lovely" and I took a long weekend to Cleveland! Ta'hell, you say?!?  Yup, to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RRHoF).  "The Boss" loved it; I was sadly disappointed.  To start with:  The place is mis-named, it should be The History of American Music Museum.  Since when does 'hip-hop' fit into the rock'n'roll genre?!?
    Due to this long weekender, every standard blog entry, i.e., the "Clown Prince" Weekly Blather and the Sunday Report are delayed, but--never fear--I'll catch-up!
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This'n'That; August Twenty-Fourth #2; Civility?!?

Shame On You, Jesse!
    The 'Not-A-Reverend' Jackson should be ashamed of himself-posing as a man of the cloth, like that! 
The 'Not-A-Reverend' Jackson is now making inferences that the "Tea Party" movement is racist.
The 'Not-A-Reverend' Jackson is comparing the "Tea Party" movement to the 1960s civil rights opposition:
"The Tea Party is a new name for an old game," said he.  "Dr [(A real) Reverend Martin Luther] King fought a 'tea party' in Alabama." 
    .....And we're supposed to believe this?!?
This, from a guy who lied incessantly about his physical placement at the instant of Dr King's death in Memphis.
This, from a guy who's well known for 'ransoming the reputations' of several well known corporations like Toyota Motor Sales, USA.
This, from a guy who uses tax-exempt donations to his Rainbow/PUSH and CEF organizations to pay off mistresses.
    How is anything this miscreant says or supports, deemed newsworthy?  Not only that, he apparently didn't get the 'civility in political rhetoric' memo from "Clown Prince" owe-bama!
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This'n'That; August Twenty-Fourth #1; Gillibrand

What's Up With The "Invisible Senator?"
    Has the "Invisible Senator" Kristin Gillibrand (owe-bamacRAT, NY) been released from under the thumb of C. Ellis Schumer?!? She seemingly had an original thought with regard to the 'Lockerbie Bomber,' Abdelbaset al-Megrahi
al-Megrahi is responsible for the deaths of 189 American souls, several young adults; several college students; several from Syracuse University.  He was released from a Scottish prison in August, 2009 with three-months to live. 
    al-Megrahi seems to have recovered somewhat; he was seen frail but in fair health at a pro-Gaddafi rally in July.  The "Invisible Senator" is calling for the 'Muslim Brotherhood' to hold the terrorist accountable for his unconscionable actions resulting in the many deaths of the PanAm 103 bombing.
    Is the release of Senator Gillibrand a sign that there's concern for the results of the upcoming national elections?  Why else would C. Ellis Schumer allow Ms Gillibrand her own thoughts?  He seemed quite comfortable doing her thinking for her!
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This'n'That; August Twenty-Third #3; Blame

It Must Be!
    "Clown Prince" owe-bama has been in town for 2-1/2 years, there's no reason for the ground to start shaking now!
"Clown Prince" owe-bama is on his monthly vacation--this time to Martha's Vine Yard--so there's no reason for the ground to start shaking now!
There is a reported 5.8 earthquake being felt in such places as the Carolinas, Richmond, Va., Washington, D.C., Manhattan, NYC, JFK Airport, Toronto and Windsor, Ontario, Boston, Detroit and Chicago.
Now, "Clown Prince" owe-bama has something to blame the next regime screw-up on!
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This'n'That; August Twenty-Third #2; Rick Perry

I Agree!
    Rather than me regurgitate it's contents, check out this New York Times op/ed piece on Governor Rick Perry by Ross Douthat:
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This'n'That; August Twenty-Third #1; Waters

It's Proven: 'Water(s) Does Burn!'
    Whew!!  Maxine Waters is 'madder'n a wet hen!'  All that 'wetness' caused an explosion directed at the "Tea Party" movement rather than those responsible.  Ms Waters, Ms Bass and Ms Richardson--congressional owe-bamacRATics, all--hosted a gathering of constituents they called a "Kitchen Table Summit," which drew over 1,000 participants to Inglewood High School.
    Prior to her '9.0' explosion, Ms Waters took the occasion to blame the "Tea Party" movement for all the owe-bama kinsmen's economic ills:
"As a black caucus, we've introduced 40 bills, all related to job development" she told the crowd.  "They're not going anywhere in Congress because the House is dominated by the 'Tea Party.'  What did they do?  They organized, they hit the streets, they elected some people and they took over Congress in 2010."
Ms Waters seems so wrapped up in her communistic socio-fascism, she's failing to take the Constitution--she swore many times to support--into account with respect to the "Tea Party" movement:
"....the right of the people peaceable to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."
The "Tea Party" movement--even when baited by thuggery--since their inception in 2009, have peaceably assembled throughout the United States.  The "Tea Party" movement redressed their grievances by replacing owe-bamacRATic representatives with those the "Tea Party" movement had properly vetted.  Ms Waters went on to make this 'biden-esque' quip:
"This is a tough game.  You can't be intimidated.  You can't be frightened.  and as far as I'm concerned, the "Tea Party" can go straight to hell."
    The Tea Party Patriots organization is but a small segment of the entire "Tea Party" movement.  They took this opportunity to take umbrage with Ms Waters' comments:
"We've had [owe-bamacRATics]  calling American citizens 'terrorists' and 'hostage takers,' and now an elected [owe-bamacRATic] representative says we can 'go straight to hell,'" the group 'Tea Party Patriots' said.  [The group continued:] "....Is civility only required from their opponents?  Perhaps it's time for a new-NEW era of civility.  ....The president's silence on these latest violations of civility has been deafening, but not surprising."
[NOTE TO Ms WATERS:  This ain't a game; it's serious bid'ness!!]
I take from all this blather is that the "Tea Party" movement is ruling the discourse; the movement has the owe-bamacRATics defining their campaign strategy of one which will "vilify your opponent; ignore the "Clown Prince's" less-than-dismal record!"  That's all the owe-bamacRATics--at any level--have!!
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Sunday 'Report;' 08/21/2011

What The National Pamphleteers Don't Report:
[BLOGGER NOTE:  The first three entries are related and vastly important to those with children in school]
[*]The International Baccalaureate Organization & Secular Humanism
August 20, 2011
Secular Humanism (the root of Communism) vies for total control of education. Secular Humanism is the dominant worldview in our secular colleges and universities. Secular Humanism promotes; the Theology of Atheism; the Philosophy of Naturalism; the Ethics of Ethical Relativism; the Biology of Darwinian Evolution; the Psychology of Monistic Self-Actualization; the Sociology of World State Society; the Law of Positive Law (man-made laws which bestow or remove specific privileges upon an individual or group); the Politics of Globalism; the Economics of Socialism; and the History of Historical Evolution.  The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) promotes these Secular Humanist perspectives as International Education that is marketed for use in primary and secondary schools worldwide.
    “Helping young people to become fully human is something that the IBO can foster if, of course, the leadership is there to confront the challenges that will come from the relativists and the fundamentalists. We need to be helping our young people to be compassionate, caring, ethical individuals. This will mean [....]
[**]Do You Really Care about the International Baccalaureate and Agenda 21?
August 20, 2011
I continue my effort to keep you informed about International Baccalaureate (IB) locally and nationally through email and face book but it seems that any interest is falling off. Some may feel that IB is to big an issue and that they can make no impact or that maybe IB is really no issue.  Others have told me they will take a wait and see approach. I will tell you this, "silence equals compliance." I will not be compliant in this UN takeover of our public school system. I will continue to oppose this program, even if I am the lone person crying in the wilderness!  If you no longer desire to be apart of this challenge and are tired of receiving emails and face book posts or feel that no impact can be made, please let me know and I will remove you from my email and face book friend list. There will be no hard feelings on my part, just disappointment.  BBCW and TAIB continue to be outlets for commentary on this issue as well as the superdave blogtalk radio show, which I hope all of you visit regularly. I am also a director [....]

[***]IB's Radioactive Redhead
by Lisa E. McLoughlin
August 20, 2011
    As I enter my eighth year battling the International Baccalaureate organization's infiltration of American public schools, it occurred to me that I have ruffled quite a few Progressive feathers along the way. The Alinskyites among them have credited me with having amazing and unusual destructive powers. For example, in October of 2007, Jay Mathews alleged, "the people said I didn't have to strain myself and risk a stroke, which McLoughlin is capable of triggering all by herself." This was written around the same time that a WAPO forum participant, Victoria Pye, (Upper St. Clair, PA ACLU plaintiff and IB Inspiration Award recipient) accused me of upsetting her so badly that she drove her car into the side of her house!  I think both Mr. Mathews and Ms. Pye would be hard pressed to prove in a court of law that I could trigger a stroke or be held responsible for someone else's poor driving skills because of words I had written on the Internet. It wasn't until one of my favorite patriots privately referred to me as an "atom bomb" dropped [....]

10 Quotes By Barack Obama About Islam Contrasted With 10 Quotes By Barack Obama About Christianity

Posted by Admin
August 17, 2010
Quotes By Barack Obama About Islam
#1 "Islam has always been part of America"
#2 "we will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities"
#3 "These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings."
#4 "America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, [....]

Memos Show Top ATF Official Was Briefed on Gunwalker Pitfalls

by Lachlan Markay
August 11, 2011
    The former number two official in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tried to put a stop to the Fast and Furious gunwalking operation months before the fatal shooting of an American border patrol agent, a batch of newly released DOJ memos show.  According to the memos and other internal communications obtained by the Los Angeles Times, ATF Acting Deputy Director William Hoover attended a March 2010 briefing with officials from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, who said they were concerned that Fast and Furious guns would start showing up at crime scenes in Mexico and the United States.
    Hoover began pushing for an “exit strategy” from the Fast and Furious operation. Eventually all parties agreed to wait for indictments to be handed down before ending the program.  Ten months later, in January 2011, those indictments finally came. By that time, US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry had been killed and Fast and Furious guns found at the crime scene.  Terry’s killing set off a political firestorm. Congressional investigators have been trying to unearth who exactly knew about the operation, and when. This new information provides more insight into those questions.  “I probably should have been a lot more strident with that, there’s no question,” Hoover told the Times. “I probably should have jumped on a plane and flown to Phoenix and gotten the field division team and the U.S. attorney’s team together and had a discussion.”  [~~]

New High: 93% Say They're Paying More for Groceries Than A Year Ago

by Rasmussen Reports
August 14, 2011
Americans nationwide continue to lose faith in the Federal Reserve Board to keep inflation under control, with the number who say they are paying more for groceries now at an all-time high. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of American Adults shows that just 31% are at least somewhat confident that the Fed will be able to keep inflation under control and interest rates down, and that includes only eight percent (8%) who are Very Confident. Sixty-five percent (65%) are not confident the Fed can keep inflation and interest rates under control, with 25% who [....]

The DRIP Investing Resource Center
July 29, 2011

U.S. Dividend Champions
Excel Spreadsheet
PDF Format
Stock Portfolio Manager,1,Dividend Re-Investment Plans
NASCAR Drivers' College Degrees Revealed

See which NASCAR drivers earned a college degree.
By Chris Kyle
Chase Mattioli is no ordinary college kid. A junior at New York's Fordham University, he also spends a lot of time driving race cars.  Mattioli, who competes on the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing's (NASCAR's) Nationwide Series, is no ordinary driver either.  Until recently, not many NASCAR drivers had a college education. In fact, the late Alan Kulwicki, who won the Winston Cup Championship in 1992, was the first [....]

Food stamps offer best stimulus - study

Moody's study suggests extending unemployment benefits, increasing food stamps fastest ways to stimulate economy.
January 29 2008
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- As Congress and the White House consider a $150 billion stimulus package that includes tax rebates and tax incentives for business, a report released Tuesday suggests that other methods would do a better job of infusing money into the flagging economy and doing it fast.  The industry research firm Moody's tracked the potential impact of each stimulus dollar, looking at tax rebates, tax incentives for business, food stamps and expanding unemployment benefits. 
The report found that "some provide a lot of bang for the buck to the economy. Others ... don't," said economist Mark Zandi.  In findings echoed by other economists and studies, he said the study shows the fastest way to infuse money into the economy is through expanding the food-stamp program. For every dollar spent on that program $1.73 is generated throughout the economy, he said.  "If someone who is literally living paycheck to paycheck gets an extra dollar, it's very likely that they will spend that dollar immediately on whatever they need - groceries, to pay the telephone bill, to pay [....] 

Obama's Ramadan Dinner Guest List Hides Attendance of Stealth Jihadists Tied to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood
Obama's seditious Ramadan dinner is the consummate achievement of the stealth jihad. Allahu FUBAR!
August 14, 2011
by atlasshrugs2000First, I blogged that Obama honored the sacrifices that Muslim Americans made on 911 and "the sacrifices that Muslim Americans have made for the country," while not pointing out their true contribution to America.  If that wasn't subversive enough, we discover that the Obama White House is covering up the Muslim Brotherhood proxies and stealth jihadists at the Ramadan celebration bombathon. 
Why are they hiding? Because they know. And they know that we know.
Obama's Iftar guest list omitted attendees with links to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood Jihad Watch
But they were there. ISNA has admitted ties to both Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.
"Obama’s Iftar guest list omits controversial attendees,"
by Neil Munro in the Daily Caller,
August 11:
The White House’s published guest list for this year’s Ramadan Iftar dinner was much shorter than previous years’ roster. It excluded the names of several controversial advocates who have attended the event in the past, including some who The Daily Caller can confirm did attend on Wednesday night. “It was a squeaky clean list,” said Durriya Badani, director of the U.S.-Islamic World Forum, an annual event organized by the Brookings Institution’s Saban Center and the Qatari government. The guests on the published list are “not controversial at all,” said Badani, whose name is on the list the White House provided to reporters.  “It was a lot more low-key … It was a [....]

Support Your Local 'Plant-a-Pig'!

August 19, 2011
Think globally- act locally
    According to legend, resourceful citizens in Seville, Spain found a neat way to terminate the construction of yet another unwanted mosque in their town: they simply buried a pig on the site while ensuring that this fact was known to the local press...
    Chisled-in-stone Islamic rules forbade the erecting of a Mosque on "pig soiled ground"- therefore the Muslim backers were obligated to cancel construction. The land was originally sold to them (against the will of locals) by government officials... sounds like something you'd get from Grand Dhimmi Bloomberg, eh. 
But in halting the project, no protests were needed...
No government/bureaucratic intervention... no violence...
No ill-advised buy-outs or land-swaps at taxpayer expense...
and it worked.
Thus was born the "Plant-a-Pig" program:
    As many of you know, in Texas and throughout the American SE there exists an overabundance of crop-eating feral hogs. What we're talking about here is relocating them all across the country... then just deep-six one everywhere a mosque is being planned (naturally reserving a couple extra truckloads for Detroit).  Concerned patriots have also noted that a few piles of strategically-placed pork might help to stem the tide of Jihadis crossing [....]

Top 5 Industries Hiring Now

Find out which five industries are hiring the most college graduates.
By Chris Kyle
Are you wondering which industries are hiring the most graduates?
New data indicates that accounting and engineering firms, among others, are leading the pack.
"Rounding out the current top five 'top employers' for 2010-11 bachelor's degree graduates were those in consulting services, retail/wholesale trade, and financial services," writes the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) in [....]

How Do Your Finances Stack Up?
by Lisa Smith

August 19, 2011
    Out of sheer curiosity, we all like to know how much others make and how much they spend, but knowing how your spending habits compare to everyone else's has significant value.  This information enables you to compare your spending habits to the average, giving you the opportunity to adjust your spending. A closer look at how your friends and neighbors are spending their cash will show you how you can trim your own expenses.
How People Spend
When you see people [....]

The Fruits of Coburn’s Crusade

June 30, 2011
By Loren Adler and Shai Akabas
Chris Hildebrand contributed to this post.
    Republican Senator Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) recent crusade to define the elimination of tax expenditures as spending cuts, rather than tax increases, achieved its first major victory the other week with the 73 to 27 Senate vote to eliminate ethanol subsidies. Importantly, 33 Senate Republicans (including staunch conservatives, such as Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA)) courageously joined Coburn to break – or at least weaken – Grover Norquist’s influence on many Republican members of Congress.
    Norquist, leader of the conservative group Americans for Tax Reform, has long attempted to fortify traditional Republican anti-tax sentiments by asking all Republican congressmen to sign the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge.” The text of the pledge strictly rejects revenue increases, whether from an increase in marginal rates or a reduction in tax expenditures. The pledge, at its core, is a carefully crafted tool designed to disallow revenue increases in an attempt to limit the size of government, or “starve the beast.”  Going against this pledge is [....]

.........The Fast Fix: Five fast facts about Rick Perry

By Chris Cillizza
The Fast Fix–Aug 17, 2011
Rick Perry is a serious contender for the Republican presidential nod.
Here are five things you need to know about him.  Texas Governor Rick Perry enters the 2012 presidential race greeted by polls suggesting he is a serious contender for the Republican nomination.
Here are five fast facts on Rick Perry:
1. Perry was a yell leader at Texas A&M University. It's a much sought-after position and an early indication of Perry's political aspirations.
2. He used to be a Democrat. Perry was elected to a West Texas state House seat in 1984 as a Democrat and even served as Al Gore's Texas chairman during the 1988 presidential race. He switched to the GOP in 1989.
3. Perry's first statewide office in Texas was [....]

Even Financial Gurus Make Money Mistakes

by Chris Taylor
August 17, 2011
I bought Lehman Brothers.
There, I said it. My dark secret, finally out in the open. Watching financial stocks drop like stones in the fall of 2008, I figured it was a classic case of investor panic. After Lehman went from over $90 to under $10, I almost felt bad at getting such a bargain. After all, it couldn't go to zero, right?
And then it did. My modest investment was wiped out, and I couldn't even stand to look at the Wall Street Journal for a long time afterwards. My point is that even personal-finance journalists, doling out our sage advice, can make bone-headed financial decisions. Really big ones.  That in mind, I asked a few of the nation's top personal-finance commentators [....]
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; August 20th

A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince;" 08/20/2011
August 20, 2011

[NOT From barackingham Palace]
Alpha, Illinois
    Hello from the Country Corner Farm in Alpha, Illinois! For the past few days, I’ve been traveling to small towns and farm towns here in the heartland of this country. I sat down with small business owners in Gutenberg, Iowa; and ranchers and farmers in Peosta. I had lunch with veterans in Cannon Falls, Minnesota; and talked to plant workers at a seed distributor in Atkinson, Illinois. And to the girls volleyball team at Maquoketa High School, let me just say one thing: Go Cardinals.  Now, I’m out here for one reason: I think Washington, DC can learn something from the folks in Atkinson and Peosta and Cannon Falls. I think our country would be a whole lot better off if our elected leaders showed the same kind of discipline and integrity and responsibility that most Americans demonstrate in their lives every day.  Because, the fact is, we’re going through a tough time right now. We’re coming through a terrible recession; a lot of folks are still looking for work. A lot of people are getting by with smaller paychecks or less money in the cash register. So we need folks in Washington – the people whose job it is to deal with the country’s problems, the people who you elected to serve – we need them to put aside their differences to get things done.
[What I'm not telling you: Yea, yea; now that I've pandered to all the groups the "Tour d'Lies" campaign paid to show up at each blather opportunity, let's get on to the hypocracy I find so effective, so refreshing in a communist politician.... like myself!  The 'elected leaders' which includes myself; will not show the kind of discipline, integrity and responsibility I've shown during the past two-years, seven months!  Let's take the result of the recent debt-ceiling legislation as an example:  The owe-bama Regime was given an immediate debt-ceiling increase of $400BILLION.  By the end of the next business day I--by 'I,' I mean the Treasury Department--borrowed a whoopin' 60% of the available monies ($238Billion)!!  In One Day!!  Do the "Tea Party" members of the Congress need more proof that a socialist--nay, a  socio-fascist--should never be given a single-dime without hundreds of restrictions?!?!
    Anyone need another example of my discipline, integrity and responsibility?!?  Let's talk about my failed "Dream Act."  Essentially, that legislation would have--secondarily--provided those illegal aliens born here a method to achieve citizenship after college graduation and/or military service.  The primary objective of this legislation was two-fold:  First, it would have provided a pathway toward an amnesty program; secondly--and quite probably, most importantly--the "Dream Act" would have increased the owe-bamacRATic voter-base by hundreds-of-thousands, if not millions!! These numbers don't even consider the thousands of votes the owe-bamacRATics garner through voter intimidation!!
    OK...., ok!!  Just one more example:  Given my more-than-dismal approval ratings (south of 40% approval at last reading);  given my complete failure in federal governance, the only things we--George Soros, Valarie Jarrett and myself--can come up with are widening the 'racial divide,' expanding the 'class warfare' we began during the last presidential campaign and vilifying the opposition!! Ta'hell with the populus, the only thing that matters is winning another round as your "Clown Prince; as your Messiah!!"
    Oh, I almost forgot!!  Here's something you might not know, primarily cuz I didn't sign it until just before I left on the 'hard-earned,' well deserved, monthly vacation-this time to a $50,000-per-week estate called 'Blue Heron Farm' on Martha's Vineyard.  Before we left I signed Executive Order #13,583: 
"Establishing A Coordinated Government-Wide Initiative To Promote Diversity And Inclusion In The Federal Workforce." 
This does little more than blatantly expand said 'racial-divide' and racial tensions within the federal workforce.  It does absolutely "zero-point-crap" about the current U-6 unemployment rate approaching 18%!!]
    There are things we can do right now that will mean more customers for businesses and more jobs across the country. We can cut payroll taxes again, so families have an extra $1,000 to spend. We can pass a road construction bill so construction crews – now sitting idle – can head back to the worksite, rebuilding roads, bridges, and airports. We’ve got brave, skilled Americans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Let’s connect them with businesses that could use their skills. And let’s pass trade deals to level the playing field for our businesses. We have Americans driving Hyundais and Kias. Well, I want to see folks in Korea driving Fords, Chevys and Chryslers. I want more products sold around the globe stamped with three words: Made in America.  These are commonsense ideas – ideas that have been supported by both Democrats and Republicans. The only thing holding them back is politics. The only thing preventing us from passing these bills is the refusal by some in Congress to put country ahead of party. That’s the problem right now. That’s what’s holding this country back. That’s what we have to change.  Because, for all the knocks we’ve taken, despite all the challenges we face, this is still the greatest country on earth. We still have the best workers and farmers, entrepreneurs and businesses, students and scientists. And you can see that here in Alpha. You can see it along the country roads that connect these small towns and farmlands.
[What I'm not telling you: My careless, disingenuous use of federal spending--i.e., the PORKulus spending fiasco--is what has exacerbated an already-devistating situation: The owe-bama Depression!!  More spending was not the cure in 2009; more spending will not be the cure in 2011 or beyond!!
    The 'Soros Philosophy' is heaping federal control upon more federal control over as much of daily American life as is humanly possible!!   The returning military veterans are intelligent enough to have performed their duties with distinction; with valor so why are they not intelligent enough to connect with civilian companies and organizations that can use their unique talents?  They do not need yet additional programs which will essentially impede their searches for areas inwhich to fit in with existing America! 
    Can you imagine Koreans driving Ford, Chevy or Chryser products?   Now that would be comical if it weren't so sad!!  Primary supporters of my--and Soros';and Jarrett's--socio-fascist policies and programs: the labor and teachers unions share most of the responsibility for this.  Both--in their respective areas--have driven up costs while driving down quality:  Comparatively, the average American high school graduation rate is dismal when compared with any Asian school system!!  The labor unions have driven up wage and benefits expenses to the level as to be unaffordable in today's world demanding cost-control, product quality and manufacturing efficiencies.  In short: Why would the Korean people opt for an American vehicle when their own monikers have the quality levels that U.S.-made vehicles had in the -fifties and -sixties!  Product selection is a whole-nuther matter.  Take Chevy's VOLT for instance.  I demanded--as owner of General (or Government) Motors--that they develop and market an electric vehicle.  That proves that messiahs don't know shit about the economy or the public's preferences!!  July, 2011's sales were but 115 vehicles-NATIONWIDE!!
    As for the "Made in America" philosophy:  That's gone the way of the buggy-whip!!  NAFTA, the US tax code, among other negatives, have more-or-less killed that idea.  Take General Electric as an example:  In 2010, that corporation made a profit of $14.2BILLION while paying aboslutely zero, zip, nadda in federal taxes.  Why, you ask?!?  They managed to keep $9++BILLION off-shore!  Not only did they not pay a single dime in taxes, your federal government gave them a $3.2BILLION tax credit against future earnings!!! Another interesting little tidbit:  I gave General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt a do-nothing, no-show position in the regime: that of "Jobs Czar" as a partial pay-off for his monetary support, as well as his less-than-subtle campaigning among GE employees during the last presidential election season.  
    Still, I can and will, use all these topics as well as others, to vilify those evil, obstructionist republicRATics and "Tea Party" members of Congress!  Here again, I--and the Soros/Jarrett/owe-bama Regime--have been a complete failure with respect to improving the economy, improving the unemployment rates, improving the jobs market and jobs creation, et al!!  We've been a complete success in advancing the communistic, socio-fascist policies of Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis!!]
    These past few days, I’ve been seeing little kids with American flags and grandparents in lawn chairs. I’ve shaken hands with folks outside machine shops and churches, corner stores and farms. It reminds me why I got into public service in the first place. Getting out of Washington and spending time with the people of this country – seeing how hard you’re working, how creative you are, how resourceful you are, how determined you are – that only makes me more determined to serve you as best I can as President. And it only makes me more confident in our future.  That’s why it’s so important that folks in Washington put country before party. That’s why it’s so important that our elected leaders get past their differences to help grow the economy and put this nation back to work. Because here in Alpha it couldn’t be more clear: if we can come together, there’s no stopping the United States of America. There’s no doubt that our future is bright.
[What I'm not telling you: I got into public service due to the principles of communism, socio-fascism; NOT anything to do with Americans or America!  I have a vindetta against that same philosophy of freedom, liberty and American individualism which made this country great.  The largest part of the reason is the shabby way my father was treated by the U.S. Government when he tried to stay here while persuing--and achieving--his advanced degrees.  I've always claimed an affinity with; an attachment to middle-class America.  One claim-to-fame is my growing up in a broken home, raised by a divorced mother.  Neither of these points are true in the whole.  I idolized my father even though he didn't give "two-hoots-in-hell" about me; having visited me just once in my lifetime-when I was ten-years-old.  For those who don't know, he was an upper-level employee in the Kenyan government for years, developing socio-fascist, communistic policies of oppression.  I've modeled much of my thinking along his lines of thought!!
    Speaking of 'growing the economy and putting the nation back to work;'  How 'bout that Rick Perry, aye?!?   Now there's a guy who doesn't mind saying what's on his mind!!  We've got to insist that the owe-bamedia and the 'KoolAid drinkers' promote someone like that dismal Willard Romney--someone I have the potential to beat!  I--as well as the rest of the Regime--fear that an owe-bama vs Perry race would not end for us anyway!]



Friday, August 19, 2011

This'n'That; August Nineteenth #2; A 'Tragedy!'

Somethin' Had To 'Give'
   Yesterday was a sad day for the family.  I was chosen as the overseer of the 'tragedy.'  A couple of years ago, I parked "Miz Daisy" at my brothers-in-law's driveway, ostensibly just for the winter; to be again driven in the next 'collector-car season.'  owe-bamanomics being as dismal a plan as it is, we were unable to continue to support having a collector vehicle, to store, to repair, to upgrade, to maintain, to license and insure; so "somethin' had to give!"

    So--after 'Craigslist' deal-after-deal fell through--we decided to donate the car to a worthy--nearby--auto museum.  We chose the Northeast Collector Car Museum in Norwich, N.Y.  After a couple of emails to the museum itself, I dealt--by phone--with volunteer Phil Giltner, a museum board member.  We 'made the deal' and he and his crew showed up at the site around noon yesterday, August 18th.  They prepped and loaded 'my friend' onto their trailer and--after several 'thank yous'--"Miz Daisy" went on down the road!!  Truely, a sad day!!

    For most of you who don't know of "Miz Daisy," she's a 1950 Dodge Coronet four-door sedan (Model D-34); flat-head 6, delivering 25.35 AMA hp (about 104 bhp); a 'Gyromatic' transmission (a semi-automatic, a forerunner of the automatic transmission); with a 6-volt, positive-ground electircal system.  This car is just a hoot to drive; a real 'head-turner!'
Now the family will go into  seclusion for a  period of mourning, probably about twenty-minutes!
Oh, more information for those who might need it:  Mr Giltner--of Norwich, as well--is an apprasial professional, specializing in antique, classic, custom and specialty vehicles.
Til Nex'Time....
The museum:
Mr Giltner:



This'n'That; August Nineteenth #1; Oh, Goodie-Goodie!!

Another To Blame!!
    Almost as if on cue, a 6.8 earthquake struck the northeast coast of Japan early this morning; Friday, August 19th.  Now, "Clown Prince" owe-bama has something to take the blame for his less-than-dismal performance ratings (39%-favorable, and dropping!).  Even the negros are abandoning their messiah in droves!
    After concluding a gruelling four-state "Magical Misery" Tour, the "Clown Prince" was forced to go on a ten-day vacation to Martha's Vineyard, Ma., for recuperation!  After getting a two-point bounce--all the way up to 41% approval--owe-bama's approval number receeded to it's recent low.  He visited four states with the lowest unemployment rates to tout the fact that he was planning to release a jobs plan, but only after recuperating for 10 days on his $50,000-per-week farm vacation.
    I suggest that everyone; George Soros, Valarie Jarrett-even the "Clown Prince" his-own-self, are in a panic over the polling numbers; over the regime's--again--less-than-dismal, jobs performance; over the owe-bamaGeddonesque national--nay, worldwide--depression!  Although it's hard to fathom, this may very well be a secret 'working vacation' for Soros and the rest of 'the team;'  they've got to come up with an alternative campaign strategy.  Without a positive record to campaign on, they'll be working up a plan to continue the vilification of republicRATs--those evil obstructionists--particularly members of the "Tea Party" movement.  To that end, look for some 'outlandish' numbers in a jobs plan, in a revenue plan, et al; the conservatives will never accept-thus creating a platform for negative campaigning!
    They're not even professional clowns!!  Never in American history has such a huge group of amateur clowns been amassed in the District of Corruption!!  The show known as "The owe-bama Amateur Hour" has to be prematurely removed from 'the stage.'  Can anyone spell "i-m-p-e-a-c-h-m-e-n-t?!?"
Til Nex'Time....



Thursday, August 18, 2011

This'n'That; August Eighteenth #1; Integrity

[As usual, a better view:]
Any Integrity Left In owe-bama Regime?
    I contend not very much, at least in the Department of (Social) Justice!!  'General' holder is doing everything he can think of to deflect the implications and effects of 'Gunwalker' ....or.... 'Gunrunner' ....or.... 'Fast 'n' Furious' ....or.... what ever they're calling this failed operation, today.
    While the basis of this operation began with the evil President Bush-43's administration with the intention of stopping unscrupulous American arms dealers and arresting those who supply firearms to the Mexican drug cartels, general thugs and other miscreants;  George Soros, "Clown Prince" owe-bama and 'General' holder,et al; made serious changes to the concept when it came under their purview!! The operation evolved into a plan to circumvent the Second Amendment which allows--nay, enforces--the private ownership of firearms.  If the regime could illustrate that the provisions of the Second Amendment allowed for more and more guns on the street; more and more guns supplied to the warring factions in Mexico, they'd be in a position to cram-down a circumvention of the Second Amendment by executive order-to  protect Americans!  That didn't work so well;  Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed on December 14, 2010 and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata was kill on February 15, 2011, both by 'Gunwalker' weapons.
    After the "Tea Party" mandate put the House of Representatives' majority into republicRAT hands, Rep Darryl Issa (r, Ca-49) became Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform CommitteeRep Issa initiated an investigation of the 'Gunwalker' fiasco.  It has been alleged and assumed by most who have a 'working knowledge' of the Soros/Jarrett/owe-bama Regime, that the guilt goes all the way to the top: George Soros, Valarie Jarrett and "Clown Prince" owe-bama (in that order)!!  'General' holder is alleging that he knew nothing of the operation until March of 2011, after both federal agents had been killed with 'Gunwalker' weapons.   There is 'U-Tube' video of 'General' holder speaking on that very subject early in 2009!! Now, to the current facts and allegations:
    This is only parts of the most recent actions.  The original program started by that evil President Bush-43 in 2005 as a pilot project in Laredo, Texas that was taken national in 2006.  The 'Gunrunner' project became a part of the ATF's Southwest Border Initiative which sought to reduce cross-border drug and weapons traffic. According to a GAO report, during 2007 and 2008--both evil Bush-43 years--the ATF trained 961 Mexican  police officers in the use of 'eTrace-' a secure, online weapons tracing site operated by the ATF.
    "Gunwalker" Bill Newell (aka: "Bloody Bill"), formerly the head of the ATF's Phoenix Office during 'Gunwalker,' was in line to be promoted to the ATF Attache to Mexico.  Before he could get his 'gray 'n' grungies' packed, the Department of (Social) Justice heaped another promotion on him; to "Special Assistant" to the Assistant Director of the ATF for the Office of Management.  What's better than hiding a perpetrator in plain sight??  The ATF's Office of Management is conducting an internal "investigation" into 'Gunwalker!!'  Some allege that Mexico may seek Newell's extradition to answer for the hundreds of Mexican civilian deaths related to 'Gunwalker.'
    In continuing the regime cover-up of 'Gunwalker,' et al, William McMahon, the ATF Special-Agent-in-Charge of the Phoenix Field Division, is being promoted to ATF Assistant Deputy Director for Operations.  Another example of 'hiding the perp in plain sight.'
    Another piece in the 'hide the perp in plain sight' puzzle, is the promotion of David Voth, the ATF-Phoenix supervisor, Group VII; to a branch chief in the ATF's Tobacco DivisionVoth is the guy who--via several emails--placated a gunshop owner who notified the ATF of suspicious activities by persons attempting to buy guns 'by the hundreds!'

    Now that members of the "Clown Princeowe-bama Regime have changed the 'Gunrunner' rules more to their liking; inspite of having access to the aforementioned GAO report, the regime claims that less than twenty  Mexican police have been trained in the use of eTrace(?!?)  As noted by Constitutional scholars, the unstated objective of the owe-bama Regime seemingly was to implicate the Second Amendment's freedoms as the cause for these weapons crossing the Mexican border.  In their convoluted minds, this would give the owe-bama Regime just cause to circumvent the Second Amendment legislatively or after the "Tea Party" mandate of November 2010, to use executive orders as the circumvention 'method-of-choice!'
    The slime of this operation; the slime of the entire regime has to go all the way to the top, if for no other reason than the amateurish actions of the vast majority of regime members!!  Quotes of two of the Founding Fathers have never been more applicable than they are today:
Thomas Jefferson- "The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
Samuel Adams- "The Constitution shall never be construed.... to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable people from keeping their own arms."
The owe-bama Amateur Hour must come to a premature end!!
Til Nex'Time....
[Project Gunwalker Parts #1, #2 and #3:]
[Communications between the major players:]
[Gunshop Owner's Concerns:]
[Grassley Letter; Emails between Voth and Gun Seller:];contentBody