Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This'n'That; December 22nd[Christmas;McConnell;Fraud/ACORN]

Christmas: Forever Changed!!
Christmas in the past was all about giving gifts; of hearing the squeals of delight; of seeing the ear-to-ear grins on little faces!! While I'm not a good "receiver of gifts," I delighted in giving gifts at holiday time-in later years, as anonymously as possible. I can cite many examples where I've unashamedly helped others in many walks of life, primarily those work-a-day folks like me. But "this ain't about me!!!"
This is about how my past memories of Christmas will differ from my thoughts of future ones. How can any thought or memory "trump" the current one-that of how my country, my freedom and least of all, my money will be taken from me without "firing a shot!!" I and EVERY American-whether they agree with the Congress or not-are about to lose several of the very basic freedoms with......the stroke of a pen!!
The senatorial morons are about to forward toward enactment, pending legislation that will make basic decisions for every American-excepting, of course, the morons in the congress who have "cadillac" health care plans that you and I pay for.
Sadly, I believe that this will be-forever more-the most discouraging time of the year....... nay, in history!!
Not Just The obamacRATs!!!
In previous postings I've advocated tossing out the obamacRATs-BUT NO MORE!! Now I'm of a mind that they ALL MUST GO!!
The Washington Times is reporting today that Mitch McConnell is going to "roll-over-and-play-dead" on obamaCare!! These poor, whiny bastErds have had to suffer through a couple of late-night votes on this unconsititutional, anti-constitutional personal control bill. In that light, mcconnell is suggesting that everybody "just get along!!"

But the grueling schedule -- there have been two 1 a.m. votes in the last week, and if Republicans use all tactics available, then the final vote would come late Christmas Eve -- has strained relationships. Senate Majority Leader harry reid, Nevada obamacRAT, made an appeal for senators to keep the spirit of Christmas with them. "For those of the Christian faith, the most important holiday, and that is Christmas," he told colleagues on the Senate floor. "That's a time when we reflect on peace and the good things in life." And there may be a reprieve coming for senators . Republicans' leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said he and Mr. Reid are trying to come up with a new floor schedule "that will give certainty" to members about how the rest of the week will play out. With passage of the bill in the Senate now all but certain, Republicans could agree to withdraw some of the procedural hurdles which could allow the Senate to finish the year before Christmas Eve.

With all the obamacRATs kissing the "Clown Prince's" private-parts; with Fluffy obama having decreed that America is no longer a christian country, why is reid now invoking the "Christian/Christmas" thing??
  • Why are the republicRATs slowly giving in?? The obamacRATs need something to reinforce the upcoming blather that used to be known as the "State of The Union" photo-op!!
Now is the perfect time to insure all the "vote-buying" provisions in the obamaCare bill SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY!! The obamacRATs took the gloves off, years ago; why are the republicRATs still wearing theirs??
They're Crankin' Up The Fraud Machine
For those of you not cross-eyed from reading what little bit of the personal-control bill harry reid has not kept secret.... check pages 240 through 249. You shouldn't be surprised by what you find: The obamacRATs are funding ACORN once again-not by name, but by description!!! This time to "educate" the inner-city welfareRATs in the "free benefits" the "Clown Prince" has for them!! Can anyone spell: "m-o-r-e v-o-t-e-r f-r-a-u-d ??" This gives Fluffy "plausible deniability."
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

This'n'That; December 21st [Dam' Health Care!!]

...And We All Get Screwed.....!! [As harry reid is indicating, we're all in for a Helluva Screwin'!!! About all we have to look forward to is VOTING THE BASTARDS OUT IN 2010!! I have recently joined "We Surround Rochester" [NY]; You MUST CONSIDER joining one in your area. To do so, go to www.meetup.com {for example, there are 822 like organizations within 25 miles of Arlington, Tx!!!} I check the "We Surround Rochester" site regularly. Recently, I found the information listed below: posted there by Lisa & Greg from Clarence {Buffalo area}, NY-Many thanks to them for all the research!!! Remember when that "slimy prick" in the White House said "no more taxes on those earning less than $250,000?? How's that "hope-and-change" workin' for ya, now?!?!?!] Comprehensive List of Tax Hikes in reid-obama Health Bill – Updated for Manager’s Amendment(Page numbers reference ORIGINAL rEID-oBAMA BILL unless noted): Individual Mandate Tax (Page 324/Sec. 1501/$15 bil/Jan 2014):
  • Starting in 2014, anyone not buying “qualifying” health insurance must pay an income surtax according to the higher of the following (page 71 of manager’s amendment updates reid bill):
  • ------------ Single------------------ 2 People---------------3+ People
  • 2014----$495/0.5% AGI--------$990/0.5% AGI-------- $1485/0.5%/AGI
  • 2015----$495/1.0% AGI--------$990/1.0% AGI-------- $1485/1.0%/AGI
  • 2016+---$495/2.0% AGI--------$990/2.0% AGI-------- $1485/2.0%/AGI
Exemptions for religious objectors, undocumented immigrants, prisoners, those earning less than the poverty line, members of Indian tribes, and hardship cases (determined by HHS).Employer Mandate Tax (Page 348/Sec. 1513/$28 bil/Jan 2014):
  • If an employer does not offer health coverage, and at least one employee qualifies for a health tax credit, the employer must pay an additional non-deductible tax of $750 for all full-time employees.
  • Applies to all employers with 50 or more employees.If the employer requires a waiting period to enroll in coverage of 30-60 days, there is a $400 tax per employee ($600 if the period is 60 days or longer).
Excise Tax on Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans (Page 1979/Sec. 9001/$149.1 bil/Jan 2011):
  • Starting in 2013, new 40 percent excise tax on “Cadillac” health insurance plans ($8500 single/$23,000 family).
  • Higher threshold ($9850 single/$26,000 family) for early retirees and high-risk professions. CPI +1 percentage point indexed.
  • Longshoremen have been exempted (page 362 of the manager’s amendment)From 2013-2015, the 17 highest-cost states are 120% of this level.
Employer Reporting of Insurance on W-2 (Page 1996/Sec. 9002/Min$/Jan 2011):
  • Preamble to taxing health benefits on individual tax returns
Medicine Cabinet Tax (Page 1997/Sec. 9003/$5 bil/Jan 2011):
  • No longer allowable to use health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA), or health reimbursement (HRA) pre-tax dollars to purchase non-prescription, over-the-counter medicines (except insulin)

HSA Withdrawal Tax Hike (Page 1998/Sec. 9004/$1.3 bil/Jan 2011):

  • Increases additional tax on non-medical early withdrawals from an HSA from 10 to 20 percent, disadvantaging them relative to IRAs and other tax-advantaged accounts, which remain at 10 percent.
FSA Cap (Page 1999/Sec. 9005/$13.3 bil/Jan 2011):
  • Imposes cap on FSAs of $2500 (now unlimited).
  • Indexed to inflation after 2011 (added on page 363 of manager’s amendment)
Corporate 1099-MISC Information Reporting (Page 1999/Sec. 9006/$17.1 bil/Jan 2012):
  • Requires businesses to send 1099-MISC information tax forms to corporations (currently limited to individuals), a huge compliance burden for small employers

Excise Tax on Charitable Hospitals (page 2001/Sec. 9007/Min$/immediate):

  • $50,000 per hospital if they fail to meet new "community health assessment needs," "financial assistance," and "billing and collection" rules set by HHS (updated on page 364 of manager’s amendment).
Tax on Innovator Drug Companies (Page 2010/Sec. 9008/ $22.2 bil/Jan 2010):
  • $2.3 billion annual tax on the industry imposed relative to share of sales made that year.
Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers (Page 2020/Sec. 9009/$19.2 bil/Jan 2010):
  • $2 billion annual tax on the industry imposed relative to shares of sales made that year.
  • Exempts items retailing for <$100.
  • Rises to $3 billion annually in 2017 (updated by page 364 of manager’s amendment).
Tax on Health Insurers (Page 2026/Sec. 9010/$59.6 bil/Jan 2011):
  • $10 billion annual tax on the industry imposed relative to health insurance premiums collected that year.
  • Phases in gradually until 2017. Fully-imposed on firms with $50 million in profits (updated on page 365 of manager’s amendment)
  • Eliminate tax deduction for employer-provided retirement Rx drug coverage in coordination with Medicare Part D (Page 2034/Sec. 9012/$5.4 bil/Jan 2011)
Raise "Haircut" for Medical Itemized Deduction from 7.5% to 10% of AGI (Page 2034/Sec. 9013/$15.2 bil/Jan 2013):
  • Waived for 65+ taxpayers in 2013-2016 only$500,000
  • Annual Executive Compensation Limit for Health Insurance Executives (Page 2035/Sec. 9014/$0.6 bil/Jan 2013)
Hike in Medicare Payroll Tax (Page 2040/Sec. 9015/$86.8 bil/Jan 2013): Current law and changes:
  • ---------------------------First $200,000------------------ Employer/Employee ---------------------------Employer/Employee------------- All Remaining Wages --------------------------- ($250,000 Married)
  • Current Law------------- 1.45%/1.45% ----------------------1.45%/1.45%----------------------------------2.9% self-employed ---------2.9% self-employed
  • Reid-Obama Tax Hike-1.45%/1.45%-------------------1.45%/2.35%-------------------------------------2.9% self-employed ----------3.8% self-employed
  • The 0.9% new rate addition is not deductible for the self-employment tax adjustment. Updated by page 372 of manager’s amendment.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Tax Hike (Page 2044/Sec. 9016/$0.4 bil/Jan 2010):

  • The special tax deduction in current law for Blue Cross/Blue Shield companies would only be allowed if 85 percent or more of premium revenues are spent on clinical services
  • STRICKEN: Tax on Cosmetic Medical Procedures (Page 2045/Sec. 9017/$5.8 bil/Jan 2010): New 5% excise tax on elective cosmetic surgery to be paid by the surgery patient.
  • REPLACED BY: Tax on Indoor Tanning Services (Page 373 of Manager’s amendment/$2.7 billion/July 1, 2010): New 10% excise tax on indoor tanning salons

List of tax hikes in original Reid bill

Manager’s Amendment http://democrats.senate.gov/reform/managers-amendment.pdf

JCT Score of Manager’s Amendment http://jct.gov/publications.html?func=startdown&id=3641

Americans for Tax Reform is a non-partisan coalition of taxpayers and taxpayer groups who oppose all tax increases.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; December 19th

A Patriotic Response To The Clown Prince; 12/19/2009 Weekly Address, December 19, 2009 Over the past few decades, there has been an intense struggle in Washington between the lobbyists for the insurance industry and the interests of the American people over what has been called a Patient’s Bill of Rights – a set of rules to protect Americans from some of the worst practices of the health insurance industry; rules to ensure that all Americans are getting the care they need from their doctors and the care they deserve from their insurance companies. The last time a Patient’s Bill of Rights was within reach was roughly a decade ago, and it was supported by Democrats and Republicans alike, from Ted Kennedy to John McCain. It included the right to an appeals process so you could challenge an unfair decision by an insurance company before a third party. It included the right to choose your own doctor. It included the right to access information about what your health insurance plan means for you. And it called for a new level of transparency so that patients would know if their doctors had a conflict of interest when providing services. Now, this Patient’s Bill of Rights never made it into law. It fell victim – again and again – to the same special interest lobbying that has blocked passage of health insurance reform for so many decades. But today, we are being given another chance to make it a reality, because each of these rights, and many more, are incorporated in the health insurance reform bill that recently passed the House of Representatives and in the bill that is currently making its way through the Senate. [What I'm not telling you: Before we go too far...... For Mahammud's sake, DO NOT go to the "Monday edition" of Justin Case's blog!!! This "Patient's Bill of Rights" is a long-overdue protection for Americans; preventing unscrupulous health insurance companies from denying covered procedures. You should live long enough to find that this bill of rights has no bearing on "the rationed care" that will be forthcoming in this rediculous healthcare reform bill coming through the senate. With that neandrathol Phatt Kennedy supporting ANYTHING, how can it be more than "just another taxpayer screwing?!?!?!" McCain is not much better; do you remember what my handlers did to him in the election they bought?? That guy is just too nice to be in a "Chicago Style" political fight-just not up to lying, cheating, obfuscating the facts-all requirements for buying an election!! Even if the "bill of rights" becomes law, it'll just be one of those laws-like others intended as actually benefitting the public, from the congressional morons-will have few if any, teeth; hence be just more political blather that you've come to know as "barack INSANE obama-Mm...MM...Mm!!!"] Both the House and Senate bills would make it against the law for insurance companies to deny you coverage on the basis of a pre-existing condition or illness. Both would stop insurers from charging exorbitant premiums on the basis of age, health, or gender. Both would prevent insurance companies from dropping your coverage when you get sick. And both would put a limit on how much you have to pay out of pocket for the treatments you need in a year or lifetime. Simply put, the protections currently included in both the health insurance reform bill passed by the House and the version currently on the Senate floor would represent the toughest measures we’ve ever taken to hold the insurance industry accountable. Anyone who says otherwise simply hasn’t read the bills. Just open these proposals at random and you’ll find on almost any page patient protections that dwarf any of those passed by Congress in at least a decade. These protections are just one part of a landmark reform that will finally reduce the cost of health care. When it becomes law, families will save on their premiums. Small businesses and Americans who don’t get any insurance today through their employers will no longer be forced to pay punishingly high rates to get coverage. This legislation will also strengthen Medicare and extend the life of the program, while saving senior citizens hundreds of dollars a year in prescription costs. And reforms to target waste, inefficiency, and price-gouging by the insurance industry will help make this the largest deficit reduction plan in over a decade. The insurance industry knows all this. That’s why they’re at it again, using their muscle in Washington to try to block a vote they know they will lose. They’re lobbying. They’re running ads. They’re spending millions of dollars to kill health insurance reform, just like they’ve done so many times before. They want to preserve a system that works better for the insurance industry than it does for the American people. [What I'm not telling you: See how reid and I have "put the screws to" the insurance companies?? They didn't go along with this economic takeover so now they have to cover everything!! This is quite similar to calling the insurance company covering your house and demanding coverage after your house is consumed by fire!! How cool is that!! Are you really believing that blather about spending a $TRILLION and saying that it will reduce the deficit?? If you are, you're bigger morons than the congresspeople are!! If it were more about your actual health insurance coverage than economic and personal control over every aspect of your lives, I would have demanded that health coverage be sold across state lines, rather than states' restricting what company{ies} you can deal with. Remember, fascists are against everything "free-market!!" A free market atmosphere would have spurred competition, thus driving costs down; coverage-per-dollar, UP!! {Can't have that, now can we??} Speaking of Medicare/Medicaid..... when have you ever seen a "government program" that was actually manageable, sustainable, beneficial?? Those two programs just served to enhance the obamacRATic voters' rolls; did very little good--at least not without alot of bitching--for the benenficiaries!! ] But now – for the first time – there is a clear majority in the Senate that’s willing to stand up to the insurance lobby and embrace lasting health insurance reforms that have eluded us for generations. The question is whether the minority that opposes these reforms will continue to use parliamentary maneuvers to try and stop the Senate from voting on them. Whatever their position on health insurance reform, Senators ought to allow an up or down vote. Let’s bring this long and vigorous debate to an end. Let’s deliver on the promise of health insurance reforms that will make our people healthier, our economy stronger, and our future more secure. And as this difficult year comes to a close, let’s show the American people that we are equal to the task of meeting our great challenges. [What I'm not telling you: "....a clear majority..... willing to stand up....." What a hoax that statement is!! The only one's they're willing to stand up to are you, the American taxpayer!! They're standing up to the will of 62% of Americans who don't want health care reform of any sort-thinking you'll forget by the 2010 election cycle!! I've spent $Billions out of that porkulus "presidential slush-fund," buying off whores like that moron-Landrieu; like AARP; like that whore Lieberman; like that whore Ben Nelson. I could go on-and-on.... Nearly all of the obamacRATic congressional morons!!] Thanks for listening, and on behalf of Michelle, Malia, Sasha, and Bo, happy holidays, from our family to yours. [What I'm not telling you: Now that I've declared that the United States is not a christian country, how could I possibly use the phrase "Merry Christmas??" Furthermore, what the Hell do I care what you think.....?? This is MY country, to shape it as my handlers and I see fit-with NO INPUT from ANYONE who doesn't agree with my fascist directions for the country.....nay, for the planet!!]



Thursday, December 17, 2009

This'n'That; December 17th[ArrogantBastErds]

"Ruling Class" Arrogant BastErd!!
Two of New York's members of the Congressional Moron Caucus; One's an arrogant bastard, the other lies to cover it up!! They both were on a shuttle flight from NYC to Washington, D.C., when Chuckie-Cheese Schumer called a flight attendant a "bitch" when she told him to turn off his cell-phone. If that weren't bad enough, the Invisible Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, lied to cover it up!! She told the media that Chuckie had never said it; that he had treated the attendant with the utmost of courtesy. Kirsten, ya might do well to break out of that invisibility-Chuckie'll continue to hang you "out-to-dry" as long as you hide behind him and act "the parrot!!!" How 'bout that Hope and Change, huh?!?!?

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This'n'That; December 16th[Earmarks ]

Check This Shit Out!!! Well, I finally found where the fine members of the Congressional Moron Caucus are pissing away PART of our money. If you'd like to see where your "Ruling Class" members are pissing, go here: www.legistorm.com/earmarks/details You may have to register to see the details, but it's free and a good site for your "favorites!!" No real surprise... here's the top ten [ranked by total dollar amount-in BILLIONS of dollars!!]: {State; Total Dollar Amount; Total Number of Earmarks}

1 California.......$5,735,874,310.....2084 2 Texas.............$4,493,880,606....1104 3 Virginia..........$3,649,073,710......678 4 New York.......$3,076,188,824.....1284 5 Florida...........$3,025,154,942.....1008 6 Louisiana.......$2,718,164,723.......470 7 Washington...$2,545,379,431.......666 8 Maryland.......$2,425,389,324.......552 9 Georgia.........$2,127,984,819.......517 10 North Carolina..$2,096,773,580....557

On the site you can look up by state, by the "Clown Prince," by member and by receiving organization. I like to check those who are in the news, like the the Louisiana Senator who whored herself out for $300million; Mary Landrieu. She singly sponsored 98 earmarks and co-sponsored 311 more. Louisiana will get more than $2.14BILLION!! Didn't take her long to figure out she'd whored-herself-out FAR too cheaply!!

***REMEMBER??*** The "Clown Prince," during his "Campaign of Fluff" said he'd not sign a budget that contained ANY earmarks!! So much for fascist promises; they're as believable as any other politician!! HOW'S THAT HOPE AND CHANGE WORKIN' FOR YA, NOW?!?!?!?!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

This'n'That; December 15th[GradeInflation;Pork;Confusion]

Grade Inflation To The "N-th" Degree!!

Granted, the photo-op with "The Oprah" was taped sometime in the recent past; but even an idiot could see how the "Clown Prince's" effectiveness is dropping "like a brick!!" In the past week Fluffy's approval rating has dropped from 47% to 44%......IN A WEEK!!!! A "good, solid B+...." What planet is obama REALLY on?!?!?!

One has to remember this is the "Clown Prince" rating the "Clown Prince" on how well the "Clown Prince" is instituting the fascist policies and programs of the "Clown Prince!!!"

As the Nobel Peace Prize devolved from a coveted honor to it's current "trinket" status; from "Peanut" Carter to the "Clown Prince," so goes the American presidency. That office is now as unpresidential as it can possibly be!! It may be years before we again see--if ever--a president as presidential as Ronald Reagan. Mister Reagan treated the presidency as "a loaner," to be returned to the American people in better condition than when he earned it!!

More Pork Spending OK With "Clown Prince!!"

Even though Fluffy obama said: " Pork barrel spending will be DOA during my administration," the federal pork is alive-and-well inside the beltway!! This $1.1Trillion [TRILLION!!] spending obama-nation includes 7-8% AVERAGE inclreases for nearly all federal departments and agencies, as well as thousands of earmarks for special interests and "Ruling Class" paybacks......... How's that "Hope and Change" workin' out FOR YOUR BUDGET?!?!

Check out the previous NYS annual budget which was loaded with wishful spending; no adequate source of income [our tax money!]; inwhich the NYS welfare RATs got a 17% raise, while all around us; the financial world was collapsing!!! Don't forget the 100-bucks-a-head bonus for each school aged kid of the registered welfareRATs-while you and I have to dig deeper to fund our kids' back to school supplies.

The federal "Ruling Class" continue to treat the proceeds of our confiscatory tax policies as their money, spending without regard to the wishes, demands or needs of the voter!! The "Ruling Class" would bode well to study Governor Palin's fiscal policies as they related to the citizens of Alaska. But, alas, any policy that doesn't enhance government control over the citizen--from the bank to the bedroom--has no place in the "Ruling Class" mantra; "I'm from the government and I'm here to help!!"

Legislative Confusion!!

It is now the week before Christmas, 2009, and look how much crap Fluffy and the fascists have brought forth to further confuse in increasing percentage of those who actually care what does or DOES NOT go on in Washington, D.C.!! The "Clown Prince" wants ALL HIS PROGRAMS passed into law before the Christmas recess!! On the table we now have:

  • The 75% of the presidential slush-fund [$787B Porkulus] that remains unspent.
  • Increasing the federal spending limit to $14TRILLION!
  • Nearly $2Trillion in UNFUNDED liabilities [Medicare,Medicaid and the like].
  • The reassigning of unused and paid-back TARP funds into yet another slush-fund, this time for "Turbo-Tax" Tim Geithner.
  • The incredibly costly obamaCare bill--excluding the "Ruling Class."
  • The incredibly costly Cap-and-Tax bill.

And now, the fascists and the "Ruling Class" will soon regurgitate an "immigration" bill. With all these wasteful and seemingly unconstitutional programs-go more and more "Serf Class" freedoms. For a look into the future, google " weimar republic "..... it might even wake up the "KoolAiders!!"

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; December 12th

A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince" 12/12/009 Every month since January, when I became your President, I’ve spoken to you about the periodic reports of the Labor Department on the number of jobs created or lost during the previous month; numbers that tell a story about how America’s economy is faring overall. In those first months, the numbers were nothing short of devastating. The worst recession since the 1930s had wreaked havoc on the lives of so many of our fellow Americans. Yesterday, the numbers released by the Labor Department reflected a continuing positive trend of diminishing job loss. But for those who were laid off last month and the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs in this recession, a good trend isn’t good enough. Trends don’t buy the groceries. Trends don’t pay the rent or a college tuition. Trends don’t fulfill the need within each of us to be productive, to provide for our families, to make the most of our lives, to reach for our dreams. [What I'm not telling you: As usual, the media is ignoring the most telling stastic; the "U-6" unemployment number; which has been hovering just under 18%!! The only reason the "reported" stastic showed a minor drop is that this is the time of year for seasonal hiring. Remember, this number will most probably be revised upward-farther into the negative. Speaking of "seasons".... this is the season for increased credit purchasing; driving those careless individuals further into debt. Not only does this make the stastics look marginally better, it will enable easier control those credit abusers in the future. That control might possibly come through personal bailouts--further financial and psychological indebitedness to me and my handlers--or it might possibly come through these abusers being financially and psychologically being "beaten-down" to the point they see no way out. They then will turn to me, their "great savior" for relief..... then, I GOT 'EM!!!!] So, it is true that we, as a country, are in a very different place than we were when 2009 began. Because of the Recovery Act and a number of other steps we’ve taken, we’re no longer facing the potential collapse of our financial system or a second Great Depression. We’re no longer losing jobs at a rate of 700,000 a month. And our economy’s growing for the first time in a year. But too many of our neighbors are still out of work because the growth we’ve seen hasn’t yet translated into all the jobs we need. Stung by this brutal recession, businesses that have kept their doors open are still wary about adding workers. Instead of hiring, many are simply asking their employees to work more hours, or they’re adding temporary help. History tells us this is usually what happens with recessions – even as the economy grows, it takes time for jobs to follow. But the folks who have been looking for work without any luck for months and, in some cases, years, can’t wait any longer. For them, I’m determined to do everything I can to accelerate our progress so we’re actually adding jobs again. [What I'm not telling you: Whoa!!! Man-oh-Man, IS IT EVER a "very different place than we were in when 2009 began." It's just marginally true-at best-that we're no longer facing a second Great Depression. Just as President Roosevelt had World War II to pull his administration out of the financial moraise of the 1930s, I have the Recovery Act--which not only pumps money into the economy much like FDR's war economy--it acts much like a welcome slush fund I can and have used, at my discretion. I have great difficulty in believing how easy is was to bilk those congressional morons out of their sole authority to allocate and spend money!!! Did you see how harry reid put the "recovery slush fund" to good use: "Whoring-out" that moron, Mary Landrieu for a measly $300Million!! That bullshit about the unemployed "can't wait any longer" is just that: BULLSHIT!! I will need the votes I've purchased with the recent extension in benefits, so "at work" is NOT where I want them!! If they're working, they're bound to realize that a free-market economy is far better for ALL of Ameica than the fascist economy I envision.] That’s why, this week, I invited a group of business owners from across the country to the White House to talk about additional steps we can take to help jumpstart hiring. We brought together unions and universities to talk about what we can do to support our workers today and prepare our students to outcompete workers around the world tomorrow. We brought together mayors and community leaders to talk about how we can open up new opportunities in our cities and towns. On Friday, I spent the day in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and met with workers and small business owners there. I stopped by a steel company called Allentown Metal Works, and spoke at Lehigh Community College. I visited folks at a job placement center, and stopped by a shift change at Alpo. The stories and concerns I heard mirrored the countless letters I receive every single day. And they speak louder than any statistic or government report. The folks in Allentown – and in all the Allentowns across our country – are the most dedicated, productive workers in the world. All they’re asking for is a chance, and a fair shake. And that’s exactly what I’m working to give them. In the coming days, I’ll be unveiling additional ideas aimed at accelerating job growth and hiring as we emerge from this economic storm. [What I'm not telling you: That "Allentown" thingie-just another photo-op; there's nothing I like to see more than my face in the news!! The job summitt.... just more of the BULLSHIT you've come to expect from my handlers. If it were to have a real affect, why wasn't the U.S. Chamber of Commerce invited; why weren't representatives from the manufacturing sector invited?? Both of them would have been "negative influences" on my underlying objective: A show for the media, with no desired tangible results. The "manufacturing sector" really is non-existent, since the first "George Bush" and Slick-Willie saddled America with the NAFTA jobs transfer agreement-There are precious few left to invite, if that were my intention!!] And so that we don’t face another crisis like this again, I’m determined to meet our responsibility to do what we know will strengthen our economy in the long-run. That’s why I’m not going to let up in my efforts to reform our health care system; to give our children the best education in the world; to promote the jobs of tomorrow and energy independence by investing in a clean energy economy; and to deal with the mounting federal debt. From the moment I was sworn into office, we have taken a number of difficult steps to end this economic crisis. We didn’t take them because they were popular or gratifying. They weren’t. We took these steps because they were necessary. But I didn’t run for President to pass emergency recovery programs, or to bail out banks or to shore up auto companies. I didn’t run for President simply to manage the crisis of the moment, while kicking our most pressing problems down the road. I ran for President to help hardworking families succeed and to stand up for the embattled middle class. I ran to fight for a country where responsibility is still rewarded, and hard-working people can get ahead. I ran to keep faith with the sacred American principle that we will deliver to our children a future of even greater possibility. [What I'm not telling you: My handlers intially put me up as a "throw-away" candidate in the most recent presidential primaries; just to give Hillary some competition. My handlers fully expected she'd blow me outta the water!! Little did they realize that when "Chicago politics" was applied nationwide, that the results would be as stunning as they were!! After the party from transformed from democRATs into obamacRATs, they found that elections can be bought EVERYWHERE, not just in Chicago and Cook County!! So, in that light, I wasn't elected to do anything but what they told me to do; to push their fascist agenda into which my own philosophy has evolved. Enough of that; What are the two fastest-growing job markets?? I'll tell you: health care and the federal government; one I control-one I hope to control!! With this obamaCare scam, Andy Stern and I will control ANOTHER 18% of the American economy! You think you're scared about the takeover NOW; wait til he devistates the pay scales and working conditions in the SEIU-controlled facilities, bringing them more in line with those in India, China, Cuba and other "communistics!!" He certainly can't be expected to bring those "communistic" pay scales UP to American standards, now can he?? I'm glad that neither "The Chin" nor I are in the medical profession!! Not only have my handlers grown the federal government exponentially, look how far "out of whack" their wages are: In December, 2007, the Defense Department had 1,868 employees with an annual salary of $150,00 or more; by this past June, that number had grown to 10,100. At the start of this recession, the Department of Transportation had just one person earning $170,000 or more; we took care of that problem--by last June we had grown that number to over 1,690 employees!!! None of these financial numbers include overtime or bonuses. {Yes, Virginia..... There is a federal bonus!!}; We pay them to our management teams, all-the-while denegrating those "Wall Streeters" who actually deal with products and services, rather than suckle at the government tit!!} And my commitment to you, the American people, is that I will focus every single day on how we can get people back to work, and how we can build an economy that continues to make real the promise of America for generations to come. [What I'm not telling you: Ha...Ha, HA, Ha, ha!!! You fell for it!!! I didn't tell you what "the promise of America..." entailed: It IS a promise, all right!! If you want to see where we're going, "google-" WEIRMAR REPUBLIC. This is where the German Constitution became irrelevant; hyper-inflation ran rampant; Adolf Hitler wormed his way into control, much the way I have!!!



Friday, December 11, 2009

This'n'That; December 11th[obamaCare;DeathPanels]

"Clown Prince"--The Hypocrite, As Usual!!
[As usual, Fluffy obama is using one of his minions to counter one of his previous positions on legislation. This arschloch will never admit to anything negative; it's all about him!! His handlers cooked up a deal with big pharmaceuticals to ensure they support passage of the obamaCare legislation. As usual, a poliltical payoff-again, with plausible deniability!!
NOTE: Senators Can Block Consideration of a Bill with a “Hold” A “hold” is placed when the Leader’s office is notified that a Senator intends to object to a request for unanimous consent (UC) from the Senate to consider or pass a measure. A hold may be placed for any reason and can be lifted by a Senator at any time. A Senator may place a hold simply to review a bill, to negotiate changes to the bill, or to kill the bill. A bill can be held for as long as the Senator who objects to the bill wishes to block its consideration.]
A deal between the White House and the pharmaceutical industry is holding up a bipartisan amendment to allow the importation of cheaper prescription drugs from abroad.
  • Dorgan’s measure, which would permit bulk exports of medicines from countries such as Canada, enjoys broad and bipartisan support and likely has the backing of more than 60 senators, which would guarantee its adoption on the healthcare reform bill.
  • Tension between the White House and obamacRATic supporters of the so-called drug reimportation amendment is primarily behind the delay, Senate Majority Moron Whip Dick Turbin (d-Ill.) said Thursday.“There’s a political subtext here,” Turbin said.
  • The White House and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) struck a deal this summer to limit the drug industry’s financial exposure under reform to $80 billion over 10 years, though its terms have never been fully disclosed.
  • Fluffy obama himself, was one of the 35 co-sponsors of Dorgan’s drug reimportation legislation when he served in the Senate. In addition, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was a leading supporter of the House version of the bill when he served in the lower chamber.
  • ”Several obamacRATic senators are objecting to moving ahead with the vote because they believe the amendment has enough support to prevail, said Sen. Olympia Snowe (r-Maine), Dorgan’s lead co-sponsor. “I suspect we haven't had a vote yet because they know it has the votes to pass,” she said.
  • obamacRATic senators from states home to pharmaceutical companies, including Tom Carper (Del.), Frank Lautenberg (N.J.) and Robert Menendez (N.J.), object to the amendment, citing concerns about ensuring the safety of medicines entering the U.S. supply chain from foreign sources.
  • Congress Daily has reported that Carper (D-Del.) placed a hold on the amendment, but his office refused to comment to The Hill.
  • On Thursday evening, Senate Moron Leader harry reid (d-Nev.) said Lautenberg had offered an alternative to the Dorgan amendment; both amendments will come to a vote at the same time, reid said.The obama administration has sent out mixed messages about drug reimportation this week. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs insisted Tuesday that Fluffy has not changed his stance. “The president said during the campaign that he did. [He] said so in his first budget, assuming that safety concerns … could be addressed. And I think that’s the key.”
The same day, however, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, a Fluffy appointee, issued a letter to senators saying her agency believed Dorgan’s amendment would endanger the U.S. medicine supply and be difficult to enforce. “There are significant safety concerns,” Hamburg wrote. The Department of Health and Human Services and the FDA issued similar cautions during the George W. Bush and Clinton administrations.
The message did not seem mixed to McCain, “The fix is in,” he said. This arrangement between the White House, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (d-Mont.) and PhRMA neutralized a powerful potential opponent.
NO Death Panels.......??
Ezekiel Emmanuel MD, Rahm Emmanuel’s brother, who is the "Clown Prince’s" “Special Advisor for Health Policy”, is described by the [1] Huffington Post article as engaged in a very important mission: redesigning the US health care system. Emanuel and the White House are attempting to reorganize the delivery and reimbursement systems of health care, changing what the types of procedures doctors rely on, making people more aware of disease prevention, encouraging insurance companies to expand coverage, and so on. It is a process rife with sensitivities, trickeries and, of course, the potential for failure. It is not, he insists, impossible. “It is a complicated process and we have to try and make the choices clear and give people good reasons for making them,” Emanuel explains. “I don’t think that’s an impossible task and thankfully we have one of the great communicators, Barack Obama, at the helm of this ship of state.” Emmanuel recently authored an article in the Lancet describing the various models of non-market health care rationing.
“Principles for allocation of scarce medical interventions” In it the authors simply review the pros and cons of the various ways of deciding who gets treated and who doesn’t. The allocation mechanisms they discuss are divided into strategies and substrategies. The pros and cons of each are laid out.
  • Treating People Equally Lottery First-come, first served Prioritarianism ***Sickest first ***Youngest first ***Utilitarianism
  • Saving the most lives ***Saving the most life-years ***Saving the most socially useful ***Reciprocity (paying back people who have ‘contributed’, such as organ donors)

The authors are not very satisfied with the current metrics used for making medical decisions based on saving the most life-years. Both the “Quality-adjusted life-years” model and the “Disability-adjusted life-years” have shortcomings which they believe can be addressed by another model of their own:

“The complete lives system”, which takes all the factors into account. They write: Because none of the currently used systems satisfy all ethical requirements for just allocation, we propose an alternative: the complete lives system.

This system incorporates five principles:

  • youngest-first
  • prognosis
  • save the most lives
  • lottery
  • instrumental value
  • When implemented, the complete lives system produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance [graph, above], whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated[=weakened;essentially, they get the shaft!!] … the complete lives system is least vulnerable to corruption. Age can be established quickly and accurately from identity documents. Prognosis allocation encourages physicians to improve patients’ health, unlike the perverse incentives to sicken patients or misrepresent health that the sickest-first allocation creates. Under this system, patients would receive scarce care according to the graph shown below. The paper concludes: “the complete lives system combines four morally relevant principles: youngest-first, prognosis, lottery, and saving the most lives. In pandemic situations, it also allocates scarce interventions to people instrumental in realising these four principles. Importantly, it is not an algorithm, but a framework that expresses widely affirmed values: priority to the worst-off, maximising benefits, and treating people equally. To achieve a just allocation of scarce medical interventions, society must embrace the challenge of implementing a coherent multiprinciple framework rather than relying on simple principles or retreating to the status quo.” What’s not mentioned anywhere in the discussion, except by implication is the identity of the narrator.
  • Who is the “we” in “Principles for allocation of scarce medical interventions” that decides who gets scarce medical care?
  • The answer is tangentially provided in the paper itself, which writes that “the complete lives system is least vulnerable to corruption”.
  • The “we” is a system; a system that can possibly be easily corrupted; hence Dr. Emmanuel’s efforts to design one in which such distortions will be held to a minimum.

Ultimately health care reform is as much about politics as it is about medicine. The discussion in Dr. Emmanuel’s paper is incomplete if limited to pure public health considerations. Politics is central to the whole issue.

Whatever “guidelines” are chosen, however rational, however humane, can never implement themselves. Human beings in positions of power are required to do that. And while it is important to note that even under the current system these decisions are being made by someone or by some consensus, it is also vital to realize that in any “health care reform” effort, one of the principal outcomes is to shift the power to make those decisions to someone else. That may not be a fit subject for the Lancet, but it is the elephant in the operating room in the national health care debate.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

This'n'That; December 10th-Again["Brick";FUBOwear;FUBO]

"Clown Prince" Rating 'Drops Like A Brick!!'
The "Clown Prince's" job approval rating has fallen to 47 percent in the latest Gallup poll, the lowest ever recorded for any president at this point in his term. Fluffy's immediate predecessor, President George W. Bush, had an approval rating of 86 percent, or 39 points higher than Obama at this stage. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said he doesn't "put a lot of stock" in the survey by Gallup, which has conducted presidential approval polls since 1938, longer than any other organization. "There's no doubt Fluffy's 47 percent is mainly a result of the continuing bad economy," said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. He added: "The Clown Prince" has reason to be concerned about his ratings. Even in tough times, presidents have usually been able to stay above the critical 50 percent mark in the first year, when the public is most inclined to give the new incumbent [incompetent??]the benefit of the doubt."

When Gallup began taking presidential approval polls 71 years ago, Franklin Roosevelt had been president for more than five years. During his remaining time in office, his job approval rating never fell below 48 percent. The next 11 presidents, both obamacRATs and republicRATs, all had higher job approval ratings than the "Clown Prince" at this stage of their tenure. Their ratings were:

  • -- The "Clown Prince," 47 percent
  • -- George W. Bush, 86 percent
  • -- Bill Clinton, 52 percent
  • -- George H.W. Bush, 71 percent
  • -- Ronald Reagan, 49 percent
  • -- Jimmy Carter, 57 percent
  • -- Gerald Ford, 52 percent
  • -- Richard Nixon, 59 percent
  • -- Lyndon Johnson, 74 percent
  • -- John Kennedy, 77 percent
  • -- Dwight Eisenhower, 69 percent
  • -- Harry Truman, 49 percent
  • -- Franklin D. Roosevelt, 48 percent

What FUBO Really Means-By It's Creator

Join the Movement! In generations past they had "Don't Tread On Me" and "Remember the Alamo," and today we have FUBO. What's it mean? It means that you want your country back. That you're not a socialist, that you don't want to pay your neighbors' mortgage, that you are tired of big-government bailouts. Stand up and be counted -- and use your First Amendment before they apply the Fairness Doctrine to t-shirts and bumper stickers. by Bob Lonsberry - FUBOwear creator
[1916 Lyell ave, Rochester, NY 14606 - 800-836-2413]
I have FUBOwear in my wardrobe.... You should augment yours!!!
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This'n'That; December 10th[Gold;Truckers;Marist]

What Ta Hell's The Big Deal?
***Glenn Beck tells you things you think that ONLY YOU are thinking.
***Glenn Beck tells you the unvarnished, well researched truth. For that reason alone, he's despised by the KoolAid Media.
***So Glenn Beck is a spokesman for Goldline, International...no big deal!!!
***So Glenn Beck invests in gold with goldline, International...no big deal!!!
***So Glenn Beck makes wise investments.....no big deal!!!
***So Glenn Beck makes wise business deals..no big deal!!
***So Glenn Beck is exponentially more intelligent than members of the KoolAid media..... now, that's a big deal!!!
Nation's Truckers Help The Troops!!
[Until "leaving the road" in 2006, I spent alotta years traversing America as "a paid tourist!!!" Along the way, I made one of the most important decisions of my life; to join Owner-Operators Independent Drivers' Ass'n [OOIDA]. This organization is THE ONLY ONE that truly represents professional drivers' interests!!!]
OOIDA’s Truckers for Troops is in full swing The third Truckers for Troops campaign is rockin’ and rollin’. OOIDA’s telethon runs Dec. 7-11, 2009, and raises funds to send care packages to military men and women stationed in combat areas overseas, especially Iraq and Afghanistan. During this week, 10 percent of renewal and new membership fees will be matched by the Association. Land Line Now, the association’s official radio show on Sirius XM satellite radio, the Road Dog channel, will promote the telethon during its regularly scheduled broadcasts, 7-8 p.m. (EST). New and renewal memberships will be discounted from $45 to $25, 10 percent of which will go towards the care package funds. Some of the items included in the care packages sent in past years were self-heating coffees, socks and personal care items. However, among the most popular were the handmade greeting cards. “We’d like for as many people as possible to send us cards and letters to put that special added touch in the care packages,” says OOIDA’s media spokesperson, Norita Taylor. “Especially from kids, it really means a lot.” Earlier this year, OOIDA partnered with country singer and Life Member Leland Martin to raise funds for Truckers for Troops. A portion of the sales of his CD “Truckers for Troops” has been going toward the program. Martin is also including a free DVD with every “Truckers for Troops” CD purchased on http://www.lelandmartin.com/. The DVD has six Leland Martin music videos, two of which are for songs on the “Truckers for Troops” CD. The DVD also includes “behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers. Regarding the notes and letters, towns or school names should be included, but please do not include last names or other personal information. Send them to OOIDA headquarters, attention Norita Taylor or attention to Truckers for Troops, P.O. Box 1000, Grain Valley, MO 64029-0712.
How You Doin'.....??
[From Marist College { www.maristpoll.marist.edu }]
"Clown Prince's" job performance:
  • 46% approve of his job performance while 44% disapprove. One in ten voters is unsure. This is the first time the president has lost majority support on this question since taking office.
  • Obama’s own party -- 20% -- reports he has missed the mark.
"Clown Prince's" handling of the economy:
  • 51% -- disapprove of the way the president is handling the economy.
  • 45% of Americans think that in the upcoming year, economically, they will be about the same as they are now. 26% report they will be worse off.
Approval/disapproval of the "Clown Prince's" handling of the economy:
  • 51% of ALL polled registered voters disapprove of Fluffy's handling of the economy.
  • 75% of obamacRATs approve.
  • 84% of republicRATs disapprove.
  • 55% of those earning $50k + disapprove.
  • 50% of college grads disapprove; 47% approve.
In the coming year, how will you fare-economically [better/worse/same]:
  • Of registered voters-26% better; 27% worse; 47% same.
  • Of independent voters-24% better; 31% worse; 46% same.
  • Of male registered voters-34% better; 25% worse; 41% same.
  • Of female registered voters-23% better; 27% worse; 50% same.
Direction the country is going in:
  • Independent voters are evenly split on which way Fluffy is taking the country: 36%, each for better and for worse.
  • 37% of Independent women think Fluffy is going in the wrong direction.
  • 53% of those earning $50k or more, think the country is going in the wrong direction.
  • Those in the age ranges between 30 and dead, the vast majority think the country is going in the wrong direction.
  • Only in the 18-29 age group, do they think the country is going in the right direction [61%] {Wait til they have to pay for all this!!!}
  • 78% of registered voters polled know someone who's lost a job in the last 6 months.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This'n'That; December 9th[MoreHOAX;Jackson;Jobs?]

What About These?? [Why has the EPA been silent about these underground fires around the world?? We already know; there's no political benefit or photo-op for the "Clown Prince!!"] The underground fire in Centralia, Pa., was started by five members of the volunteer fire company when they were hired by the town council to clean up the landfill. The landfill was located in an abandoned strip mine pit and as the firemen had in the past, they set the dump on fire, let it burn for a time, and then extinguished the fire, or so they thought. It turns out the fire spread through a hole in the rock pit into an abandoned coal mine underground, where it grew in intensity. It continued to rage for years, putting the towns' citizens at grave risk. Now, a mere 9 people--of the original 1,000--continue to live in the area, while the fire is now thought to have spread to an area of over 500 acres. Some worst-case scenario estimates fear the fire could eventually spread to an area of 3700 acres, and burn for another 100 years. Centralia's history was the inspiration for the horror film Silent Hill. Decades-burning coal fires are unfortunately rather commonplace. In fact, it's estimated that a stunning 2-3% of the entire world's industrial carbon emissions may come from uncontained coal fires in China alone--where such fires burn 20 million tons of coal a year. Such unwanted coal fires rage or smolder in the United States, South Africa, Australia, China, India and beyond. They are burning in huge volumes in rural China and blazing in a district of India to such a great extent the flames from some surface coal fires are more than 20 feet high. Here in the U.S., they are burning in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Colorado and Wyoming. Is reid Vying For Nobel Peace Prize??

[I'm wondering, now that the Nobel Peace Prize has been relegated to "trinket" status, is harry reid vying for the award? He probably picked up real quick on the fact that it no longer has to be earned by worthy works or great experience. In an apparent attempt to jockey to the front of the line, reid played his "race card" Monday on the Senate floor. In front of the usual attending morons, he made the following statement:]

  • “Instead of joining us on the right side of history, all the Republicans can come up with is, ’slow down, stop everything, let’s start over.’ If you think you’ve heard these same excuses before, you’re right,” Reid said.
  • “When this country belatedly recognized the wrongs of slavery, there were those who dug in their heels and said ’slow down, it’s too early, things aren’t bad enough.’”
  • “When women spoke up for the right to speak up, they wanted to vote, some insisted they simply, slow down, there will be a better day to do that, today isn’t quite right."
  • “When this body was on the verge of guaranteeing equal civil rights to everyone regardless of the color of their skin, some senators resorted to the same filibuster threats that we hear today.”

That seemed to be a reference to Thurmond’s famous 1957 filibuster — the late senator switched parties several years later.

EVEN Jesse Jackson Pissed At The "Clown Prince!"

Fluffy obama has managed to start pissing off those whose efforts bought him the job he's currently baffled by. Jesse Jackson was interviewed by Travis Smiley on PBS on the topics of Afganistan and Fluffy's impending "jobs summit." Here are Jackson quotes from that interview:

  • [Afganistan] So we're almost back to where Dr. King was 40 years ago -- can we balance off expanding into adventurous war territory while giving more privileges to the rich and the powerful and leaving the poor essentially on wait.
  • [Afganistan] Well, you go to war with a focus on winning, not on exiting, because it may be an overtime ballgame. This is the Super Bowl of global confrontation, and so if the mission is worth pursuing it's worth taking the time to do it. We do not know how long it will take, nor how much it will cost.
  • [Economy] Now we bailed out the banks without linking to bailing out homeowners, and so we kind of own it planned out where you have more foreclosures than you have modifications. You own a situation where we're losing jobs by the droves without some plan to stop the hemorrhage and some kind of plan for economic reconstruction.
  • [Economy] But you must judge him early by the priorities and the priorities first with the bailout, the banks with no linkage to bailing out domestic America. (Unintelligible) priorities shift it to bailing out Afghanistan and the healthcare plan. In the meantime, within these cities, the unemployment levels are disastrously high. Forty-nine million Americans are food-underserved. They're omitting meals or skipping meals, so to speak.
  • [Economy] We need targeted jobs now, for the unemployment, for all of us. Forty-nine million Americans who are food-underserved need a food-directed program now. As for the patterns of race discrimination, we've found through the attorney generals that these major banks target and profile Blacks and Latinos are (unintelligible). That they've violated the laws, they've violated -- they've circumvented fair lending laws, they circumvented community reinvestment laws. As opposed to getting a bailout, they should be facing the courts for breaking the law.

Mister Jackson's comments are very targeted as usual. Although with Afganistan he marginally takes the "Clown Prince" to task on his alleged exit from the war rather than "playing to win!!" Jesse seems to counter the mainstream obamacRAT thinking, that of "Who cares if we win, we have to leave in 18 months." On the economy he spouts the standard not-for-profit rhetoric.... More cash, more food, more government help, blah, blah, blah.... He is wrong with his thoughts on the current economy: NOT more help; more of a push out the door to work!!! The Great Society [LBJ] did little but increase the government handouts-when either a hand-UP or a swift KICK IN THE ASS was [and IS] required!!!

Fluffy's "Brookings" Blather......

"Almost exactly one year ago, on a cold winter's day, I met with my new economic team at the headquarters of my presidential transition offices in Chicago. Over the course of four hours, my advisors presented an analysis of where the economy stood, accompanied by a chilling set of charts and graphs, predicting where we might end up. It was an unforgettable series of presentations. Christy Romer, tapped to head the Council of Economic Advisers, and Larry Summers, who I'd chosen to head the National Economic Council, described an imminent downturn comparable in its severity to almost nothing since the 1930s. Tim Geithner, my incoming Treasury Secretary, reported that the financial system, shaken by the subprime crisis, had halted almost all lending, which in turn threatened to pull the broader economy into a downward spiral.

  • Fluffy is expecting a guy who can't figure out how to use "Turbo-Tax" to fix the financial system.
  • The sub-prime mess originated with both "Slick-Willie" Clinton and his HUD Secretary, Andrew Cuomo. They both forced Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as private lenders to loosen their requirements. This resulted in mortgages issued to people who couldn't and wouldn't pay them back; this resulted in people buying homes they couldn't afford and had no intention of paying for.

And Peter Orszag, my incoming Budget Director, closed out the proceedings with an entirely dismal report on the fiscal health of the country, with growing deficits and debt stretching to the horizon. Having concluded that it was too late to request a recount, I tasked my team with mapping out a plan to tackle the crisis on all fronts.

  • The continuing "dismal fiscal health" is a direct result of the "Clown Prince's" fascist fiscal policies. Not only does he have ZERO EXPERIENCE, he has never even carried an Econ101 textbook!! This single course would have told him he's "all wet" when it comes to economic principles!!
  • There can never be a fix to the country's fiscal health so long as Fluffy's primary objective is "wealth re-distribution!!"

It was not long after that meeting, as we shaped this economic plan, that we began to see these forecasts materialize. Over the previous year, it was obvious that folks were facing hard times. As I traveled across the country during a long campaign, I often met men and women bearing the brunt of not only a deepening recession, but also years - even decades - of growing strains on middle class families.

  • Even prior to this "shaping an economic plan"..... do you remember when Fluffy cried on President Bush's shoulder, begging him to have HIS advisors formulate and push through congress, the TARP program to deal with toxic assets?? Remember "we had to have a vote on it 'by Friday' " That was the start of this financial fiasco-coupled with Clinton's and Cuomo's actions.

But now the country was experiencing something far worse. Our Gross Domestic Product - the sum total of all that our economy produces - fell at the fastest rate in a quarter century. $5 trillion of Americans' household wealth evaporated in just twelve weeks as stocks, pensions, and home values plummeted. We were losing an average of 700,000 jobs each month, equivalent to the population of the state of Vermont. The fear among economists across the political spectrum was that we were rapidly plummeting toward a second Great Depression. So, in the weeks and months that followed, we undertook a series of difficult steps to prevent that outcome. And we were forced to take those steps largely without the help of an opposition party which, unfortunately, after having presided over the decision-making that led to the crisis, decided to hand it over to others to solve.

  • When it's all 'boiled down,' that Porkulus Plan amounted to nothing more than a presidential slush-fund!! It lined many, many pockets of Fluffy's supporters; like all those "created and saved jobs" that came about!!
  • By definition, there are a maximum of 435 congressional districts, nationwide-cuz there's 435 morons in the House of Representatives, see how that works?? Fluffy's own website: whitehouse.gov, stated that 440 congressional districts had received porkulus funds and created or saved billions and billions of jobs!! PURE FICTION!!! Many of those "created or saved" jobs occurred in several non-existent districts in Arizona!!!

We acted to get lending flowing again so businesses could get loans to buy equipment and ordinary Americans could get financing to buy homes and cars, to go to college, and to start or run businesses. We enacted measures to stem the tide of foreclosures in our housing market, helping responsible homeowners stay in their homes and helping to stop the broader decline in home values which was eating away at what tends to be a family's largest asset. To achieve this, and to prevent an economic collapse, we were forced to extend assistance to some of the very banks and financial institutions whose actions had helped precipitate the turmoil.

  • Again-by definition-stemming the tide of foreclosures only serves to keep people in homes they can ill afford and have no intention of paying for.
  • Every segment of the economy is cyclical!! The housing market has ups-and-downs, like every other segment. Over time-if left alone-each segment will recover.
  • All this tampering with the economy is nothing more than buying votes!!!

We also took steps to prevent the rapid dissolution of the American auto industry, which faced a crisis partly of its own making, to prevent the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs during an already fragile time. These were not decisions that were popular or satisfying; these were decisions that were necessary.

  • There is no company or industry too large to fail. Let me repeat that: THERE IS NO COMPANY OR INDUSTRY TOO LARGE TO FAIL!!
  • In large part, the primary reason for the auto industry's financial woes are the direct responsibility of the auto workers' unions!! Those very organizations that bought the election for Fluffy; Where do you think his allegiences will lie?? Certainly not with the American populus!!
  • The auto bailout not only rewarded poor management and poor performance, it gave Fluffy control-actually ownership-of 60% of the American auto industry!!
  • As with everything else the government owns or controls, the value of GM stock plunged compared to that one company that did not take a bailout!! Just for a laugh-unless you're a GM investor-compare Ford Motor Co stock [F] with General Motors stock[MTLQQ.PK] over time:
  • [F]-11/008= $1.57/share, 12/09/009= $8.96;
  • [MTLQQ.PK]-11/008= $3.18, 12/09/009= 59 CENTS!!
  • If you were a "Fluffy Boob" and kept your GM stock-you LOST 190%!!
  • If you were like me and BOUGHT Ford in November, 2008, you profited by 471%!! These few statistics paint the picture of the administration: LOSERS!!!

Now, even as we worked to address the crises in our banking sector, in our housing market, and in our auto industry, we also began attacking our economic crisis on a broader front. Less than one month after taking office we enacted the most sweeping economic recovery package in history: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The Recovery Act was divided into three parts. One-third went for tax relief for small businesses and 95 percent of working families."

  • Really cute "Fluff" from the Blather-meister!! Beside funding the presidential slush-fund, why was $787Billion necessary?? It's been nearly ten-months and only 1/3 of it has been pissed away.
  • The most notible investment was the $300Million it took to turn Mary Landrieu from a legislator to the world's most expensive whore!! harry reid pimped her for another obamaCare vote!!!
  • I can't wait for the $262.3Billion in federal tax relief.... think it'll ever come? NAH, not for you and I, it'll go for more "Clown Prince" supporters-KoolAiders!!

Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That, Again; December 8th[HOAX;Felon]

HOAX Politicized-EVEN MORE!!!
Ya just gotta love 'em!!! The political hacks at the Enviornmental Protection Agency [EPA] have just released "their opinion" that the naturally occurring gas, carbon-dioxide is
hazardous to human health!!!
The Environmental Protection Agency's announcement Monday that greenhouse gases threaten the public health--a major step toward limiting carbon dioxide emissions--could hit hard in those states which get the majority of their energy from coal-fired power plants. With "timing" being "everything," the announcement came as the "Clown Prince" needs to intensify HIS arguments at the international climate conference in Copenhagen. To fortify the HOAX, Fluffy obama needs to show that the United States is aggressively taking actions to combat global warming, even though the Congressional Moron Caucus has yet to act on climate legislation.
We need to explore the possibilities: As with the subtle health care rationing in the proposed obamaCare, there very well could be energy rationing as well.
First, let's look at the gas, itself:
***Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a compound composed of two oxygen atoms covalently bonded to a single carbon atom. CO2 is a trace gas being only 0.038% of the atmosphere. This means the gas has twice as many positive attributes compared to the negative ONE. Certainly doesn't look like the atmospheric concentration is life-threatening to me!!
***CO2 is produced during respiration by plants, and by all animals, fungi and microorganisms that depend either directly or indirectly on plants for food.
***CO2 is generated as a by-product of the combustion of fossil fuels or the burning of vegetable matter, among other chemical processes.
***Small amounts of CO2 are emitted from volcanoes and other geothermal processes like hot springs and geysers; by the dissolution of carbonates in crustal rocks.
***As of March 2009, the atmospheric concentration of CO2 globally, is 387 parts-per-million [ppm] by volume; by percentage of the atmosphere: 0.0360%
***By comparison: if you had earnings of $5,000,000 this year and the tax rate was 0.0360% [unrealistic-to say the least!!]; your federal tax would be a mere $1,800.00!!!!
***The remaining gasses, by percentage of the total atmosphere:
  • Nitrogen, [N2]--------------78.08%
  • Oxygen, [O2]---------------20.95% *Water, [H2O]--------------0 to 4% Argon, [Ar]-------------------0.93% *Carbon Dioxide, [CO2]--0.0360% Neon, [Ne]-----------------0.0018% Helium, [He]---------------0.0005% *Methane, [CH4]----------0.00017% Hydrogen, [H2]-----------0.00005% *Nitrous Oxide, [N2O]----0.00003% *Ozone,[O3]-------------0.000004%
  • [*] Denotes variable gasses.
The obama minions were on the fear-mongering bandwagon long before they bought the most recent presidential election. Along the way, they lined up like-minded morons to fill the influential seats necessary to advance fascism!!
On Nov. 12, the moronic hypocrate--algore, told Conan O'Brien geothermal energy is a promising fuel because "the interior of the earth is extremely hot, several million degrees, and the crust of the earth is hot. [actually, it's ONLY 6,650 degrees! Hell, the sun's surface is ONLY 9,980 degrees!!]"

This is from a dunce, aside-from 2 years, sheltered in the Army-has only "worked for wages" for a single year at "The Tennessean," newspaper. Just another self-serving modern-day "snake oil salesman!!" Snake oil salesmanship does pay handsomely!! algore is a partner in the venture capital firm-Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. As the head of their "climate change solutions" group, he stands to gain BILLIONS-of-dollars in personal profit IF the HOAX becomes law!!!

The Latest "Clown Prince" Minion

Remember that couple who crashed a White House "Clown Prince" photo-op?? It looks like Tareq and Michaele Salahi were just a distraction apparently set up by the "Clown Prince's" Social Secretary, Desiree Rogers. Now we know why!! People failed to notice that twice-convicted felon Robert Creamer was in attendence. Why is this important??

  • Along with his wife-obamacRAT Jan Schkowsky-is a member of Chicago politics-as-usual.
  • While in prison—or “forced sabbatical,” he called it—Creamer wrote a lengthy political manual, Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight! How Progressives Can Win
  • The book was endorsed by leading Democrats and their allies, including SEIU boss Andy Stern—the most frequent visitor thus far to the Obama White House—and chief Obama strategist David Axelrod, who noted that Creamer’s tome “provides a blueprint for future victories.”

In the book, Creamer draws lessons from decades of experience on the radical left, including the teachings of arch-radical Saul Alinsky, and several episodes from Rep. Schakowsky’s political career. He also lays out a “Progressive Agenda for Structural Change,” which includes a ten-point plan for foisting universal health care on the American people in 2009:

  • “We must create a national consensus that health care is a right, not a commodity; and that government must guarantee that right.” “We must create a national consensus that the health care system is in crisis.” “Our messaging program over the next two years should focus heavily on reducing the credibility of the health insurance industry and focusing on the failure of private health insurance.” “We need to systematically forge relationships with large sectors of the business/employer community.” “We need to convince political leaders that they owe their elections, at least in part, to the groundswell of support of [sic] universal health care, and that they face political peril if they fail to deliver on universal health care in 2009.” “We need not agree in advance on the components of a plan, but we must foster a process that can ultimately yield consensus.” “Over the next two years, we must design and organize a massive national field program.” “We must focus especially on the mobilization of the labor movement and the faith community.” “We must systematically leverage the connections and resources of a massive array of institutions and organizations of all types.” “To be successful, we must put in place commitments for hundreds of millions of dollars to be used to finance paid communications and mobilization once the battle is joined.” “To win we must not just generate understanding, but emotion—fear, revulsion, anger, disgust.”

Democrats have followed Creamer’s plan to the letter [...so, by definition, doesn't that make a twice-convicted felon the author of obamaCare??].

  • They have claimed our health care system is in crisis despite polls showing the overwhelming majority of Americans are happy with the care they receive.
  • They have—with the help of the "Clown Prince"—circulated false horror stories about Americans dying for lack of health care and health insurance.

Til Nex'Time....