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The Sunday 'Report;' 07/31/2011

What The National Pamphleteers Don't Report:
*SMOKING GUN VIDEO* Obama Orders Launched ‘Fast And Furious’

Jul 10, 2011
Posted by darcprynce
    Project Gunrunner (Fast and Furious) was launched under the orders of President Barack Obama with the knowledge of Attorney General Eric Holder. Deputy Attorney General David Ogden announced the Obama Administration’s new and aggressive ‘comprehensive plan’ on March, 24, 2009. The plan was aimed at disrupting gun trafficking between the United States and Mexico.[....]

20 Worst Foods in America: 2011

    You'd think by now restaurants would start getting the message—healthier options, fresher ingredients, more transparency—but that just doesn't seem to be the case. Sure, some of 2010's worst offenders have vanished, but the abundance of replacements for 2011 is frightening. In an effort to outdo each other, restaurants and fast-food chains are ratcheting up their efforts to create the craziest, most calorically damaging menu items we've ever seen. And succeed they are. The battle of the bulge [....]

Red Tape Rising: A 2011 Mid-Year Report
Published on July 25, 2011
by James Gattuso and Diane Katz
(Backgrounder #2586) 

Abstract: Following a record year of rulemaking, the Obama Administration is continuing to unleash more costly red tape. In the first six months of the 2011 fiscal year, 15 major regulations were issued, with annual costs exceeding $5.8 billion and one-time implementation costs approaching $6.5 billion. No major rulemaking actions were taken to reduce regulatory burdens during this period. Overall, the Obama Administration imposed 75 new major regulations from January 2009 to mid-FY 2011, with annual costs of $38 billion. There were only six major deregulatory actions during that time, with reported savings of just $1.5 billion. This flood of red tape will undoubtedly persist, as hundreds of new regulations stemming from the vast Dodd–Frank financial regulation law, Obamacare, and the EPA’s global warming crusade advance [....]

OPEC Takes Aim At America

America is hostage to its need for oil.
July 27, 2011
by John Myers
    Only once have I looked down the barrel of a gun. I can tell you it was damn disconcerting. It happened 25 years ago. The automatic rifles that were drawn on me then are pointed at America today. Yet President Barack Obama refuses to acknowledge that America is facing Middle Eastern guns.  In 1986, I traveled to Geneva to attend an emergency OPEC meeting. My father Vernon was in his early 70s but had lost none of the drive that shaped his youth as a reporter, which led him to found Oil Week Magazine and Myers Finance & Energy (MFE).
Vern was old school. While he had not changed from his reporting days, the world had. I got a sense of that when we pulled up to the hotel decked with machine gun-toting policemen.  My dad either didn’t [....][P11425551]&rrid=387432349

U.S. officials believe al-Qaeda on brink of collapse

For almost a decade, U.S. intelligence officials were stymied by Osama bin Laden.
    That is until CIA analysts at Langley changed their focus to the al-Qaeda leader's secret courier network.   U.S. counterterrorism officials are increasingly convinced that the killing of Osama bin Laden and the toll of seven years of CIA drone strikes have pushed al­Qaeda to the brink of collapse.  The assessment reflects a widespread view at the CIA and other agencies that a relatively small number of additional blows could effectively extinguish the Pakistan-based organization that carried out the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks — an outcome that was seen as a distant prospect for much of the past decade.   The long-hunted al-Qaeda leader and chief architect of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States was killed by U.S. forces May 1 in a surgical raid.  The Pentagon released several videos without audio of Osama bin Laden found in his hideout, including one of bin Laden watching himself on the news. (May 7)  U.S. officials said that al-Qaeda might yet rally and that even its demise would not end the terrorist threat, which is [....] 

Grill Your Gut Away
July 26, 2011
    Did you know that cooking on your grill could eliminate nearly a third of the fat in a typical piece of meat? It’s true. Unfortunately the rule doesn’t hold at restaurants. Instead of setting steaks and chops against... [....]

Government by Coup de Theatre or the Constitution?

By Tony Blankley
July 27, 2011
How have we arrived at this place where the fate of our federal budget -- our economy, indeed our capacity to have a functioning federal government -- seems to depend on what two men (the speaker of the House and the president) may or may not be secretly talking about in an interior room in the White House?   Meanwhile, elected representatives and senators, kept ignorant of those life-and-death discussions, are forced to wait. When the two men are finished -- doubtlessly mere hours before "the world will end" -- our elected representatives and senators will be stampeded to vote yes for a deal about which [....]

Obama Following In Hitler’s Footsteps

July 26, 2011
by Robert Ringer
    Barack Obama wants to do what is right for America, but his vision of “right” is wealth redistribution on a massive scale carried out by an all-powerful Federal government.  Watching the nonstop commentaries on television about the debt ceiling debate only reinforces the reality that most people — including many perceived conservatives — still don’t get it. If they did, they would not allow themselves to be diverted by a political circus.
It amazes me how the vast majority of conservatives — both inside and outside of the media — still take Barack Obama seriously and believe he is desperately trying to save the United States from economic disaster. Don’t get me wrong. Obama wants to do what is right for America, but his vision of “right” is wealth redistribution on a massive scale carried out by an all-powerful Federal government.  As Obama continues to toy with Republicans over raising the debt ceiling, he is well aware that the continuation of his policies will destroy the U.S. economy beyond repair. I believe his strategy from the outset has been to follow the Saul Alinsky model: [....][P11509999]&rrid=387432349

U.S. trucking funds reach Taliban, military-led investigation concludes

A year-long military-led investigation has concluded that U.S. taxpayer money has been indirectly funneled to the Taliban under a $2.16 billion transportation contract that the United States has funded in part to promote Afghan businesses.  The unreleased investigation provides seemingly definitive evidence that corruption puts U.S. transportation money into enemy hands, a finding consistent with previous inquiries carried out by Congress, other federal agencies and the military. Yet U.S. and Afghan efforts to address the problem have been slow and ineffective, and all eight of the trucking firms involved in the work remain on U.S. payroll. In March, the Pentagon extended the contract for six months.  According to a summary of the investigation results, [....]

State-Local Tax Burdens Fall in 2009 as Tax Revenues Shrink Faster than Income

New Jersey’s Citizens Pay the Most, Alaska’s Least
Key Findings
• Taxpayers pay taxes not only to the state and local governments where they reside but also to out-of-state governments, both naturally and by design. Nationwide, over a quarter of all state and local taxes are collected from non-residents, and a true measure of the tax burden on the residents of any state must take this into account. This paper attempts to quantify the tax shifting across states and how it affects the distribution of state and local tax burdens.
• During fiscal year 2009, in the midst of a national recession, both income and taxes shrank, but taxes fell faster than incomes. The result was that tax burdens decreased from 9.9 percent in 2008 to 9.8 percent in 2009.
• In 2009, the residents of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut paid the highest state-local tax burdens in the nation. They’re the only three states where taxpayers give up 12 percent or more of their income in state-local taxes, a full percentage point above the next highest state, Wisconsin.
• Alaskans, consistently the least taxed in the nation, again paid the least in 2009, just 6.3 percent. The next lowest state, over a full percentage point higher, is Nevada at 7.5 percent.
For nearly two decades the Tax Foundation has published an estimate of the combined state-local tax burden shouldered by the residents of each of the 50 states. For each state, we calculate the total amount paid by the residents in taxes, then divide those taxes by the state’s total income to compute a “tax burden.” We make this calculation not only for the most recent year but also for earlier years because tax and income data are revised periodically by government agencies.  The goal is to focus not on the tax collectors but on the taxpayers. That is, we answer the question: What percentage of their income are the residents of this state paying in state and local taxes? We are not trying to answer the question: How much money have state and local governments collected? The Census Bureau publishes the definitive comparative data answering  [....]

Texas grid operator fears electricity shortage under new EPA rule

By Asher Price
July 19, 2011
    Texas could face a shortage of electrical generation within a few years if the federal government moves forward with a new rule meant to cut down on power plant smokestack emissions, the chief executive of the state's grid operator warned on Tuesday.  "We believe it is our role to voice our concern that Texas could face a shortage of generation necessary to keep the lights on in Texas within a few years" if the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency moves forward, said H.B. "Trip" Doggett , president and CEO of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.  The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule will force [....]

How We Eliminated $46,000 in Debt in 10 Months

by Ryan Hawkins,
July 28, 2011
Warning: These steps take full commitment from both spouses if you are married. Some spouses will want to commit to this in writing simply to strengthen their resolve. (I'm not suggesting a signed agreement that can be enforced in court. I'm suggesting a signed agreement in case you need to hang it on the mirror as a daily reminder of your commitment to get out of debt, because these steps take discipline from both spouses.)
Here's where my wife and I were when we started.
Car loan No. 1 - Balance owed: $18,879 ($464 monthly payment)
Car loan No. 2 - Balance owed: $8,997 ($306 monthly payment)
Student loan - Balance owed: $6,406 ($108 monthly payment)
Property loan - Balance owed: $12,156 ($406 monthly payment)
Total: $46,438 ($1,284 monthly payment)
Luckily, we have been [....]

Knights Templar Invoked by Norway Suspect, Mexican Cartel to 'Cloak Horror,' Historian Says
By Joshua Rhett Miller
July 27, 2011,
July 14: A soldier holds a code-of-conduct booklet, allegedly made by the Knights Templar drug cartel, that was seized when a training camp was discovered after a firefight between Mexican army soldiers and gunmen in the woods near the town of Santa Gertrudis, Mexico. The "Knights Templar of Michoacan," a new drug cartel that was created after it splintered from the La Familia cartel last March, has issued a code-of-conduct booklet for members saying it is fighting a war against tyranny and injustice.  A group of medieval knights created nine centuries ago to protect Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land are now being referenced by a Mexican drug cartel and the self-confessed mass murderer of last week's terror attacks in Norway to "cloak the horror" of their own deeds, a medieval historian told 

The Knights Templar were created in 1120 by roughly a dozen knights following the First Crusade, which left the area now known as Israel quite hazardous for Christians who fought [....]'%20rel='nofollow

The no-kids-allowed movement is spreading.

by Piper Weiss,
Shine Staff,
Jul 26, 2011    What's the matter with kids today and why doesn't anyone want them around? In June, Malaysia Airlines banned babies from many of their first class cabins, prompting other major airlines to consider similar policies.  Lately, complaints about screaming kids are being taken seriously, not only by airlines, but by hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, and even grocery stores.  Earlier this month, McDain's, a Pittsburgh area restaurant that banned kids under 6 became a mascot for the no-kids-zone movement.  According to a Pittsburgh local news poll, more than [....]

Video: Josh Beckett’s gift brings young fan to tears
By 'Duk
July 29, 2011
Last week, we had not one, but two blog posts in which a young fan got emotional after not retrieving a ball thrown or hit into the stands.  This video is the exact opposite of both. Watch what happens as Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett(notes) finishes his warmup tosses before Thursday's game against the Kansas City Royals and presents a baseball to a young fan who's taking a picture of him. 
Wow, what a great shot of pure emotion. Joyous much, young fella? 
The feel-good clip zoomed around the Internet so quickly on Thursday afternoon that NESN quickly invited the boy [....]

No More Privacy:
Smart Meters Are Surveillance Devices That Monitor The Behavior In Your Home Every Single Minute Of Every Single Day

July 7, 2011
Have you heard about the new "smart meters" that are being installed in homes all across America? Under the guise of "reducing greenhouse gas emissions" and "reducing energy bills", utility companies all over the United States are forcing tens of millions of American families to accept sophisticated surveillance devices in their homes. Currently, approximately 9 percent of all electric meters in the U.S. have been converted over to smart meters. It is being projected that by 2012, the number of smart meters in use will rise to 52 million, and the federal government is spending a lot of money to help get these installed everywhere. Eventually the goal is to have these smart meters in all of our homes and if that ever happened there would essentially be no more privacy. Once installed, a smart meter monitors your [....]

Here is a copy of the non-consent letter Jerry mentions in his video.

FROM: Certified U.S. Postal Mail #….
Energy Customer’s Name
Street Address
City State Zip

Energy Provider
Street Address
City State Zip
Date of letter


Dear (Energy Provider) and all agents, officers, employees, contractors and interested parties,
    If you intend to install a “Smart Meter” or any activity monitoring device at the above address, you and all other parties are hereby denied consent for installation and use of all such device on the above property and installation and use of any activity monitoring device is hereby refused and prohibited. Informed consent is legally required for installation of any surveillance device and any device that will collect and transmit private and personal data to undisclosed and unauthorized parties for undisclosed and unauthorized purposes.
    Authorization for sharing of personal and private information may only be given by the originator and subject of that information. That authorization is hereby denied and refused with regard to the above property and all its occupants. “Smart Meters” violate the law and cause endangerment to residents by the following factors:
1. They individually identify electrical devices inside the home and record when they are operated causing invasion of privacy.
2. They monitor household activity and occupancy in violation of rights and domestic security.
3. They transmit wireless signals which may be intercepted by unauthorized and unknown parties. Those signals can be used to monitor behavior and occupancy and they can be used by criminals to aid criminal activity against the occupants.
4. Data about occupant’s daily habits and activities are collected, recorded and stored in permanent databases which are accessed by parties not authorized or invited to know and share that private data.
5. Those with access to the smart meter databases can review a permanent history of household activities complete with calendar and time-of-day metrics to gain a highly invasive and detailed view of the lives of the occupants.
6. Those databases may be shared with, or fall into the hands of criminals, blackmailers, law enforcement, private hackers of wireless transmissions, power company employees, and other unidentified parties who may act against the interests of the occupants under metered surveillance.
7. “Smart Meters” are, by definition, surveillance devices which violate Federal and State wiretapping laws by recording and storing databases of private and personal activities and behaviors without the consent or knowledge of those people who are monitored.
8. It is possible for example, with analysis of certain “Smart Meter” data, for unauthorized and distant parties to determine medical conditions, sexual activities, physical locations of persons within the home, vacancy patterns and personal information and habits of the occupants.
9. Your company has not adequately disclosed the particular recording and transmission capabilities of the smart meter, or the extent of the data that will be recorded, stored and shared, or the purposes to which the data will and will not be put.
    I forbid, refuse and deny consent of any installation and use of any monitoring, eavesdropping, and surveillance devices on my property, my place of residence and my place of occupancy. That applies to and includes “Smart Meters” and activity monitoring devices of any and all kinds. Any attempt to install any such device directed at me, other inhabitants, guests, my property or residence will constitute trespass, stalking, wiretapping and unlawful surveillance, all prohibited and punishable by law through criminal and civil complaints. All persons, government agencies and private organizations responsible for installing or operating monitoring devices directed at or recording my activities, which I have not specifically authorized in writing, will be fully liable for any violations, intrusions, harm or negative consequences caused or made possible by those devices whether those negative consequences are justified by “law” or not..
    This is legal notice. After this delivery the liabilities listed above may not be denied or avoided by parties named and implied in this notice.  Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal. All rights reserved.

Name of energy user and/or customer [....]
(For warning stickers, see below URL)

Bush explains slow reaction to September 11 attacks

Jill Serjeant, Reuters
July 29, 2011
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Former President George W. Bush says his apparent lack of reaction to the first news of the September 11 2001 attacks was a conscious decision to project an aura of calm in a crisis.  In a rare interview with the National Geographic Channel, Bush reflects on what was going through his mind at the most dramatic moment of his presidency when he was informed that a second passenger jet had hit New York's World Trade Center.  Bush was visiting a Florida classroom and the incident, which was caught on TV film, and has often been used by critics to ridicule his apparently blank face.  "My first reaction was anger. Who the hell would do that to America? Then I immediately focused on the children, and the contrast between the attack and the innocence of children," Bush says in an excerpt of the interview shown to television writers on Thursday.  Bush said he could see the news media at the back of the classroom getting the news on their own cellphones "and it was like watching a silent movie."  Bush said he quickly realized [....],0,6121326.story

Joe Pesci sues

    Joe Pesci is suing the producers of "Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father," claiming his deal was so iron-clad, he gained 30 pounds for his role, only to be told he wasn't wanted anymore.  In the lawsuit, Pesci claims reps from Fiore Films offered him the critical role of Angelo Ruggiero, Gotti's close friend and enforcer. Pesci says he made a deal for $3 million.  But Pesci says after he was lured into making public statements about how happy he was to appear in the movie -- which stars John Travolta as John Gotti, Jr. -- the producers pulled the deal, claiming Pesci breached the deal by trying to back out.  Pesci claims [....]
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"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; July 30th

[As usual; this entry is sadly out-of-sequence; a 'better read' is at:]
A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince;" 07/30/2011
barackingham Palace,
July 30, 2011

District of Corruption
    Today, I’d like to speak with you about the ongoing and urgent efforts to avoid a first-ever default and get our fiscal house in order.  Republicans in the House of Representatives just spent precious days trying to pass a plan that a majority of Republicans and Democrats in the Senate had already said they wouldn’t vote for. It’s a plan that wouldn’t solve our fiscal problems, but would force us to re-live this crisis in just a few short months. It would hold our economy captive to Washington politics once again. If anything, the past few weeks have demonstrated that’s unacceptable.  Any solution to avoid default must be bipartisan. It must have the support of both parties that were sent here to represent the American people – not just one faction of one party. There are multiple ways to resolve this problem. Congress must find common ground on a plan that can get support from both parties in the House. And it’s got to be a plan that I can sign by Tuesday.  Look, the parties are not that far apart here. We’re in rough agreement on how much spending we need to cut to reduce our deficit. We agree on a process to tackle tax reform and entitlement reform. There are plenty of ways out of this mess. But there is very little time. 
[What I'm not telling you:  At the outset you need to know that--while both George Soros and Valarie Jarrett deny it--the SJo Regime 'owns' the owe-bama Depression as well as the accompanying, on-going "owe-bamaGeddon."  While the other two deny it, these two huge kerfuffles fall squarely on my narrow, wimpy shoulders!  Speaker-of-the-House John Boehner has been laudable in his actions this  past week, but--I gotta tell ya--he went 'over-and-above' with the several bills he proposed that were passed in the House.  This dedication to duty was unnecessary; one bill would have been enough to put the onus on the Senate owe-bamacRATics and/or myself.  We were able to use Speaker Boehner's dedication against his coalition by forcing him to believe in the necessity that he 'negotiate with himself' in passing a bill that would appease the White House as well as the fascists in both the House and the Senate.  The White House--and by 'White House' I mean me and my fascist buddies--are ramping up our greatest and best weapon, class-warfare:      Another scam we're using to our advantage is "August-Second!"  This is nothing more than an arbitrary date picked 'out of the clear blue sky' by "TurboTax-Cheat Tim" Geithner."  The country will not financially 'go-to-hell-in-a-handbasket' on August-Third!!  The chosen date was nothing more than another facet of the regime's scare-tactics.  In conjunction with this 'date' scare, we're using the (false) premise that the House republicRATs must regurgitate legislation--ad nauseam--that will satisfy both the regime and the Senate's owe-bamacRATics. bill was enough!!
"Those rich, white guys; those corporate jet owners;  those hedge-fund managers; aren't paying their fair share so the seniors; the disabled; the disabled-veterans; the military active duty and retired; the welfareRAT community; et al, won't get their checks on time."

    Two primary sticking points are tax increases--I call them 'revenue' increases-cleaver, huh?!?--and the term of the next debt ceiling.  To continue my economic destruction--at George Soros' behest--I must continue to redistribute America's wealth, whether that wealth comes from the Serf-Class workers, the small-business owners or the rich; makes no matter to me.  In any case, the money will go no farther than the labor unions, the welfareRAT community and others I feel the necessity to reward--and by 'reward,' I mean buy their votes.  Everyone in politics--be they politicians or the owe-bamedia--knows that all my destructive policies have to be swept under the rug, at least temporarily if I'm to have a second term!  A second-term defeat is practically guaranteed if the debt ceiling 'crisis' isn't "kicked-down-the-road," beyond the next election cycle.  I will truely be 'put-to-the-test' in defending all my destructive measures to the electorate.  Those who've been robbed of their wealth will most definitely be against my continuing in office.  At one time, I was sure the welfareRAT and the negro communities were firmly in my pocket.  Not so, anymore!!  Even though both communities are not especially politically astute, they are aware I've not kept my promises made to them in my last "Campaign of Fluff."  I've not raised the negro community simply by being the current American ruler, as should have happened.  I've not kept my promise  to the welfareRAT community by increasing their benefits while lowering the level of scrutiny and applicatants' verification/justification requirements.  Two years ago, I was sure their drug-addled brains couldn't 'compute' from one day to the next; apparently, I was wrong!  My current "Tour d'Lies" campaign could survive some of my lower-end base changing sides but, if the educated, affluent, upper-midddle class and Ruling-Class voters remember this debt-ceiling kerfuffle at election time, it's "bye-bye, owe-bama!"]
    We need to reach a compromise by Tuesday so that our country will have the ability to pay its bills on time – bills like Social Security checks, veterans’ benefits, and contracts we’ve signed with thousands of American businesses. If we don’t, for the first time ever, we could lose our country’s Triple A credit rating. Not because we didn’t have the capacity to pay our bills – we do – but because we didn’t have a Triple A political system to match it. And make no mistake – for those who reflexively oppose tax increases on anyone, a lower credit rating would be a tax increase on everyone – we’d pay higher interest rates on mortgages, car loans, and credit cards.  That would be inexcusable, and entirely self-inflicted by Washington. The power to solve this is in our hands. All that’s needed is a simple vote that Democrats and Republicans have taken for decades, including all of the leaders in Congress today. It was done 18 times under President Reagan. 7 times under George W. Bush. And it must be done again now. It’s not a vote that allows Congress to spend more money. Raising the debt ceiling simply gives our country the ability to pay the bills Congress has already racked up. It gives the United States of America the ability to keep its word. And it will let businesses and our economy breathe a sigh of relief.  On Monday night, I asked you to make your voice heard in this debate. And the response was overwhelming. One of the emails we received was from a woman named Kelly Smith, who wanted to send this message to Washington: 

    Here in Washington, we need to get our house in order. And I have to say, Democrats in Congress and some Senate Republicans have been listening and have shown themselves willing to make compromises to solve this crisis. Now all of us – including Republicans in the House of Representatives – need to demonstrate the same kind of responsibility that the American people show every day. The time for putting party first is over. The time for compromise on behalf of the American people is now. [What I'm not telling you: The 'dirty-little-secret' here is that the onus for payments to those entitlement recipients falls on the regime--at my order-"TurboTax-Cheat" Tim--to prioritize the payments in this order:  debt service (the huge monthly interest payment on the massive debt I've accumulated), monthly entitlement obligations (seniors; vets; active duty; the disabled; military, federal and legislative retirees; et al); obligations to federal contractors; etc.  Then if there's any money left--and there very well should be--we can then fund those give-away; those bribery-for-votes, payments.  continue to bear in mind that the Treasury takes in over $200Billion per month in tax payments; the country is not as broke as the regime would like you to believe!
    A second 'dirty-little-secret' is: the country's financial system has already had it's credit worthiness down-graded
Weiss Ratings of Jupiter, Fl., had previously downgraded the United States' credit rating.  Last week Weiss down-graded it once again from their previous  'C' (fair) to 'C-Minus,' just one step above "junk" status.  Their justification:
Egan-Jones Ratings Company of Haverford, Pa., down-graded the country's credit rating from 'AAA' to 'AA+.'  Their justification:    See, the SJo Regime has already destroyed the United States' credit rating, world-wide!!  There's not much else that can negatively affect the rating, going forward.  We are approaching Mr Soros' goal of the United States being considered a 'third-world rathole.'  With this world-wide opinion, the SJo Regime will have little problem in doing another national 'cram-down' (remember owe-bamaKare?!?) with the topics of: a one-world economy; a one-world government!
“I keep my home clean, work hard at a full time job, give my parents any monies I can so they can afford their medications, I pay my bills and by all appearances I am a responsible person. All I’m asking is that you be responsible. I have my house in order and all I’m asking is that you get yours the same way.”

"Our down-grade today is not contingent on the outcome of the debt ceiling debate in Washington.   It is driven exclusively by the numbers, which indicate that, in addition to a decline in the long-standing weaknesses we noted three months ago, the U.S. has already lost the golden halo that helped guarantee liquidity and acceptance of its government securities in global markets."

"The major factor driving credit quality is the relatively high level of debt and the difficulty in significantly cutting spending.  We are taking a negative action not based on the delay in raising the debt ceiling but rather our concern about the high level of debt to GDP in excess of 100 percent compared to Canada's 35 percent."
Dagong Global Credit Rating, Bejing, China, has a 'dark-brown' opinion of the United States' credit worthiness as well.  In November, 2010, after the Federal Reserve launched phase two of it's ineffectual 'qualitative easing' scam ("QE2"), Dagong assigned the United States an 'A+' rating after a previous down-grading to 'AA.'  Their justification:

"In sum, DAGONG concludes that the fundamental aspect of the U.S. economy and financial health can still support it's current rating, but factors including the slowdown of growth, the high financial deficits and rising of debt dependency place the U.S.' actual ability and intention to repay its debts on a descending track.  DAGONG will look closely at any change in the U.S. economy, finance and government budget.  If during the surveillance period there is no significant event that substantually improves U.S. ability and intention to repay debts, DAGONG will down-grade the soverign debt of the United States to an appropriate level."

    I continue to cite that the debt ceiling was raised by that evil "Ronaldus-Magnus" 18 times; by that evil  President George W. Bush-43, 7 times.  Notice that I don't mention that Jimmuh Cahtah (Carter) raised the debt ceiling 9 times; that "Slick-Willlie" Clinton raised it 4 times?!?  Notice how I failed to mention that I, myself--your "Clown Prince" owe-bama--raised the debt ceiling three times previous to this attempt!!! 
We must concentrate the spotlight on those evil republicRATics!!
    Not only will businesses and the economy NOT breathe a sigh of relief, continually raising the debt ceiling will continue with the incalcuable apprehension by said segments as to the direction and depth of the massive debt the SJo Regime continues to rack up!!  I told George Soros that it was a bad idea, but last Monday I did ask that the public to call Washington, to give both their legislators and the White House opinions on this latest regime-generated kerfuffle.  Overwhelmingly, the comments were pro-republicRATic:  no compromise with the regime; no raise in the debt ceiling; cut spending but do not use a scalpel; do not use a machete, use a chainsaw!!]



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This'n'That; August Second #2; Again, My Perspective!

To Continue From The 27th....
    I'm figuring out how I would act and govern, were I to be elected to the presidency (insert laugh track here!) having defeated "Clown Prince" owe-bama in a "Ronaldus-Magnus" style landslide; having won 56 of the 57 states ow-bama visited during the 'Campaign of Fluff' (again, with the laugh track!)....  VERY far-fetched, but kinda fun to think about!  For the purposes of this fantasy, let's say my VP is someone as uninteresting, as ineffectual as joe "Hairplug" biden.  OK, I've been elected and now--in the fifty-or-so days before the inauguration--I have to determine who will serve in the cabinet-in the best interests of my countrymen!!  I--with suggestions from trusted advisors--must start the draft process for my State of the Onion Union speech.  The 'top-five' items on my pre-inauguration agenda:
Sate of the Union draft(s): (These topics will be expanded) 
The 'one-hit-wonder' that put me in office left aheluva mess upon the vacation of his office and the presidential residence.  The class warfare that guided his every thought will no longer be 'the-law-of-the-land.'  Everyone inside the Beltway with an elective or appointed position must allay their assumption of royalty; of membership in the 'ruling class.'
This administration--and hopefully, all future administrations--will not condone shadow cabinets, such as "Clown Prince" owe-bama's "czar corps!"  Furthermore, all 'advisors' will be kept to a minimum-no more creating positions to reward campaign contributors and supporters!
The congress--at it's first opportunity--must take up the entirety of the scam also known as owe-bamaKare.  This legislation--that had to be passed so we'd find out what's in it--is rife with hidden taxes; other booby-traps for the taxpayer; even those death panels that were vehemently denied by everyone in the SJo Regime.  The nullification of owe-bamaKare is a necessity of the highest magnatude!! 
The congress must take up a major overhaul of the personal and corporate tax structures; with emphasis on enactment of a national flat-tax, but only after the IRS is disbanded and the current tax code is nullified.  The congress must consider the lowest possible level of corporate income tax the country can sustain; from it's current high of 35%  to a 'suggested' Ireland-level of 12%.
The congress must investigate/discuss/debate America's return to some form of precious metal backing for it's currency.  The past fifty-years' history illustrates that any country backing it's currency with paper; with thin-air, is destined to experience economic calamity leading to eventual complete economic failure.
The congress must take up the issue of entitlements.  This area must include the congress' own perquisites, pay scale and raises, retirement, exemption from some current regulations forced upon the populus.  All federal entitlements must be explored; must be reformed to reduce the number of participants rather than the current mind-set of enhancing participation.  To these ends, the congress must take up debate on a possible Constitutional Amendment dealing with "no representation without taxation," to coin a phrase.  Previous presidential nominees have unabashedly 'chased after' America's "dependancy class" with promises of more and more benefits with less and less scrutiny.  With 46% of the adult American population 'pulling the wagon' while 54% of the adult American population are 'riding in the wagon,' membership in the "dependancy class" is no longer sustainable.  I propose a federal 3% unearned income tax on all monetary and non-monetary benefits-the only exclusion is credit for taxes paid on previously earned income.  This will essentially exempt legitimate recipients of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, veterans', retirees' and bonified disability payments.  Those generational 'welfare' recipients will be accorded no such exclusion-period, primarily because they have no earned income!  The current 'earned-income-credit' must be phased out in a maximum of three years. It is unconscionable that filers receive more in refunds plus the EIC, than they ever paid in taxes!!
The congress must take up the mechanics of federal budgeting.  Currently it uses 'base-line' budgeting which guarantees an increase (currently 7-8%!) in each bugetary line item, every year!  It's no wonder the government cannot 'get a handle' on spending.  'Zero-based bugeting' would force each department, each agency, each line-item to be justified in total, every budget period!!
The next four years' goal is to start along the path to economic recovery and fiscal restraint!  My predecessor, the "Clown Prince" has this country in such a financial/economic 'hole' as to be bereft of sunlight.  This brings to mind a quote from the English politician, Denis Healey:  "First law on holes....When you're in one, stop digging!"  Among the roster of goals deals with my feelings toward a second term.  Every action, every veto or bill signing, every Air Force One trip must first satisfy the 'taste test' of it's affects on the taxpayer, without regard to any second-term ramifications. 
Executive Orders(topics; depth; whether to issue any, or not)in my order of importance:
#1.  United States Borders:  Immediately initiate military style 'stop-check-pass' system.  Everyone desiring entry into/exit from the U.S., will be scrutinized-NO EXCEPTIONS.  If this scrutiny causes long waiting lines, so be it!  The US Customs and Border Patrol:  Supervisory position numbers will be reduced 5% per year for the next four years; patrol agent numbers will be increased 10%  per year for the next four years.  Border physical restraints:  The nation's military reserve and national guard components will conduct their annual training at either the northern or southern border-with heavier emphasis on the southern border.  To that end, construction/SeaBee units will assist in the continuation of the southern border walls/fencing/constraints while reporting any immigration transgressions to the nearest border patrol headquarters.
#2.  Legislative Language:   All future legislation will be written in 'plain english' to ease understanding by the people who must pay for it.  If not, then 'plain english' will be added to the 'legaleze' version, much like the current spanish language requirements. 
#3.  Department/Agency Adjustments:  The Departments of Education and Energy will be dissolved.  The EPA will be casterated and put under the Department of the Interior.  The FDA will be reigned-in and put under the Department of Health and Human Services.  The NLRB will be casterated and put under the Department of Labor.  Each of these agencies'/boards' perview will advisory in nature; no more will they be regulatory.  Until some future president returns their previous authority, never again will they stand on the taxpayers/citizens throats!!!
#4.  Internal Revenue Service:  The IRS' tactics will be reversed; the IRS will now have the onus to prove the taxpayer incorrect, fraudulent, et al, rather than the current:  the taxpayer is automatically "guilty until they prove themselves  innocent."  Eventually, the vast majority of this unit will be dissolved; retaining just enough personnel to monitor the flat-tax income to the Treasury.
#5.  American History:  With the Department of Education now defunct, American and world history texts in any form--originating and/or used in the United States--will be written with the true, factual information correctly portrayed.  There will be no more politically-correct, 'happy meal,' whitewashing of history.  So long as it's the truth,  "ya ain't gotta like it, ya jis gotta tolerate it!!"
#6.  All military aircraft will not go 'wheels up' without a clearly defined military mission/objective-this excludes military aircrews' training flights.  This order will include ALL aircraft; ALL branches; NO EXCEPTIONS.  This order will also include those aircraft assigned to congressional leadership travel, congressional and high-level military 'junkets,' as well  as the aircraft numbered 28000 and 29000 (Air Force One and it's backup).  Relatives of the primary subject in the authorized usage of military aircraft will not be allowed aboard--to include the First Family; First 'buddies'--without the payment of point-to-point civilian first class airfare, per person-in advance of travel!!
#7.  This administration--as opposed to previous administrations--will cease the practice of governance by 'environmentist lawsuit.'  Any forthcoming legislation will be scrutinized through the filter of "harm to the economy vs harm to the environment; harm to the citizenry vs harm to the environment."  This administration will err on the side of the citizen; on the side of the economy!  History and anthropology have proven that the environment recovers from each and every natural and manmade conundrum.
#8.  All foreign aid--both monetary and military--will cease immediately.  After individual scrutiny, some may be reinstituted only after verification of positive affect for the American populus, without regard to political ramifications of cessation.
"Meet'n'Greet" with Congressional Leadership of ALL parties.  The intention being to explain administration priorities and positions.
**If available:  Vetting possible Supreme Court nominees.
Full updates on all actions: military and civilian, overt and covert; absolutely NO secrets by, from or concerning, my in-coming administration and advisors.
Cabinet postings:
    My possible cabinet nominees (I'd have my own preferences to fill the posts, but none of the public would know them-so mostly, I'll choose from public figures):
**Secretary of StateCondoleeza Rice.  I've long admired Ms Rice for the many highly competent, compassionate actions during her tenure with the Bush-43 administration. Ms Rice's conflict resolution abilities are unequaled.
**Secretary of The Treasury: (Here, I'm in a quandry: Do I take a hard-line with the people's money or do I make it moderately easy to 'go along, to get along?' I choose to safeguard the people's money!)  Congressman Ronald 'Ron' Paul (r, Texas-22).  Mr Paul has long taken a hard line on conserving 'the people's money' and to that end, Mr Paul advocates auditing the Federal Reserve.  So far as anyone knows, Mr Paul has always--and continues to--satisfy his federal income tax obligations!
**Secretary of Defense: General (Ret) H. Norman "Stormin' Norman" Schwarzkopf, Jr. General Schwarzkopf was--in large degree--the architect of the actions; of the success, prior to and during the 'Persian Gulf War.'  General Schwarzkopf has extensive 'boots-in-the-mud' experience both in war and in peace. 
**Attorney General(Two choices here: one public, one local):  Andrew Napolitano.  'Judge' Napolitano is a former justice with the New Jersey Superior Court (at that time, the youngest ever!); a law school professor at Seton Hall University; a celebrated author of several books on the Constitution, politics and Supreme Court rulings; an on-air personality with the Fox Network
Robert L. Brenna, Jr., is my local choice.  Mr Brenna is the managing partner in Brenna, Brenna and Boyce, a law firm founded by his father, Robert, Senior.  Mr Brenna is a practicing attorney in the Monroe County (Rochester), NY area.
**Secretary of the Interior:  Former Alaska Governor Sarah PalinMs Palin has expertise in dealing with natural resource exploration, discovery, production, transportation, delivery issues in the State of Alaska.  Ms Palin--while a prominent public personality--has far more 'in-the-trenches' experience than my predicessor, the "Clown Prince," or any of his cabinet.  Ms Palin's appointment is an important component of this administration's promise/desire to expedite the permitting of any and all areas of natural resource exploration, discovery, mining, production, refining, transportation and/or delivery.
**Secretary of Agriculture: Suggestons, anyone?
**Secretary of Commerce: Former President George W. Bush(-43).   President Bush is the only president to have earned an MBA (from Harvard Business School).  President Bush has extensive business experience:  as managing co-owner of the Texas Rangers baseball organization; as a small-business owner in the lease acquisition area of the oil and gas discovery and production industry.
**Secretary of Labor: Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio (Fl) has long advocated for immigration enforcement and border control; for the workers' right to choose (non-union as well as union status); as well as possessing an extensive layman's education in economics and business.
**Secretary of Health and Human Services: Suggestions, anyone? 
**Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: suggestions, anyone?
**Secretary of Transportation: Jim JohnstonMr Johnston is a founding member and current president (since 1975) of Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA).  OOIDA is currently the only national organization whose primary goal is the fair and equitable representation of ALL truck drivers, membership notwithstanding!  Mr Johnston is frequently consulted by the current and previous administrations--as well as sitting members of Congress--on transportation, professional drivers, logistics, et al, issues.  As the OOIDA  president, Mr Johnston has directed several lawsuits and other litigation against overzealous state and federal agencies as well as those trucking companies who seek to defraud and scam the truck drivers, themselves.
Secretary of Energy: No choice.  This department will be disbanded.  If not, will continue unfunded, unstaffed and placed as a sub-level agency within the Department of the Interior.
**Secretary of Education: No choice.  This department will be disbanded.  If not, will continue unfunded, unstaffed and placed as a sub-level agency within the Department of Health and Human Services.
**Secretary of Veteran's Affairs: (a local choice.) Gregg GouldMr Gould is a veteran of the U.S. Army as an Army Ranger.  He is the recipient of the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star for his wounds and acts of bravery during "The Battle of Mogadishu (Somalia)," October 3rd and 4th, 1993.   Mr Gould is mentioned--by name--in the 1999 book "Black Hawk Down," by Mark Bowden.  Both as the consummate patriot  and a wounded veteran of armed conflict, Mr Gould is a prime candidate--and my singular, exclusive consideration--for the advocacy of and for, America's military veterans.
**Secretary of Homeland Security: No choice.  This department will become a sub-level agency within the Department of the Interior.  Additionally, Homeland Security will reign in the over-reach of their 'TSA' agents/gropers; using Israeli airport inspection/verification measures as a template.
**White House Chief of Staff: (a local choice.) Ms Sherry Gray.  "Sherry Gray" is the stage name of an accomplished, former actress whose vast and varied experiences make her the singular choice for this position.  Ms Gray is fluent in several prominent international languages, Spanish and Japanese, to name two; is a former small business owner in the music-instructional software area; has been/is a 'world traveller' and as such has all-encompassing 'street cred,' enhancing her formal education at the University of Hawaii.  I initially met Ms Gray at a 'Philips Lighting' manufacturing facility in Danville, Kentucky, when we both were over-the-road, heavy-truck drivers (See? I tol'ya she had a vast education, din'I?!? [She even has a CB radio 'handle:' "SHAINGO"--given to her in part, by a concerned 'aunt;'  "She ain'gonna drive that truck, is she?!?]).
**Director, Office of Management and Budget: Suggestions, anyone?
**Administrator, Environmental Protection AgencyNo choice.  This agency will be reduced in size; reduced in authority; no longer allowed to formulate policy or regulations, and will become a sub-level agency within the Department of the Interior.
**Trade Representative: Suggestions, anyone?
**Ambassador to the United Nations: No choice.  This position will be disbanded.  If not, this position will continue unfunded and placed within the Department of State, as an unstaffed sub-level agency.
**Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors: Arthur B. LafferMr Laffer previously served in the "Ronaldus-Magnus" Administration as a member of the Economic Policy Advisory BoardMr Laffer has been credited with 'The Laffer Curve,' illustrating the relationship between tax rates and tax revenues.
Ongoing, this is still in the 'draft' stage but I thought I'd give you a peek! (you're reading edit #4)I'm done, this is it!
Til Nex'Time....



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This'n'That; July Twenty-Seventh #1; My Perspective....?

What Does All This Crap Actually Mean?!?
    Make no mistake!!  I too, think "Clown Prince" owe-bama is the most inept, incompetent boob to ever occupy the Oval Office!  In my mind, the "Clown Prince" far surpassed that incompetent Georgia peanut farmer--Jimmuh Cahtah (Carter)!  Unlike Cahtah, owe-bama must have a hidden agenda; an ulterior motive:  What other reasons might there be for the intentional destruction of the United States that we all know and love?
    These debt-ceiling negotiations are not only blaffling; they're counter-productive. 
Why is the "Clown Prince" expected to put forth a proposal?
    The presidency is expected to be an executive position and as such is the final authority on the passage of legislation.  The president might put forth 'suggestions' as to what the Congress should consider in their various areas of responsibility.  At-the-end-of-the-day, the president will either sign or veto the legislation presented to him.  This ruler--in a position formerly known as the presidency--seems under the impression that he's the equal of Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, or Sweden's King Carl XVI GustafHe is not!!  Nor does he understand his responsibilities or the formality of the U.S. presidency:  There's far more to the position than sitting around the office with his feet up on the Resolute Desk; far more than spending most weekends on one of the many golf courses in the District of Corruption; far more than feeling entitled to a monthly vacation in the face of American involvement in world-wide armed conflicts and domestic fiscal kerfuffles;  far more than feeling entitled to abuse the privilege of world-wide travel that Air Farce One and other Air Force assets, afford.  If the national pamphleteers were doing their collective jobs, the "Clown Prince" would be routinely reminded that he is not king, nor is Michele "eat'cher peas" owe-bama, a queen!

Why is Speaker Boehner responding to owe-bama's childish demands?"

    Clown Prince" owe-bama has a huge chip-on-his-shoulder and is probably the most narcissistic elected chief executive in American history.  As such he demands to be accorded the respect he thinks is his due.  To satisify this personal desire; demand, Speaker Boehner probably feels obligated to "bend to the blowing winds" from the direction of 'barackingham Palace'-NOT SO!!  At the outset of each 'numbered Congress' the majority party--as headed by the Speaker of the House--determines the rules for said Congress.  In the 112th Congress (the current one), one of the responsibilities determined is to inform the public of pending legislation and I quote from the published rules: " bill [which has not been reported by a committee] will be voted upon without being available online for at least three calendar days."   I personally, have never found an on-line bill emanating from the 112th Congress!  Looks like the House side of the 112th Congress has--many times--violated one of their self-imposed rules, right-out-of-the-box!!
    With the current debt-ceiling kerfuffle, Speaker Boehner--in bending-to-the-blowing-winds--will consistantly be 'negotiating with himself' as there's no other proposal on the table from owe-bamacRATics; no 'suggestions' from the regime.  The Speaker must use logic in the execution of his responsibilities:  formulate legislation agreed upon by the majority of House members, forward it to the Senate for their consideration--That's it!!  There's no reason to be at 'the-beck-and-call' of the ruler!!  The White House is not 'in-the-loop' until the very end--to sign or veto the Congressional legislation, as written.
 Why is Senator Mitch McConnell offering legislation as a solution to the 'crisis?' 
    Senator McConnell is the Minority Leader of the Senate and by definition, has very little effect on the formulation and voting procedures of legislation originating in the Senate.  Why--if constitutionally, all monetary legislation must originate in the House--did the senator even offer a proposal?  He could have quietly mentioned his several possibilities to Speaker Boehner for the Speaker's consideration. It makes no sense!

Why is the solution to every 'crisis' a reason to spend borrowed money? Why is everything legislative, held in abeyance until it's a 'crisis?'
    When anything is deemed 'a crisis;' or 'a tragedy;' or 'a desperate situation;' the common perception is that "the sky's falling," the United States will (enter the dastardly result of inaction, here) if this (whatever the kerfuffle) is allowed to continue!! With the aforementioned designation(s), the congress; the administration can continue on at their snail's pace; albeit in secret: Remember Nancy PORKlosi's statement about the pending owe-bamaKare legislation, "we have to pass this legislation to find out what's in it." Now--in the fascist's eyes--that was a genuine 'crisis' in healthKare and had to be dealt with quickly, quietly and with resolve! We now have seen the results of 'crisis' legislation whose details weren't revealed until well after owe-bamaKare passed into law--as a matter of fact--we're still finding out hidden taxes, death panels, et al!
    Almost since the dawn of the modern era of United States (from The Great Depression into owe-bamaGeddon), each administration--of either party--has depended on borrowed money to fund their pet projects as well as discretionary and non-discretionary spending. Deficit-spending was the mainstay of the 'New Deal,' continuing through the current regime: 1930-$16Billion; 1933-$20Billion; 1936-$33.7Billion (44% of GDP!); 1950-$260Billion; 1980-$808Billion; 2000-$3.7Trillion; 2008-$10.7Trillion; June, 2011-$14.46Trillion (98.6% of GDP!)!

Just for those statistics junkies: on 9/30/1981 the public debt stood at $997.9Billion; by 9/30/1982, the public debt had crashed the 'trillion dollar' threshold at $1.142Trillion.

     I find it nearly impossible to weed the bullshit from the facts in the daily broadcast and print "bluster'n'blather" presentations!!  Very little of the current verbiage is applicable to the topic under discussion,e.g., the current debt-ceiling 'discussions.'  His narcissism unchecked, "Clown Prince" owe-bama will not be denied.... ANYTHING!!  To that end, the 'DICK' continues with his blatant, outrageous lies to incite social divides through class warfare.  So far, we're to understand  the 'seasoned' citizens may not get their social security checks; those of ultimate bravery serving in the nation's military forces may not be paid for volunteering to be "in harm's way;"  the disabled and medically dependant veterans may not recieve their checks and/or benefits; et cetera.  "Clownie" is relying on the "Slick-Willie" Clinton postulation:  'A lie told often enough, becomes believable.'    "Clown Prince" owe-bama isn't the only fascist to take extensive "liberties with the truth:"  'pinky' reid--the Senate Majority Leader--continues to use verbal 'slight-of-hand' in the current 'crisis.'  The "pinky-plan" raises the debt ceiling an unthinkable $2.7Trillion, while offering 'pretend' spending cuts of approximately $1.14Trillion.  The "pinkster's" spending 'cuts' include assumptions that in the next TEN YEARS, the wars in Iraq, Afganistan and Libya will come to a screeching halt; assumes there will be $100billion in 'savings' in mandatory programs; assumes there will be $30billion in 'savings' in "Freddie'n'Fannie" changes; assumes there will be $10+billion in 'savings' in agriculture programs, again OVER TEN YEARS!
    Those " ten years... or ....over ten years...." phrases?  They're completely bogus!!  They're completely unenforceable!!  No numbered Congress--in this case, the 112th Congress--can force a financial encumberance upon any future congress!  What 'pinky,' McConnellBoehner and owe-bama are telling you:  "We'll write this financial legislation; this debt-ceiling increase; these spending cuts and we'll program them to occur over the span of the next ten years." 
Pure bullshit; can't be done!!  No future numbered Congress is obligated to follow the wishes; the instructions, of the 112th Congress.  That future congress has but to amend the 112th's spending cuts to zero; has but to pass legislation that enhances their own fiscal wishes, no matter how it affects those wishes of the 112th Congress!!
    The "debt ceiling" was first set in 1917 at $11.5billion, through $7.5billion in U.S. bonds and $4billion in 'certificates of indebtedness.'  In the 94 years since, the debt ceiling has been raised 102 times.  In the past 94 years the congress has never refused a presidential request to raise the ceiling.  Therein lies the kerfuffle!! 
These raise requests were--most times--approved without discussion; no debate what-so-ever!!  If there's rarely any debate on the merits of raising the ceiling, why do we even have a debt ceiling?!?  It has just become an aritificial hurdle that must be jumped to keep spending money the government--the taxpayer--doesn't have.
    Once--if ever--the federal spending kerfuffle is under control and by under control I mean sustainable; able to be paid off in a reasonable period of time; it must never be continued as a dollar amount!!  I propose that the debt ceiling be defined as a percentage of nominal GDP.  Without a firm dollar amount, federal spending becomes a function of private sector success, e.g., say the debt ceiling is set at 15% for the span of the 120th Congress; GDP at the start of the term is $16Trillion, the debt ceiling would initially be ($16Tx15%) $2.4Trillion.  BUT.... the United States is experiencing a downturn in it's economy which will automatically adjust the debt ceiling downward, e.g., a drop in GDP from $16T to 14.5T would force a drop in the debt ceiling from $2.4T to $2.175T.  See how that would be far more beneficial to the taxpayer than the current system?!?
Til Nex'Time....



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Speaker of The House, John Boehner's Response

Speaker Boehner's Address To The Nation
July 25, 2011
As Prepared For Delivery
      Good evening. I’m John Boehner. I serve as Speaker of the whole House -- of the members of both parties that you elect. These are difficult times in the life of our nation. Millions are looking for work, have been for some time, and the spending binge going on in Washington is a big part of the reason why.   Before I served in Congress, I ran a small business in Ohio. I was amazed at how different Washington DC operated than every business in America. Where most American business make the hard choices to pay their bills and live within their means, in Washington more spending and more debt is business as usual.  I’ve got news for Washington – those days are over.
    President Obama came to Congress in January and requested business as usual -- yet another routine increase in the national debt limit -- we in the House said 'not so fast.’ Here was the president, asking for the largest debt increase in American history, on the heels of the largest spending binge in American history.  Here's what we got for that spending binge: a massive health care bill that most Americans never asked for. A 'stimulus' bill that was more effective in producing material for late-night comedians than it was in producing jobs. And a national debt that has gotten so out of hand it has sparked a crisis without precedent in my lifetime or yours.
    The United States cannot default on its debt obligations. The jobs and savings of too many Americans are at stake.  What we told the president in January was this: the American people will not accept an increase in the debt limit without significant spending cuts and reforms.  And over the last six months, we’ve done our best to convince the president to partner with us to do something dramatic to change the fiscal trajectory of our country. . .something that will boost confidence in our economy, renew a measure of faith in our government, and help small businesses get back on track.
    Last week, the House passed such a plan, and with bipartisan support. It’s called the ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ Act. It CUTS and CAPS government spending and paves the way for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, which we believe is the best way to stop Washington from spending money it doesn’t have. Before we even passed the bill in the House, the President said he would veto it.  I want you to know I made a sincere effort to work with the president to identify a path forward that would implement the principles of Cut, Cap, & Balance in a manner that could secure bipartisan support and be signed into law. I gave it my all.
    Unfortunately, the president would not take yes for an answer. Even when we thought we might be close on an agreement, the president’s demands changed.  The president has often said we need a 'balanced' approach -- which in Washington means: we spend more. . .you pay more. Having run a small business, I know those tax increases will destroy jobs.  The president is adamant that we cannot make fundamental changes to our entitlement programs. As the father of two daughters, I know these programs won’t be there for them and their kids unless significant action is taken now. The sad truth is that the president wanted a blank check six months ago, and he wants a blank check today. That is just not going to happen.
    You see, there is no stalemate in Congress. The House has passed a bill to raise the debt limit with bipartisan support. And this week, while the Senate is struggling to pass a bill filled with phony accounting and Washington gimmicks, we will pass another bill – one that was developed with the support of the bipartisan leadership of the U.S. Senate.  Obviously, I expect that bill can and will pass the Senate, and be sent to the President for his signature. If the President signs it, the ‘crisis’ atmosphere he has created will simply disappear. The debt limit will be raised. Spending will be cut by more than one trillion dollars, and a serious, bipartisan committee of the Congress will begin the hard but necessary work of dealing with the tough challenges our nation faces.  The individuals doing this work will not be outsiders, but elected representatives of the people, doing the job they were elected to do as outlined in the Constitution. Those decisions should be made based on how they will affect people who are struggling to get a job, not how they affect some politician’s chances of getting reelected.
    This debate isn't about President Obama and House Republicans … it isn't about Congress and the White House … it's about what’s standing between the American people and the future we seek for ourselves and our families.  You know, I’ve always believed, the bigger government, the smaller the people. And right now, we have a government so big and so expensive it’s sapping the drive of our people and keeping our economy from running at full capacity.  The solution to this crisis is not complicated: if you’re spending more money than you’re taking in, you need to spend less of it,  There is no symptom of big government more menacing than our debt. Break its grip, and we begin to liberate our economy and our future. We are up to the task, and I hope President Obama will join us in this work.
God bless you and your families, and God bless America.
(Blogger Note:  I gotta' tell ya' I didn't think too highly of Mr Boehner when he assumed the speakership of the House.  My opinion has changed, greatly for the better!  This guy's got some stones!  He ain't afraid to take the "Clown Prince" on, on the "Clown's" own turf!!  Go, Big John!!
Don't forget:  "Clown Prince" 'DICK' owe-bama has requested the public call their senators and representative and voice their opinion--I have!!  I demanded that C. Ellis Schumer, the Invisible Senator-Gillibrand and Dorothy "Geeze-Louise" McIntosh Rodham Slaughter to approve the House republicRATs' legislation raising the debt limit!!  Whadd'ya think my chances are?!?)