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This'n'That; May First[obama-Liar;Misguided?;TedPoe]

"Clown Prince" obama's Condition--Pathological?
   "Clown Prince" obama has advanced from just "taking liberties with the truth" to being pathological! Let me illustrate by picking out a few from a list of 158  SUBSTANTIATED lies the "Clown Prince" put forth:
  • obama claims his parents met at Selma civil rights march; Washington Post noted the march occurred 4 yrs after obama's birth.
  • obama took credit for the achievements of others in Chicago; resume puffing exposed by LA Times.
  • obama claims his father was a goat-herder; actually he was a man of privilige.
  • obama claims he never supported a ban on handguns; he has twice.
  • Trying to claim patriotism obama says his grandfather signed up the day after Pearl Harbor; Army records disagree.
Now, he's going off on yet another vast departure from the truth; manufacturing statements that will buttress his position!!  Take the recent Arizona Immigration Law for instance:
"Clown Prince" obama decried the law as “misguided” and “poorly conceived.” obama even falsely claimed that a Hispanic family eating ice cream could be forced to provide their papers just because they had dark skin.
   The section that has been misconstrued the most reads, “For any lawful contact made by a law enforcement official or agency of this state or a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person.” 
   The initial contact must be lawful. The law was carefully written to preclude racial discrimination. Section 2 provides that a law enforcement official “may not solely consider race, color, or national origin” in making any stops or determining an alien’s immigration status.
   Arizona Police Association board member Ken Crane said the new law prohibits officers from targeting people based on race, national origin and other identifying factors. Every rookie officer is trained extensively at the police academy on how to judge probable cause and reasonable suspicion. Crane said whatever training is developed should reinforce long-standing police standards. “It’s basic police work that’s never changed,” he said. “We’re not reinventing the wheel here.” Not only does the law prohibit discrimination, the governor is going out of her way to institute new training for officers so they can enforce it properly.
   [How can ANYONE--let alone his many supporters who are current slaves to the federal tit--believe a word this schlub says about anything!!  It's becoming more and more apparent, he'll "lie, cheat and steal" to get the power and huge government he craves!!]

Arizona Law "Misguided and Poorly Conceived?"
[obama: Pull your head out of your @$$ and read "the handwriting on the wall!!"]
[04/30/'10] PHOENIX – Authorities in southern Arizona have found a deputy wounded in a shootout with suspected drug smugglers after a frantic hour-long desert search.  The deputy was on drug interdiction duty, when he encountered five suspected illegals, two of whom were armed with AK-47 automatic rifles.  The deputy sustained superficial wounds to his abdomen.

"Clown Prince" obama Needs 'Local' Help
[obama really should seek counsel with those legislators having the most knowledge of the illegal immigration problem rather than concentrating on the votes garnered by coddling the illegals.  Ted Poe represents Texas' Second District; parts of Harris, Liberty and Jefferson counties.]

On Thursday [04/29/'10], Rep. Poe made the following statements on the floor of the House:
"Now it seems to me that if we are so advanced with technology and manpower and competence that we can capture illegal grasshoppers from Brazil, in the holds of ships that are in a little small place in Port Arthur, Texas on the Sabine River. Sabine River, madam speaker, is the river that separates Texas from Louisiana. If we're able to do that as a country, how come we can't capture the thousands of people that cross the border everyday on the southern border of the United States? You know they're a little bigger than grasshoppers and they should be able to be captured easier.
Mister Poe added this additional suggestion:
"And maybe we need to make the guy down there in southeast Texas that captured this grasshopper from Brazil, he oughta be in charge of Homeland Security. If he's able to do this with grasshoppers just think what he can do on the southern border of the United States."
[obama could do far worse than follow Mister Poe's counsel]
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This'n'That; April 30th[GetReady;Time100]

Will Latino Demonstrations Be Violent?
   The latinos nationwide have pledged to demonstrate against Arizona's new immigration law on Saturday, May 1st.  My guess is that there will be at least intermittent violance--quite unlike the Tea Party rallies.  The Latinos believe they have a valid disagreement with the law after being fed hubristic bullshit by the fascist politicans, led by the "Clown Prince" obama.
   See, the law: Senate Bill 1070, "The Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neigborhoods Act [signed: 04/23/'10]," is not applied in the fashion Fluffy obama suggests with his "Dad and Ice Cream" scenario.  One must be detained on another suspected infraction before this person is asked to produce verification that the suspect is in the United States--more specifically, the State of Arizona--legally.
   The problem here:  national politicians are applying undue pressure for dissention concerning both a problem and a law they had no interest in tackling at  the federal level.  Only now they express concern;  that concern not for the plight of the citizens of Arizona--or even the illegal immigrants--only concern for their voting base.  Fascists can not win in November without the illegal vote.
   Expect the hubris to ramp up as we approach the campaign and voting seasons!!

Glenn Beck "Listed"
   Glenn Beck made the 2010 edition of "Time 100,"  in the "Leader" category!!
Gladly, he's on the list with the likes of Admiral Mike Mullens.
Sadly, he's on the list with the likes of the "Clown Prince" obama; who shouldn't make ANY LIST that Time, Inc., compiles!!
   Sarah Palin authored Glenn's write-up for the list:
Who'd have thought a history buff with a quirky sense of humor and a chalkboard could make for such riveting television? Glenn's like the high school government teacher so many wish they'd had, charting and connecting ideas with chalk-dusted fingers — kicking it old school — instead of becoming just another talking-heads show host. Self-taught, he's become America's professor of common sense, sharing earnestly sought knowledge with an audience hungry for truth. Glenn, 46, tackles topics other news shows would regard as arcane. Consider his desire to teach Americans about the history of the progressive movement: he's doing to progressive what Ronald Reagan did to liberal — explaining that it's a damaged brand.
   His love of the Founding Fathers inspires others to learn and respect our nation's history. Best of all, Glenn delights in driving the self-proclaimed powers-that-be crazy. (The whole country awaits the red phone ringing!) Even his critics (whom he annihilates in ratings) have to admire his amazing ability to galvanize everyday Americans to better themselves and peacefully engage their government. Though he sometimes dismisses himself as an aw-shucks guy or just a "rodeo clown," he's really an inspiring patriot who was once at the bottom but now makes a much needed difference from the very, very top.
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

This'n'That; April 29th[WAobama]

obama Acting Like "A Junior High Girl"
Here's some quotes from the "Clown Prince."  When he can't win his point with facts [he has yet to score the first 'win' on the facts], he acts
"the whiney ass,"
  calling his adversaries names:

  • Mitch McConnell is in bed with Wall Street “movers and shakers” — and is fronting “cynical and deceptive” arguments on their behalf.
  • John Boehner is a health care Chicken Little to be mocked for predicting Armageddon if the Democrats’ reform bill passed.
  • Sarah Palin can be ignored on arms control because she’s “not exactly an expert on nuclear issues.”
  • And Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are just a “troublesome” twosome spreading “vitriol.”

    With his approval numbers flat-lining near the 50 percent mark in recent months — and Democrats trailing Republicans by double digits among independents in recent surveys — the president and his congressional allies could use a boost among both core Democratic constituencies and folks who feel no particular allegiance to either party.
   “The presidency is the highest office of the land, and when he differs, he should differ on policy [and] on principle,” said Ari Fleischer, who was the White House press secretary under President George W. Bush. “He’s entitled to fight and defend himself, but not in ad hominem personal style. It’s unseemly for a president to do that.”  Republicans also depict Obama’s approach as a sign of weakness born of a loss of traction on the issues.

   Generally, Obama has been deft in his derision of political foes. For example, the House minority leader’s prediction that the health care law would begin Armageddon gave Obama a chance to note the absence of asteroids and earthquakes in the wake of its enactment.   But sometimes his barbs can be a tad acidic — as they were when ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked Obama to respond to Palin’s critique of his plan to reduce the nation’s nuclear arsenal.
“I really have no response,” Obama said. “Because last I checked, Sarah Palin’s not much of an expert on nuclear issues. ... [I]f the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff are comfortable with it, I’m probably going to take my advice from them and not from Sarah Palin.”
   Rather than backing down in the face of Obama’s criticism, Texas GOP Sen. John Cornyn accused the president of “demeaning himself and his office.”
Fleischer, again says that President Bush preferred not to engage opponents directly.  “President Bush instructed me never to go after anybody by name or an individual, to keep it broad,” Fleischer said.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This'n'AThat; April 28th[AZ Law;Reasons]

"Clown Prince" Blustering On AZ Law
   Can anyone figure out why the blathering "Clown Prince" is so against the Arizona illegal immigrant enforcement law??  obama is going to any lengths to gin up racial discord amongst the American people.  Now, each photo/blather opportunity is a stage to denegrate anyone who wants the fascists read and abide by the provisions of the United States Constitution!!
   Arizona Governor Brewer used provisions of that same document to protect the residents of her state:

Article IV; Section 4: 
What does this actually mean in layman's terms?  The federal government is REQUIRED to provide each state a republican form of government.  [The Republican form is based on the foundation that people are supreme, and governments are instituted to help secure their rights to life, liberty and property. Examples of sovereign prerogatives are the right to defend private property with deadly force, right of locomotion (freedom to travel) upon public roads and waterways, and free exercise of rights and powers.]  The federal government is REQUIRED to provide each and every state in the union, defense against invasion. [It can be stated justifiably, that the numbers of immigrants entering the United States illegally constitute an' invasion.'  An 'invasion' involves a large outside force of personnel entering territory not under it's authority or control at the time.]   If the state legislature or the state's governor requests, the federal government is REQUIRED to defend the state against domestic violence.  [In this case, domestic violence equates to any violence within a given state's borders.  At practically every popular border crossing site--both northern and southern-- there have been many instances of violence against the citizens and their property.]  With regard to this Article and Section of the US Constitution, it's blatantly obvious that the federal government--in the person of Fluffy obama--HAS NOT provided a REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT; HAS NOT provided adequate DEFENSE AGAINST INVASION; HAS NOT provided adequate DEFENSE AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE
The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature can not be convened) against domestic Violence.

Why the "Clown Prince" 'Outrage?'
Fluffy obama is now on a 'nationwide tour,' at each photo/blather opportunity there in, he's feeding us a "$h!t sandwich" with the main ingredient: 'CIVIL RIGHTS!'  Both he and his 'honest, forthright and upstanding spokesman:  Al Sharpton [of Tawana Brawley fame-which ironically involved fecal matter as well!!];  are trying to liken their response to those who seek  to curtail illegal immigrations to the Civil Rights March Across the Edmond Pettus Bridge, Selma Alabama [03/07/1965]!!
   These facts act as further confirmation that obama does not consider himself an American.  The several hyphenated Americans of the darker races would honor their heritage to denounce Fluffy as a fraud and a traitor!!  "Civil Rights" as denoted in the Constitution and it's amendments ONLY APPLY TO AMERICAN CITIZENS; those who are citizens by birth or by natualization.  Any person who has the word "illegal" in his description, is--by definition--NOT ENTITLED to 'civil rights!!'
   So......, come on...... why is Fluffy really making such a big stink about all this??
There are a couple of justifiable reasons for doing so:

  • obama has so destroyed the housing market, the jobs market, the business community, the finance industry, the economy, to name but a few areas; he is trying to save face by crowing at someone else; deflecting his own negative job performance numbers.
  • obama will need to allay this destruction to prevent his presidency from being a 'one trick pony;' a one-hit-wonder.  The only way he can stay in power; the only way the democRAT party can continue their dict-ocracy [a dictatorship disguised as a democracy] is by altering the voter eligibility rules; allowing the vote for felons; allowing the vote for prison inmates; amassing as many illegal immigrates as possible to vote.  Lest we forget obama's personal, professional and political alliance with Andy Stern, the head of the SEIU.  These are the 'purple shirts' who committed voter intimidation, voter harassment and promoted voter fraud in Philadelphia, Pa., during the last presidential election!!  All this was overlooked because of threats of being labeled a 'racist!!'
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paulie's Page #2 [A Start]

For Those Getting Started In Investing:
   Like my friend Paulie, we all have to start at the bottom!  I made my first trade when I was about 13 or 14--in the late 1950s.  Then there was only the local and regional newspapers that reached into "the sticks" of New York's Southern Tier.
   As a young kid in a poor family--television-less--I read practically everything I could get my hands on.  I was full of questions about most things I read; I was too young to have learned those things in school.  I became interested in the economy, businesses and investing when I was about 10 or so, so I had 3 or 4 years of "experience" under my belt by the time my first trade came along.
   Most of my 'general' education in investing came from biographies from those who'd become millionaires in the 1910s,'20s,'30s and '40s.   Sometimes the authors even put some of the history of the subject's methods of investment.
   My specific education in business, the economy and investing came primarily from the 'Times Union,' a daily  from Rochester, NY, and the Democrat and Chronicle on Sundays. [Later, the Times Union--an evening paper--was absorbed by the Democrat, a morning one]  They had the closing prices of about 50 or so stocks, those of interest to investors in the Rochester area.  On Sundays the Democrat had the weekly 'numbers' for a couple of hundred stocks plus the few [by comparison] mutual funds that existed at the time. 
   Today's novice investor has resources that in the 1950s, were only available to the brokerage houses and big-name investors!! Today there's a multitude of monthly magazines, daily--investing only--newspapers and several cable investing and business shows.  Although I suscribe to a couple of monthlies, their stock information is pretty much out-dated by the time the words are put to paper.
My Suggestion To The Novice: 
   Starting next Monday--for the 5-day week--on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, go to your newstand or local super market and buy a copy of Investor's Business Daily [IBD]; on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday buy a copy of the Wall Street Journal [WSJ].  In each of these papers, read EVERY word in EVERY article, on EVERY page.  Do this with a fairly substantial pad of paper; note every word you've never seen or can't define.  Write each of these words along the left margin, double-spaced.
   On the Monday following all this reading, go to an online dictionary or, find the definitions and write them on the pad.  If this is done like I suggest, it will take most of each day to do all the reading and notations.
   Next week, we'll explore what to do with all these words; at least the ones that are important in the NECESSARY research!!



This'n'That; April 27th[10th Amendment]

40% Of States Acting To Resist Fascism
   Arizona State Representative Judy Burgess, along with 46 cosponsors have introduced House Concurrent Resolution 2001 (HCR2001) which seeks to “claim sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government or reserved to the people by the Constitution of the United States.”

   The resolution is part of a growing grassroots movement in state legislatures across the country as a protest to the intrusion of the federal government into state government affairs.  The resolution, if passed, “serves as notice and demand to the federal government, as our agent, to cease and desist, effective immediately, mandates that are beyond the scope of these constitutionally delegated powers.”

  • In 2009, 38 states introduced similar resolutions, and 7 states passed them, garnering some significant national media attention for these efforts. Already in 2010, at least ten states have introduced sovereignty resolutions and “the next step,” nullification of specific federal laws, has been gaining traction in states around the country, too.
  • As things stand right now, in 2010, it looks like Oklahoma, Washington, Hawaii, Missouri, Arizona, New Hampshire, Georgia, California, Michigan and Montana will all definitely consider sovereignty. They may be joined by Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Alaska, Kansas, Alabama, Nevada, Maine and Pennsylvania where legislators have pledged to introduce similar bills.
If your state's not on either list, you should ask your state legislator to consider such legislation!!
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

This'n'That; April 25th[GovBrewer]

Brewer Hands "Clown Prince" His 'Ass On A Silver Platter!'
   Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has made it more than apparent--she knows the U.S. Constitution-particularly, the Tenth Amendment:
   Governor Brewer refused to "roll-over-and-play-dead" on this issue; instead signing the nation's most comprehensive immigration legislation into law. She's well-read enough to know that 'immigration' is not mentioned anywhere in the
Constitution;  Fluffy is not!!

Ratified in 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights, the Tenth Amendment specifies that “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
    obama used his expected 'whiney-ass' intimidation tactics on Ms Brewer--to no avail!!  The "Clown Prince" has instructed his regime members search out 'loopholes' in the immigration law that he so denegrates on Wall Street!!
   "That includes, for example, the recent efforts in Arizona, which threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe," obama said.

obama instructed the regime's Justice Department to examine the bill to see if it would violate civil rights.
The legislation requires police to question people about their immigration status if there's reason to suspect they're in the country illegally.
   Prior to two of America's eras--buying votes through the creation of the 'dependency class' and buying votes through 'immigrant amnesty,'  the United States was the freest, fairest 'land of opportunity' on the planet!!  These two eras melded into one.... the buying of votes from anyone, at any cost!!  Freedom: Not so much, anymore.

With the exception of the way slaves were treated in the Constitution, this document treats everyone with the same fairness.  The slave treatment problem was corrected early on, with subsequent admendments to the Constitution. 

Let's define 'illegal:'
  • forbidden by law or statute.
  • contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations, etc
If one is not a citizen, native born or naturalized, then he is illegal; forbidden by law or statute.
If one is a citizen, native born or naturalized, then he is legal; NOT illegal; NOT forbidden by law or statute.  How tough can this concept be?!?!
 Civil rights activists say such a law would lead to racial profiling and deter Hispanics from reporting crimes.
   Racial profiling is used to varying degrees in every country on the planet-save one: us, the U.S.  The average American has no idea just how many international flights have landed safely at their U.S. destinations; why...?  RACIAL PROFILING!!  Inspectors in the departure cities thoroughly check those suspicious ones of the 'terrorist' races.  Imagine if we practiced racial profiling prior to September 11, 2001!?!?
I have a suggestion for Governor Brewer:
Now get to work on finishing the border fencing-only make it taller; make it in three parallel fences; make each fence topped with razor wire!!
Til Nex'Time....



"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; April 24th

A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince,"  04/24/2010
The White House

April 17, 2010

   There were many causes of the turmoil that ripped through our economy over the past two years. But above all, this crisis was caused by failures in the financial industry. What is clear is that this crisis could have been avoided if Wall Street firms were more accountable, if financial dealings were more transparent, and if consumers and shareholders were given more information and authority to make decisions.
   But that did not happen. And that’s because special interests have waged a relentless campaign to thwart even basic, common-sense rules – rules to prevent abuse and protect consumers. In fact, the financial industry and its powerful lobby have opposed modest safeguards against the kinds of reckless risks and bad practices that led to this very crisis. [What I'm not telling you:   Did you notice the change from 'financial reform' to 'Wall Steet reform?'  I decided that it's easier to vilify those 'ruthless' [albeit-hardworking], millionaire Wall Street types than it is to create a generic villain by using 'financial reform.'   The funny thing here is:  the consumers and shareholders DO HAVE THE AUTHORITY to make decisions; they can partake of the services and products as offered or they can opt out-how tough can that be??  In the modern era, beginning with FDR, continuing through JFK, LBJ and the "Peanut Farmer,' picking up again with "Slick-Willie" and now me-the "Clown Prince" or Fluffy obama, the democRAT party has succeeded in making nearly fifty percent of the American adult population dependent upon the federal government!!  These folks--unaffectionately known as welfareRATs--are dependent upon working taxpayers like you and me--through the federal "wealth redistribution system"--for their 'walkin' around' money, housing, heat, food, cars, and in New York State--their children's school supplies, even if NO CHILDREN ACTUALLY ATTENDED SCHOOL!!  The creation of this 'dependency class' of Americans has evolved so far as to protect them from themselves in practically ALL  financial concerns; to arrange for 'no pay back' mortgages to put them into housing they can't afford nor have any intention of repaying!!
   With great thanks to Franklin Delano Roosevelt {FDR} we're now seeing  FOUR GENERATIONS of families that have never held a job; they're born welfareRATs and they die welfareRATs!!  
   "The Great Society" of Lyndon Baines Johnson {LBJ}--with all the high-cost, low-expectation programs--inhanced the dependency rolls far more than any other program in history!!  I intend--as part of my legacy--to outdo Mister Johnson by three-fold, at least!!
   "Slick-Willie's" Welfare Reform program of the '90s was really a clever 'slight-of-hand' in that he never actually reduced the numberss in the dependency class.  He just changed the address from which their checks and benefits came:  From the Welfare System to SSI..... now HOW CLEVER IS THAT?!?!    
   I gotta' tell ya'.... the American Taxpayer is probably the most gullible being on the planet!!  And I'll tell ya why:  All through my "Campaign of Fluff," I preached about transparency in my dealings with you, the Congress, everything concerning the White House.  One of the points was publishing ANY AND ALL pending legislation onto the internet so the voters could have FIVE DAYS to read and digest the information.  Have ya ever seen it? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  I'm now going to use the same gullibility to my best advantage: by preaching for transparency in EVERY DEALING with the American people, EXCEPT MY OWN!!]
   The consequences of this failure of responsibility – from Wall Street to Washington – are all around us: 8 million jobs lost, trillions in savings erased, countless dreams diminished or denied. I believe we have to do everything we can to ensure that no crisis like this ever happens again. That’s why I’m fighting so hard to pass a set of Wall Street reforms and consumer protections. A plan for reform is currently moving through Congress.
   Here’s what this plan would do. First, it would enact the strongest consumer financial protections ever. It would put consumers back in the driver’s seat by forcing big banks and credit card companies to provide clear, understandable information so that Americans can make financial decisions that work best for them.
   Next, these reforms would bring new transparency to financial dealings. Part of what led to this crisis was firms like AIG and others making huge and risky bets – using things like derivatives – without accountability. Warren Buffett himself once described derivatives bought and sold with little oversight as “financial weapons of mass destruction.” That’s why through reform we’d help ensure that these kinds of complicated financial transactions take place on an open market. Because, ultimately, it is a marketplace that is open, free, and fair that will allow our economy to flourish.  [What I'm not telling you:   ALL those 'consequences of this failure of responsibility' can be traced to two people--TWO democRATs--"Slick-Willie" Clinton and then-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Andrew Cuomo!! In their haste to enhance the 'Dependency Class' rolls, they FORCED 'Freddie Mac' and 'Fannie Mae' to write and back mortgages to those who couldn't verify their work status or income level; even those who HAD NO INCOME!!  
   The financial reform legislation moving through Congress now will ONLY SECONDARILY enhance Americans' financial protections; the primary aspect of this legislation is CONTROL!!  IF PASSED, this legislation will give me--or ANY American ruler--unheard of power over the electorate!!  I will be--WITHOUT debate with anyone, or approval from anyone--the SOLE AUTHORITY which will determine what companies, large or small, profitable or unsuccessful, survive and grow OR collapse and die!!  This power will cover such mundane topics as: only allowing the two or three best washing machines to continue; the rest will 'go away' with a stroke of my pen!!  Isn't that much control AWESOME?!?! Yes, those large financial companies made 'huge and risky' bets-i.e., the hedge fund and derivatives markets.  The big mistake here was mine--although I'll never admit it in public--determining that those financial institutions were 'TOO BIG TO FAIL!!'   In a real--non-socialist--economy, NO PRIVATE ENTITY IS 'TOO-BIG-TO-FAIL!!!'  Deeming any entity as 'TOO-BIG-TO-FAIL' only rewards ineffective business practices and poor management.]
   We would also close loopholes to stop the kind of recklessness and irresponsibility we’ve seen. It’s these loopholes that allowed executives to take risks that not only endangered their companies, but also our entire economy. And we’re going to put in place new rules so that big banks and financial institutions will pay for the bad decisions they make – not taxpayers. Simply put, this means no more taxpayer bailouts. Never again will taxpayers be on the hook because a financial company is deemed “too big to fail.”
   Finally, these reforms hold Wall Street accountable by giving shareholders new power in the financial system. They’ll get a say on pay: a vote on the salaries and bonuses awarded to top executives. And the SEC will ensure that shareholders have more power in corporate elections, so that investors and pension holders have a stronger voice in determining what happens with their life savings.  [What I'm not telling you:  There NEVER should have been bailouts of any sort, for anyone, anywhere; be they Goldman Sachs, General Motors, Chrysler, Citibank, Catepillar--NO ONE!!  One segment of the fascist form of government--dependency upon the government for everything--is that no one has any personal responsibility for ANY OF THEIR ACTIONS!!  Another segment concerns adequate compensation for work performed.  Fascism will brook no allegiance with the concept  of 'market forces.'  Allowing market forces determine adequate pay, allowances, perquisites and bonuses takes ANY POWER OVER THE ECONOMY out of the hands of my regime!!  The SEC has better things to be concerned with besides overseeing corporate executives and boards of directors as they apply to the commoners' benefits.  There's all those hardcore porn sites that must be surfed, which takes up most of the agents' workday!!]
   Now, unsurprisingly, these reforms have not exactly been welcomed by the people who profit from the status quo – as well their allies in Washington. This is probably why the special interests have spent a lot of time and money lobbying to kill or weaken the bill. Just the other day, in fact, the Leader of the Senate Republicans and the Chair of the Republican Senate campaign committee met with two dozen top Wall Street executives to talk about how to block progress on this issue.
   Lo and behold, when he returned to Washington, the Senate Republican Leader came out against the common-sense reforms we’ve proposed. In doing so, he made the cynical and deceptive assertion that reform would somehow enable future bailouts – when he knows that it would do just the opposite. Every day we don’t act, the same system that led to bailouts remains in place – with the exact same loopholes and the exact same liabilities. And if we don’t change what led to the crisis, we’ll doom ourselves to repeat it. That’s the truth. Opposing reform will leave taxpayers on the hook if a crisis like this ever happens again.
   So my hope is that we can put this kind of politics aside. My hope is that Democrats and Republicans can find common ground and move forward together. But this is certain: one way or another, we will move forward. This issue is too important. The costs of inaction are too great. We will hold Wall Street accountable. We will protect and empower consumers in our financial system. That’s what reform is all about. That’s what we’re fighting for. And that’s exactly what we’re going to achieve.  [What I'm not telling you:  Notice here I'm reluctant to mention the thirty-plus times that my buddy, Andy Stern, Thug-In-Chief of the SEIU union.  Why do ya s'pose he came to visit?  It sure as Hell, wasn't to drink mint juleps in the South Portico!!  With this legislation I'm put into a delimma:  Will I have more power over the economy with this legislation, or will I have more power without it??  I'm thinkin' that the power is with not passing the legislation.  
  • With the legislation:  Any actions will be subjected to the provisions of law.  There will be the posssibility of review of the actions of me and my czars. 
  • Without the legislation:  It would be much simpler.  As I did in the past, I bribe legislators to pass another nearly $800,000,000,000 slush fund.  The bribes would be much the same as the Nebraska Compromise" and the whoring out of that Landrieu person from Louisiana.  I can then reward my largest donors; the union management; buy more votes like I have with "Cash For Clunkers" and the various government "give-backs" I've instituted, as well as the illegal immigrant amnesty I've planned.  Not pushing for this legislation has a two-pronged effect:  One prong is that I can continue to brow-beat "Wall Street" for those large donations they've made in the past.  The other prong is that I can continue to denegrate them to my media fools.  Without them, I lose one more entity to be the cause of my  failures!!! 
I can buy the democRATs, it's the republicRATs that concern me!!  I--and ALL democRATs--need them to vilify when everything "goes to Hell, in a handbasket!!"  If you think I'm gonna take the BLAME FOR ANYTHING, you're even more gullible than I currently believe!!]



Saturday, April 24, 2010

The "Paulie-Page" #1

A New Beginning:
   I used to work at one of the "big-box" home improvement stores until management "thru me under the bus" and I decided that working there was no longer FUN!!!
   One guy there--in the Lumber Department--is "Paulie."  This guy was always helpful to me in meeting my obligations to both the customer and management.  We, as time permitted, had casual discussions about investments, investment vehicles and the various markets.
   I rarely see him now, given the rotating schedules used by his employer, so I thought I'd start this page to converse with him and to keep us both informed.  It will most probably happen once a week, unless I have alot to say!!!
Enjoy, Paulie, I hope it helps in some small way!!



Thursday, April 22, 2010

This'n'That; April 22nd[Smerlas;SEAL Vindicated]

Smerlas For Congress!!

FINALLY, there's a website for Fred Smerlas!!  Mr Smerlas HAS NOT authorized this site, but will read messages left there.   It's only a site onwhich to sign up and leave messages as a show of support, but it's a start.  I'm sure if enough folks sign up and indicate their support for a campaign, Fred can be convinced to run against "Geeze-Louise" McIntosh Rodham Slaughter.
The two most important items to remember about slaughter:
  • The subterranean levels of her non-representation.
  • The slaughter-Solution; which essentially says, if SHE deems a bill passed the House with out a vote, IT DID!!  Sign on and show your support!!!

obama Notwithstanding, Justice Prevails!
[In spite of that defender of juris prudence; that supporter of the American way{insert tongue-in-cheek, here!!} barack INSANE obama,  mm,  Mm,  MM; a Navy SEAL was exonerated of all charges at the Bagdad site of a U.S. military court-martial!!  The "Clown Prince" refused to allow the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense to move the trial to a military installation in the United States; conversely the Fluffy Justice Department insisted the {now ongoing} terrorism trial of  Aafia Siddiqui take place in a Manhattan federal courthouse.]

     After only two hours of deliberation,  a U.S. military jury cleared a Navy SEAL--PO1 Julio Huertas--Thursday, in a trial that outraged many, many Americans.  Three Navy SEALs were charged with failing to prevent the beating of an Iraqi prisoner suspected of masterminding a 2004 attack that killed four American security contractors.  The remaining two SEALs are awaiting their trials.
   The contractors' burned bodies were dragged through the streets and two were hanged from a bridge over the Euphrates River in the former insurgent hotbed of Fallujah, in what became a major turning point in the Iraq war.
Til Nex'Time....



This''n'That; April 23rd[obamaPoll;obamaGoldmanSachs]

"Clown Prince" Upset More Than Tea Partiers!
An unscientific online poll conducted by the Personal Liberty Digest [ **] reveals that far more Americans than just the Tea Party movement are upset with Fluffy obama.  497,318 folks expressed their consternation with the current fascist rulers.

1) Who is most to blame for America’s current economic crisis?
  • 52% voted: Obama and the Democrats in Congress
  • 15% voted: The Bush Administration
  • 18% voted: The Clinton Administration
  • 3% voted: Wall Street
  • 10% voted: Banks and sub-prime lenders
  • 1% voted: Real estate and mortgage professionals
  2) Do you agree government bailouts were the answer to America’s financial crisis?
  • 10% voted: Yes
  • 85% voted: No
  • 5% voted: Undecided
  3) Do you believe the American taxpayers should ever have to foot the bill for our financial system's mistakes?
  • 8% voted: Yes, we have to or we’ll end up in a prolonged recession or worse a depression.
  • 24% voted: No, America is too far in debt already.
  • 66% voted: Absolutely not, the American people should never be responsible for bailing out the private sector.
  • 3% voted: Undecided
 4) Do you believe the government bailouts are helping rescue America's economy?
  • 10% voted: Yes
  • 85% voted: No
  • 5% voted: Undecided
 5) For whom did you vote in the 2008 presidential election
  • 17% voted: Obama/Biden
  • 72% voted: McCain/Palin
  • 11% voted: Other
**The Personal Liberty Digest is authored by Bob Livingston whose interests are in the health and wealth management/preservation areas.  The digest offers  articles and advice in the following areas:
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Asset and Wealth Protection
  • Conservative Politics
  • Offshore Opportunities
  • Survival and Self-sufficiency
"Clown Prince"/Goldman Sachs Collusion
    While Fluffry obama assails the culture of greed and recklessness practiced by the men of Goldman Sachs, his administration is infested with them. The White House can no more disown Government Sachs than the "Clown Prince" can disown Chicago Thug-Style politics.

   obama headed to Wall Street on Thursday to demand "financial regulatory reform" -- just as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has filed civil suit against Goldman Sachs for mortgage-related fraud.
Question the timing? Darn tootin'. There are no coincidences in the perpetually orchestrated Age of O. Everyone from disgraced former New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer to analysts at the Brookings Institution and Barclays Capital to the GOP leadership and Rush Limbaugh have noted the reeking political opportunism in the air. 
   The Democratic National Committee immediately bought sponsored Internet ads on Google that direct web surfers who type in "Goldman Sachs SEC" to Obama's fundraising site. "It's time to hold the big banks accountable," the money-grubbing DNC message bellows. But just like his crony capitalist predecessor George W. Bush, obama has relied on Goldman Sachs and Wall Street power brokers to engineer massive government interventions to "rescue" failing businesses with the tax dollars of ordinary Americans    While irony-challenged Democratic candidates like mob-linked banker Alexi Giannoulias in Illinois (who hopes to fill Obama's old Senate seat) call on Republicans to return their fat-cat Goldman Sachs donations, the Democrats are silent on the $994,795 in Goldman Sachs campaign cash that Obama bagged. The class-warfare Dems are also mum on all the president's Goldman Sachs men sitting in the catbird's seat:

  • -- Goldman Sachs partner Gary Gensler is Obama's Commodity Futures Trading Commission head. He was confirmed despite being "a high-level Treasury official in a 2000 law that exempted the $58 trillion credit default swap market from oversight. The financial instruments have been blamed for amplifying global financial turmoil." Gensler said he was sorry and was quickly installed to guard the henhouse.
  • -- Goldman Sachs kept White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel on a $3,000 monthly retainer while he worked as Clinton's chief fundraiser.   The financial titans threw in another $50,000 to become the Clinton primary campaign's top funder. Emanuel received nearly $80,000 in cash from Goldman Sachs during his four terms in Congress.
  • -- Former Goldman Sachs lobbyist Mark Patterson serves under Geithner as his top deputy and overseer of TARP bailout -- $10 billion of which went to Goldman Sachs.
  • --Paul Blumenthal of the Sunlight Foundation noted that, while at Goldman Sachs, Patterson lobbied against executive pay limits that Obama had crusaded for as senator (before, that is, his administration carved out exemptions for AIG).-- Obama's close hometown crony, campaign finance chief and senior adviser Penny Pritzker was head of Superior Bank of Chicago, a subprime specialist that went bust in 2001, leaving more than 1,400 people stripped of their savings after bank officials falsified profit reports. Pritzker's lawyer is Tom Donilon, is now Obama's deputy national security adviser. He earned just shy of $4 million representing her and other high-profile meltdown clients including Goldman Sachs.
  • -- White House National Economic Council head Larry Summers reaped nearly $2.8 million in speaking fees from many of the major financial institutions and government bailout recipients he now polices, including Goldman Sachs. A single speech to Goldman Sachs in April 2008 brought in $135,000.   In 1995, he spearheaded a $40 billion Mexican peso bailout that bypassed Congress. Summers personally leaned on the International Monetary Fund to provide nearly $18 billion for the package.
  • -- Summers' boss, then Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin, was former co-chairman of Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs -- the Mexican government's investment banking firm of choice.
  • -- Treasury Secretary, "Turbo-Tax Tim" Geithner, who as head of the New York Federal Reserve pushed bailed-out insurance conglomerate AIG to cover up sweetheart deals for investment banks that benefited, you guessed it, Goldman Sachs.
   Aside from the obama czars-who are confirmed and conforming fascists, based on their speeches--the Goldman Sachs fascists are now being ferreted out; those who are supposed to represent the American Taxpayer.  During this lack of representation, these socialists are pocketing BILLIONS OF DOLLARS that the American Taxpayer forced to pony up austensibly to bail out those 'too-big-to-fail!!' 
   That is such a huge "bucket of bullshit!!!"  The Department of Defense--and the corresponding Departments of the Army, Navy and Air Force--is "too-big-to-fail"  Contrary to the beliefs of Fluffy obama, we must be defended, hence-the Department of Defense IS TOO-BIG-TO-FAIL; absolutely no one in the private sector is that exalted!!!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This'n'That; April 21st [obamaRecord;KissingMuslimAsses;29thDistrict]

"Clown Prince:" A 'Record' Holder!

   Last Sunday, Fluffy obama and three golfing companions played 18 holes at the Andrews AFB course. It is the 32nd time the "Clown Prince" has played golf since taking office Jan. 20, 2009.Mr. Obama has played golf far more often than President George W. Bush. In his eight years in office, President Bush played just 24 times.  So, if we extrapolate this data:
  • President Bush averaged just one golf outing per month for his entire presidency.
  •  The "Clown Prince" will average nearly 2-1/2 games per month--118 games in four years--when the Tea Partiers prove him to be a 'one trick pony.'
  •  If the fascist prevail and he's re-anointed--perish the thought!!--that means 236 golf games until the next regime change.
    Although it's humorous on it's face, do we need further proof that he's but a figure-head; someone else is actually holding the reins??

Why Not The Tea Party As Well??
   Muslim and Arab-American advocates have participated in policy discussions and received briefings from top White House aides.  They have met privately with a senior White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett; Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to discuss counter-terrorism strategy; Attorney General Holder to discuss civil liberties concerns.

   White House officials cited several recent government actions that were influenced, in part, by the discussions. The meeting with Ms. Napolitano was among many factors that contributed to the government’s decision this month to end a policy subjecting passengers from 14 countries, most of them Muslim, to additional scrutiny at airports, the officials said.

    Did the regime need to consult the nationality most aligned with international terrorism?  Now that I think about it, they WOULD BE the most likely to know what measures are needed during airport security checks!!  I'm bettin' they didn't point out any of the methods their brethren use in smuggling various items on and off aircraft.
 Consultation with Tea Party members in Southern California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas would prove more informative with regard to national security--particularly border security.  Will they be consulted??

Not no, but HELL NO!!

 This loose organization is not one to be placated.... only derided!!
[The article continues:]
During his most recent 'Campaign of Fluff,'  the "Clown Prince" kept his distance, never visiting an American mosque and describing the false claim that he was Muslim as a “smear” on his Web site.  He still has yet to set foot in an American mosque, nor has he met with Muslim and Arab-American leaders.
   In keeping with his policy of a complete lack of transparency, the administration has reached out to this politically isolated constituency--out of the public eye--in a sustained and widening effort that has left even skeptics surprised.

   Arab-American and Muslim leaders said they had yet to see substantive changes on a variety of issues, including what they describe as excessive airport screening, policies that have chilled Muslim charitable giving and invasive F.B.I. surveillance guidelines. But they are encouraged by the extent of their consultation by the White House and governmental agencies.

   In the post-9/11 era, Muslims and Arab-Americans have posed something of a conundrum for the government: they are seen as a political liability but also, increasingly, as an important partner in countering the threat of homegrown terrorism.  During the Bush Era, leaders of these groups met with government representatives from time to time, but had limited interaction with senior officials.  While Fluffy has yet to hold the kind of high-profile meeting that Muslims and Arab-Americans seek, there is a consensus among his policymakers that engagement is no longer optional.
   Speaking to Muslim students, activists and others at New York University,  Mr. John Brennan--Fluffy's Chief Counterterrorism Advisor--acknowledged many of their grievances, including “surveillance that has been excessive,” “overinclusive no-fly lists” and “an unhelpful atmosphere around many Muslim charities.”
“These are challenges we face together as Americans,” said Mr. Brennan.  He and other officials have made a point of disassociating Islam from terrorism in public comments, using the phrase “violent extremism” in place of words like “jihad” and “Islamic terrorism.”
   A small but vocal group of research analysts, bloggers and others complain that the government is reaching out to Muslim leaders and organizations with an Islamist agenda or ties to extremist groups abroad.   They point out that Ms. Jarrett gave the keynote address at the annual convention for the Islamic Society of North America. The group was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in a federal case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, a Texas-based charity whose leaders were convicted in 2008 of funneling money to Hamas.
   “I think dialogue is good, but it has to be with genuine moderates,” said Steven Emerson, a terrorism analyst who advises government officials. “These are the wrong groups to legitimize.” Mr. Emerson and others have also objected to the political appointments of several American Muslims, including Rashad Hussain.
   In February, Fluffy chose Mr. Hussain, a 31-year-old White House lawyer, to become the United States’ special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, a kind of ambassador at large to Muslim countries.  obama noted Mr. Hussain’s status as a “close and trusted member of my White House staff” and “a hafiz,” a person who has memorized the Koran.
   Soon after the announcement, reports surfaced about comments Mr. Hussain had made on a panel in 2004, while he was a student at Yale Law School, in which he referred to several domestic terrorism prosecutions as “politically motivated.” Among the cases he criticized was that of Sami Al-Arian, a former computer-science professor in Florida who pleaded guilty to aiding members of a Palestinian terrorist group.

   Aligned with the "Clown Prince's" Chicago-style 'thug politics,' the courting of more into the regime's thugocracy is the basis of this muslim/islamic recruiting program.  Fluffy is well-schooled in the ways of Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, Karl Marx, the "purple shirts" of the SEIU; so learned as to have trained the ACORN thugs in the ways of community agitation!!
   The Tea Party movement is having a far greater positive effect on American politics than the regime had ever imagined possible!! 
  • The movement has no official leader; no one to villify.
  • The movement is based on non-violent protest.
  • The movement is based on common-sense dialogue and discussion.
  • The movement does not brook any violence by thugcratic infiltrators.
Given these precepts, the Tea Party movement is difficult for the fascists to
co-opt.  Much like Greata Britian's King George III, the current regime doesn't give the movement enough import to their grievances.  The American taxpayer has cause for complaint on practically every topic involved with the federal government:
  • size and continued growth of government
  • overreach of governance
  • $23TRILLION 10-year federal deficit
  • "card check-" essentially doing away with the 'secret ballot' when dealing with labor unions
  • cap and tax-escalating taxes 3 to 5 fold after enactment
  • continued federal borrowing to maintain the "dependency class" of Americans
  • continued campaign lies- 5-day internet posting of legislation; transparency with the American taxpayer
  • Continued outward and unfettered financial payback to political supporters [essentially vote-buying]
  • ....and-on-and-on-and-on.......
29th Congressional District Representation
On March 8th, 2010, Eric Massa resigned his seat in the House under a cloud of sexual harassment and financial mismanagement.  This from the Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives:
The Interim Vacant Office Status:
By federal law and the Rules of the House of Representatives, the employees of the former Representative continue to staff the offices of the congressional district under the supervision of the Clerk of the House of Representatives. This interim vacant status continues until a new Representative is elected to fill the unexpired term. Currently, the congressional district does not have voting representation. Although the scope of the vacant congressional office is limited, constituents of the district are invited to contact this interim office for information and assistance as indicated below.
Legislative Information:
Until a new Representative is elected, the vacant congressional office cannot take or advocate positions of public policy. Constituents may choose to express opinions on legislation or issues to your elected Senators or wait until a new Representative is elected and takes office. Mail received by the vacant office will be acknowledged. The staff of the vacant office can assist constituents with general information concerning the status of legislation, but cannot provide analysis of issues or render opinions.
Given that the residents and taxpayers of the 29th Congressional District HAVE NOT BEEN REPRESENTED since March 8th;
Given Governor Paterson's partisan reluctance to hold a special election to fill the vacant seat:

  • The taxpayers of the district should WITHHOLD ALL FEDERAL AND STATE TAXES for the period of non-representation.  If the vacancy remains until the next regular election, the taxpayers might withhold approximately 240 days' taxes!!
  • The non-taxpayers [read: WelfareRATs] should have their state and federal cash and noncash benefits suspended until such representative is duly elected to fill the vacant seat.  The benefits would be forfeited to the federal and state treasuries.
The governor's reluctance is allegedly based on the state not having the funds to conduct a special election.  What about Eric Massa's reelection campaign funding??   He caused this vacancy-he should pay for an election!!

Til Nex'Time....



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This'n'That; April 20th["Slick-Willie"/TeaPartiers;MexicanTrucks]

"Slick-Willie" derides Tea Partiers
   "Slick-Willie" Clinton uses the anniversary of the 'Oklahoma City' bombing to disparage the Tea Party movement in a New York Times Op-Ed piece.    Not only was this on his watch, but Khobar Towers, Saudia Arabia, and the attack on the Branch Dividian Compound, Waco, Texas, as well.  "Slick" also laid the 'groundwork' for the 9/ll attacks:
Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. The blast claimed 168 lives, including 19 children under the age of 6; more than 680 people were injured; 324 buildings damaged or destroyed; 86 vehicles destroyed or burned and shattered building glass in a three mile square area. This is the most destructive act of domestic terrorism in American history.

The Siege at the Branch Davidian Compound, Waco, Texas, began on February 28, 1993, when the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF)--under the direction of "Slick's" Att'y General,  Janet Reno--attempted to execute a search warrant on the property. An exchange of gunfire resulted in the deaths of four agents and six followers of David Koresh. A subsequent 51-day siege by the Federal Bureau of Investigation ended on April 19 when fire destroyed the compound. The fire was started during an attack by U.S. Army tanks and armored personnel carriers.  Seventy-six people (24 of them British nationals) died in the fire, including more than 20 children, two pregnant women, and Koresh himself.

In June 1996, terrorists attacked the U.S. military complex at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, killing 19 Americans and wounding hundreds more.

In October, 1993, Clinton's retreat from Somalia--where nineteen American soldiers died and 73 were wounded--inspired Bin Laden to begin his jihad against the US, thinking we had become a paper tiger. We run away, we won't hang in there, culminating in the 9/11 attacks.
Actions have always spoken louder than words.
   What was "Slick" doing while all this was going on......? Playing 'hide-the-sausage' with any number of White House interns and Clinton Administration staffers!! As Clinton and his ilk are wont to do-he's using the anniversary of a significant event as a stepping stone to lay blame for these and future acts at the feet of current Tea Party participants as well as previous groups dissatisfied with the government: it's growth and domination over the American way of life!! And I quote "Slick-Willie" from his blather in the New York Times:

"Slick Willie's" Op-Ed piece [in part]:
   Americans have more freedom and broader rights than citizens of almost any other nation in the world, including the capacity to criticize their government and their elected officials. But we do not have the right to resort to violence — or the threat of violence — when we don’t get our way. Our founders constructed a system of government so that reason could prevail over fear. Oklahoma City proved once again that without the law there is no freedom.
   Criticism is part of the lifeblood of democracy. No one is right all the time. But we should remember that there is a big difference between criticizing a policy or a politician and demonizing the government that guarantees our freedoms and the public servants who enforce our laws.   Civic virtue can include harsh criticism, protest, even civil disobedience. But not violence or its advocacy. That is the bright line that protects our freedom.  Fifteen years ago, the line was crossed in Oklahoma City. In the current climate, with so many threats against the president, members of Congress and other public servants, we owe it to the victims of Oklahoma City, and those who survived and responded so bravely, not to cross it again.

His wife--Hillary Rob'em Clinton--during a 2003 speech (screeching): I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic, and we should stand up and say, "WE ARE AMERICANS AND WE HAVE A RIGHT TO DEBATE AND DISAGREE WITH ANY ADMINISTRATION!"

[A {Bill} Clinton speech in 1995] We hear so many loud and angry voices in America today whose sole goal seems to be to try to keep some people as paranoid as possible and the rest of us all torn up and upset with each other. They spread hate. They leave the impression that -- by their very words, that -- violence is a acceptable. You ought to see -- I'm sure you are now seeing the reports of some things that are regularly said over the airwaves in America today. It is time we all stood up and spoke against that kind of (pounding podium) reckless speech and behavior.
Concluding the Clinton Op-Ed:
Finally, we should never forget what drove the bombers, and how they justified their actions to themselves. They took to the ultimate extreme an idea advocated in the months and years before the bombing by an increasingly vocal minority: the belief that the greatest threat to American freedom is our government, and that public servants do not protect our freedoms, but abuse them.
So.... Who's right, here?? The Clintons--by virtue of his current and previous speeches; her previous speeches--are on opposite sides of the political fence.
Although he now seems to support the "Clown Prince," early on in the "Campaign of Fluff," Slick said Fluffy had the political acumen of a "Chicago Thug!!"  She, by her actions and speeches, condoned condemnation and derision of a replublicRAT administration; again, by her actions and speeches, charged any dissention with a democRAT administration as sedicious and treasonous.
   As all Tea Party participants should--I take umbridge with "Slick" implying that any who speak against 'the government' are committing a seditious act!!  Clinton takes every opportunity to align the Tea Party movement, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, et al, with hate speech and 'impending' violence!!
   The Tea Party movement [at least members in Rochester, N.Y.]--at it's inception--subconsciously adopted the combined non-violent--even pacifist--policies of both Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi.

American Highway Safety In Peril!
   When the NAFTA agreement was launched on January 1, 1994, one of it's provisions was that Mexican heavy trucks would have access to all authorized roadways in the United States.  This provision's implementation was stalled from then until now, citing Mexico's failure in the areas of:  driver training, driver safety, government, company and driver records accuracy.  Currently, Mexican heavy trucks are allowed twenty miles north of the US-Mexican border.
The Mexican government's push for the NAFTA provision is referred to as "cross-border" trucking.
   On April 12th, Rep Peter DeFazio [d, Or-4] requested by letter that the Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood and the US Trade Representative, Ron Kirk, renegotiate the portion of NAFTA that opens US roadways to unsafe Mexican heavy trucks.  Seventy-seven representatives of both parties signed on to the letter.
A quote from DeFazio's letter:
   Everyone should call their representative and congratulate them for signing on to this very important letter.  If the respresentative has not signed on, suggest that he/she does!!
“Mexico has no meaningful system for commercial driver’s licenses, drug testing or hours of service. This is a trade agreement that threatens the safety of the American public. Mexico has no right to use tariffs to force unsafe trucks with exhausted over-worked, under-paid drivers into the United States.”

   As a former O-T-R driver with years and miles of experience, I've seen Mexican trucks first-hand.  By-and-large, these trucks are "rolling disasters!!"  One must remember that a Mexican driver's ethics and integrity aren't the same as Americans'.  They think nothing of driving away from any accident, personal injuries or not;  their trucks' maintenance levels are no where near the American standards.
Til Nex'Time....