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This'n'That; February Twenty-Nineth #2; Another SCAM?!?

My Subscription Renewal....
    Until recently I subscribed to several personal finance magazines, among them "Money Magazine" from the Time, Inc., family of publications.  After many, many years of wise investments, I'd decided to concentrate on one of my primary 'loves,' woodworking.  I'm in the process of dropping my financial subscriptions by attrition and subscribing to various woodworking, woodcraft magazines.
    Well.... yesterday I got a "Money Magazine" renewal form from Associated Publishers Network.  The numbers looked a bit "owe-bamacRATic" to me; a bit of the 'new' fuzzy math!! 

*The form says that I can get one year--which equals thirteen issues--for $79.95. 
*In doing even 'fuzzy' math, one will find that an issue is priced at $6.15 EACH!! 
*Given that the newsstand price is but $3.99; that represents 154% of the per-copy price!!
*Oh.... and--lucky me--I can even use the installment plan with payments of $39.98!!
*Oh....--as they note in bold type--"You're receiving one of the lowest available rates we can offer for your regular subscription"

    I have a couple of questions for Time Inc., Publisher:

**As noted in your March, 2012 issue, the regular subscription price--with no added 'bells and whistles'--is $15.  Why are veteran subscribers like myself subjected to a 'generous renewal price' which is 5.33 TIMES your published subscription price?!?
**Also, as noted in your March, 2012 issue, you state:  We make a portion of our mailing lists available to repubitable firms.  Can you attest to the reputation of Associated Publishers Network?!?

My information came in a plain-white envelope with the return address--on the back--of:
850 S. Boulder Hwy. #355
Henderson, Nv 89015-7564
The business address:

Associated Publishers Network
850 S. Boulder Hwy #355
Henderson, Nv, 89015
   Well--boys'n'girls--looks to me like this is a bona fide S-C-A-M!!
If I had to guess, I'd say this SCAM is geared toward those retirees, whose perceptions and cognative functions are a bit skewed.  The various recipients may not realize the disparity in the pricing offers.
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This'n'That; February Twenty-Nineth #1; Any Wonder....?!?

Michigan Replicating owe-bama Failures
    My workday ended early, I decided to 'weed-out' my Yahoo Favorites.  I was working on getting rid of the crap I either don't look at or look at very rarely.  I came across the 'Michigan Capitol Confidential' website:
    After reading several articles therein published, I decided to keep the site.  The articles are a clear indication that the State of Michigan is following in "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist's" ever-failing 'footsteps!'  Check out some of these articles:
GOP-Dominated Senate To SEIU: 'Here's $4 Million'
By Jack Spencer

Feb. 24, 2012
Michigan's Republican-controlled Senate is reaching a milestone.
As of Feb. 24, the Senate — by its inaction to pass a bill that would end the “Home Health Care Dues Skim” — will have enriched union coffers by $4 million.  This “skim” resulted from a union scheme perpetrated while Jennifer Granholm was governor. The plan used a dummy employer and a stealth election to railroad 43,000 so-called home health care workers into the Service Employees International Union. That 43,000 has now swollen to 56,442.  Once this forced unionization was achieved, money started being extracted from the taxpayer-provided checks received by the so-called home health care workers. This money continues [....]

Subsidized Green Energy Company Struggles, Lays Off Workers —
Rewards Top Executives
by Tom Gantert,
February 23, 2012
Analyst: 'It looks like they are trying to pad their top people’s wallets in case something really bad happens'   
    In the nine months since David Prystash was named Chief Financial Officer of A123 Systems — the battery manufacturer that received $390.1 million in federal and state subsidies — the company has laid off 125 employees and had a net loss of $172 million through the first three quarters of 2011.  A123 Systems also learned earlier this month that the company that was to be the main purchaser of its batteries — Fisker Automotive — had its federal funding cut off for missing milestones and had to lay off its own employees. A123 Systems had invested $23 million into Fisker.  Yet, this month A123’s Compensation Committee approved a $30,000 raise for Prystash just days after Fisker Automotive announced the U.S. Energy Department had cut off what was left of its $528.7 million loan it had previously received.
    Prystash wasn’t the only executive to see a big raise this month. Robert Johnson, vice president of the energy solutions group, got a 20.7 percent pay increase going from $331,250 to $400,000, while Jason Forcier, vice president of the automotive solutions group, saw his pay increase from $331,250 to $350,000. Prystash’s raise was 8.5 percent, going from $350,000 to $380,000.
The raises were reported by the company in its filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  “It looks highly suspicious,” said Paul Chesser, associate fellow for the National Legal & Policy Center. “It looks like they are trying to pad their top people’s wallets in case something really bad happens.”
When A123 Systems announced [....]

How the Forced Unionization of Day Care and Home Health Care Providers Took Place
Anatomy of a Scam: Dues continue to flow
by Jack Spencer

February 23, 2012
    Child care providers Sherry Loar, Paulette Silverson and Michelle Berry fought the forced unionization every step of the way.Editor's note: This story originally ran in January and is being republished because of repeated requests from readers wanting to know how the "dues skim" was created and put into action. Since 2007, more than $28 million has been take from Michigan home health care workers, many without their knowledge or consent. Almost $4 million has been skimmed since a bill that would end the deductions arrived in the Michigan Senate in June 2011. (The story has been updated.)
    As 2012 begins, the forced unionization of 56,442 so-called home health care workers in Michigan continues.  Approximately 80 percent of those impacted by an unpublicized election six years ago probably did not know what was occurring. As a result, they were railroaded into the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  Union dues have been extracted from the taxpayer-funded checks they've received ever since. This represents a transfer of more than $28 million from taxpayers to the coffers of the SEIU.  House Bill 4003 was designed [....]

Further Down the Rabbit Hole: Forced Unionization 'Dues Skim' Linked To West Coast Scandal
SEIU officials who led charge to unionize unsuspecting workers are now long gone
by Jack Spencer
February 22, 2012
    Rickman Jackson came to Michigan directly from Los Angeles. The Service Employees International Union Local 6434 official was the protégé of an influential union boss and the guy who signed the collective bargaining agreement that made the "Home Health Care Dues Skim" in Michigan possible.  More than $28 million has been taken from home health care workers' checks since that happened, but Jackson wasn't around long to see how the union he represented continues to profit from the “skim.” 
    Michigan's “Home Health Care Dues Skim” has its roots in Los Angeles at Local 6434 of the SEIU.  With a membership of 155,000 home health care workers, SEIU Local 6434 was the largest union local in California in the middle of the last decade. It also appears to have been the pilot project for questionable unionizations that later took place in other states — including Michigan.  Jackson learned at the side of Andy Stern, who headed the national SEIU until 2010 and in the early months of the Barack Obama administration Stern became known as the “man who had Obama's ear.”
    Stern got Jackson a post at Los Angeles Local 6434. After his apprenticeship there, Jackson was reassigned to Michigan. He became the first president of SEIU Healthcare Michigan, but resigned not long after getting that post.  Nonetheless, dues from the “skim” are still flowing to the union's coffers. House Bill 4003 would end the flow of that cash and was passed by the House last June, but Michigan's GOP-controlled Senate continues to sit on the bill.  While that happens, the SEIU is free to use the dues it collects [....]

Unemployment Rate Not as Rosy as It Appears
Fewer workers could be lowering state's rate
by Tom Gantert
February 21, 2012
    The days of Michigan leading the nation in the unemployment rate appear to be in the rear view mirror.  Michigan’s unemployment rate of 9.3 percent in December ranks it 11th highest in the nation. The state's unemployment rate was 11.2 percent just four months earlier.  But a big reason for the state’s rosier outlook is a large drop in the state’s labor force, something University of Michigan economist Don Grimes calls “one of the least understood results” of the economic recovery.
    Michigan’s workforce has dropped from 5.1 million in January 2006 to 4.6 million in December 2011. Michigan added 13,000 jobs in December of 2011, but the labor force decreased by 11,705 jobs.  “The labor force and employment are moving in opposite directions and that’s strange,” said James Hohman, a fiscal policy analyst with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. 
Hohman estimates that if Michigan had maintained the same number of people in the workforce as December 2007, and if all of the labor force drop-outs were instead classified as unemployed, Michigan’s unemployment rate would be at 16 percent.  Most experts are [....]

    Gawd, can't the State of Michigan learn from anyone other than an owe-bamacRATic socio-fascist?!?  Next, they'll elect George Soros "Governor-For-Life!!"
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This'n'That; February Twenty-Eighth #2; As Expected....

George Soros Grasping At 'Arrows!'

    As expected, George Soros is directing one of his subordinates: The WHITE HOUSE to claim credit for the in-country Keystone XL project continuation.  The folks behind the Keystone XL pipeline project have gone 'behind "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist's" back' in working on the associated project of a pipeline from the Cushing, Oklahoma oil storage hub to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast.

    Soros--and by extension, "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist"--fearing the expected owe-bama defeat in November, is using this opportunity to deflect the owe-bamacRATic's complete lack of a domestic energy policy.  Recently, "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" has rightfully been taking a lot of heat over the 75% rise in gas prices; the 95% increase in diesel fuel prices, since the "Clown's" 2009 immaculation!!

'Splain to me again why YOU elected this Arschloch?!?
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This'n'That; February Twenty-Eighth #1; The Putz....

Schumer VIOLATES owe-bama Policy!
    C. Ellis Schumer, the Putz-of-Park-Avenue, is intentionally violating one of "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist's" favorite policies!!  As has been mentioned several times in this blog--as well as many, many other outlets--"Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" wants energy prices 'to necessarily skyrocket.'  During that "Clown-ish" 2008 'Campaign of Fluff,' "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" said:
"When I was asked earlier about the issue coal.... under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket.... even regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad, because I'm capping greenhouse gasses, coal power plants, natural gas.... you name it.... whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, they would have to retro-fit their operations."
    Counter to "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist's" wishes for much higher energy prices, C. Ellis Schumer, the Putz-of-Park-Avenue, lettered Secretary of State, Hillary Rob'em Clinton demanding she intervene:
"....These skyrocketing fuel prices are directly linked to the global energy market, particularly to Iran's recent efforts to manipulate oil prices and the worry of impacts on supply from an escalation of regional hostilities....  
To address this situation I urge the State Department to work with the government of Saudi Arabia to increase its oil production, as they are currently producing well under their capacity....
When paired with recent by Iran in halting sales to French and U.K. companies, and threatening to stop sales to countries such as Italy, already fragile markets are unduly roiled.  These market shifts are now hitting Americans at the pump, reverberating throughout the rest of our economy, and threatening our recovery...."
    There you have it, boys'n'girls!!  C. Ellis Schumer, the Putz-of-Park-Avenue, is advocating two very important NEGATIVES:
'The Putz' wants to outsource even more jobs than "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" already has.  As revealed in his letter to Secretary Hillary Rob'em Clinton, C. Ellis wants to increase oil field, oil production and oil transportation jobs numbers in Saudi Arabia.
Additionally, if 'The Putz' demands on the State Department are realized, the  result will be the further depressing of already-dismal United States' domestic oil production rates.
'Splain to me why YOU elected this 'Putz-of-Park-Avenue?!?'
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Monday, February 27, 2012

This'n'That; February Twenty-Seventh #1; 'Hammer!'

What I Found:
    Those of you who read The Sunday 'Report' will recall one offering was the song: "When You're Holding a Hammer (Everything Looks Like a Nail)".

The 'home' website also has one statement from both "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" and former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher:

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Prime Minister Thatcher-
'Iron Lady' Meets "Ronaldus-Magnus"
"I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left."

"Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist-"
"Part of the reason our politics seems so tough right now, and the facts, and the science and the argument do not seem to be winning the day all the time, is because we're hard-wired not to always think clearly when we're scared, and the country is scared."

    This is an accurate study of two-one sentence statements by political opposites.  The 'Thatcher' statement could very easily be construed as advice to the 2012 'crop' of GOP candidates; the "Clown Prince" statement is an admission of fact: the owe-bamacRATics has not one 'arrow in their quiver' on which to base a positive re-immaculation campaign.
"They OWE us this!!

    My choice, Mr Santorum--as well as the remainder of the GOP field--must stay on message:  deal with the facts; pose possible solutions to the destructive efforts of the "Clown Prince."  With nothing positive to campaign on, both the "Clown Prince" and George Soros are advocating the owe-bamacRATics use a 'super-PAC,' which they'd previously rejected!  This will give them the added funds to run negative ads against the GOP frontrunners.
'Splain to me again why YOU elected this Arschloch?!?
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Sunday 'Report;' 02/26/2012

What The National Pamphleteers Don't Report:
51 year old woman graduates from Army boot camp
Joel Gehrke,
Associated Press
February 21, 2012
Army Sgt. Sandra Coast graduated from U.S. Army Basic Combat Training at the age of 51, finishing training with one of the highest physical fitness test scores in her company after having to lose 30 pounds just to qualify for basic training.  "I was impressed, because she can do everything the younger soldiers do," Army 1st Sgt. John Byars said of Coast, according to the [....]

‘Buying’ House Votes for Unpopular Legislation

by Lachlan Markay,
February 21, 2012
    An examination of “administrative earmarks” around the time of congressional votes on key pieces of President Obama’s agenda suggests the White House used its power to fund local projects as a means to “buy” votes for major legislative efforts.  Administrative earmarking refers to the federal government’s allocation of funds from its discretionary budget for specific projects. The practice is less transparent than legislative earmarking, since, according to the Congressional Research Service, “[t]here is no source that defines and comprehensively identifies Administrative earmarks.”  But an analysis of grants from agencies during the early years of the Obama administration shows that the districts of moderate Democrats, whose support was so crucial for Obama during the 111th Congress, received large sums right around the passage of three key pieces of legislation: Obamacare, Dodd-Frank financial regulations, and the cap-and-trade bill.
    During the run-up to votes in the House of Representatives for each of those pieces of legislation, the rate of administrative earmarking spiked. This chart shows the number of grants requested by 12 federal agencies, as documented at  The number of grants given by those agencies spiked precisely when the House was considering each of the three pieces of legislation.  Even more troubling: during the same time periods, significant grant money went to the districts of numerous Democratic representatives who looked to [....]

Afghanistan: The Aftermath of the Koran Burning at Bagram

Staff Reports,
February 23, 2012

    The Afghan Taliban on Feb. 23 condemned the burning of Korans along with other religious material at Bagram Air Field two days earlier. Since the incident, protests have spread in a number of provinces throughout the country, reflecting anger over the burning of the holy books as well as pent-up anti-U.S. sentiment among the Afghan people. The Taliban's statement comes as the movement attempts to both maintain its anti-U.S. credibility and maneuver toward a political accommodation in negotiations with the United States.
    Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid issued a statement Feb. 23 condemning the Feb. 21 incident in which Korans were burned at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan. Mujahid urged all Afghans to target foreigners and their military bases as a warning against desecrating the Muslim holy book. Following the Feb. 21 incident, as expected, anti-U.S. protests flared up in various parts of Afghanistan. The incident and the Taliban's response have occurred within the context of U.S. attempts to reach a political accommodation in negotiations with the Taliban, even as the militant movement attempts to maintain its anti-U.S. credibility.
    On Feb. 21, protesters armed with Molotov cocktails and stones protested outside Bagram Air Field, where foreign troops had burned copies of the Koran along with other religious material. Reports of the Koran burning surfaced when some of the protesters said trash collectors had discovered burned copies of the Koran. U.S. helicopters released flares and U.S. soldiers guarding the base perimeter fired rubber bullets in attempts to disperse the protesters, who chanted anti-U.S. slogans and burned tires outside the base at a gate where protests regularly occur. Reports differ on the size of the protests, but the demonstrators were not able to cause significant damage to the base.  Gen. John Allen, the U.S. commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan [....]

20 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

by Heather Bauer, RD, CDN,
February 21, 2012
    Whether you're trying to shed some lbs or just stay fit, these tricks to increase your metabolism from nutritionist Heather Bauer, RD,CDN, will help you reach the finish line even faster.
1. Keep Hydrated I'm sure the general population thinks dieticians sound like a broken record when it comes to the whole water thing, but it really is important. Drinking the recommended eight cups of water a day will help your body function at peak performance levels.
2. Keep Calcium Levels Up Current obesity research shows that a dip in calcium levels can trigger the same hormone that causes the body to hold onto fat to be released. Choose low-fat dairy, cheese, yogurt, salmon, tofu, and oatmeal.
3. Ditch the Drinks Happy hours and late night cocktails can do a number on your metabolism the next day. Research shows that the day after a night of drinking, there is a significant dip in your metabolic rate. Combine this with hangover cravings, and you've got a double disaster. [....]

Academic Hypocrisy

by Dr Thomas Sowell,
February 21, 2012
    It is fascinating to see people accusing others of things that they themselves are doing, especially when their own sins are worse.  Academics love to say that businesses are not paying enough to people who work for them. But where in business are there people who are paid absolutely nothing for strenuous work that involves risks to their health?  In academia, that situation is common. It is called college football. How often have you watched a big-time college football game without seeing someone limping off the field or being carried off the field?  College athletes are not to be paid because this is an "amateur" sport. But football coaches are not only paid, they are often paid higher salaries than the presidents of their own universities. Some make over a million dollars a year.  Academics also like to accuse businesses of consumer fraud. There is indeed fraud in business, as in every other aspect of human life -- including academia.  When my academic career began, half a century ago, I read up on the academic market and discovered that there was a chronic over-supply of people trained to be historians. There were not nearly enough academic posts available for people who had spent years acquiring Ph.D.s in history, and the few openings that there were for new Ph.D.s paid the kind of salaries you could get for doing work requiring a lot less education.  
    My own pay as a beginning instructor in economics was not high but it was certainly higher than that for beginning historians.  Now, 50 years later, there is a long feature article in the February 17th issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education on the chronic over-supply [....]

Conn. university: competition for free tuition

For freshmen at Conn. university, chance to win free tuition for business degree 'priceless'
by Stephanie Reitz,
Associated Press
February 18, 2012
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- Four years of tuition at the University of New Haven's business school? About $120,000.
A chance to get it free? Priceless.
UNH's new business school dean, a former MasterCard executive responsible for its "Priceless" advertising campaign, has issued a challenge to the university's incoming freshmen: Bowl me over with your entrepreneurial idea and win free tuition for your undergraduate degree.  Larry Flanagan calls it [....]

Beware the “Public Corruption” Amendment to the STOCK Act

by Joe Luppino-Esposito
February 9, 2012
    Perhaps not so surprisingly, Washington politicians on both sides of the aisle are opposed to the recent change by Representative Eric Cantor (R–VA) and the House of Representatives in eliminating the so-called public corruption amendment that was proposed by Senators Patrick Leahy (D–VT) and John Cornyn (R–TX) and attached to the Senate-passed STOCK Act. The House version (which lacked the Leahy–Cornyn amendment) passed by a whopping 417–2 vote earlier today.
    Cantor and the House deserve credit—not blame—for putting good policymaking ahead of their own potential electoral considerations. As The Heritage Foundation has chronicled, the Leahy–Cornyn Amendment attempts to kick to the curb [....]

Cancer-Fighting Teen Invites Taylor Swift To Prom; Gets Surprise Response

by Wendy Geller
Our Country
February 24, 2012
    Lots of guys want to go on a date with Taylor Swift. So, what makes 18-year-old Kevin McGuire from Somerdale, New Jersey any different from the pack of Swift's would-be suitors?  Well, there are a few things, which I'll go over in a minute. But, suffice to say, McGuire, who recently asked Swift via Facebook to be his prom date in June, stands out for the response he got. Swift declined the offer...but asked him to accompany her to a prestigious awards show in April, instead!  How did this all happen? The backstory: McGuire has had a painful struggle with leukemia since he was 13 years old. He went into remission in 2010, but sadly relapsed [....]

Current Gas Prices - Gas Prices by Zip Code

From Adam’s housecat to zydeco: After five decades, Dictionary of American Regional English completed

Behind the dictionary: Researchers’ work crucial
by Stacy Forster,
University of Wisconsin
February 23, 2012

    Along the way, the Dictionary of American Regional English has been an important source of employment and education for graduate students who have worked on the project, including those who traveled the U.S. in the late 1960s conducting the surveys that are the basis for the dictionary.  August Rubrecht was ready to start his dissertation in English when he was hired as a DARE field worker in August 1967. He spent the next year traveling through Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Delaware in one of DARE’s Word Wagons, campers that were specially outfitted with reel-to-reel recording devices and other tools field workers needed.  A year later, Sharon Huizenga began three years of fieldwork in Virginia and Kentucky, where her Michigan license plate drew attention. Huizenga says, “that caused some suspicion,” especially following the upheaval of the 1960s civil rights movement in the South.
    Researchers were required to find informants who had lived in the designated community – usually one that had been long settled -- their whole lives, Rubrecht says. The project was also skewed toward older informants, who had seen such changes as airplanes, radio, indoor plumbing and electricity in their lifetimes.
“We were catching the present, but one reason we tried to get older informants was they were able to give us what they knew from the old days and the latest with their grandchildren,” Rubrecht says.
Huizenga, who asked “Where do I sign up?” when told more DARE research might be done, says she’s interested in knowing how many of the regional terms in the dictionary have gone out of use or been replaced by new ones.
“Language reveals so much about who we are and what our values are,” Huizenga says. “You could say DARE is a portrait of America at a particular time, and that portrait will help us remember where the present comes from.”  What is a Maine-born doctor to do when a patient in Pennsylvania complains, “I’ve been riftin’ and I’ve got jags in my leaders?”
Consult the Dictionary of American Regional English to learn that the patient has been belching and experiencing sharp pains in his neck. After nearly five decades of work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the fifth volume of the dictionary, covering Sl to Z, is now available from Harvard University Press.
    The completion of the dictionary, known as DARE, is a landmark of American scholarship, recording the words, phrases, pronunciations, and pieces of grammar and syntax that vary from one part of the country to another.  “We think of American English as being pretty homogeneous, but with our spoken language, there are still thousands of differences,” says Joan Houston Hall (video: 5 Questions with Joan Houston Hall), who took over as editor after the death of DARE founder Frederic G. Cassidy in 2000. “It’s those kinds of differences we’re trying to record with DARE.”  DARE is based on interviews researchers from UW-Madison conducted in more than 1,000 communities across the country between 1965 and 1970. After the fieldwork was done, editors in Madison spent [....]

“Fashionably Late”? Try “Criminally Late”

by Joe Luppino-Esposito,
February 13, 2012
    Everyone knows that showing up late generally is a bad idea. But is it so bad that it ought to be punished criminally? To some officials in Loudoun County, Virginia, the answer is “Yes.” In their view, the appropriate treatment for habitual tardiness is not criticism, nor ostracism, nor some other “cism,” but is being charged with a crime.
    A front page story in the Washington Post this Sunday called attention to the Denicores, who have brought their three children late to school on dozens of occasions since September. Loudoun County concluded that parents who too often bring their children to school late – who engage in “excessive tardiness” as the school calls it – should be charged with a Class 3 Misdemeanor under Virginia law and should be subject to a $500 criminal fine. Other reports from Loudoun County say that Maureen Blake was arrested and [....]

The Myth of the End of Terrorism

by Scott Stewart,
February 23, 2012

    In this week's Geopolitical Weekly, George Friedman discussed the geopolitical cycles that change with each generation. Frequently, especially in recent years, those geopolitical cycles have intersected with changes in the way the tactic of terrorism is employed and in the actors employing it.  The Arab terrorism that began in the 1960s resulted from the Cold War and the Soviet decision to fund, train and otherwise encourage groups in the Middle East. The Soviet Union and its Middle Eastern proxies also sponsored Marxist terrorist groups in Europe and Latin America. They even backed the Japanese Red Army terrorist group. Places like South Yemen and Libya became havens where Marxist militants of many different nationalities gathered  [....]

The 2012 Index of Dependence on Government
by William Beach and Patrick Tyrrell
February 8, 2012
Abstract: The great and calamitous fiscal trends of our time—dependence on government by an increasing portion of the American population, and soaring debt that threatens the financial integrity of the economy—worsened yet again in 2010 and 2011. The United States has long reached the point at which it must reverse the direction of both trends or face economic and social collapse. Yet policymakers made little progress on either front since the 2010 Index of Dependence on Government was published. Today, more people than ever before—67.3 million Americans, from college students to retirees to welfare beneficiaries—depend on the federal government for housing, food, income, student aid, or other assistance once considered to be the responsibility of individuals, families, neighborhoods, churches, and other civil society institutions. The United States reached another milestone in 2010: For the first time in history, half the population pays no federal income taxes. Related to these disturbing trends, publicly held debt continued its amazing ascent without any plan by the government to pay it back. As if those circumstances were not dire enough, the country is about to witness the largest generational retirement in world history by a population that will depend on currently bankrupted pension and health programs.
    The 2012 Index of Dependence on Government highlights the gathering fiscal storm clouds. Unsustainable increases in dependent populations predate the recent recession—and continuing economic morass—and have continued to rise since the economy collapsed in 2008 and 2009. There is one silver lining to those clouds: A few policymakers and independent public policy groups have advanced plans for restoring fiscal balance in Washington. Among them is The Heritage Foundation. Heritage calls its fiscal plan Saving the American Dream. The Heritage plan reforms and funds those government programs that matter most to people who need the government’s help, and it frees the private sector to create the millions of jobs that will dramatically reduce the growth of dependence on government.
    Virtually no issue so dominates the current public policy debate as the future financial health of the U.S. government. Americans are haunted by the specter of enormously growing mountains of debt that suck the economic and social vitality out of this country. Only the intrepidly stagnant and jobless economic recovery garners more attention, and many are beginning to believe that even that sluggishness is tied to the nation’s growing burden of publicly held debt.[1]
    Of course, the roots of the problems produced by the great and growing debt lie in the spending behaviors of the federal government. Annual deficits far greater than the government’s revenue are fueling explosive levels of debt. One such significant area of rapid growth is those programs that create economic and social dependence on government.
    The 2012 publication of the Index of Dependence on Government marks the tenth year that The Heritage Foundation has flashed warning lights about [....]

The 5 Wealthiest Members of Congress

by Meredith Margrave,
September 09, 2011
According to data from the Center for Responsive Politics, 319 of the 535 members of Congress are millionaires. That's 60%.  And regardless of the recent economic malaise, Congressional wealth has grown.
The combined minimum net worth of this year's 50 wealthiest lawmakers was $1.6 billion, over $200 million more than in 2010.
    Luckily, a series of rules adopted by Congress in 1968 allows us to keep tabs on the finances of our elected representatives. All members of Congress must publicly disclose information on their finances every year -- including stock holdings.  So not only do we [....]

Surprise at the top of the list of sports’ highest-paid players of all-time

February 21, 2012
    On March 8, Peyton Manning is set to make $28 million from the Indianapolis Colts, the highest amount ever paid to an NFL athlete, despite missing all of last year due to injury. It also would put him in the rarefied group of star athletes who make more than 10 times the average salary in their sport, according to 24/7 Wall St’s independent analysis.
    Top athletes are now paid more than ever before. In fact, even when adjusting for inflation, older salaries fail to compare to current ones. As a result, nearly all of the highest-paid athletes in current dollars are playing or have retired in the last decade.  Still, even in earlier times – when sports teams made far less money – they paid the best players much more than others. A better way to look at athletes’ pay requires examination of all salaries since modern professional sports began. By comparing the salaries of the top-paid athletes from each era with the average salary of the sport at that time, the highest-paid players of all time can be counted. Based on an analysis of the highest salaries in the NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL in the last century, 24/7 Wall St. has identified the top-paid athletes that made at least 10 times the average player’s salary when they played.
    When looking at the highest salaries of all time based on current dollars, the lists are dominated by players from the last decade. Of the highest single-season salaries in baseball, the top 100 paid players are all [....]

Sometimes even Warren Buffett gets it wrong

by Josh Funk,
Associated Press,
February 25, 2012
OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — The Oracle of Omaha earned his nickname — and more than a few billion dollars — by spotting investments that others overlooked, but Warren Buffett makes mistakes.  No, really, he does.
Just pick through Buffett's annual letters to shareholders of his conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway. His pronouncements are eagerly anticipated by investors around the world. But sometimes even the Oracle gets it wrong.  By the second page of this year's letter, released Saturday, Buffett was borrowing a tennis term to take credit for "a major unforced error" he'd made on some Texas utility bonds.
    Of course, Buffett's shareholder letters are filled with a lot more good decisions than bad ones. His $44 billion fortune attests to that. But the blunders are instructive. Or at least remind us that he's human.  The plainspoken, no-nonsense investor tends to be a good sport about his mistakes. Here are some of the lowlights.  The blunder: Buffett predicted in last year's letter that [....]

The State of the World: A Framework

by George Friedman,
February 21, 2012

Editor's Note: This is the first installment of a new series on the national strategies of today's global power and other regional powers. This installment establishes a framework for understanding the current state of the world.
    The evolution of geopolitics is cyclical. Powers rise, fall and shift. Changes occur in every generation in an unending ballet. However, the period between 1989 and 1991 was unique in that a long cycle of human history spanning hundreds of years ended, and with it a shorter cycle also came to a close. The world is still reverberating from the events of that period.
    On Dec. 25, 1991, an epoch ended. On that day the Soviet Union collapsed, and for the first time in almost 500 years no European power was a global power, meaning no European state integrated economic, military and political power on a global scale. What began in 1492 with Europe smashing its way into the world and creating a global imperial system had ended. For five centuries, one European power or another had dominated the world, whether Portugal, Spain, France, England or the Soviet Union. Even the lesser European powers at the time had some degree of global influence.  After 1991 the only global power left was the United States, which produced about 25 percent of the world's [....]

The Emperor's Ego and Naked Americans

by Charles Payne
February 16, 2012    There is no doubt this year's election is all about the economy, from jobs to debt, but I think we might also see voters react to basic principles as well. The mishandling of the contraceptive issue by the White House probably created a seam in the electorate that has sensed their rights fading but has missed the degree because of all the finger pointing and noise that makes day to day life like watching World Cup soccer in Johannesburg. The noise and the sales job simply weighs on people to the point that they either completely tune out or succumb and make a purchase they'll regret later. But the idea that social issues aren't connected to financial issues has always baffled me.
    I think there is something anti-social about promoting victimhood and anger in any environment but more so in a recession or near recession. This is the moment for leaders to forget vanity and rigid ideology. You see, policies coming out of the White House are in fact mean-spirited notions of punishment loosely wrapped in the guise of economic policy. The unrelenting attack on successful individuals and business under the banner of fairness is the scariest part of it all. A lot of people are getting duped and that could mean our doom. In some ways this is reminiscent of "The Emperor's New Suit" by Hans Christian Andersen; someone keeps telling President Obama this war on business and success is somehow going to help the economy, but even those in the inner circle that know that is not true are also chiming in with agreement.
    In this particular tale there was an emperor that lived many years ago and whose only passion was clothes. He didn't show interest in the arts, military or other "royal" endeavors. He had a coat for every hour of the day. The kingdom was peaceful and wealthy and a beacon for travelers from around the world. One day a couple of those travelers were swindlers with [....]

The Tea Party Hit List for 2012
by Jonathan Karl, Richard Coolidge & Sherisse Pham
Power Players
February 20, 2012
Spinners and Winners
    In Texas, conservative Ted Cruz is looking for a Marco Rubio-esque victory. Like Rubio, Cruz came out of nowhere to challenge an established Republican candidate for the Senate nomination.  The similarities are striking: Rubio's father came from Cuba to the U.S. in 1958 and got a job as a bartender; Cruz's father came from Cuba in 1957 and got a job washing dishes; Rubio is 40, Cruz is 41; Rubio took on a powerful governor, Cruz is taking on a powerful lieutenant governor. 
    Ted Cruz is the whole package, says Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, a conservative group with links to the Tea Party. "He's got the values, he's got the resume of someone that has always fought for these ideas, he's got the charisma, and he's willing to burn a little shoe leather getting elected and it's got to be that combination."  Cruz has already raised $4 million - a staggering sum for an underdog.
    Conservative activists are also [....]
This is What a President Looks Like
by John Ransom
February 21, 2012    In an era that lives by self-promotion- an era that takes someone like Donald Trump seriously as a presidential candidate- Presidents' Day is a day to remember that greatness still resides in what one does, not what one claims to be.  That is why Abraham Lincoln will always belong to every age. Because Lincoln was not just a great president; he may have been one of the greatest men that this country has yet produced. His rare combination of self-confidence and humility produced the archetype of "the American, this new man," who is still universally admired.  While many of our heroes have lost their gloss, Abraham Lincoln still shines brightly for many Americans because there is so much to learn from his life.
    Lincoln was once criticized over the publication of a private letter he sent to an actor because it dared express Lincoln’s opinion on William Shakespeare. Although Lincoln did not write the letter for public circulation, in those days it was common for private letters to end up in the newspapers.  Lincoln was well-read in Shakespeare. It was evident in the fluidity of much of his writing that he got some of his short, Anglo-Saxon style from Shakespeare. While Lincoln would never match the volume of the Bard, in his own way, Lincoln’s contribution to American letters ranks probably just below Mark Twain’s own accomplishments.
“The novelist William Dean Howell’s claim about his friend Mark Twain,” writes literary biographer Fred Kaplan, “that he was the [....]

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When You're Holding a Hammer
(Everything Looks Like a Nail)
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August 20, 2010
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I'm just a fellow patriot.
Teacher Who Told Student to "Go Back to Mexico" Keeps her Job

by Alan Scaia,
WBAP 24/7 News
(Date Unknown)
ARLINGTON (WBAP 24/7 NEWS) - An Arlington school teacher who told a Hispanic student to "go back to Mexico" will return to the classroom. School trustees voted unanimously Thursday night to accept an independent investigator's report that found no cause for Shirley Bunn's termination.
"I'm ready to go back to the classroom," Bunn said through tears after the board meeting. "I've been so worried about my kids."
Bunn has [....]
Who’s Looking At Your Facebook Page?
Can You Really Find Out?
by Becky Worley
Upgrade Your Life
February 15, 2012
    If you've spent more than five minutes online, you've probably seen an ad that promises "find out who's searching for you." It sounds like a scam, but is it possible? Can someone find out if you've been looking at their Facebook or LinkedIn profile? Can you tell if someone's unfriended you? And can you see what searches have been performed with your name?  First the warning: there are scams aplenty promising to show you who is "stalking" your Facebook page. I put in a call to Facebook and spoke with [....] 
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; February 25th

 A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince;" 02/25/2012
barackingham Palace,
District of Corruption
February 25, 2012
    In the State of the Union, I laid out three areas we need to focus on if we’re going to build an economy that lasts: new American manufacturing, new skills and education for American workers, and new sources of American-made energy.  These days, we’re getting another painful reminder why developing new energy is so important to our future. Just like they did last year, gas prices are starting to climb. Only this time, it’s happening earlier. And that hurts everyone – everyone who owns a car; everyone who owns a business. It means you have to stretch your paycheck even further. Some folks have no choice but to drive a long way to work, and high gas prices are like a tax straight out of their paychecks.  Now, some politicians always see this as a political opportunity. And since it’s an election year, they’re already dusting off their three-point plans for $2 gas. I’ll save you the suspense: Step one is drill, step two is drill, and step three is keep drilling. We hear the same thing every year.  Well the American people aren’t stupid. You know that’s not a plan – especially since we’re already drilling. It’s a bumper sticker. It’s not a strategy to solve our energy challenge. It’s a strategy to get politicians through an election.
[What I'm not telling you:   My three points here aren't nearly as important as those three points I demagogue later in this blather opportunity. For the past three-plus years, I've been touting the return of American manufacturing jobs; the plain truth is that the American companies involved can't profit from bringing the aforementioned jobs back on-shore.  The federal--read: owe-bamacRATic; socio-fascist--tax policies coupled with the ineffciencies of a union-controlled labor force make any reasonable profits impossible. 
    The fossil fuels are the tried-and-true energy sources that have sustained the American manufacturing and business 'engines' for the past three centuries!  Every American president since the mid-nineteenth century has had a viable, workable federal energy policy.  Those policies centered primarily on the availability of inexpensive fossil fuels.  Since my immaculation, the federal energy policy has been "higher retail prices will curtail demand!"  Lest we forget my rewards for my supporters, donors, my voter blocks, an important part of the regime's energy policy is to subsidize those 'green-turned-black' energy companies, even though we knew they would file for bankruptcy within weeks of said subsidies.  This allowed investors in companies like SOLYNDRA to reap untold profits prior to the various-and-several companies' collapse at the expense of the American taxpayer!   Remember that ever-famous statement I made during the last "Campaign of Fluff?"
"Under my plan of a 'Cap and Trade' system, electricity prices will necessarily skyrocket."
...or how 'bout this one:
"So, if anyone wants to build a coal [-fired power] plant, they can.... it's just that it will bankrupt them, because they will be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted." 
Now, I ask you:  Is this a viable, workable federal energy plan, or is it just more vindictiveness predicated upon the huge 'chip' on my shoulder?!?  'You be the judge!!']
    You know there are no quick fixes to this problem, and you know we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices. If we’re going to take control of our energy future and avoid these gas price spikes down the line, then we need a sustained, all-of-the-above strategy that develops every available source of American energy – oil, gas, wind, solar, nuclear, biofuels, and more. We need to keep developing the technology that allows us to use less oil in our cars and trucks; in our buildings and plants. That’s the strategy we’re pursuing, and that’s the only real solution to this challenge.  Now, we absolutely need safe, responsible oil production here in America. That’s why under my Administration, America is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years. In 2010, our dependence on foreign oil was under 50% for the first time in more than a decade. And while there are no short-term silver bullets when it comes to gas prices, I’ve directed my administration to look for every single area where we can make an impact and help consumers in the months ahead, from permitting to delivery bottlenecks to what’s going on in the oil markets.  But over the long term, an all-of-the-above energy strategy means we have to do more. It means we have to make some choices.  Here’s one example. Right now, four billion of your tax dollars subsidize the oil industry every year. Four billion dollars.  Imagine that. Maybe some of you are listening to this in your car right now, pulling into a gas station to fill up. As you watch those numbers rise, know that oil company profits have never been higher. Yet somehow, Congress is still giving those same companies another four billion dollars of your money. That’s outrageous. It’s inexcusable. And it has to stop.
[What I'm not telling you:  Now on to the 'drilling' argument:  Had George Soros and I not thought placating the environmentalists was 'the way to go,' we--and by 'we' I mean Soros--could have developed an energy exploration, development and production plan which very well may have taken the United States out from under the 'OPEC thumb.' We--and by 'we' I mean Soros--didn't; we--and by 'we' I mean the American consumer--now have to suffer with energy prices that seem to rise by-the-minute!
    All the aforementioned 'alternative energy sources' have shown to be unsustainable without massive federal subsidies.  Much like me purchasing General Motors with taxpayer money, the subsidies to 'green-turned-black' energy companies do little more than prop up poor managements, unworkable business models.  Let's go back to the mid-19th century I spoke of earlier:  Did Henry Ford get massive federal subsidies to develop his Model T, the most successful automobile in history?!?  Did George Eastman get massive federal subsidies to develop materials that evolved into the Eastman-Kodak Company?!?  Did that 'Wizard of Menlo Park,' Thomas Edison get massive federal subsidies to 'light-the-world?!?'  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  Each of these businesses had to 'stand-or-fall' on their individual viability. 
     That "...under my administration...." ditty?  That's is--and was designed to be--quite misleading!!  The real truth--which you'll never see admitted to anywhere else--is that most of the drilling permits in force today, are the product of that evil George W. Bush!!  My regime has approved precious few new drilling permits; part of a continuing effort to force the American economy to accept alternative energy sources.  The regime's 'all-of-the-above' energy strategy is quite similar to "throwing gobs-of-shit at the barn wall, hoping at least some will stick!!" 
    All the new drilling permits; the removal of delivery 'bottlenecks;' trying to second-guess foreign energy markets, doesn't mean 'squat' in the whole scheme-of-things.  The EPA-in it's infinite wisdom--has regulated new refining facilities practically out-of-existence.  The energy companies are forced to spend untold billions-of-dollars just to prepare for the EPA and Department of Energy permitting processes!  Most older refineries on the Gulf Coast are only equipped to refine 'Brent Sweet' crude oil while refineries in the mid-west are capable of processing 'West Texas Intermediate' crude.  Very few refineries have been upgraded to process "later-generation" variations of crude oil.  No matter who says what: the onus is on the owe-bama Regime for this kerfuffle!!]
    A century of subsidies to the oil companies is long enough. It’s time to end taxpayer giveaways to an industry that’s never been more profitable, and use that money to reduce our deficit and double-down on a clean energy industry that’s never been more promising. Because of the investments we’ve already made, the use of wind and solar energy in this country has nearly doubled – and thousands of Americans have jobs because of it. And because we put in place the toughest fuel economy standards in history, our cars will average nearly 55 miles per gallon by the middle of the next decade – something that, over time, will save the typical family more than $8,000 at the pump. Now Congress needs to keep that momentum going by renewing the clean energy tax credits that will lead to more jobs and less dependence on foreign oil.  Look, we know there’s no silver bullet that will bring down gas prices or reduce our dependence on foreign oil overnight. But what we can do is get our priorities straight, and make a sustained, serious effort to tackle this problem. That’s the commitment we need right now. And with your help, it’s a commitment we can make.
[What I'm not telling you:  Certainly, there are subsidies to the oil companies!  Certainly, it's money that might be better-spent elsewhere!  A secondary affect of oil company subsidies is lower retail product prices.  We could end said subsidies, but at what cost; at what pain-level to the American consumer?!?  
"....double-down on a clean energy industry that's never been more promising...." 
Who--exactly--believes that bullshit?!?  As I mentioned previously, the green-turned-black energy sector exists primarily for the regime to transfer taxpayer 'wealth' to owe-bamacRATic and owe-bama campaign supporters, seemingly without the ruler's "fingerprints" on the transfers!!  Why is 'doubling-down' be any more productive, profitable than the previous 'singling-down' by the owe-bama regime that came just days and weeks prior to the seveal companies' bankruptcy filings?!?  The several energy alternatives are currently unsustainable and thus will currently cost the American taxpayer far more than they'll ever realize.  Let the alternatives live-and-die by consumer demand, product viability, much like the aforemention industrial titans!!  Wake up, America!!  The owe-bama regime--and by that I mean SOROS--will continue to circumvent the United States Constitution; circumvent all logic, until the Congress steps in to force us to stop.  And--rest assured--we WILL NOT stop until forced to do so!!  Soros does admit--by the way--these price issues, these production issues and these tax issues are a direct aid to the owe-bama class-warfare strategy!!]



Friday, February 24, 2012

This'n'That; February Twenty-Fourth #2; A Real HOOT!!

From WBAP-Fort Worth; Dallas
    Click on this link,
then click on "Beach Boys Concert promo final"
This will definitely push away the ill effects of anything "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" has said--or lied about--in the last twenty-four hours!!
Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That; February Twenty-Fourth #1; Grasping?!?

More 'Clown-isms'
    Some several months ago, George Soros must have realized his 'butt-buddy' "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" is not the shoo-in for re-immaculation that he had previously supposed!  Of late, he's been trotting the "Clown Prince" out to propose all manner of unusual--to say the least--proposals to end whatever topic is the kerfuffle-of-the-day.
    The latest "clown-ism" proposed is that we 'manufacture' petroleum from algae.  Federally subsidized research has been on-going for several years.  This latest attempt to co-opt a federal program as his own, illustrates "Clown Price ZERO-bama, the Narcissist's" loss of reality:
1.  The federal government's record (from either party) on 'manufactured' petroleum--either as diesel or as gasoline substitutes--is dismal, at best.  Bio-diesel has been on the worldwide fuel 'landscape' since 1853!!  The fuel source preceeded Rudolf Diesel's first working model by some forty-years. 
In 2008, bio-diesel had less than one-percent of the U.S. diesel fuel market. 
2.  Ethanol started out life in 15th century Scotland as 'moonshine' whiskey.  In the modern era, Henry Ford's first working auto--his Quadra-Cycle--was developed to run on pure ethanol. 
In the 1940s--during WWII--the U.S. Army built ethanol plants to provide fuel for mid-west regional military fleets.
Since 2003--starting in California--ethanol has been mandated as the replacement for MTBE to oxygenate motor fuels.
Without federal subsidies, the corn-ethanol industry would have gone the way of the dinosaur.  Currently that subsidy amounts to $1.01 per gallon to the manufacturer.  Corn-ethanol directly competes with all those starving kids you see from the planet's various third-world ratholes.
    George Soros' proposal of algae-for-fuel is not a new concept! The Oceanic countries of Australia and New Zealand are at the fore of research, development and production as it relates to jet fuel.  While there are positives involved with algae production theory, the very concept of algae-for-fuel has a multitude of problems:
1.  High-oil-content algae--when grown in an 'open pond' system--is highly susceptible to wind-born contaminents, changes in the Ph levels, swings in temperatures.
2.  The 'closed loop' (sealed-not exposed to the atmosphere) system necessary to cultivate the high-oil-content algae is not only far more expensive, it requires an on-going source of cheap, sterile CO2. 
    The United States currently subsidizes algae-as-fuel development with $85 Million.  If "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" really believes this represents the future of biofuels in America, why just a 16.4% ($14 Million) increase in taxpayer investment?!?
    With owe-bama's lies--to the University of Miami's student body--promoting his support of oil exploration, recovery and production, one oil industry executive tells 'the other side' of said lies:
Bruce Vincent, President of Swift Energy-"These have been the most difficult three years from a policy standpoint I've ever seen in my career.  They've [the current regime] done nothing but restrict access and delay permitting."
Washington Examiner columnist Michael Barone comments: "We've prohibited a pipeline, the safest way to transport oil from Canada, but we're aiding Mexico in off-shore drilling, which is riskier, by a firm that lacks the experience of U.S. firms we've been trying to prevent drilling in the same body of water.  Does this make any sense at all?!?"
'Nuff said, Mr Barone!!
'Splain to me again why YOU elected this Arschloch?!?
Til Nex'Time....