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What The National Pamphleteers Don't Report:
Sending US Tax Dollars to a Paris-Based International Bureaucracy So It Can Work with “Occupy” Nutjobs to Push for Higher Taxes
by Daniel J. Mitchell
June 25, 2012
    I’m not a big fan of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This Paris-based international bureaucracy doesn’t get as much attention as the United Nations or International Monetary Fund, but it’s probably does more damage to freedom and prosperity if measured on a per-dollar-spent basis.
For instance:
The OECD, in an effort to promote redistributionism, has concocted absurdly misleading statistics claiming that there is more poverty in the US than in Greece, Hungary, Portugal, or Turkey.
The OECD is pushing a “Multilateral Convention” that is designed to become something akin to a World Tax Organization, with the power to persecute nations with free-market tax policy.
The OECD has endorsed Obama’s class-warfare agenda, publishing documents endorsing “higher marginal tax rates” so that the so-called rich “contribute their fair share.”
    But now I’ve come across something that is bizarrely [....]

How the President airbrushed his romantic history to burnish his credentials as a black leader
President makes only fleeting references to former partners in his memoirs
by Tom Leonard In New York
June 22, 2012

  When Genevieve Cook first met Barack Obama in the kitchen of a mutual friend’s New York flat, he was wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a dark leather jacket.  It was 1983, and she was impressed when this cool, self-assured young man could tell immediately she was Australian. In those days most Americans, even supposedly cosmopolitan New Yorkers, couldn’t tell a Cockney from a Kiwi.
Romance: Genevieve Cook wasn't the first white girlfriend in Barack Obama's life, nor the last. But Obama had met many Aussies while living in Indonesia as a young boy with his mother and stepfather, and it turned out he and Cook — the daughter of a prominent diplomat — had lived in the country at the same time. As the night wore on, they sat close together on an orange beanbag in the hall while Cook swigged Baileys Irish Cream straight from the bottle. They were amazed at how much they had in common: both were children of divorced parents, both had lived all over the world and had never felt truly at home anywhere. They exchanged phone numbers and the self-assured Obama didn’t waste time. Within days, he was cooking her dinner at his apartment.
‘Then we went and talked in his bedroom,’ Cook recalled. ‘And then I spent the night with him.
‘It all felt very inevitable.’
    The U.S. president and his First Lady sometimes seem so well-suited to each other that it’s hard to imagine there ever having been any woman in his life other than the formidable Michelle, whom he met while working for a Chicago law firm in 1989.  Obama has reinforced [....]

14-Year-Old Shoots Armed Intruder While Babysitting His Younger Siblings in Phoenix
by Erica Ritz,
June 23, 2012

(The Blaze/AP) — A 14-year-old boy shot and nearly killed an intruder who broke into his Phoenix home and pulled a gun on him while he was watching his three younger siblings, police said Saturday. The teen and his siblings, ages 8, 10 and 12, were at home alone when a woman rang the doorbell on Friday. A common enough occurrence, the boy still chose not to open the door because he didn’t recognize the woman.
Quickly escalating into a far more dangerous situation, the 14-year-old rushed his siblings upstairs after he heard a loud bang on the door, grabbing his father’s handgun on the way. When he got to the top of the stairs, he saw an armed man break through the front door and point a gun at him. Acting swiftly, he [....]

Bilderberg Plan to Force NATO’s Turkey Into Syrian War
by Patrick Henningsen
Global Research,
June 26, 2012
Last Friday saw a Turkish combat jet downed in the Mediterranean Sea by Syrian antiaircraft batteries. Syria insists that Turkey’s F-4 Phantom was shot down inside Syrian airspace.
It appears to be a Neo-Ottoman baiting exercise by NATO, and for all intents and purposes, it has worked - so far.
Regardless of the facts surrounding this event, the Western media machine and political operators will seek to quickly leverage this event in their efforts to move their inevitable Syrian bombardment project forward.
To date, NATO’s role for Turkey has been to remain in the shadows, hosting the Syrian National Council, coordinating arms shipments in Syria for foreign fighters, and giving refuge to al-Qaeda rebels across Turkey’s border with Syria. But this latest jet incident is likely to change all that.
As was predicted within hours of the initial event last week, – whose analysis was once again days ahead of the mainstream media, accurately predicted that this incident would be used to pull the Turkey further into a central position in NATO’s plan to engage Syria:
If the West and NATO is to enforce a Libya-style ‘no fly-zone’ in Syria, then Turkey would be the tool of choice to run such an operation.
In case you missed it last Friday, here is the interview hours after the incident – another example of how this website sits much further ahead of the geopolitical analytical curve than the whole of the multi billion dollar-capitalized mainstream media:
The corporate mainstream media is of course already positioned to spin this story into a pretext for a war between NATO and the Syria’s Assad government. The world must not forget that this is the very same corporate media who [....]

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
by Scott Rasmussen
July 1, 2012
    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows President Obama attracting 45% of the vote, while Mitt Romney earns 45%. Four percent (4%) prefer some other candidate, and six percent (6%) are undecided.
Matchup results are updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern (sign up for free daily e-mail update).
Today’s results are the same as they were just before the Supreme Court ruled on the health care law.
    However, intensity is up among conservatives. On Thursday morning, 43% of conservative voters were following the presidential race on a daily basis. That’s up to 51% today. It remains to be seen whether this is a lasting change, statistical noise, or a temporary response to the health care ruling.
Just 28% of moderates [....]

Judge tosses man in slammer for ‘sagging’ pants
by Nick Dutton
June 16, 2012
LORAIN, Ohio (WJW) – An Ohio man is sent to the slammer for saggy pants.
Lorain Municipal Court Judge Mark Mihok has been on the bench for 10 years. Like an umpire, he has the call of the courtroom. That includes handing down sentences to upholding high standards in court.
On Thursday, Durrell Brooks of Lorain was in court to assist his girlfriend with her traffic citation. That is when Judge Mihok found the 23-year-old man was in violation.
“When he turned around and sit back down, I could see that his pants were sagging. And, I could see his underwear,” Judge Mihok said.
The judge found Brooks in contempt of court and sent him directly to jail for three days. Judge Mihok said he does not impose a dress code because he knows Lorain is a working town. 
“But, at least they have to have no underwear showing,” he said.
On Friday, Brooks’ mother came to court to plead her son’s case. Michelle Brooks felt three days in jail for saggy pants was excessive punishment. “I was surprised, I am was shocked. I was like I didn’t even think that was a law to get them arrested for showing their underwear,” Michelle Brooks said.
Judge Mihok said he has to be respectful of everyone in his courtroom.
“Yesterday I had a courtroom full [....]

MCSO Cold Case Posse
Criminal Enforcement Special Services
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
The MCSO Cold Case Posse (CCP) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are awarded no tax dollars and have no paid staff. We are supported by membership dues as well as donations from corporations and individuals in the county we serve. If you would like to make a contribution to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Cold Case Posse, please [....]
[Blogger Note:  Might be a better 'investment' of your wedding, birthday presents than owe-bama!!]

Putin's Visit and Israeli-Russian Relations
by George Friedman,
June 26, 2012

    Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Israel on June 25 for his first state visit since retaking the presidency. The visit was arranged in mid-May, and so at least part of the agenda was set, given events in Syria and Egypt. The interesting thing about Israel and Russia is that while they seem to be operating in the same areas of interest and their agendas seem disconnected, their interests are not always opposed. It is easy to identify places they both care about but more difficult to identify ways in which they connect. It is therefore difficult to identify the significance of the visit beyond that it happened.
    An example is Azerbaijan. Russia is still a major weapons provider for Azerbaijan, but the Israelis are now selling it large amounts of weapons and appear to be using it as a base from which to observe and, according to rumors, possibly attack Iran. Russia, which supports Armenia, a country Azerbaijan fought a [....]

‘Whites must give up wealth’
by Ngwako Modjadji,
22 June 2012
    WHITE people in South Africa should volunteer to give what they have to be able to assist the nation.
This was said by ANC Youth League (ANCYL) deputy president Ronald Lamola yesterday at the league’s economic policy dialogue at Unisa, Pretoria.
The dialogue was titled ‘‘The Role of Civil Society in attaining Economic Freedom in our Lifetime’’.
Lamola said: “The only thing we are asking is to share the natural resources.
Why must we not get angry if white people continue to benefit?”
He also said young people must be given a platform in the mainstream economy so they can play a meaningful role in society.
“If young people are leaders of society why are they outside the mainstream of economy?”, he asked. South Africa will only be united through the economy. South Africans are already living like people are in Zimbabwe,” Lamola said. He said maximum [....]

The War on Poverty: $15 Trillion and Nothing to Show for It
by Michael Tennant, 
June 26, 2012
    Fifteen trillion dollars: That’s how much American taxpayers have forked over in the name of helping the poor since 1964. And what do we have to show for it? A poverty rate that has barely budged, an entrenched bureaucracy, and a population — like that of Greece and Portugal, two welfare-state basket cases — increasingly dependent on government handouts.
    These are the conclusions of a recent Cato Institute report on the American welfare state by Michael Tanner, Cato’s director of health and welfare studies and author of The Poverty of Welfare: Helping Others in Civil Society. It is hardly an encouraging read, to say the least. When President Johnson declared war on poverty nearly half a century ago, writes Tanner, “the poverty rate in America was around 19 percent and falling rapidly.” Increasing prosperity brought about by the free market, coupled with strong civil institutions such as churches, charities, and fraternal organizations, was already accomplishing the unthinkable: making poverty, the general condition of mankind throughout most of history, a rarity in the United States. A rising tide, as Johnson’s predecessor observed, does indeed lift all boats.
    The man at the helm of the ’64 ship of state, however, decided the tide wasn’t rising quickly enough and so he would help it along by filling buckets with water from the port side of the ship and emptying them on the starboard side. Not surprisingly, this strategy failed to increase the water level. Thus, despite $12 trillion in federal welfare spending and $3 trillion in state and local government welfare spending over the past 48 years, says Tanner, “the poverty rate never fell below 10.5 percent and is now at the highest level in nearly a decade” — 15.1 percent and climbing. “Clearly,” he adds, “we have been doing something wrong.”  Of course, that all depends on how one defines success in the war on poverty. For those on the receiving end of government handouts — not just the poor but also those paid to provide services to them, such as doctors and landlords — success is getting more [....]$15-trillion-and-nothing-to-show-for-it

US Reconstructs Former Military Bases Across Asia-Pacific
by John Glaser
Global Research,
June 25, 2012
The Obama administration is continuing its strategic pivot to Asia-Pacific and now trying to cultivate renewed relationships with countries in a bid to further expand the amount of US military bases throughout the region.
    Much of this means rebuilding and refurbishing former US bases that were abandoned since WWII or since the Vietnam War. Administration officials have been in intense talks with the Thai government over using airfields and naval ports and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta recently visited Vietnam to visit the naval and air base at Cam Ranh Bay.
    The Obama administration has been ramping up the pressure on China with an increasingly antagonistic foreign policy. The so-called ‘Asia pivot’ is an aggressive policy that involves surging American military presence throughout the region – in the Philippines, Japan, Australia, Guam, South Korea, Singapore, etc. – in an unprovoked scheme to contain rising Chinese economic and military influence. The US has also been [....]

American Rhetoric: Top 100 Speeches
Ronald Reagan
"A Time For Choosing" Speech
October 27, 1964
Program Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, we take pride in presenting a thoughtful address by Ronald Reagan. Mr. Reagan:
Reagan: Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you and good evening. The sponsor has been identified, but unlike most television programs, the performer hasn't been provided with a script. As a matter of fact, I have been permitted to choose my own words and discuss my own ideas regarding the choice that we face in the next few weeks. I have spent most of my life as a Democrat. I recently have seen fit to follow another course. I believe that the issues confronting us cross party lines. Now, one side in this campaign has been telling us that the issues of this election are the maintenance of peace and prosperity. The line has been used, "We've never had it so good."
    But I have an uncomfortable feeling that this prosperity isn't something on which we can base our hopes for the future. No nation in history has ever survived a tax burden that reached a third of its national income. Today, 37 cents out of every dollar earned in this country is the tax collector's share, and yet our government continues to spend 17 million dollars a day more than the government takes in. We haven't balanced our budget 28 out of the last 34 years. We've raised our debt limit three times in the last twelve months, and now our national debt is one and a half times bigger than all the combined debts of all the nations of the world. We have 15 billion dollars in gold in our treasury; we don't own an ounce. Foreign dollar claims are 27.3 billion dollars. And we've just had announced that the dollar of 1939 will now purchase 45 cents in its total value.
    As for the peace that we would preserve, I wonder who among us would like to approach the wife or mother whose husband or son has died in South Vietnam and ask them if they think this is a peace that should be maintained indefinitely. Do they mean [....]

Bank Stocks Under Attack in Both Europe and the U.S.

by George Leong,
June 25, 2012

    It’s not enough we have to deal with the dire economic situation in the eurozone and Europe, but now bank stocks are under attack, especially from Moody’s Investors Service, which is negative on the banking sector. The quality of bank stocks has been improving, but clearly the credit rating agency is a bit on the cautious side and likely making up for not being tough enough with its ratings leading up to the credit crisis in 2008 that drove the global economies into a recession.
    The European debt crisis led Moody’s to downgrade 16 Spanish banks, seven German banks, and three Austrian banks. As you know, the situation in the eurozone is a mess and will worsen, especially if the global economies stall, which I discussed in “Europe’s Meltdown: The World’s Economies You’ll Want to Keep on Your Radar.”
    Moody’s is also growing a bit wary about the big U.S. bank stocks, especially given their continued appetite for risk in trying to attain profits. The big money for banks lies with investment banking and trading, and not personal and commercial banking. A bank can make billions from a single high-gamble trade. Could you imagine how long it would take to make this from fees for retail banking? This is the reason why many of the bigger bank stocks continue to trade speculatively despite the establishment of the Volcker Rule proposed by economist and ex-Fed Chairman Paul Volcker to restrict some speculative activities. The reality is that a bank must satisfy its shareholders. What Moody’s has done is [....]

Six Kinds of United States Paper Currency

Unknown Author
    On 10 July 1929 the United States replaced its large size currency, like the Series 1923 Silver Certificate One Dollar bill with small size notes. The purpose of this change was simply to save some money on paper, but the timing inadvertently signified a new era in United States money. When the change was made there were no less than six kinds of United States paper currency, but only three months later the stock market crash ushered in the era of the Great Depression, during which three of those kinds of currency would disappear. Thirty years later, two of the remaining kinds of currency would also disappear, leaving only one.
    The six kinds of currency in 1929, colored coded with the colors of their seals and serial numbers, and with the denominations they were issued in series 1928 and 1929 (though not always in those years themselves), were:
United States Notes (Series 1928: $1 $2 $5)
Gold Certificates (Series 1928: $10 $20 $50 $100 $500 $1000 $5000 $10,000)
National Bank Notes (Series 1929: $5 $10 $20 $50 $100)
Silver Certificates (Series 1928: $1)
Federal Reserve Bank Notes (Series 1929: $5 $10 $20 $50 $100)
Federal Reserve Notes (Series 1928: $5 $10 $20 $50 $100 $500 $1000 $5000 $10,000)
The three kinds of currency that remained after the Depression were:
United States Notes (Series 1953: $2 $5)
Silver Certificates (Series 1953: $5 $10 -- Series 1957: $1)
Federal Reserve Notes (Series 1950: $5 $10 $20 $50 $100)
And all that remained by 1970 were:
Federal Reserve Notes (Series 1969: $1 $5 $10 $20 $50 $100 -- Series 1976: $2)
The origin and nature of these kinds of currency will be considered below. Although the color of the seals and serial numbers on Gold Certificates was yellow, here orange is used for greater contrast. The reverse of large note Gold Certificates had actually been orange, "goldbacks" as opposed to "greenbacks"; but small note Gold Certificates were made "greenbacks" also. (That was reversed with series 1934 Gold Certificates, which again had orange reverses, but those notes never circulated to the public).  That was part of a process to unify the design of all the currency. The variety of large note design gave way [....]

I Told You So…
by Michael Lombardi, MBA
June 22, 2012

    I’ve been writing in the pages for weeks on how economies worldwide are slowing and how this will affect the earnings of the major U.S. corporations. Yesterday, the fears came to fruition for stock markets. The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 250 points Thursday. The combination of slowing world economies and Moody’s Investors Service downgrading 15 large American banks was too much for the market to overcome.
What happens next? Follow this story…
    The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) met earlier this week and decided to extend the FOMC’s “Operation Twist” program until the end of the year, to the tune of $267 billion. Operation Twist is simply the Fed and FOMC buying long-term U.S. Treasuries from the money it receives on its short-term maturing investments. The FOMC decided upon this action to ensure that long-term interest rates continue to remain very low in an effort to support the still lackluster recovery. The FOMC also felt it needed to extend Operation Twist in order to help reduce the unemployment rate in this country.
    The Chairman of the FOMC, Ben Bernanke, also mentioned that the FOMC is ready to step in and help the economy should economic conditions deteriorate or should the European crisis cause issues with the financial system here in the U.S. This extension of the FOMC’s Operation Twist ensures that, should Europe somehow convince Germany to print money to keep its banking system going, then the market may sell U.S. Treasuries to buy European treasuries. With the European crisis, investors [....]

Doctor: British Health Service Euthanizes 130,000 Patients a Year

by Michael Tennant
June 20, 2012

[Blogger Note:  Attention-obamacare Death Panels: This'll probably be ruled 'constitutional' by "The Surpremes" as well!!]
The British National Health Service (NHS) — the epitome of socialized medicine — may be prematurely ending the lives of as many as 130,000 elderly patients annually, a top physician told the Royal Society of Medicine in London. Patrick Pullicino, a consultant neurologist for East Kent Hospitals and professor of clinical neurosciences at the University of Kent, said a controversial end-of-life care method called the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) now used in British hospitals has become an “assisted death pathway rather than a care pathway,” according to a report in the Daily Mail.
“If we accept the Liverpool Care Pathway we accept that euthanasia is part of the standard way of dying as it is now associated with 29 per cent of NHS deaths,” Pullicino declared, referring to statistics showing that of the 450,000 annual deaths of patients under NHS care, about 130,000 are of patients who were on the LCP.
The Mail offers a brief history of the LCP:
The Liverpool Care Pathway was first developed at a Marie Curie [Cancer Care] hospice in the city with the intention of making the last days and hours of cancer sufferers as decent and painless as possible. It rapidly became fashionable: recognized as a model for the NHS in 2001; approved by NICE [the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, which rations care on a cost-benefit basis] as a recommended practice in 2004; and a 2006 health white paper said it should be adopted across the country. Its use spread from cancer sufferers to all patients. Doctors are supposed to identify a patient who is bound to die in the near future. The plan then can include withdrawal of treatment, including the provision of water and nourishment by tube. Patients are typically heavily sedated.
    The LCP’s quick adoption by the NHS and NICE represented “euthanasia by the back door,” in the words of the Telegraph’s Gerald Warner. “In 2007–08,” he wrote, “16.5 percent of deaths in Britain resulted from continuous deep sedation — twice the rate of the Netherlands with its notorious culture of death and legalized euthanasia.” Since that time the percentage of deaths due to the LCP has increased by 75 percent, with no signs of slowing. Indeed, with [....]

Department of Defense Caught Lying About Use Of Domestic Spy Drones

Offices of two US Senators contradict statements of Special Operations Command
by Steve Watson,
June 29, 2012
    The U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), part of the Department of Defense, has denied operating surveillance drones in two different states, issuing statements that have been proven to be completely false. Headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, USSOCOM is the Unified Combatant Command charged with overseeing the various Special Operations Commands of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.
As reported by the open information advocacy group Public Intelligence:
Following our publication last week of a map of current and proposed Department of Defense drone activities within the U.S., several journalists with local publications around the country wrote articles regarding drone activities that were listed in their area. David Brooks of the Nashua Telegraph wrote about the listing of New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington as the site of a USSOCOM drone activity involving small unmanned aerial vehicles including the Raven and Wasp. Corey Pein of the Willamette Week wrote about a planned USSOCOM drone activity in Portland that was listed as utilizing the same types of drones. The drone activity map was constructed [....]

The Roberts Opinion: It's Not All Bad
by Kate Hicks
Web Editor,
Jun 28, 2012
    John Roberts is not a “traitor to his philosophy.” He is not a liberal. He is, above all else, a very strict originalist, and the Chief Justice of a Court that is acutely aware – and wary – of its role in politics. Understand that his opinion, though certainly not ideal for the Right, contains more good news for conservatives in its pages than it does on its face. So let’s take a look at his surprising opinion – the controlling opinion, as it’s called, which sets precedent and “say[s] what the law is,” as Marshall said so long ago.
The Good News
    First: let’s give credit where it’s due. Roberts made it abundantly clear that he’s not a fan of the actual policy. Moreover, he shifted responsibility for this policy back to the American people, and revealed his respect for the separation of powers:
“Members of this Court are vested with the authority to interpret the law; we possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”
Unhappy with the ruling though you may be, the wisdom contained in that paragraph alone [....]

Using Oregano Oil for Common Problems

by Dr. Edward Group
June 27, 2012
    In a past post about oregano oil, I discussed its germ-killing, anti-inflammatory, and pain relieving properties. Now, I’d like to cover how it can be used to address a wide range of problems. Here’s a guide to help you get the most out of this wonderful oil.
Aches and Pains
Whether arthritis, backaches, bursitis, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, sore muscles, and sports injuries, oil of oregano can be used topically to penetrate the skin and help relieve the pain that may be causing your issue. Rub a 50/50 mixture of organic oregano oil and organic olive oil onto the affected areas.
Cold Prevention and Treatment
When you begin to notice that itchy feeling in the back of your throat and feel a cold is on its way, place 3-6 drops of oil in an empty capsule and take 2-3x daily just [....]

Dems Admit Obama’s Not Eligible

by Doug Book,

June 23, 2012
    Weary of defending in court the Constitutional eligibility of their man at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Democrat Party has finally admitted Barack Obama is not qualified to be president of the United States– and that it doesn’t matter. According to a motion filed by Party attorneys in a Tennessee eligibility lawsuit, “…Defendants [the Tennessee Democrat Party and the Democrat National Committee] assert that the Tennessee Democrat Party has the right to nominate whoever it chooses to run as a candidate, including someone who is not qualified for the office.”
    In numerous previous lawsuits questioning the Constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama, Democrats have maintained that voters, not the Constitution, should be the final arbiters of presidential eligibility. Though a disgraceful assertion on its face, such mindless rambling was about all that desperate Democrat attorneys had in their arsenals, apart from the perpetually employed “plaintiffs lack standing” defense. But now, the cat is out of the bag, and the true sentiments of Democrat Party officials have finally been aired. It seems that, according to the left, as long as the acting president has the requisite contempt for the United States, is willing to work tirelessly to destroy the national economy, and will ignore both the rule of law and his Constitutional duty to enforce it, he is eminently qualified to hold the country’s top job.
    In February, Georgia Administrative Judge Michael Malihi ignored Supreme Court precedent, made a shambles of case law, and distorted the rulings of other courts in a pathetically obvious mission to find Barack Obama eligible for the Georgia presidential ballot. Although the first judge to decide an Obama eligibility case on the merits, his contempt for an honest judicial process certainly did nothing [....]

Four Stories About Stupid Gun Laws

by Sam Rolley,
Personal Liberty Digest
June 25, 2012
    Firearms have for the past few hundred years been one of man’s most useful tools.Humans are very distinct from other creatures in their ability to perfect the use of tools to improve quality of life. Even more remarkable of man, however, is our willingness to restrict the use of even our most valuable tools in the name of “safety.” Firearms have for the past few hundred years been one of man’s most useful tools. America’s Founding Fathers realized this and held gun ownership in such a high regard that they opted to include it in the country’s Constitution.
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
Here are four things that the men who wrote those words knew, that modern anti-gun zealots in the United States and abroad can’t seem to understand:
#1— Guns are extremely useful in deterring criminals who would otherwise steal from you and likely injure or kill you in the process. That is why Keyna Oduyoye, 30, of Randallstown, Md., brought her registered .40 caliber Beretta handgun along when she carried $4,000 to meet with a person selling a car on Craigslist. When she and her boyfriend arrived, they were robbed by the people they met.
From The Baltimore Sun:
She told police she grabbed a .40 caliber Beretta from the glove compartment of her car and fired a warning shot in the air. The gunman dropped his weapon, she told police, according to court charging documents, and then she chased the man up the street firing three times in the air. Though she managed to keep herself from being possibly murdered by her armed assailants after having her money stolen, Oduyoye was jailed last week on $35,000 bond. She is charged with having a handgun on her person and in her car, reckless endangerment and discharging a firearm on a public street. Even though her gun was registered, because of Maryland’s restrictive carry permit laws she is a criminal in the eyes of the law.
#2— The bad guys are never going to give up their guns, and there is nothing even the most restrictive nanny governments can do about it. Case in point, New York City. Even with liberty assaulting police tactics like “stop and frisk” that allow New York cops to search just about anyone they want to on the street, gangsters still have access to guns.
From the New York Post:

When All Else Fails, UAW Tries Racism

by John Ransom,
June 29, 2012
    As more and more localities declare their independence from budget-destroying unions, the United Auto Workers is reaching into its bag of liberal magic tricks to help breakup non-union plants in the Deep South. It’s the last gasp of the UAW that knows it must perish if it is not successful in breaking into non-union shops operating in the U.S., such as foreign automakers Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen. Not surprisingly, given the desperate times for unions, the UAW is relying on an appeal to racism in the south- one of the only tricks left in the liberal bag- in order to exploit African-American workers at the Nissan plant in Canton, MS.
“After months of speculation about where the United Auto Workers was going to focus its do-or-die Southern campaign to organize workers,” writes Facing South, “the giant 3,000-worker Nissan plant in Canton, Miss., has emerged as Battleground No. 1.”
    Facing South, a liberal newsletter, produced by the progressive stink tank, The Institute for Southern Studies, says that the UAW is focusing on Nissan’s Canton plant because they estimate that the plant’s racial makeup is 80 percent African-American, thus [....]

Insurgency and the Protracted War
by Scott Stewart,
June 28, 2012

    In recent weeks, insurgent forces in several countries have been forced to withdraw from territories they once held. Somalia's al Shabaab, which was pushed out of Mogadishu in October 2011, was ejected from Afmadow on May 30. The group now runs the risk of losing its hold once again on the port city of Kismayo, an important logistical and financial hub for al Shabaab. In Syria, the Free Syrian Army and other rebel groups were forced out of the city of Idlib and Homs' Baba Amr district in March. They also withdrew from Al-Haffah on June 13.
    Meanwhile in Yemen, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has been forced to retreat from towns it took control of last year in southern Abyan province, including Jaar, Shaqra and Zinjibar. The organization controlled the area it seized from the government through its Ansar al-Sharia front organization. AQAP was able to capitalize on the infighting that began in Yemen in 2011 and successfully diverted the government's focus away from AQAP and other militant groups. But in February, the election of new Yemeni President Abd Rabboh Mansour Hadi allowed the rift created by the infighting to be slowly healed. As a result, a combination of Yemeni soldiers and local tribesmen, backed by U.S. intelligence and fire support, have been able to push back AQAP and Ansar al-Sharia in recent weeks.  Losing these cities will immediately and significantly affect [....]

Obama's Executive Orders Give the Federal Government Great Unconstitutional Powers

by 'Bungalow Bill,'
July 1, 2012
    Consider the following executive orders Barack Obama has signed since getting to the White House:
Executive Order 10990 – gives gov’t authority to take control over all transportation modes, highways and seaports.
Executive Order 10995 – gives gov’t authority to seize and control the communication media
Executive Order 10997 - gives gov’t authority to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum fuels, and minerals.
Executive Order 10998 - gives gov’t authority to take over all food resources and farms
Executive Order 11000 gives gov’t authority to mobilize civilians into work brigades undergov’t supervision.
Executive Order 11001 - gives gov’t authority to take over all health, education, and welfare functions.
Executive Order 11002 - gives gov’t authority to designate the Postmaster General to operate national registration of all people.
Executive Order 11003 - gives gov’t authority to take over all airports, and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.
Executive Order 11004 - gives gov’t Housing and Finance authority, enabling it to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned and establish new locations for populations.
Executive Order 11005 - gives gov’t authority to take over railroads, inland waterways,and public storage facilities.
Executive Order 11051 – specifies the responsibility of Emergency Planning and givesauthorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tension and economic or financial crisis.
Executive Order 11310 – enables the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in the Executive Orders, institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liason, to control aliens, to operate penal system, and to advise and assist the PRESIDENT.
Executive Order 11921 allows federal emergency preparedness agency to develop plansto establish control over [....]

Now Available: Free "Obama" Phones

by Gina Loudon,
June 26, 2012
    I have mentioned before, Thomas Jefferson’s warning that as soon as people learn they can vote themselves money from the treasury, it will signal the end of our republic. This warning resonates again and again as we watch our freedoms dissipate under the current administration and its ruthless treatment of our ethical framework, and our laws.
    People often wonder, sometime piously, how it is that tyranny occurs. We like to think the populations victimized were somehow less savvy, more gullible, or asleep at the wheel. We think ourselves better somehow, and that it could never happen here. Every generation that has fallen to tyranny has believed the same comforting fable. They only learn that they, too, were susceptible to tyranny when it is too late.
When Hitler wanted to subjugate the German people, he proclaimed that every household deserved a car. Thus was born the “Volkswagen” or peoples’ car. Though cheap, they were cars, widely available, and from a benevolent leader whom they believed cared for their good. Even the narcissistic, megalomaniacal Hitler didn’t have the audacity to call them “Hitler cars.”
    Enter Barack Hussein Obama in 2012. His way of spreading the wealth around is “free” healthcare. But as Obamacare lies in peril, his landmark bill unpopular with most Americans, now he brings free cell phones and free high-speed, broadband internet. No cheap DSL for Obama’s subjects, err, constituents. Why did he stop short of fiber-optics and T-1 lines? [....]

The Cost of Taxmageddon: Impact by State and Congressional District
by William W. Beach,
June 25, 2012
This paper, in its entirety, can be found at:
Nothing written here is to be construed as necessarily reflecting the views of The Heritage Foundation or as an attempt to aid or hinder the passage of any bill before Congress.
Taxmageddon and Its Impact

    A tsunami of tax hikes is set to hit the American people in 2013 if Congress fails to act. Here are some snapshots of how Taxmageddon affects the country, drawn from the research of The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis (CDA).
■■ The Nation: $494 billion total tax increase on all Americans
■■ Families: $4,138 average tax increase
■■ Baby Boomers: $4,223 average tax increase
■■ Millennials: $1,099 average tax increase
■■ Low-Income Workers: $1,207 average tax increase
■■ Retirees: $857 average increase
■■ States: $1,929 (WV) to $5,161 (CT) range in average tax hikes per return
■■ Congressional Districts: $1,236 (NY-16) to $13,951 (NY-14) range in average tax hikes per return.
    Clearly, Congress needs to take immediate action to “remove the uncertainty clouding jobs and family
finances by removing the threat of Taxmageddon now.”
Understanding the Data in the State and Congressional Tables
The data used to create these estimates are based on the most recent available IRS and Congressional
District information. Two factors are important for the reader to keep in mind:
1. 2010 Congressional District Lines.
The Congressional District data are drawn from the districts as they existed in 2010. While the general shape of the new district lines is known, not enough detail down to the zip code level is available for CDA to produce tax estimates based on new district lines.
2. Tax Data Based on IRS Numbers.
CDA used IRS estimates and data in the following manner:
■■ AGI Estimates for 2013 are based on the historical growth of adjusted gross income that occurred between 2006 and 2010,2 as well as IRS estimates of tax returns for 2013.3 Note that the average is based on “per tax return,” not per person; thus, if a husband and wife file jointly they will see the identified tax increase as a family, not per individual.
■■ Total National Tax Increase is based on estimates from the Office of Management and Budget and Joint Committee on Taxation as detailed in research by Heritage analyst Curtis Dubay.4
■■ Congressional District Tax Increases – Using 2006 and 2008 IRS data, CDA used personal income tax data at the zip code level to calculate tax increases in each district.5
■■ State Tax Increases were determined by summing or averaging across the congressional districts.
    For a more in-depth explanation of the methodology used, please go to [....]

We are not France. Say it with Me
by John Ransom,
July 1, 2012    The Gosh Darn Liberal wrote:
Wow, what a week. Obama care passed and hopefully my insurance goes down. Maybe I should call it Romneycare and you people will look the other way. What a week! The weather has slapped most of you in the face and no "Global warming is a fraud" charges. Hope your enjoying your warm spell. What a week. Bin Laden is still dead and it still sticks in your craw. Happiness is a whiney conservative cut off at the knees. What a week! Housing prices are going up in my area. Ransom can stay in D.C. with all the other beltway snobs.- Thank Goodness: Obamcare Saves Home Prices in DC Again
Dear Comrade Gosh,
Hate to disappoint but I don’t live in D.C. I live in flyover country with the rest of the great unwashed. And every time an owl farts sideways out here liberals from the east coast blame it on global warming
Obamacare “passed” a long time ago. And you know [....]

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

by Scott Rasmussen,
June 30, 2012

    A week ago, most voters nationwide wanted the Supreme Court to uphold the Arizona immigration law and overturn the president’s health care law. The Supreme Court did just the opposite and now the debate returns to the political arena. In his weekly newspaper column, Scott Rasmussen notes that the court decision keeps the health care law “alive for now. But it's important to remember that the law has already lost in the court of public opinion. The Supreme Court ruling is a temporary reprieve more than anything else.” Fifty-four percent of voters nationwide still want to see the law repealed.
    As for the Court itself, 35% now say the Justices are doing a good or an excellent job. That survey was conducted Wednesday and Thursday nights, the night before and after the health care ruling. Overall, there were few differences in the topline results between the two nights. However, there were sizable partisan shifts. On Wednesday night, Republicans tended to give the court good ratings, while Democrats were evenly divided between good/excellent and poor. On Thursday night, the partisan positions were reversed.
    The Court’s immigration ruling may have put to rest the Obama campaign’s hope for winning Arizona. That was the only state carried by John McCain that the Democrats thought they could flip from Red to Blue. However, polling conducted after the Court ruling shows Mitt Romney up by 13 points in the state. The numbers look pretty good for the GOP in the Arizona Senate race as well. It’s interesting to note that voters in Arizona who are angry are not angry at immigrants looking for work. They are angry at the federal government and unhappy [....]

Why Obama Keeps An Enemies List
June 30, 2012    When the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel exposed the fact that the Obama campaign is keeping an enemies list and spending vital resources attacking Romney supporters,many liberals gasped in surprise. Richard Nixon and Senator Joseph McCarthy kept lists of names to be targeted,but Obama keeping an enemies list? They just couldn’t understand it. To understand it,you need to understand the abiding constant in the Obama political philosophy. In an America used to political expediency,the media and pundit class are having trouble coming to terms with the guiding philosophy of Obama.
    To understand why Barack Obama attacks his enemies with unbridled viciousness,you have to come to terms with his true allegiance. Obama is committed to only one objective. He desires to move America to socialism,and he will sacrifice himself to make progress in the dialectic struggle of history. At his core,Barack Obama isn’t a Christian or a Muslim. He isn’t a pacifist. He isn’t even a lightweight over his head. At his core,Barack Obama is a Socialist. Marxism is his religion. Marxists have always been comfortable with using any means to keep and increase the power of the centralized state. Barack Obama is committed to using all the force of government and coercion to achieve his goals. This is why he threatens institutions such as the Supreme Court and treats the Republican House of Representatives as if they don’t even exist. He isn’t interested in compromise or coexistence with his opponents;he is committed to destroying them.
    This is why when Washington rejects his political priorities,he just dictates them through executive order. Don’t enforce the Defense of Marriage Act. Don’t enforce our immigration laws. Congress defeats his cap and trade legislation,so he tells the EPA to write the new regulations by edict. He is comfortable acting on his own,ignoring the US Constitution’s old fashioned limits to executive power.
Obama has been bathed in Marxist philosophy his entire life. He was brought up [....]

New Black Panther Declares: We Will Hunt ‘Pink A**es’ Down, ‘Kill ’Em, Dig ‘Em Up & Kill ‘Em Again & Again & Again!’
by Benny Johnson;
by Erica Ritz,
June 27, 2012

“That’s our brother, brother General Taco!” the New Black Panther radio host announced.
General T.A.C.O. (Taking All Capitalists Out) of the New Black Panther Party had some less than encouraging words for white people this week. Mr. Taco, speaking on NBPP Radio on Sunday, decided to let white America know that the NBPP will “hunt” their “pink asses down.” Hunting white people down will serve to accomplish General Taco’s other stated goal [....]
Again, my apologies for the untimely posting!!
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