Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; Jjune 30th

A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince;" 06/30/2012
'Airborne' barackingham Palace,
Colorado Springs, Co.
June 30, 2012
    I'm here in Colorado Springs, visiting some of the devastating fires that have been taking place over the last several days. As many of you have been watching on television, entire communities are under threat. And we had a chance to tour some of the devastation that has been taking place in some of the subdivisions here.  Firefighters are working 18 hours a day, around the clock, trying to make sure that they get this blaze under control. We've got volunteers who are out here who are making sure that these firefighters have the food and the water and all the resources that they need. And we've been engaging in some unprecedented coordination between federal, state, and local communities to try to bring this fire under control.  And one of the things I've done here, in addition to saying thank you to these firefighters, is to let them know that all of America has their back. One of the things that happens, whether it's a fire here in Colorado, or a tornado in Alabama or Missouri, or a flood or a hurricane in Florida, one of the things that happens here in America is when we see our fellow citizens in trouble and having difficulty, we come together as one American family, as one community. And you see that spirit and you see that strength here in Colorado Springs, where people are working together, promising each other to rebuild. We've got to make sure that we are there with them every step of the way, even after this fire is put out.
[What I'm not telling you: While the professional--and volunteer--firefighters continue to battle this and other fires in the upper midwest, the airborne assets they so sorely need have been  cut by--guess who--ME!!  In my usual, ongoing attempts to be everything to everybody, I PRETENDED to cut the defense budget in hopes of getting just one budget passed by the Congress before Governor Romney takes over as President.  Said pretense is the defense budget continues to grow; as usual I LIED about that.  I only reduced the rate of growth, calling it an actual monetary reduction. 
    OK, enough about me--like that's a reality--more about those 'airborne assets.'  The Air Force C-130 Hercules was put into service in the Springtime of 1959 and since has been one of that branch's workhorses; nationwide, worldwide, DoD wide, in war and in peace!!  Of the 2,300++ manufactured, the Air Force--at the turn of the century--had approximately 400 in their inventory.  The Mobile Airborne FireFighting System (MAFFS) is a mobile accessory unit aboard C-130s for firefighting responsibilities of air-delivery of fire retardants over fires.
    In an effort to placate the 'doves' in the owe-bamacRATic party, I've reduced the total number of C-130s in the inventory as well as the number of MAFFS units.  Considering this information--with only four (4) MAFFS-equipped C-130s available--quite likely I can be held directly responsible for the failure of the Regime to effectively respond to the wild fires, nationwide.  
    Colorado is important to the Regime's re-immaculation efforts, we continue to respond to their wild fires with our self-limited airborne resources.  Coloradans are fortunate that I need them for any hopes of retaining this plush job.  If you recall, the Texas Governor pissed me off, in late 2010 and early 2011, hence we 'dragged our feet' in responding to their widespread prairie fires.  We sat in barackingham Palace watching it all unfold on tv, conveniently withholding federal monetary and asset assistance.] 
    So for those of you who can provide some help, you should get on the online site of the American Red Cross. They're very active in this community and you can make your contributions there. We're going to continue to make sure that the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Forest Service, our military and National Guard and all the resources that we have available at the federal level are brought to bear in fighting this fire.
But this is a good reminder of what makes us Americans. We don't just look out for ourselves; we look out for each other. And one of the things that I told these firefighters is that we can provide them all the resources they need, but only they provide the courage and the discipline to be able to actually fight these fires. And it's important that we appreciate what they do not just when our own communities are struck by disaster. It's important that we remember what they do each and every single day, and that we continue to provide support to our first responders, our emergency management folks, our firefighters, our military -- everybody who helps secure our liberty and our security each and every day.  So, America, I hope you guys remember the folks during these times of need. I know this is a little bit unusual -- we don't usually do weekly addresses like this, but I thought it was a good opportunity for us to actually focus attention on a problem that's going on here in Colorado Springs. We never know when it might be our community that's threatened, and it's important that we're there for them.
[What I'm not telling you:  Just to check if you're actually reading this edition of my weekly blather, I stuck in that phrase;
"And one of the things I told these firefighters is that we can provide them all the resources they need,...."
Did you catch the lie?!?  They certainly need a hell-of-alot-more airborne assets than the Air Force--or even private-sector contractors--are able to provide, AT ANY PRICE!!  
    Rather than doing the 'Weekly Blather' from barackingham Palace, I needed the exposure of exploiting the devistating conditions here in Colorado.  This is an act of despiration by the re-immaculation campaign.  Earlier this week, the Supreme Court took a major campaign topic 'off the table!'  We need this exposure to prop up my image as really caring about the plight of Coloradans, of the American people at large.]



Friday, June 29, 2012

This'n'That; June Twenty-Ninth #2; Cooler Heads

In The Wake Of The obama Tax Law Approval
    Now is not the time to go off half-cocked.  The cooler heads in the Republican party must prevail.  Let "Clown Prince" obama 'spike-the-ball' all he wants.  Let "Clown Prince" obama take all the 'victory laps' he wants.   While said "Clown" is concentrating on his narcissistic image among the various peoples of the United States, the Republicans can take that free time to formulate a specific plan to combat the obama Tax Law.
Obamacare Slam Dunk Supreme Court SC Why Obamacare Ruling Is Good For Tea Party
    Governor Romney needs to realize that the recent actions of the Supreme Court were not about 'healthcare' in any shape, form or manner.  As evidenced in the tax increase of $11,000 to $14,000 on the average family-of-four by 2016, wealth re-distribution has been the primary, the only objective of the Bilderberg Group--obama's chief political benefactors.
    The Republican hierarchy in the House will bode well to co-ordinate with the Romney Campaign to formulate a platform and a cohesive message, going forward.  No longer will the blanket statement of 'repeal-and-replace' be an effective message going on to election day, a mere 130 days from today!
Some suggestions the Romney Campaign Team might consider:

1.  Rather than wait until the last few days running up to the Republican National Convention to name a running-mate, complete the vetting process on the top contenders and choose one to immediately go 'on-the-stump.'  This would give the Republican campaign the advantage of having two to spread the message, one of them NOT being joe biden, who necessarily talks around the-foot-in-his-mouth!
2.  Formulate specifics on each plank in the Republican Presidential Campaign platform.  The time for 'blanket statements' is over; the American voter needs--and wants--to hear specifics that will positively change his or her life going forward beyond a Republican win in November.
3.  Campaign NOT on a faulty, socialist national healthcare law, but on the upcoming massive individual tax increase--the likes of which has never before seen on earth!!
4.  The campaign would bode well to review both "Ronaldus-Magnus" presidential campaigns, concentrating on Mr Reagan's 49-state (in obama's mind: a 56-state) landslide.  The Romney Presidential Campaign is practically a mirror-image of the Reagan first campaign; Governor Reagan was campaigning against an incompetent, inept peanut farmer in Jimmuh Cahtah, while Governor Romney is campaigning against an incompetent, inept street agitator in "Clown Prince" obama!!
5.  The Supreme Court approval of the obama Tax Law will re-energize the "Tea Party" Movement with even more power and energy than said movement demonstrated in the months running up to the successful 2010 mid-term elections!  This faithful, conservative, well-focused group is there for the Romney campaign to re-energize, re-direct and put toward a successful campaign and election.
Just a few suggestions!  I'm sure greater-minds than I can come up with even more, even greater suggestions!!
'Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!
Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That; June Twenty-Ninth #1; Enjoy That?!?

obama RAPES All Americans!!
    Yesterday "The Supremes" released their ruling on owe-bamaKare.  Rather than striking down the 'mandate' provision, "The Supremes" deemed that the 'mandate' provision is a tax and therefore constitutional because the Congress has the legal and legitimate power to levy taxes.  This new tax IS THE LARGEST TAX INCREASE on the planet; on any peoples; of any economic strata; in any era!!
    Chief Justice John Roberts--long characterized as a moderate, if not conservative in his legal and political thinking--threw a monkey-wrench in the works when he sided with the communists in declaring the constitutionality of the obama Tax Law.  The 5 to 4 vote certainly didn't give the new tax law wide-ranging support, but.... hey, it only takes one to win!  What many may not realize that while "The Supremes" defended the Constitution's Commerce Clause (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3),  they've opened a whole new 'can-of-worms' in declaring that the mandate is actually a tax.
    Had the mandate been determined to fall under the Commerce Clause, it would have been ruled unconstitutional as an interference in the several states' right to determine their various intrastate commerce actions.  Now that the mandate has been determined to be a tax, a dangerous precedent has been set; a 'slippery-slope' if you will.
    The most visible, broad-based national tax is the Revenue Act of 1913.  In part, the proposed legislation required an amendment to the Constitution (the 16th Amendment) for the income tax to become law. In upholding the owe-bamaKare Tax Law, "The Supremes" set the precedent that any tax can be instituted at any time, for any reason, on any subject, WITHOUT another Constitutional Amendment, like:
As of June 28, 2012, with the implementation of the obama Tax Law,
1. Every household having less than the maximum number of solar panels installed on their property, a 15% obama solar tax will be assessed on all household income, or

2. Every household must have a energy-producing windmill installed on their property or a 15% obama wind tax will be assessed on all household income, or
3. Every household that cannot prove ownership of at least one Chevy Volt will have a 15% obama Motors tax assessed on all household income, or
4. Every household containing more than the national average of 2.2 children, will have a 15% obama excess population tax assessed on all household income, et al.

    One might presume--in Item #4--that a family would not be forced to kill their excess children under the obama Tax Law, although "Clown Prince" obama does admire and appreciate China's policies relating to their population.
    One must consider all the ramifications of the constitutionality of the obama Tax Law.
1.  The obama Tax Law is all about wealth re-distribution; very little about actual health care.
2.  The unemployment rate will necessarily soar far above the current 11+%.
3.  The GDP will diminish as company expenses rise with the various taxes and penalties associated with the obama Tax Law are instituted.
4.  With 'The Fed' printing money as fast as the presses allow, the country most probably will descend into the obama Depression, much deeper, much longer than the Roosevelt Depression of the 1930s and '40s.
Yes Joe (biden) I agree:  "This is a big fuckin' deal!!"
'Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!
Til Nex'Time....



Thursday, June 28, 2012

This'n'That; June Twenty-Eighth #2; "Ronaldus-Magnus"

From President Ronald Reagan's Diaries
Today (June 28) in each year of President Reagan's second term:
Friday, June 28:
    Yesterday we lost in the Judiciary Committee.  Brad Reynolds nomination (by me) to be the No. 3 man at Justice was rejected.  They even refused to pass it out to the floor with a no pass recommendation because of their fear the whole Sen. would do what they were unwilling to do--approve him. & they couldn't have done what the did without the help of 2 Repubs. Sens. Spector and Mathias.  Well there are 2 Sens. I won't have to help campaign.
    [Flew to Chicago; visited school with local officials; met families of hostages and of kidnap victim; speech on tax reform; returned to Washington; National Security Planning Group (NSPG) meeting; received indications that hostages might be moved to Damascus the following day; noted, "We also launched a plan to strike by air a guerilla base connected with the muderers of our 4 Marines."]
Thursday, June 26-Monday, June 30:
    For the 1st time this year the weather was beautiful each and every day.  We rode every morning, then Barney [Willard Barnett, fmr CHP; close friend, confidant and 'ranch hand'], Dennis [LeBlanc; fmr CHP; part of Governor Reagan's security detail and 'ranch hand'] and I cut up some downed trees.  On Sun. we learned of Sen. East's suicide--a sad time for all of us.  Now it is Mon. night and we are back at the White House.
Sunday, June 28:
[Returned to W.H.; attended televised performance honoring Cole Porter and starring June Allyson, Patti Austin, Kaye Ballard, and Mel Torme'; telephoned Wasserman, surgery went well; received word that Paul Nitze's wife died.]
Tuesday, June 28:
[Staff meeting on pending legislation; approved appointments.]
    NSC--I brought up the matter of Holocaust Museum.  It seems someone has approved a room dedicated to 1915 massacre of some Armenians by the Turks.  I'm against it but don't know what we can do.  Latest intelligence has 10 more divisions on the border in N. Korea than we had estimated.  They're playing games that may threaten the Olympics in S. Korea.  We have the Soviets pledge they won't let anything like that happen. [....] a bomb plot in Panama City--an apartment bldg. housing about 40 of our mil. officers.  They've been moved out and on to the base.
    Met with our Sen. and Cong. leadership--Dole and Simpson, Bob Michel and Trent Lott.  A discussion of pending bills and the pol. games the Dems. are playing trying to get campaign issues.  Then a meeting with Meese and Carlucci regarding the investigation of the Pentagon.  Nothing much yet to report.
[Interviewed by biographer Edmund Morris; meeting with Israeli defense minister Yitzhak Rabin; went to dentist for teeth cleaning; received report on Conference for a Drug Free America; photos with GOP candidates; received allergy show and, as noted, "a little doctoring of my hearing aid."]
Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That; June Twenty-Eighth #1; A 'Found' Site

Ever Heard Of ''
    I don't remember what prompted me to stumble on the site but since I've found it, I enjoy reading the posts and comment on some.  So far, I've created one 'individual' (Dana Perino) and one 'organization' ('The Five').
    On the 'Fastnote' site, there is a bit of a write-up about it's founding, what it's all about:  I've created my account which is completely anonymous, as opposed to Facebook which I think is far too open; far too much information!  You can check out 'Fastnote' without creating an account; it's well worth the read!
Warning; WARNING; WARNINGIt can be addictive!!!!
Til Nex'Time....



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This'n'That; June Twenty-Seventh #2; "Ronaldus-Magnus"

From President Ronald Reagan's Diaries
    Today (June 27) in each year of President Reagan's first term:
Wednesday, June 24-Monday June 29:
[Addressed National Jaycees Convention in San Antonio; Flew to L.A. and Century Plaza Hotel; made calls necessary before the following day's congressional vote on budget.]
    There I was in Calif. and never left the hotel room except for a speech next day (noon) in the hotel dining room.  Just before going down learned we had won the 1st big vote.  It meant some quick changes in the speech.  Back to the room for an afternoon on the phone.  We won the next two votes and the victory was ours.
    Finally Fri. about 11 A.M. got out of the hotel and on to the ranch.  The weather was beautiful and so was Rancho del Cielo.  Patti [daughter, Davis {changed fr Reagan}] arrived Sat. morning.  We all rode in the A.M.  After lunch Geo. and Barbara Bush came up to brief me on European trip on their way to the Marcos' Inaugural in Manilla.
[Relaxed  at the ranch, Monday, June 29: flew to Denver to address convention of the NAACP.  Returned to Washington.]
Saturday, June 26-Sunday, June 27:
    Good weather--2 morning rides.  Ed M.[Meese, Att'y General], Jim B.[Baker III, Chief of Staff to the President], and Bill C. [Casey, Dir., Central Intelligence] helicoptered up with Mr and Mrs. George Shultz who had just arrived by Concorde from London.  We had a good working lunch.  I think things are going to work out find  Al [Haig, resigning Sec'y of State] will stay on for the transition.
    Sun. before leaving C. D. Bill and Bud McFarland called.  The Israeli cabinet has submitted a new idea.  Calls for a Lebanese army to disarm the P.L.O. in Beirut.  All of the armed P.L.O. will then be sent out of Lebanon to Syria.  The odd note was the Israeli call then for the U.S. to join in the negotiations with the P.L.O.  Heretofore, we have refused to do any talking to the P.L.O. until and unless they agreed to recognize Israel's right to exit [exist?], which they've never done.  We're having about 30 people in for dinner at the W.H. and then running Spielberg's movie, "E.T."
Monday, June 27:
    Nancy left this A.M. for Phoenix.  I won't see her unitl Wed. night--or is it Thurs. night--I'll have to check.  Anyway I still don't like this place without her.
    Met with Cardinal Krol who has returned from being with the Pope in Poland.  He believes there may well be some easing.  I believe also that Walesa may not be as much of a force as he once was.
[Photo session; issues lunch; videotapings; rehearsal for press conference.]
Wednesday, June 27:
    Staff and NSC meetings.  Jesse Jackson off on his own diplomatic mission to Cuba, Nicaragua and other points Sout has tried to reach me by phone.  That is a call I'm not taking.  We have put Under Sec. of State Armacost on the phone at this end. J.J. has us on some pretty thin ice with his adventuring.  Commander Eric Liu (W.H. Staff Dr.), his wife and baby boy came by for a pic.  He's being assigned to Bethesda Naval hosp.  He's a good man.
    Met with 3 Gov's. from Midwest on farm problems.  Between Tornadoes and Floods. agriculture is having a rough time.  But worse than nature is what reduced inflation has done.  Land prices when out of sight during the high inflation of the 70's and 1980.  farmers borrowed using their land as collateral.  Now that sanity has returned to the market they are faced with big credit problems. 
    After lunch Geo. S. [Shultz-Sec'y of State] came in to report on our Ambassador to Central America and his meeting in Nicaragua.
[Addressed Conference on U.S./Soviet exchange; also National Association of Minority Contractors; meeting with Eureka boosters on college's financial problems.]
Until Nex'Time....



This'n'That; June Twenty-Seventh #1; Whiny-Ass

"Clown Prince" Proves To Be A Whiny Prick!
    Jan Brewer won't play nice and let "Clown Prince" owe-bama win!!  So.... he's gonna take his balls and go home!  The past three years is wha'cha get when ya allow an election be bought for an inept, whiny-ass, Verdammte Arschloch!!

    Shortly after--the same day, in fact--"The Supremes" handed down their decision on the regime's lawsuit against Arizona's SB-1070, the "Clown Prince" cut the "287(g)" program benefits for Arizona law enforcement officers who want to check on an alien's immigration status with the Department of Homeland Security.  An owe-bama stooge in said department said:

"287(g) agreements are not useful in states that have enacted 'SB1070-type' laws."

    The Oval Orifice Arschloch 'cherry-picks' the laws he wants enforced, without regard as to the affects on anyone other than his own narcissistic self.  Now the wet-back illegals can commit all the crimes they want, nothing will happen in most states until said miscreants--no, the illegals!--actually kill someone, then they'll be deported; only to return in a week or so.  Hell--not only that--the Oval Orifice Arschloch has set up an 'Illegal Alien Complaint Hotline' so the the miscreants can complain to "Clown Prince" owe-bama his-own-narcissistic-self, personally each-and-every time a cop asks for proof of citizenship!!  The Verdammte Arshloch continues to fu*k the American citizen--particularly the taxpayer--at every turn, while he simultaneously kisses every 'fuzzy, brown ass' he can find!!!

    All "Clown Prince" owe-bama's actions of the past three-and-a-half years begs the questions:

    Why the hell do we even have a president, even one as disgraceful, as dispicable as the current one?!?
   Why the hell do we even have a Constitution, particularly when those in the executive branch--who're supposed to be the smartest on the planet--don't bother to read it, let alone protect-and-defend it?!?
   Why the hell do we even have a Congress, especially when it's as ineffective as the 112th Congress?!?
    Had "Clown Prince" owe-bama read Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" as closely as he did Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' he'd know that as the dictator he's become, he didn't--and doesn't--have to go through the hassles of the immaculation--or re-immaculation--process.  The position had already been bought for him; the election results a foregone conclusion!
We should--by now--have a clear idea what it was like in Adolf Hitler's Germany, he and the "Clown Prince" share a communistic dictatorial style of oppressive rule. The only thing necessary to complete the scenario is to rename the country: The Communist States of Bilderberg!!
'Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!
Til Nex'Time....



Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This'n'That; June Twenty-Sixth #2; What Next?!?

Who Will The "Clown Prince" Pimp-Out Next?!?
    Now that "Clown Prince" owe-bama has pimped out your wife; pimped out your husband
in his effort to boost the "I Need 4 More Years To Fix What I Broke" campaign coffers with your wedding gifts' values, what will he do next?!?
    A couple of possibilities are:
1.  Pimp-out "Michelle Antoinette" for a donation of.... say $50, to 'entertain' at your bachelor party or your office party, or
2.  Pimp-out the daughters for a donation of.... say $75-EACH, to appear at your child's birthday party.
Ah'm jis sayin'!!
'Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!
Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That; June Twenty-Sixth #1; Guns-Yes;Knives-No

The Regime IS Really Scared!
    The "Clown Prince" owe-bama as the titular head of the owe-bama Regime is responsible for at least two U.S. Government employee deaths as well as several hundred Mexican-nationals' deaths.  The deaths are directly attributed to the "Fast 'n' Furious" gun-running program originated and operated by "Clown Prince" owe-bama's Attorney General, 'general' eric holder.

    The same socio-fascist Regime--currently running more scared than usual--is now removing all silver- and plastic-ware from the "I need 4 more years to fix what I broke" events headlining--as the star performer--"Clown Prince" owe-bama!!  The same regime can cause the aforementioned deaths of unfortunate Americans and Mexicans, but we gotta keep the "Verdammte Arschloch" safe?!?

'Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!
Til Nex'Time....



Monday, June 25, 2012

This'n'That; June Twenty-Fifth #3; Arizona v. owe-bama

As Usual, owe-bama Loses!
    With respect to Arizona's immigration enforcement law (1070),"The Supremes" issued their edict from-on-high:
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer-ONE
Sheriff Joe Arpaio-ONE
"Tea Party" Movement-ONE
The Bilderberg Group-ZERO
George Soros-ZERO
Saul Alinsky-ZERO
"Occupy" Movement-ZERO
'Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!
Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That; June Twenty-Fifth #2; owe-bama Campaign

Campaign Refuses To Reimburse Durham, N.H.
    As reported in 'The Sunday Report (06/24)' the City of Durham, N.H., has asked the owe-bama "I Need 4-More Years To Fix What I Broke" Re-immaculation Campaign to reimburse the city for police and fire expenses related to the "Clown Prince's" campaign stop in their city:
Durham, NH Requests Reimbursement For Obama Campaign Stop

CBS, Boston
June 22, 2012
DURHAM, NH (CBS) – President Obama is scheduled to visit New Hampshire on Monday, and the town of Durham wants help paying for it. Town Administrator Todd Selig estimates the cost of the campaign trip will be between $20,000 and $30,000 for police and fire services. [....]
    The owe-bama "I Need 4-More Years To Fix What I Broke" Re-immaculation Campaign regional office in Portsmouth, N.H., is not confirming that said "I Need 4-More Years To Fix What I Broke" Re-immaculation Campaign will reimburse the city for the added expense to hear the "Clown Prince's" excuses, Bush-bashing and unremarkable remarks.  Actually, the office is dragging it's feet in even wanting to discuss the matter.

    Reading the 'comments' section of the news article (
 will illustrate the dire-straits the owe-bama "I Need 4-More Years To Fix What I Broke" Re-immaculation Campaign is finding itself in, after three-and-a-half years of broken promises, economic destruction, over regulation and bowing to every third-world-rathole potentate on the planet!!

'Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!
Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That; June Twenty-Fifth #1; owe-bamaKare Preview

VA Veterans' Healthcare is 'Single-Payer'
    Having a single-payer health care system is one of the primary precepts of the owe-bamaKare fiasco.  The Veterans Administration's health care system is just such a single-payer.
    In the early morning hours a caller into the "Red Eye Radio(WBAP-Dallas; 820AM 1-6AM, eastern)" show--an overnight trucker-oriented radio program--illustrated the VA system as the perfect example of owe-bamaKare.  The caller used two personal experiences to illustrate:

1.  The caller is on five life-preserving prescription drugs, three of which the VA doesn't provide.  The caller is out $430.00 per month for these drugs.  Oh, the VA does reimburse him $25 each, for the three drugs.
2.  The caller was recently in an accident wherein he suffered (4 or 5) broken teeth.  He was told it would be AT LEAST 5 months before he could be seen by a VA dentist!
    The caller also related that to have an MRI involved at least a one-year wait.  This is what we have to look forward to IF owe-bamaKare is upheld by 'The Supremes!!'  Many have spoken in the past to the life-ENDINGLY long waits in other countries that have their own version of owe-bamaKare, not to mention the "one-percenters" in those countries who come to the U.S. for advanced health and surgical care.
'Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!
Til Nex'Time....



Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Sunday 'Report;' 06/24/2012

What The National Pamphleteers Don't Report:
The Futility of European Elections
by George Friedman,
June 19, 2012

    Europe and the financial markets watched intently June 17 as Greece held general elections. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti all delayed their flights to the June 18 G-20 summit in Mexico to await the results.
    The two leading contenders in the elections were the center-right New Democracy Party (ND), which pledged to uphold Greece's commitments to austerity and honor the country's financial agreements with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, and the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA), a group of far-left politicians who pledged to reject Greece's existing agreements, end austerity and maintain the country's position in the eurozone. A third major party, the center-left Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK), shares the ND's position of maintaining Greece's bailout agreement. PASOK had been Greece's ruling party until it formed a unity government with the ND late in 2011.
    For a while it seemed these elections would be definitive. Either Greece would reject the country's agreement with its international lenders, potentially [....]

Actually Going After a Cartel

Blog Report,
June 21, 2012

    Washington attorney and AT regular contributor, Clarice Feldman, did a masterful job of chopping Eric Holder and his politicized DoJ into mincemeat this past weekend for its many transgressions, with the Fast & Furious outrage being foremost in her article. What follows is an elaboration not on the details of the scandal but on the political motivation behind it.
    When BATF agents first blew the whistle on what is now known as Operation Fast and Furious, the rationale offered by DoJ for such an evidently foolish operation was that it was designed to allow BATF to track and prosecute the leaders of the Mexican drug cartels. As more information surfaced from the Mexican government and the BATF’s Mexican bureau chief that none of them knew anything of this operation, many of us who were paying a bit closer attention to the case immediately smelled the first foul scent of corruption.
    The fatal flaw in DoJ’s explanation was this: [....]

70 Facts President Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know
The Economic Collapse Blog,
June 8, 2012
Why is the economy going to collapse?
Have you ever been asked that question?
If so, what did you say?
    Sometimes it is difficult to communicate dozens of complicated economic and financial concepts in a package that the average person on the street can easily digest. It can be very frustrating to know that something is true but not be able to explain it clearly to someone else. Hopefully many of you out there will find the list below useful. It is a list of 70 numbers that show why we are headed for a national economic nightmare. So why does the title of the article single out Barack Obama? Well, it is because right now he is the biggest cheerleader for the economy. He is attempting to convince all of us that everything is just fine and that the economy is heading in a positive direction. Well, the truth is that everything is not fine and things are about to get a whole lot worse. Certainly others should share in the blame as well. Congress has been steering the economy in the wrong direction for decades, the “too big to fail” banks have turned Wall Street into a pyramid of risk, leverage and debt, and the Federal Reserve has more power over the financial system than anyone else does. Our economy has been in decline for quite a while now, and soon we are going to smash directly into an economic brick wall. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans are in denial about this. A lot of people out there doubt that an economic collapse is coming. Well, if you know someone that believes that the U.S. economy is going to be “just fine”, just show them the list below.
    The following are 70 facts that Barack Obama does not want you to see….
$3.59 - When Barack Obama entered the White House, the average price of a gallon of gasoline was $1.85. Today, it is$3.59.
22 - It is hard to believe, but today the [....]

Socialist Party Of America Publishes Member List:
Includes 70 Democrat Congressmen And Congresswomen

by Sad Hill News
August 19, 2011

    Keep in mind the Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Leftists, and Marxists living and procreating in the United States [not so sure about 'United' – Sad Hill] are displeased with Obama. Not because he fundamentally transformed America – as promised – but because he hasn’t done enough.
Socialist Party Of America Publishes Member List: 70 Democrat Congressmen And Congresswomen
(Conservative Byte) This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. The radical Marxist-progressives (communists) took control of the democrat party some time ago. They’ve only become more emboldened with the election of Barack Obama, who was raised as a communist from birth.
With their new found leader, Barack Obama, the Socialist Party of America felt secure enough to announce the names of 70 democrats in Congress that belong to their caucus.
Other than Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who openly ran as a socialist, the rest of this lot ran as “moderate democrats.” I think it’s time we put the myth of the “moderate” democrat to bed. They are all Marxists, or Marxist leaning. They all are big government totalitarians hell-bent on destroying America, the Constitution, and our way of life. One needs no other proof than the way Congress has acted since the Marxist-democrats took control four years ago, and the tyranny that has been championed since Obama was sworn in.
Democratic Socialist Of America Caucus Member List: [....]

My gun control

Celebrate 139 years of the NRA
by Ted Nugent
The Washington Times
May 13, 2010
    Water, water, everywhere water. Know it, embrace it, manage it or drown. Same goes for cars, trucks, chain saws, knives, crowbars, blowtorches, teakettles and guns. I will not be denied the pragmatic, functional utility of anything based on the inept, clumsy, irresponsible failure of brain-dead, uncoordinated numskulls.
    I will not drown; drink and drive; chain-saw massacre anyone; stumble; slice, burn or shoot myself, nor will I ever hold up a bank. So the best advice would be to think, improvise, adapt and overcome, man up, but by all means, leave me alone. You don’t ban electric guitars just because someone may have a lapse in logic, goodwill and decency and spontaneously break out into country and Western music. The vast majority of sensible people will use electric guitars as God intended and whip out good, sexy rock ‘n’ roll licks.
    I need my cars, trucks, chain saws, knives, crowbars, blowtorches, scalding-hot water, guitars and guns, thank you. Amazingly, I have mastered them all, and they are all wonderful ingredients for my American dream of rugged individualism, declared independence and self-sufficiency. They all serve me well, and I am not giving up any of them. Ever.
    The masses must never be [....]

45 Signs That China Is Colonizing America

by 'The American Dream,'
May 24, 2012

    Just because you were once the most powerful nation on earth does not mean that you will always be the most powerful nation on earth. Every single year, hundreds of billions of dollars leaves the United States and goes to China. This enormous transfer of wealth has had a dramatic effect on both countries. In case you haven’t noticed, many of ourformerly great manufacturing cities such as Detroit are rotting away while shining new factories and skyscrapers are going up all over China. If you go into any major retail store today and start turning over products, you will find that hundreds of them have been made in China and that very few of them have been made in America. As a nation, we buy far, far more from China than they buy from us. As a result, China is absolutely swimming in cash and they have been looking for things to do with all that money. One thing that China has done is loan the U.S. government over a trillion dollars and this has given the Chinese a tremendous amount of leverage over us. China has also started to buy up businesses, real estate and natural resources all over America. This kind of “economic colonization” is similar to what China has already been doing in Africa, South America and Australia. The formula is actually very simple. We send them our money and then they use it to buy us. With each passing day China’s ownership over America grows, and it is frightening to think about where all of this could end.
    The following are 45 signs that China is colonizing America….
#1 It was recently announced that China’s Dalian Wanda Group has bought U.S. movie theater chain AMC Entertainment for a whopping2.6 billion dollars. This deal represents China’s biggest corporate takeover of a U.S. firm ever.
#2 Earlier this month, the Federal Reserve announced that it has [....]

Special Report:
George Soros: Godfather of the Left

Liberal billionaire trying to give U.S. a liberal society it can’t refuse.
by Dan Gainor, Iris Somberg,
Media Research Center
June 4, 2012

    Say the name George Soros and liberals see dollar signs – literally. The world’s 22nd richest man, according to Forbes, is now worth $20 billion. But Soros isn’t just noteworthy for the money he has – he’s notable for the money he has given away. Since launching his Open Society Foundations in 1984, Soros has donated more than $8 billion to charities around the world.
    But instead of gaining a mighty reputation for his philanthropy, or his investment prowess, Soros is reviled abroad and criticized here in his adopted country. Most everywhere Soros, his foundations or his investing have gone, trouble has followed. He’s helped foment revolutions, undermined national currencies and funded radicals around the world. Soros has been convicted of insider dealing in France and fined $3 million, fined another $2 million in his native Hungary. His “foundations have been accused of shielding spies and breaking currency laws” and his investing strategy has been targeted for harming several national currencies.
    Even his support for higher education raises huge red flags. Soros has contributed more than $400 million to colleges and universities, including money to most prominent institutions in the United States. He also helped establish Central European University which, in turn, uses its resources to promote his personal goal of an “open society.” Here in the United States, Soros money provides the foundation for liberal organizations promoting everything from gay marriage and drug legalization to anti-death penalty strategies. While his charitable giving goes to liberal organizations with close ties to the Democratic Party, his political giving goes almost entirely to Democrats.
    That’s not the story the broadcast networks have been telling [....]

See Through NY
Staff Report,
(Last Update:)
June 11, 2012

A Window on Your Money
    Welcome to SeeThroughNY – giving New Yorkers a clearer view of how their state and local tax dollars are spent. This site is sponsored by the Empire Center for New York State Policy, part of the non-partisan and non-profit Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.
SeeThroughNY is a web portal -- and more. Here, taxpayers can share, analyze and compare data from counties, cities, towns, villages, school districts and public authorities throughout New York. The information on this website comes from official government sources, but the Empire Center cannot guarantee data accuracy or completeness.
Click the buttons below [....]

Blonde Gator

This is not the Fever Swamp (that would be liberalism)
Handy Reference Guide to Obama’s Gaffes and Goofs
1.10,000 People (A Whole Town!) Died in Kansas ~ Oops, Overstated by 9,988
2.Admits His Plan would Necessarily Cause Energy Prices to Skyrocket
3.Air Raiding Villages a la Yankee Air Pirates: Destroys Whole Afghan Villages!
4.All My Friends In Chicago Were Jewish, Most Knowledgable Prez Evah about Judaism ~ h/t almostacowboy @ NewsBusters
5.Almost All of Our Allies “Punch Above Their Weight”!
6.Another Senior Moment
7.Armed Forces are “Fighting on MY Behalf”
8.ATMs Cause Unemployment
9.Automobile Expert ~ NOT! (h/t CC)
10.Blames Hugo Chavez’s Election on (ta da) BUSH! Oops.
11.Blows off the Salute To Heroes (MOH) Inaugural Ball
12.Botched Toast ~ Babbles over “God Save The Queen”
13.Bowls like a Special Olympian
14.Bows to the Chicom President
15.Bows to the Emperor of Japan
16.Bows to the Mayor of Tampa
17.Bows to the President of Mexico
18.Bows to the Saudi King
19.Bungles Jobs Numbers (h/t Bob Keyser)
20.Burns up 9,000 gallons of Jet Fuel on Earth Day
(Blogger Note: The numbered items are links in the original article. J.C.)

Are Syria's Rebels Getting Foreign Support?
by Scott Stewart,
June 21, 2012

    A video recently posted to the Internet depicting an improvised explosive device (IED) attack in Syria has garnered a great deal of attention. A Syrian militant group called the Hawks Brigade of the Levant claimed the attack, which targeted a Syrian government armored troop bus as it traveled along a road near a rebel stronghold in the Idlib governorate. According to the group, the attack depicted in the video employed a type of IED called an explosively formed penetrator (EFP). Though the video was shot from a fairly long distance away, it does appear that the IED punched a substantial and focused hole through the armored bus -- precisely the type of effect that would be expected if an EFP were employed against such a target.
    EFPs are a logical tool for militants to use against superior government forces that are heavily dependent upon armor. EFPs pose a significant threat to armored vehicles, which the Syrian military has utilized extensively, and quite effectively, in its campaign against Syrian rebel groups. Studying the IED technology employed by a militant group is an important way to determine the group's logistics situation and trajectory. It can also be a way to discern if a group is receiving outside training and logistical assistance.
Explosively Formed Penetrators
    An explosively formed penetrator, sometimes called an explosively formed projectile, is a simple device composed of a case, a liner and explosive filler. EFPs have been part of many countries' military inventories for years. The U.S. Army, for example, added the M2 Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition (aptly named the SLAM) to its inventory in 1990. Improvised EFP devices can also be constructed by non-state actors; they were widely used to target U.S. military vehicles in Iraq.
    The employment of an EFP device in the field also [....]

EDITORIAL: Obama wants your wedding presents

Latest campaign stunt underscores how the president is out of touch
Editorial Staff,
The Washington Times,
June 22, 2012
    Liberals are trying to pound home the idea that Mitt Romney is out of touch with regular Americans. At least he’s not trying to take away their wedding presents. This week MSNBC played a selectively edited videotape of Mr. Romney seemingly showing his fascination with the process of ordering food at a Wawa restaurant in Pennsylvania. Reporter Andrea Mitchell compared the visit to George H. W. Bush’s alleged amazement with a grocery store scanner in 1992. MSNBC was called on the doctored tape, but the news organization failed to apologize. This follows closely after three journalists were fired from an NBC affiliate in Miami for editing the audio tape of George Zimmerman’s 911 call the night he shot Trayvon Martin to make it more inflammatory.
    Other media outlets are behaving more responsibly. Late Thursday, Politico suspended White House correspondent Joseph Williams for saying that Mr. Romney is only relaxed among white people. Appearing on MSNBC, Mr. Williams had said that Mr. Romney is “stiff and awkward in town hall settings” because he “can’t relate to people” who aren’t like him, but he can relax on “Fox and Friends” because “they’re white folks who are very much relaxed in their own company.” Politico said these comments “fell short of our standards for fairness and judgment in an especially unfortunate way.”
    The Pew Research Center  [....]
Ford: Why We Disagree With Berkshire On Ford Vs. GM

by Saibus Research,
June 15, 2012

    We analyzed GM versus Ford Motor Company (F) when we heard that Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A and BRK.B) bought 10 million shares. Even though it represented 0.3% of Berkshire's public equity holdings and we presume it was probably the idea of Berkshire's new portfolio managers Weschler and Combs we decided to compare General Motors (GM) versus Ford Motor Company (F). We were blown away at the interest our initial analysis report generated and have decided to expand further our analysis and evaluation on Berkshire's GM investment and Ford versus GM.
    In our follow-up article in which we analyzed, compared and evaluated Ford (F) versus General Motors (GM) we analyzed five important items of interest when investing in automakers:
Automotive industry environment factors
Debt Capital used by F and GM and by F's and GM's automotive and financial segments
Company liquidity
Pensions and other post-retirement benefits
Equity Capital Position of Ford and GM
    We concluded that Ford Motor performs better than GM on each of these metrics. In this installment in our analysis and evaluation of Ford versus GM we will examine the following items of interest here:
Finance Subsidiaries
Balance Sheet and management of business assets
Dominant shareholders of Ford and General Motors.
    Ford Motor Credit versus GM Financial: General Motors had a 40 year head start versus Ford and Chrysler in the automotive finance sector. GM founded General Motors Acceptance Corporation to enable customers to finance [....]

Durham, NH Requests Reimbursement For Obama Campaign Stop

CBS, Boston
June 22, 2012

DURHAM, NH (CBS) – President Obama is scheduled to visit New Hampshire on Monday, and the town of Durham wants help paying for it. Town Administrator Todd Selig estimates the cost of the campaign trip will be between $20,000 and $30,000 for police and fire services. In a statement, Selig says, “While pleased that the campaign has chosen Durham, a quintessential New England college community, as the backdrop for Monday’s scheduled campaign visit, community leaders do not believe that costs associated with the campaign should be borne by local taxpayers.”
    Selig says Durham [...]

Food Stamp Hall of Shame

Staff Report,

Food stamp costs in this nation are exploding.
    Even more disturbing is the opinion that the federal government is doing everything they possibly can to get more people on the government dole. A few years ago the USDA changed the name of the program to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) in an effort to “take away the stigma of people being on the program”. Politicians today use these “freebies” to get themselves elected or re-elected. So, it is no surprise that when a vote comes up in Congress to make fundamental changes to the program that it would go down in flames.
    A couple of days ago, an amendment to a USDA bill was offered by Senator Rand Paul. This amendment would have “block granted” the money for food stamps to the states so they would have more flexibility in how they administer the program. On a vote on a “motion to table” it was trounced 65-33 (so, 65 U.S. Senators voted to effectively defeat the amendment by voting to table it). In addition to all Senate Democrats, 13 Senate Republicans voted [....]

2 Investing Mistakes To Avoid,
4 Dividend Stocks To Look Into

by 'Dividend Monk,'
June 21, 2012

    Investing in dividend growth stocks is a pretty robust process for long-term wealth building. While individual stock selection does require a degree of economic and business understanding, the majority of it rests on common sense and psychological fortitude to keep adding capital and to appreciate down markets for what they are rather than to dread them. Because it is a suitable investment strategy for individual investors, there also tend to be a few mistakes that I've witnessed novice investors make. This article discusses two of those mistakes, and presents a number of stock picks that may be off of the radar of some investors due to perceived weakness related to these mistakes.
Not all debt is equal
    One mistake is to focus on just one debt ratio when analyzing stocks. I've seen investors dismiss strong companies based on perceived balance sheet weakness when just the opposite is true. The most common debt ratios I look at to get a quick glimpse of overall financial strength in a company are total debt/equity, total debt/income, total goodwill/equity, and the interest coverage ratio. If there's any doubt about [....]
Until Next Sunday....



Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; June 23rd

A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince;" 06/23/2012
barackingham Palace,
District of Corruption
June 23, 2012
    Over the past three years, we’ve been clawing our way back from the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. And we know it will take longer than any of us would like to fully recover all the jobs and savings that have been lost. But there are things we can do – right now – to help put people back to work and make life a little easier for middle-class families.  For months, I’ve been pushing Congress to help us along by passing common-sense policies that would make a difference. Democrats and Republicans have already done some important work together – like passing a tax cut that’s allowing working Americans to keep more of their paycheck every week. But Congress has refused to act on most of the other ideas in my jobs plan that economists say could put a million more Americans back to work.
    There’s no excuse for inaction. Right now, we are seven days away from thousands of American workers having to walk off the job because Congress hasn’t passed a transportation bill. We are eight days away from nearly seven and a half million students seeing their loan rates double because Congress hasn’t acted to stop it.  This makes no sense. We know that one of the most important things we can do for our economy is to make sure that all Americans get the best education possible. Right now, the unemployment rate for Americans with a college degree or more is about half the national average. Their incomes are twice as high as those who don’t have a high school diploma. So, if we know that a higher education is the clearest path to the middle class, why would we make it harder to achieve?
[What I'm not telling you: I gotta tell'ya, I'm getting dam' sick of defending my actions that essentially wasted the $787 Billion PORKulus funds!!  I know I used most of the money to reward my supporters, my donors, my campaign hierarchy; to reward the auto union by buying General Motors and giving them control and a large ownership stake; to provide massive funding to the various, unsustainable green energy sources, only to watch them "pocket the money" and file for bankruptcy almost immediately; I know all that!!  Now I'm forced to beg the Congress to forget the aforementioned actions and provide still more funds for me to piss away in the name of "jobs creation" which is easily translated into "vote-buying!!"]
    So much of America needs to be repaired right now. Bridges are deteriorating after years of neglect. Highways are choked with congestion. Transportation delays cost Americans and businesses billions of dollars every year. And there are hundreds of thousands of construction workers who have never been more eager to get back on the job. So why would we let our transportation funding run out? This is a time when we should be doing everything in our power – Democrats and Republicans – to keep this recovery moving forward. My Administration is doing its part. On Friday, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood announced $500 million in competitive grants for states and communities that will create construction jobs on projects like road repair and port renovation. And that’s an important step, but we can’t do it all on our own. The Senate did their part. They passed a bipartisan transportation bill back in March. It had the support of 52 Democrats and 22 Republicans. Now, it’s up to the House to follow suit; to put aside partisan posturing, end the gridlock, and do what’s right for the American people. It’s not lost on any of us that this is an election year. But we’ve got responsibilities that are bigger than an election. We answer to the American people, and they are demanding action. Let’s make it easier for students to stay in college. Let’s keep construction workers rebuilding our roads and bridges. And let’s tell Congress to do their job. Tell them it’s time to take steps that we know will create jobs now and help sustain our economy for years to come.
[What I'm not telling you: The 'student-loan interest rate' fiasco?!?  That can be laid directly at the feet of the 110th Congress which was under socio-fascist control from January 3, 2007 until January 3, 2009.  The socio-fascists controlled the Senate: 51-49; they controlled the House: 233-197+5 non-voting.  Essentially there was nothing COMMON SENSE could do to defeat--or even stall--the ludicrous bills and policies passed by said Congress.
    The congressional leadership was concerned they'd not have a 'hot-button' issue for the 2012 presidential election season.  They designated the 'interest rate' as that issue and thus, "kicked-the-can-down-the-road" until July 1, 2012.  Rather than make the rates dependent upon inflation rates; GDP rates or other some-such, they just kept the same rate--on a temporary basis--to bring the issue against the republicRATs this election season.  The socio-fascists  failed to see that--in the interim--their stranglehold on the federal legsilature would be brought to an end by the "Tea Party" Movement prior to the 2010 elections!!
    I'm almost certain--as are the Bilderbergers and their primary mouthpiece, George Soros--that my prophesy will come true; that I will--indeed--become a one-term-wonder!!  I basked in the initial glory of becoming America's first half-caste (bi-racial) president, spending the taxpayers' hard-earned money--just willy-nilly--amongst all my friends and supporters.  While in mid-bask, everything went to crap!!  The unemployment rates soared; the jobs markets plunged; pump-price of gas soared; my positive approval numbers only lasted through the first year of my reign; well, you know the rest, you've heard and read it all, ad nauseum!!
    Now, on top of all that, I've got to "protect-and-defend" that ass-clown, eric holder one of my biggest mistakes, EVER!!  Both he and I have the blood of two American patriots on our hands as a direct result of a program we instituted: "Fast 'n' Furious!!"  The deaths of Border Patrolman BRIAN TERRY and ICE Agent JAIME ZAPATA are the result of my regime's attempt to radically alter--if not completely destroy--the Constitution's Second Amendment!!  As a last-ditch effort to contain the collateral damage, I've been forced to claim 'executive priviledge' in preventing incriminating documents from 'the light of day.'
    Now for a bit of background on the whole scheme:  The Bilderberg Group in concert with their chief mouthpiece, George Soros, are behind the conspiratorial efforts that made me 'your exalted ruler.'  The primary objective of The Bilderberg Group is a one-world government where they--and their supporters--are in control of a one-world currency.  To that effort they need to gain and maintain control over ALL the world's privately owned weapons.  Many--allegedly free--countries of the world already severely restrict--or have outlawed--the private ownership of weaponry.  The United States is almost the last--and largest, by population--country to allow said private ownership.  When the owe-bama Regime goes down in flames in the next presidential election, watch for The Bilderberg Group to immediately start grooming a socio-fascist of their choosing, to be their next best hope!!
  One might consider adherence to this Ted Nugent quote from an editorial in The Washington Times, May 13, 2010:
"The choice is clear:  Gun control as forced by the Chuck Schumers and Michael Bloombergs of the world is complicit in every violent crime committed.  Conversely, gun control a la Ted Nugent is putting the second shot though the same hole as the first shot, where innocent lives are saved and recidivistic maggots come to a screeching halt, felled by the lovely ballet of good over evil we call the "Double Tap Center Mass Boogie."]