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This'n'That; February Twenty-Eighth [RE:;

RE: Soros Whining!
    I referred to this phenomenon on 02/27/2011, in the Sunday 'Report.'  Mr Soros took the opportunity of a CNN interview (02/20 broadcast date) to blather on about his puppet--"Clown Prince" obama--having 'lost control of the national economy.'  This brings to mind, several points-in no particular order:
  • How can one 'lose control' of anything when one is under the direct and complete control of another, i.e., a marionette?!?  This can only be accomplished if, and when, 'the chief string puller (Soros)' errs--and that error is compounded exponentially through the length of the string to the marionette (obama).
  • Has the basic intent of the message (Soros' desires for the success or failure of the American/world economy) been 'lost in translation?!?'  While an American citizen, George Soros actually spends little time in the U.S. 
  • UAW union president Richard Trumka has daily phone and email contact with someone high in the 'palace guard;' visits 'barackingham Palace' two, three times a week.  All appearances would suggest there's a three-way, co-presidency goin' on here!  That being the case, Trumka has to be muddying the 'waters of translation.' Trumka being the communistic-fascist that he appears, might just be angling the junta's travel toward more and more toward federal control of as much private activity as possible; maybe a far faster rate than Soros had intended.
  • Watching CNN's video presentation, the viewer is getting just one side of thought; symbolically watching the right hand, while it's the left hand that's doing the manipulation; the damage!!  Soros' position is completely by design; obama's deliberate destruction of the American economy; the American way-of-life, is also deliberate!
  • Financially, why does George Soros even care which direction the American economy; the American governance, goes?!?  The Soros investments most assuredly are structures such, that in either direction, Soros will probably profit; one direction-more profit than with the other direction.
  • Politically, George Soros cares about the American economy-governance directions for other reasons.  During the height of WWII, Soros (a born Jew) posed  as a 14 year-old phony Christian, living with a phony grandfather who was a Nazi official.  The Nazi official's (phony grandfather's) job was to confiscate the Jews' personal possessions, as hundreds-of-thousands were herded for transport to the concentration camps.  
  • (*)Soros quote:  "I was 14 years old. And I would say that that's when my character was made."
  • One can only wonder how much of evil Soros is made up of Nazi evil and how much is self-determined evil?!?  It would be long and weak, but one could 'go-out-on-a-limb and say that most of Soros' character--or lack thereof--is the result of Nazi 're-education,' rather than self-determination.  No one should be that evil by choice!!
 The current American dilemma has to be the result of 'outside forces!'  obama's high level of inexperience is only attributable to obama-he's never had to do anything for himself; he chose the 'easy-way-out' in the employment arena.  obama's ineptness; incompetence can be attributed to 'outside forces.'  He has been given practically everything in life, in education-he just had to 'stomp-his-feet' and hold his breath 'til his face turned blue-brown!!!
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The Sunday 'Report;' 02/27/2011

What The National Pamphleteers Don't Report:
Wanna' Visualize The obama Budget Cuts?

U.S. Pushes Mortgage Deal

obama Proposal Seeks Multibillion-Dollar Settlement of Loan-Servicing Cases
    The obama administration is trying to push through a settlement over mortgage-servicing breakdowns that could force America's largest banks to pay for reductions in loan principal worth billions of dollars.  Terms of the administration's proposal include a commitment from mortgage servicers to reduce the loan balances of troubled borrowers who owe more than their homes are worth, people familiar with the matter said. The cost of those writedowns won't be borne by investors who purchased mortgage-backed securities, these people said.  If a unified settlement can be reached, some state attorneys general and federal agencies are pushing for banks to pay more than $20 billion in civil fines or to fund a comparable amount of loan modifications for distressed borrowers, these people said.  But forging a comprehensive settlement may be difficult. A deal would have to [....]

Cuomo would make NY-26 doubly special

Jimmy Vielkind, Capitol bureau
    Gov. Andrew Cuomo is introducing a bill that would double the amount of campaigning time for special elections, like one the governor will have to call in the 26th Congressional District.  This would make for a fairly interesting shift in political tactics during the campaigns, which because of their short duration favor wealthy candidates and “air wars.” Cuomo’s stated reasoning for the change — which would give a 70-80 day window from the date he issues a formal proclamation, rather than a 30-40 day window — is to ensure oversees and military ballots can [....]

"Clown Prince" Lies AGAIN!
White House meets lobbyists off campus
Lobbyists say obama aides shunt them to the Jackson Place Complex.
By CHRIS FRATES; 2/24/11
    Caught between their boss’ anti-lobbyist rhetoric and the reality of governing, "Clown Prince"  obama’s aides often steer meetings with lobbyists to a complex just off  'barackingham Palace' grounds — and several of the lobbyists involved say they believe the choice of venue is no accident.  It allows the obama junta to keep these lobbyist meetings shielded from public view — and out of Secret Service logs kept on visitors to 'barackingham Palace' and later released to the public.
“They’re doing it on the side. It’s better than nothing,” said immigration reform lobbyist Tamar Jacoby, who has attended meetings at the nearby Jackson Place complex and believes the undisclosed gatherings are better than none.  Dupes at 'barackingham Palace' scoff at the notion of an ulterior motive for scheduling meetings in what are, after all, meeting rooms. But at least four lobbyists who’ve been to the conference rooms just off Lafayette Square tell POLITICO they had the distinct impression they were being shunted off to Jackson Place — and off the books — so their visits wouldn’t later [....]

George Soros: ‘President Obama Has Lost Control’

{'Sub-President' Speaks; BUT, What's The Sub-Plot?!?}
By Meredith Jessup
    In a pre-recorded interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria set to air Sunday morning, investment billionaire George Soros accuses President Barack Obama of having “lost control” of the national economy and criticizes the Democratic president for allowing Republicans to set the national agenda.  Furthermore, Soros goes on to predict that Obama‘s policy shortcomings will have a negative impact on the nation’s economic recovery and accuses the GOP of mixing economic and ideological priorities at the expense of the American worker. [....]
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This'n'That; February Twenty-Sixth [HoS; L-T-C-G]

HoS Proposed Rulemaking 'Comments' Deadline
    All you 'drivers' out there (as opposed to "Steering Wheel Holders") should heed this article!  You only have until the 'close-of-business' on Monday, 02/28/2011, to make your feelings known on the proposed changes to the Hours of Service regulations.  See the edited article below:

ACTION: Notice of proposed rulemaking.

SUMMARY: To promote safety and to protect driver health, FMCSA proposes
to revise the regulations for hours of service for drivers of property-
carrying commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). To achieve these goals, the
proposed rule would provide flexibility for drivers to take breaks when
needed and would reduce safety and health risks associated with long
hours. The proposed rule would make seven changes from current
  • First, the proposed rule would limit drivers to either 10 or 11 hours of driving time following a period of at least 10 consecutive hours off duty; on the basis of all relevant considerations, FMCSA currently favors a 10-hour limit, but its ultimate decision will include a careful consideration of comments and any additional data received.
  • Second, it would limit the standard ``driving window'' to 14 hours, while allowing that number to be extended to 16 hours twice a week.
  • Third, actual duty time within the driving window would be limited to 13 hours.
  • Fourth, drivers would be permitted to drive only if 7 hours or less have passed since their last off-duty or sleeper-berth period of at least 30 minutes.
  • Fifth, the 34-hour restart would be retained, subject to certain limits: The restart would have to include two periods between midnight and 6 a.m. and could be started no sooner than 168 hours (7 days) after the beginning of the previously designated restart.
  • Sixth, the definition of "on duty'' would be revised to allow some time spent in or on the CMV to be logged as off duty.
  • Seventh, the oilfield operations exception would be revised to clarify the language on waiting time and to state that waiting time would not be included in the calculation of the driving window.

DATES: You may submit comments by February 28, 2011.
ADDRESSES: You may submit comments, identified by docket number FMCSA-2004-19608 or RIN 2126-AB26, by any of the following methods:
  • Federal eRulemaking Portal:
  • Fax: 202-493-2251.
  • Mail: Docket Management Facility (M-30), U.S. Department of Transportation, West Building Ground Floor, Room W12-140, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE., Washington, DC 20590-0001.
  • Hand delivery: Same as mail address above, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays. The telephone number is 202-366-9329.
To avoid duplication, please use only one of these four methods.


'Best' New Show On Cable!!
    For my money, Larry's got it!!  "Larry The Cable Guy (aka Dan Whitney)" has a new show on The History Channel (Tuesdays, 9PM + 9:30PM-eastern; TWC chnl 63/1063):  'Only In America with Larry The Cable Guy.'  The first show I saw/recorded (which might have been the one-hour pilot) had a segment about moonshiners in/near Dawsonville, Ga.  It appeared to consist of chopped-up footage from a show  narrated by Billy Ray Cyrus.  So..... in my A-D-D way, I immediately changed shows; big mistake!!  I finally watched a subsequent show-ended up laughing for 'twenty-one minutes!!'  This  is one of those shows you just kinda' stumble onto; one that ya should plunk your kids--of all ages--in front of for a good, clean laugh.....'n' even some education!!  I've got the TiVo set to "record all shows 'n' save 'em forever!!"
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{*}Mr. Thomas Yager, Chief, Driver and Carrier Operations Division,
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation,
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE., Washington, DC 20590,
(202) 366-4325.



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"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; February 26th

A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince;" 02/26/2011

February 26, 2011

barackingham Palace

Over the last month, I’ve been traveling the country, talking to Americans about how we can out-educate, out-innovate, and out-build the rest of the world. Doing that will require a government that lives within its means, and cuts whatever spending we can afford to do without. But it will also require investing in our nation’s future – training and educating our workers; increasing our commitment to research and technology; building new roads and bridges, high-speed rail and high-speed internet.  In cities and towns throughout America, I’ve seen the benefits of these investments. The schools and colleges of Oregon are providing Intel – the state’s largest private employer – with a steady stream of highly-educated workers and engineers. At Parkville Middle School outside of Baltimore, engineering is the most popular subject, thanks to outstanding teachers who are inspiring students to focus on their math and science skills.  In Wisconsin, a company called Orion is putting hundreds of people to work manufacturing energy-efficient lights in a once-shuttered plant. And in the small community of Marquette, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, widely accessible high-speed internet has allowed students and entrepreneurs to connect to the global economy. One small business, a third-generation, family-owned clothing shop called Getz’s is now selling their products online, which has helped them double their workforce and make them one of America’s 5,000 fastest-growing companies in a recent listing.
[What I'm not telling you:  Actually, I've been travelling--on the campaign trail--since I left "barackingham Palace" to kick off the "Campaign of Fluff-Redux" at the 'Giffords Arizona Tragic Memorial and Pep Rally.'  The congressional republicRATs and the 'Tea Party' movement members seem to have discovered the true fascist meaning of the word: invest, investing, investment-more government spending--in massive amounts--equating to both vote buying and donor, supporter rewards!  Here, I'd like to thank the republicRATs, libertaricRATs, independents, constitutionalists, Tea Party movement members, et al; for their share of the vast amounts of money required to 'put together' any regime travel; Hell, it costs over $70,000 per-flying-hour, just to use Air Force One!!  This doesn't count the 'close-to-a-million' dollars per stop for security, vehicle shipment logistics, on-the-ground security at the destination-no matter how long the stay is!!  During this blather opportunity, I'm concentrating on four areas:  worker training and education; federal committment to research and technology; new highway infrastructure and high-speed rail and internet.
*As for worker training and education:  My regime, George Soros, Richard Trumka along with the rest of my handlers, are committed to the continued government support of labor, service and public employees' unions.  We intend to use any means at our disposal--my 'Organizing for America group as well as the New Black Panthers; Soros' Media Matters group and many of the other eighty-plus organizations he funds; Trumka's UAW thugs; SEIU's  "Purple People BeatersVoter Intimidation Unit;--to overtly gin up union members' unrest and demonstrations (as we've done in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio!); to covertly continue our efforts to spread mis-information, innuendo and outright lies.
*As for research and technology:  In practically every recorded case, federal investment in research and technology has never paid off; never 'made a profit' for the government!!  In my regime's case--as with most previous examples--this investment is used for social-engineering; to steer the public in the direction that will most benefit my designs for the country, as well as those of my supporters and donors.  Again, in practically every recorded case, the private sector has made great strides in their areas of expertise--using private funds where there's a profit-and-loss potential!!
*As for highway infrastructure:  This was to be initiated and--in large part--paid for by my recent $787Billion PORKulus legislation!  My regime didn't consider the required supporter and donor payoffs when determining the allocation of PORKulus funds.  Most members of both parties, of both houses of Congress have had a hand in the necessity for replacement infrastructure funding.  Starting several years ago, presidents--in concert with Congress--started mis-allocating Highway Trust Fund monies to balance budgets, to fund pet-projects, etc.
*As for 'the high-speeds;' rail and internet:  Again, far more advancement will be made by private investment if the profit potential is there otherwise, it'll become a government 'investment'!!  Except for growth in both size and control, where's the necessity for government involvement in either rail or internet-unless they need the safety net of subsidies?!?
    As usual, I continue to cite all manner of lame examples to prop up a misguided philosophy!!]    Each of these places reminds us that investments in education, innovation, and infrastructure are an essential down payment on our future. But they also remind us that the only way we can afford these investments is by getting our fiscal house in order. Just like any family, we have to live within our means to make room for things we absolutely need.  That’s why I’ve called for a freeze on annual domestic spending over the next five years – a freeze that would cut the deficit by more than $400 billion over the next decade, bringing this kind of spending to its lowest share of our economy since Dwight Eisenhower was President. Just to be clear, that’s lower than it was under the past three administrations, and lower than it was under Ronald Reagan.  Now, putting this budget freeze in place will require tough choices. That’s why I’ve frozen salaries for hardworking civil servants for three years, and proposed cutting programs I care about deeply, like community action programs in low-income neighborhoods. I’m not taking these steps lightly – but I’m taking them because our economic future demands it.
[What I'm not telling you:    "Cheese'n'Rice!!"  I find it difficult to understand how anyone would fall for my obfuscation of the facts; my outright lies!! 
"....a freeze on annual domestic spending over the next five years...." 
To anyone who successfully completed "Econ-101," this statement is laughable, at best!!!!  I've run domestic spending to 'unheard of levels in the past two years; any freeze at this level will just barely equal 'a-fart-in-a-whirlwind!!' The freeze will have a net effect of Zero, Zip, Nadda!!
"....this kind of spending to its lowest share of our economy since Dwight Eisenhower...." 
This statement is the "Clown Prince" blather equivalent of comparing apples-to-oranges; it makes no sense!! 
"....I’ve frozen salaries for hardworking civil servants for three years...."  
The public should note that they've not heard any bitching from the federal employees!!  For two reasons;  the union leadership has made certain they understand this is all part of a grand plan through which they too, will profit greatly; the rate of pay for a federal employee is between 160 and 200 percent of the median wage earned by those who fund the government: the American taxpayer!!  
"....cutting programs I care about deeply, like community action programs in low-income neighborhoods...."  
Sure, it looks really conservative, really bipartisan of me to recommend cutting these types of programs; you wait til the "Campaign of Fluff-Redux" is in high-gear and see who gets 'their-asses-stomped-into-a-mudhole' over any cuts that actually materialize!!  I'll be like Gomer Pyle, runnin' up the street, yellin' "Citizens' Arrest, Citizens' Arrest;" blamin' the republicRATs and Tea Partiers!!!]    Still, a freeze in annual domestic spending is just a start. If we’re serious about tackling our long-run fiscal challenges, we also need to cut excessive spending wherever we find it – in defense spending, spending in Medicare and Medicaid, and spending through tax breaks and loopholes.  I’m willing to consider any serious ideas to help us reduce the deficit – no matter what party is proposing them. But instead of cutting the investments in education and innovation we need to out-compete the rest of the world, we need a balanced approach to deficit reduction. We all need to be willing to sacrifice, but we can’t sacrifice our future.  Next week, Congress will focus on a short-term budget. For the sake of our people and our economy, we cannot allow gridlock to prevail. Both Democratic and Republican leaders in the House and Senate have said they believe it’s important to keep the government running while we work together on a plan to reduce our long-term deficit.  Given that, I urge and expect them to find common ground so we can accelerate, not impede, economic growth. It won’t be easy. There will be plenty of debates and disagreements, and neither party will get everything it wants. Both sides will have to compromise.  That’s what it will take to do what’s right for our country. And I look forward to working with members of both parties to produce a responsible budget that cuts what we can’t afford, sharpens America’s competitive edge in the world, and helps us win the future.
[What I'm not telling you:  Here, with the proposed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid; the elimination of tax breaks and loopholes--I feel fairly safe in making those recommendations.  The total of the union memberships; the obamacRATs; the welfareRATs; other members of the dependency class; the 'KoolAid drinkers' far outnumber those of the subjected cut-areas!!  So what I'm actually saying with those proposed cuts is: "UP YOURS-Old Folks!!   UP YOURS-Rich People!!]



Friday, February 25, 2011

This'n'That; February Twenty-Fifth [Walker]

Is Governor Walker "The Man?"
    America has been in peril before; serious peril!!  Remember the 1960s-'The Viet Nam Era?'  Remember when the young thug-punks whined, pissed and moaned; protesting everything 'under-the-sun?'  Those thug-punks have evolved!  They're now the "thuunks" of the ruling class!
    Time, politics and the country as a whole, has been in constant flux since that time and will be ad infinitum!
    Historical perspective:  I was born just after WWII, grew up between the Korean War and the start of 'The Viet Nam Era;' and really grew up during 'The Viet Nam Era!'

Long-gone is the time when a five year-old kid can walk solo, four blocks to his school!
Long-gone is the time when a young kid--on his walk to school--can become distracted on the trip and have the school secretary come looking for him!
Long-gone is the time when a twelve year-old boy can 'kick-the-can' along his mile walk from the farm to the main (paved) road; along the paved road through a warehouse district along the railroad tracks to the swimming hole, where lazy hours will be spent, a couple times a week!
    The country's peril 'level' has been rachetted up in the last couple of years; to a point unprecidented since the aformentioned 'Viet Nam Era'-at which time there was little actual threat, just alot of whiny-assed 'thuunks!!'  This time the theat is real:
  • Never before has the country's chief executive had private (read-NONtransparent) communications! ( obama did not divulge just how he will overcome legal constraints, given the requirement of the post-Watergate Presidential Records Act of 1978 to keep a record of every White House communication. ) 
  • Never before has the country's chief executive moved meetings--with lobbyists--out of the White House to circumvent his promises of transparency and no lobbyists! (Campaign quote: lobbyists "won't find a job in my White House;"  Campaign quote:  "Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this Presidency" )
  • Never before has the country's chief executive had such distain for the federal courts  (obamaKare declared unconstitutional-yet continuing to be enacted; obama's Gulf off-shore drilling moritorium declared unconstitutional-yet not allowed; et al)!
  • Never before has the country's chief executive had such distain for the U.S. Constitution; The Supreme Court ( the President's determination that Section 3 [of the 'Defense of Marriage Act {DOMA}] is unconstitutional )!
  • Never before has the country's chief executive sided with labor unions over individual states' rights ( Wisconsin vs public employees' union )
  • Never before has the country's chief executive refused to enforce federal law, then sued a state who did ( State of Arizona-SB1170 )!
  • Never before has the country's chief executive sued individual states to prevent retention of the secret ballot ( obama vs Utah; vs Arizona; vs South Dakota; vs South Carolina, involving 'card-check' )!
    Here's where Governor Walker of Wisconsin reaches the pinnacle of importance!!  The state is broke!!  They have no 'wiggle-room' with which to negotiate a compromise with the labor union.  Mr Walker is just expecting the labor union members to contribute to their health insurance and retirement expenses; from incomes that average twice as high as the incomes of those who currently provide those benefits: the Wisconsin Taxpayer!!  The Governor must continue to 'fight the good fight' albeit, uphill!!  The labor unions have the overt support of 'barackingham Palace;' "Clown Prince" obama's own 'Organizing for America' group in concert with obama's 'most favored visitor' UAW president Richard Trumka-are bussing out-of-state union thugs into the protest!!  The "Clown Prince's" favorite enforcers: the SEIU's New Black Panthers-the 'Purple People BEATERS' are in attendance to insure the proper level of bruises and broken bones!!
    This fight is not Governor Walker's fight to lose!!  The entire American way-of-life depends on a positive outcome!!  Anything else, will enhance "Clown Prince" obama's current path toward a Nazi-esque, fascist dictatorship!!
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

This'n'That; February Twenty-Fourth [Stepped in It?]

Have obamacRATs 'Stepped In It?'
    Even the most ardent obamacRAT; even the most dedicated 'KoolAid drinker' must admit that what we're seeing currently is not what was promised during "Clown Prince" obama's "Campaign of Fluff!!"
    We were informed that all the country's ills; the economy, foreign relations, border security, the jobs market, et all, were the result of eight years of that cowboy, George W. Bush!!  If the proposed obama regime were elected, they would immediately attack--with a 'laser-like focus'--the economy and the jobs market. The realized, net effect of the presidential election revealed that the obama 'junta' had no solutions, no experience; they just blindly wandered about-throwing money at each and every problem, but only after they'd thrown a large portion of the money at their contributors and supporters.
    To be fair, the largess did filter down to the welfareRATs and 'KoolAid drinkers.'  In Detriot, Mi., residents were given checks from the federal government in the amount of $250.  When asked by news reporters where the money came from; they hadn't a clue!!  They only knew that the money was free and it came from obama; they called the checks-"obama money."
    The $787Billion PORKulus bill spent most of it's life, largely unspent.  Some of the eventual recipients were not destitute companies--but political 'buddies'--with a need to be compensated for their support; Verizon, Catepillar, Harley Davidson, General Electric, CitiGroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, UBS (Switzerland), Barclay's (British), -some profitable; most Americanall SUPPORTERS!!
    In what would become the public realization of obama's ubiquitous ineptness, incompetence and inexperience; he went on to reward his most ardent supporters-the unions; the public employees unions, the service unions and the auto workers unions.  UAW President Richard Trumka has conversations with someone in 'barackingham Palace' every day; vists 'barackingham Palace' 2-3 times a week.  This level of junta contact is far greater than the "Clown Prince" has with either his up-front cabinet or his shadow cabinet!! Many in the up-front cabinet haven't received so much as a phone call in TWO YEARS.  To further prop-up the auto union, the "Clown Prince" went on to 'buy' two auto manufacturers; General Motors and Chrysler!!
    Concerning foreign relations, mr obama was even more inept--if that's even possible!!  During the regime's "2009 World-wide Apology Tour," the "Clown Prince" bowed and scraped before every third-world rathole potentate on the planet; displayed a 'whiney-assed, skinny little wimp' persona when dealing with communists, muslims and muslim extremists!!
    The public 'concern' has grown in the wake of the regime's continued 'shady reward deals;' ruling against the will of the people.  This became evident during the 2010 mid-term elections, when the voting public 'asked' many obamacRAT, fascist legislators to join the unemployment lines they helped create!!  Largely attributed to the 'Tea Party' movement, the message of the elections was smaller government-reduced spending!  Further proving that the "Clown Prince" didn't get it; he made half-hearted overtures to the republicRATs with the suggestions of bi-partisanship; continued government expansion with his hiring practices; over 200,000 new federal employees in just two years!  The issue IS NOT about compromise, it was about standing by the resultant message.
   In the opening days and weeks of 2011, we've seen 'grand-scale' political upheaval, world-wide!  Egypt, Bahrain, Somalia, Libya, et al!!  What does America's "ruling junta" do....?!?! "Clown Prince" obama just looks the other way....maybe because in most cases, muslim issues and/or 'The Muslim Brotherhood' are involved.  At most, he issues half-hearted, tepid remarks-never condemning the actions of the ruthless!!  What does this incompetent boob do in the stead?!?  He supports the work-stoppage actions of--and condemns the opposition to--public employees' unions in the United States!!
    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was elected to solve that state's budget woes.  One of his solutions is a realignment of the public employees' benefit structure, toward national averages.  Governor Walker wants the public employees to contribute 5.8% (the national average) toward retirement and 12% to their healthcare insurance (half the national average).   As a result of this proposal many state employee union members (primarily teachers) are conducting a 'sick-out' while obamacRAT legislators left the state.  The "Clown Prince's" response?  Using obama's own 'Organizing for America' group, the junta is supporting bussing in, out-of-state union members to make the demostrations appear to have widespread support.  The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is providing their voter-abuse unit, the New Black Panthers' "Purple People Beaters" as an inforcement arm.  The communist union president, Richard Trumka of the UAW, intends to (did) put in an appearance to gin up the angst and agitation levels.
    'Team Sorobama,' the regime and many of the nation's prominent obamacRAT supporters have really "stepped in it," this time--on practically every level!!  The regime has had several opportunities to make meaningful, logical changes to improve the country's economic and jobs outlook.  They only exercised one: extension of 'the Bush era' tax rates, which they chose to promote as 'tax cuts.'  Both Mr Soros and mr obama chose instead, to concentrate on the "Campaign of Fluff-Redux" which kicked off at the mid-January "Gabby Giffords Arizona Tragic Memorial and Pep Rally," complete with tee-shirts for each participant!  The tee-shirt 'message' was not a co-ordinated effort; the message at the 'tragic memorial' was "Together We Thrive: Tucson and America."  Those involved with the Arizona tee-shirts weren't privy to the campaign slogan George Soros had authorized: "Win The Future!"  The "Clown Prince" officially introduced that slogan during his State of The Union show, and inserted it in every blather event since.
    In past years-during previous administrations, the American people were not as truly involved as they are today.  Previously, no one kept count of the number of trips the ruler and/or his family made at taxpayer expense.  With the current junta, we have separate vacations to separate venues; separate aircraft to the same destination, etc.  The 'hipocrisy level' is higher than any previous regime:  for the first time in recorded history the 'worst lady' is legislating her demands upon the American people (IRS tax deductions for breast pumps); the 'worst lady' demanding that the American public alter their eating habits--portion control, food choices--while she eats fat-laden, carb-laden 'ribs' dinners during her 'play-date' with her kids and thirty or so, of her friends!!  "Clown Prince" obama demonstrated his own high level of hyprocrisy when both he and 'General' Holder deemed the Defense of Marriage Act, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, without any authority to do so, what-so-ever!!!  The 'General' notified members of Congress that the regime will not defend the act, legally!  This has to be the most agregious demonstration of unmitigated gall on record!  By virtue of both the ruler's and the 'General's' oaths of office, they are precluded from picking-and-choosing which laws to enforce or defend!!
SIDEBARRep Eric Cantor (r, Va-7), has a government website ( for cost-cutting suggestions from the American people; from the American taxpayer.  Thusfar, I've made two suggestions:
  • (#1)  Aircraft tail numbers 28000 and 28001 (commonly known as 'Air Force One' and 'Air Force Two') be reserved for ELECTED officials only; NO 'just-family-member' trips.  NOTE:  The call-sign 'Air Force One' is reserved for the aircraft with the "Clown Prince" aboard;  the call-sign 'Air Force Two' is reserved for the aircraft with "Plug" biden aboard; NOT the 'worst lady!!'
  • (#2)  The Executive Branch be limited in aircraft useage, either by 'dollar-value' or by air-mileage.  Which ever method is chosen, the initial limit should be at 2008 levels.  At approximately $70,000 per hour aircraft (ONLY) operating expenses, several-times-weekly cross-country trips add up quickly!!  Of course, CONGRESSIONALLY APPROVED 'emergency' trips must be available.   'Family members' and UN-elected administration members would be restricted to smaller, 'Gulfstream-type' aircraft, maintained for that purpose.
Now, we just have to wait to comment on the ongoing, daily examples of regime hyprocrisy....
Til Nex'Time....



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This'n'That; February Twenty-Second [Presidential-Thuggish?]

Is ANYone Less Presidential; More 'Thuggish?!?'
    "Clown Prince" obama seems far closer to potentate-ish than presidential!  As a 'classically-trained marionette,' mister obama can--at best--only regurgitate the speeches, opinions, thoughts of others; that which has been loaded into his teleprompter.  His regime has gone--willy-nilly--'all over the map,' politically speaking; attempting to deal with all manner of issues, more foreign than domestic.  While the "Clown Prince" claims that domestic issues are at the fore; after several failed attempts,  he's not corrected the economy, the labor market, the jobs market, the affordable healthcare market.
    The obama regime invests days--if not weeks--in assessment of problems outside the American shores (Egypt? Iran? Pakistan?); but invests--comparatively--mere 'seconds' in research before condemning those Americans whose actions do not concur with his wishes; quick to throw down 'the race card!!'
    How can anyone forget his (obama's) 'princely' actions during the 'Henry Gates' arrest?!?  Quoting obama:
"I don't know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that [Gates case]. But I think it's fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry; number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home; and, number three, what I think we know separate and apart from this incident is that there's a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately. That's just a fact."
    Now we have the same mis-guided beligerence being exhibited with the confligration wholly within the State of Wisconsin!  "Can we order up a serving of the Constitution for mr obama, Mr Soros, Mr Richard Trumka, Mr Jesse HI-JACKson, et al:"
Amendment XThe powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
Might this preclude 'Team Sorobama' importing 'rent-a-mobs' into Wisconsin?!?  Might this preclude Richard Trumka and Jesse HI-JACKson amassing busloads of rent-a-mobsters, complete with tee-shirts in the color-of-the-day?!?
    Now, we have the 'rent-a-mobs' creating the perception of 'a groundswell of support' for those teachers--whose medical excuses name 'mental anguish' as the complaint--who've found it necessary to protest any changes to their pay and benefits, while far out-stripping the income of those who actually pay their wages.
    Pending George Soros' approval:  very soon, we'll have government (read: Fascist)-owned; government (read: Fascist)-controlled; "persona management" software!!   The discovery of emails from the security company: H.B. Gary; discovery of the Air Force's "Solicitation of Sources (#RTB220610 {*})" for 'persona management' software, are clear indications that George Soros, and/or 'Team Sorobama,' and/or the obama regime are in fear of being drummed out of "barackingham Palace!!'  
    As I understand it, this pending software will allow 'individuals' to control up to 10 ficticious persona, each able to: generate emails, Facebook 'friendings', My Space searches, YouTube video uploads, tweets, re-tweets, etc, that appear to  originate ANYWHERE-WORLDWIDE!! Can anyone not see how this is an overt attempt to thwart 'the will of the people?'  With this software, the regime will be able to CREATE hundreds-of-thousands, if not MILLIONS of 'fake people' who appear to support any and all upcoming 'Team Sorobama' idiocy!!,0
Til Nex'Time....



Monday, February 21, 2011

This'n'That; February Twenty-First [Who Pays?;Illegals;"Ronaldus-Magnus"]

....AND....Who's Paying The Rest?!?!
    While "Clown Prince" obama is suggesting we "skip a vacation or two" as a solution to the country's economic woes; the remaining 'hypocrites' residing in 'barackingham Palace' are off skiing in Colorado; surely none of the billions tied to George Soros or the millions tied to the obamas!! 
{*}NOTE: Unless the "Clown Prince" is on an Air Force aircraft; unless 'plug' biden--heir-to-the-throne--is on an Air Force aircraft:  There is NO Air Force One or Air Force Two!!  These call-signs are reserved for the sitting ruler and his heir-to-the-throne!!  In all other uses of those aircraft, the call-signs are the tail numbers; 28000 or 28001.
"The worst lady and the obama daughters are on a private family trip to Colorado," {Food-Police Chief} obama's spokeswoman, Katie McCormick-Lelyveld, confirmed in an e-mail. "The worst lady and several close family friends are chaperoning their children on a ski trip. Personal expenses are being paid for by the obamas."
It kinda depends on wha'cha call 'personal expenses!'  But they still had to get there; and for some reason 'Food-Police Chief' obama still has to be protected.  In 2008-dollars, it costs $68,000 per hour to keep aircraft #28000 in the air; with today's fuel prices, it's probably closer to $85,000 an hour!!  During a recent trip by the "Food-Police" Chief, her protection detail was expensed at $375,000!! 
These numbers sure make me want to 'skip a vacation or two' to keep this high level of fascist hypocrisy!!

Another "Poster-Subject!!"
    The fascist measure to boost voter number got another candidate for their "Poster-Subject!"  "Clown Prince" obama continues to push for 'comprehensive immigration reform,' a euphemism for illegal immigration reform!  Seems last month--not far from Rochester, N.Y.--a 21 year-old illegal immigrant (Carlos Cardenas) from Mexico, raped and murdered his 15 year-old sister-in-law (Katherine Sanchez)!!  Cardenas hid Katherine's body in his basement for a time, then transferred her body to a shallow grave in an orchard where Cardenas formerly worked.  This is the probable end result of obama's comprehensive reform!!

Is Gov Walker Missing A 'Ronadus-Magnus' Moment?!
    Governor Walker should take a page from the '80s republicRAT playbook and fire each-and-every teacher who fails to show up in school, fit to work!!  'Ronaldus-Magnus' showed his mettle when he did just that with 13,000 air traffic controllers who honored the illegal PATCO strike order!!
    Governor Walker certainly has the basis at hand to do just that:  Many teachers are getting a street-corner "doctor's excuse," written for 'mental anguish!'   Right there seems grounds enough to 'release the teachers from their contracts!!

Til Nex'Time....



Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Sunday 'Report'; 02/20/2011

What "National Pamphleteers" Don't Report:
Amendments To The Continuing Appropriations Act.
Here's a list of amendments (#1 thru #583) to federal reduce spending.  There are duplicates; they are in no particular order.

Do YOU Have A Suggestion To Cut Spending?

Chris Christie lays out a national vision

    Gov. Chris Christie today delivered a broadside against the broken politics of Washington and the need for straight talk to solve the country's problems in a speech that will stoke talk of a 2012 presidential bid by the New Jersey Republican.  "I look at what's happening in Washington right now and I am worried," said Christie in an address at the American Enterprise Institute. "What game is being played down here is irresponsible and it's dangerous."  Asked whether he would consider running for president in 2012, Christie acknowledged that he "see[s] the opportunity" but quickly added: "That's not a reason to be president of the United States."  And yet, Christie's speech, which spanned roughly 45 minutes, had all the traditional markers of someone eyeing national office.  "Leadership today in America has to be about doing the big things and being courageous," said Christie. At another point, Christie argued that "we have to bring a new approach and a new discipline to this."  Christie repeatedly drew on his experiences in New Jersey -- tightening the state's budget, facing down public-sector unions -- to draw a harsh contrast with the kick-the-can-down-the-road-ism that he believes has infected politics in Washington.  Dismissing the "old playbook" of putting off hard choices until after the next -- and then the next -- election, Christie noted that after the 2012 election Medicare will be [....]

Allen West posted these observations on his Facebook page:

To the Citizens of the Twenty Second District of the State of Florida:

Over this past week I have watched and listened to Members of the House of Representatives from across the aisle.
I am appalled at their arrogance, belligerence, and dishonest rhetoric filled with empty emotional platitudes. Have they no shame in realizing that their inept, incompetent failures are the reason why we are debating this continuing resolution? They failed to pass a budget during the 111th Congress.
Have they no honor in realizing that their fiscal irresponsibility over the past four years has resulted in our standing on the precipice of a fiscal canyon from which we may not recover.
Also troubling are the events in the state of Wisconsin which mirror those [....]

Berkshire sold several stocks in fourth quarter

Nike, Nestle, other stocks out, while Buffett lifts Wells Fargo stakeRelated stories
Alistair Barr, MarketWatch

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Berkshire Hathaway Inc., the insurance-focused conglomerate run by Warren Buffett, sold stakes in several companies as the stock market surged during the fourth quarter, according to a regulatory filing Monday. [....]

New subpoena seeks records on sweetheart loans

By LARRY MARGASAK; The Associated Press;  Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WASHINGTON -- A House committee chairman renewed efforts Wednesday to obtain names of current and former federal, state and local policymakers - including congressional colleagues - who received sweetheart mortgage deals from the former Countrywide Financial Corp.  The subpoena by Rep. Darrell Issa of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee makes it more likely that the records could be made public.  A subpoena in 2009, when Democrats controlled the committee, specified that information on discounted loans to members of Congress and their spouses go only to the House Ethics Committee - with all names deleted. The ethics committee has never revealed the information it obtained.  Issa did not favor the restrictions but agreed to them as a compromise so that the committee's former chairman, Rep. Edolphus Towns, D-N.Y., would issue the subpoena.  "Countrywide orchestrated a deliberate and calculated effort to use relationships with people in high places in order to manipulate public policy and further their bottom line to the detriment of the American taxpayers even at the expense of its own lending standards," said Issa.  "This subpoena will allow us to obtain the information needed to answer the outstanding public interest questions regarding the full size and scope of the VIP program," he said. "The American people have a right to know the totality of who participated in the Countrywide's VIP program and what they did in return for access to it."  Countrywide had been the nation's largest home loan originator before the housing market collapse. Many of its borrowers were left unable to repay mortgages [....]

The most dangerous jobs you’d think would be safe

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — While there’s no doubt that being a cop or firefighter is a dangerous job, being a farmer is even riskier. The rate of fatal occupational injuries for farmers and ranchers is 38.5 per 100,000 full-time workers, versus 4.4 for firefighters, and 13.1 for police and sheriff’s patrol officers, according to U.S. Labor Department data for 2009, the most recent available.  “It seems counter-intuitive because you hear about violent accidents; you probably hear less about people dying when tractors roll over on them,” said Jim Rice, an economist at the Labor Department. “For those who do work on farms, it’s still a dangerous occupation.”  The rate of fatal injuries for aircraft pilots and flight engineers is 57.1, and for fishers and related fishing workers it’s 200. Among civilian workers — the military, volunteers and those under 16 are excluded — the fatality rate is an average of 3.3.  Other workers face higher-than-average rates of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses involving days away from work. For instance, state psychiatric aides have [....]

Amendments Passed to Eliminate Obama Czars and Defund FCC Net Neutrality Rules

by Emily Miller; 02/17/2011

The House passed two important conservative amendments on Thursday night: to eliminate funding for President Obama’s czars and to prohibit the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from enforcing its net neutrality rules.  The House is in the third day of an open process to debate 583 amendments to the Continuing Resolution (CR) spending bill. HUMAN EVENTS has identified 10 of the amendments which are key [....]

Ontario Scraps Energy Conservation Directorship
TORONTO, ON -- On a day when Premier Ernie Eves and other public officials pleaded with Ontarians to use less electricity to prevent blackouts, the government seemed to be scrapping its newly created position of energy conservation director.  Critics said the decision, apparently made for budgetary reasons, shows the Conservative government doesn't care much about getting people to cut their demand for power. "They're preaching conservation because they want to get the lights back on and the system stable," said Marion Fraser, a conservation expert with an [....]
Til Next Sunday....



Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; February 19th

A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince;" 02/19/2011
February 19, 2011

From:  Hillsboro, Oregon
NOT From: 'barackingham Palace'
    I’m speaking to you from just outside Portland, Oregon where I’m visiting Intel, a company that helped pioneer the digital age. I just came from a tour of an assembly line where highly-skilled technicians are building microprocessors that run everything from desktop computers to smartphones.
But these workers aren’t just manufacturing high-tech computer chips. They’re showing us how America will win the future.  For decades, Intel has led the world in developing new technologies. But even as global competition has intensified, this company has invested, built, and hired in America. Three-quarters of Intel’s products are made by American workers. And as the company expands operations in Oregon and builds a new plant in Arizona, it plans to hire another 4,000 people this year.  Companies like Intel are proving that we can compete – that instead of just being a nation that buys what’s made overseas, we can make things in America and sell them around the globe. Winning this competition depends on the ingenuity and creativity of our private sector – which was on display in my visit today. But it’s also going to depend on what we do as a nation to make America the best place on earth to do business.  Over the next ten years, nearly half of all new jobs will require education beyond high school, many requiring proficiency in math and science. And yet today we’ve fallen behind in math, science, and graduation rates. As a result, companies like Intel struggle to hire American workers with the skills that fit their needs.  If we want to win the global competition for new jobs and industries, we’ve got to win the global competition to educate our people. We’ve got to have the best trained, best skilled workforce in the world. That’s how we’ll ensure that the next Intel, the next Google, or the next Microsoft is created in America, and hires American workers.  This is why, over the past two years, my administration has made education a top priority. We’ve launched a competition called “Race to the Top” – a reform that is lifting academic standards and getting results; not because Washington dictated the answers, but because states and local schools pursued innovative solutions. We’re also making college more affordable for millions of students, and revitalizing our community colleges, so that folks can get the training they need for the careers they want. And as part of this effort, we’ve launched a nationwide initiative to connect graduates that need jobs with businesses that need their skills.
[What I'm not telling you: I so wanted to bring the Reverend (Hee, hee!) Jesse 'HIJACK'son with me on this trip but George Soros nixed that idea--"HIJACK" can't be trusted; he's a greater liar than even I am!!  I wanted to use "HIJACK's" shake-down abilities on this trip-we need about $1 Billion for the "Campaign of Fluff-Redux;" for my re-selection for re-election!!  Soros wants to see if I can shake down today's prominent crop of 'commie-lib' fascists for the kind of money that "HIJACK" got out of 'Freddie-Mac,' Coca-Cola, Toyota, Viacom-CBS and many, many others.  Soros did caution me against shake-downs that involve people like T.J. Rodgers, Cypress Semiconductor CEO (who stood up to--and beat-down--"HIJACK" during a shake-down episode!!).  I did have meetings with John Doerr (hugely wealthy venture capitalist), and a few CEOs:  Eric Schmit (Google);  Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook);  Steve Jobs (Apple); Carol Bartz (Yahoo);  Larry Ellison (Oracle);  Reed Hastings (Netflix);  Evan Williams (Twitter)--oh, and John Hennessy, President of Stanford University.  Mr Hennessy's not worth much, but invitations like this make him feel good; make me look good!!  If I polish up my shake-down techniques, those CEOs should be all the financing I need!!
    This 'Win The Future' buzz-phrase is a 'Soros' creation; I didn't think it would go far, and I might be right--it doesn't seem to capture people like his "Hope and Change" phrases did.  We've not done much since the inception of the Department of Education but 'throw money at the problem' of quality education.  Quality education depends upon--nay-DEMANDS--dedicated professionals before financial renumeration!!  A clear indicator is the goings-on in Madison, Wisconsin; the governor of that state is mandated to balance his budget;  the teachers are protesting paying their fair share of the costs of benefits.  I know, this sounds strange, coming from me--your fascist ruler--but I kinda gotta agree with Governor Walker.  Sure, Soros had me stick my nose in the state's business--without regard to Constitutional states' rights--but in hindsight, it's Governor Walker's problem to solve, his way.  For this country to 'win the future,' there has to be more true leaders like Governor Walker, rather than puppets like myself--who just react to "the last string pulled!!"  This 'race-to-the-top' will never amount to crap unless--and until--the quality and level of dedication of the teacher corps undergoes a great transformation.]
    Intel understands how important these partnerships can be – recognizing that their company’s success depends on a pipeline of skilled people ready to fill high-wage, high-tech jobs. Intel often pays for workers to continue their education at nearby Portland State University. As a result, one out of every fifteen of Intel’s Oregon employees has a degree from Portland State.  In fact, Intel’s commitment to education begins at an even younger age. The company is providing training to help 100,000 math and science teachers improve their skills in the classroom. And today, I’m also meeting a few students from Oregon who impressed the judges in the high school science and engineering competitions that Intel sponsors across America.  One young woman, Laurie Rumker, conducted a chemistry experiment to investigate ways to protect our water from pollution. Another student, named Yushi Wang, applied the principles of quantum physics to design a faster computer chip. We’re talking about high school students.  So these have been a tough few years for our country. And in tough times, it’s natural to question what the future holds. But when you meet young people like Laurie and Yushi, it’s hard not to be inspired. And it’s impossible not to be confident about America.  We are poised to lead in this new century – and not just because of the good work that large companies like Intel are doing. All across America, there are innovators and entrepreneurs who are trying to start the next Intel, or just get a small business of their own off the ground. I’ll be meeting with some of these men and women next week in Cleveland, to get ideas about what we can do to help their companies grow and create jobs.   The truth is, we have everything we need to compete: bold entrepreneurs, bright new ideas, and world-class colleges and universities. And, most of all, we have young people just brimming with promise and ready to help us succeed. All we have to do is tap that potential.  That’s the lesson on display at Intel. And that’s how America will win the future.
[What I'm not telling you:  Miss Rumker and Mister Wang are the exception rather than the rule.  These young people had the drive and determination necessary to persue goals 'outside the box!'   Intel Corporation finds it necessary to put it's new hires through an inhouse 're-education camp;'  quite unnecessary if each state's teacher corps had the drive and dedication to teach 'outside the box!!'  As we've seen in the auto industry:  where we find businesses 'going under' or on a downward spiral, there will be a labor union close-by!!  I need only cite that General Motors fiasco to illustrate that government intervention does nothing more than reward poor management and lack-lustre performance.  Now GM's 16,000 salaried employees are getting bonuses--in some cases, 50% of salary--while 48,000 hourly union employees will get a share in the $400 million bonus fund.  All this while General Motors still owes the federal government billions-of-dollars!! While this scheme would make Bernie Madoff  blush; I'm glad Richard 'Commie-Pinko' Trumka and most other labor unions are behind this regime with legal and not-so-legal donations!!  What a boon to the "American Dream" it would be to have the determination and drive toward quality education that we have to 'the almighty dollar' and any and all shortcuts to riches!!
    I can continue to blather about, as I do each and every Saturday; but the business climate in the United States will not be enhanced one wit by all these pie-in-the-sky schemes like bold entrepreneurs, bright new ideas or world-class colleges and universities!!  OK, what about this scenerio: {*}   Where's the positive business climate, here?!?!]
{*}I've graduated from one of these 'world-class' institutions and I have a terrific idea for a new product as well as a great idea for a new manufacturing process.  I decide to form my own company to explore the development and manufacture of my new product, using my new process.  What I find out is that just to break-even, I have to compensate for the second-highest federal corporate tax rate on earth, of 35%!!  If I wanted to stay in North America--Mexico's rate is 28%; Canada's rate is 18%!!  If I really didn't care where my company was, I could go to Ireland where the rate is a paltry 12.5%!!



Friday, February 18, 2011

This'n'That; February Eighteenth-AGAIN [Fascist Takeover;

Overt Fascist Movement Starts In Wisconsin!
    Now that George Soros--the de facto fascist leader of America--has instructed "Clown Prince" obama to 'step-in-the-shit' that is public-employee insurrection in Madison, Wisconsin; the Fascist Take-over of the United States has started!!  Recall:  One of Adolf Hitler's first efforts in Nazi Germany was to take over the labor organizations!  'Team Sorobama' demonstrates that the regime's duplicity and underhandedness, knows no bounds!!  This dum'bass team is using it's political position as a sitting ruler and his 'chief string-puller' to interfere with a state's soverign right to tend to it's internal affairs as it sees fit.
    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker campaigned and was elected on his promise to correct his state's bugetary ills.  Governor Walker garnered a large majority of votes in his victory.  Governor Walker's efforts are being openly and outwardly thwarted by the dum'bass living in 'barackingham Palace!!' 
"OfA [Organizing for America] Wisconsin's field efforts include filling buses and building turnout for the rallies this week in Madison, organizing 15 rapid response phone banks urging supporters to call their state legislators, and working on planning and producing rallies, a Democratic Party official in Washington said."
    Officially, 'Organizing for America' is a nationwide community agitation project of the obamacRAT National Committee (DNC).  So far the 'project' has limited it's agitation efforts to ginning up support for the failed 'PORKulus bill' and the unconstitutional 'obamaKare.'
    NOW is the time for Governor Walker to have "a 'Ronaldus-Magnus' moment!"  Each and every teacher who called-in-sick, and yet was well enough to go to the state capital and protest-is guilty of fraud-in most states, a felony!!  Each of these felons should be fired, reminiscent of the result of the illegal PATCO strike of 1981!! While the "Clown Prince" is thusfar, the most unsuccessful American ruler of all time, he should keep his nose out of state politics; stay in 'barackingham Palace' and continue his track record!
Til Nex'Time....