Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This'n'That; January Thirty-First #1; Engineering

LOGICAL 'Social' Engineering
    The commie-libs among us have long depended upon social engineering to both placate and increase their voter base.  The 'modern era' of commie-lib social engineering is generally associated with the "Slick-Willie" presidency; largely with their sham of reducing the welfareRAT rolls.  The Clinton Administration along with the Newt Gingrich-led House, did little more than move the 'RATs from the welfare rolls to the SSI rolls-with the goal of the continuation and growth of 'dependency-class' Americans.
    Now, fast-forward to the "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" Regime.  The regime's notion of 'social engineering' vastly outpaces the "Slick-Willie" concept.  Not only does the "Clown" both continue and inhance the numbers of individual recipients of monetary benefits, he extends it to unsustainable--quasi-experimental--solar and wind energy production as well as payoffs to several of his 'favorite' politicians:  Anyone remember the vote-buying payoffs involved with owe-bamaKare?!?  Senator Mary Landreau ring a bell?!?
    With "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" building on his successes (of national destruction) by gutting the Defense Department, here comes my suggestion of LOGICAL social engineering:
With the lagging NON-recovery; with the problematic U-3 unemployment rate in the 8.5% range; with the more accurate, actual U-6 unemployment rate in the 23% range, actually consider the short, mid and long term effects of military "down-sizing"  (reduction-in-force [RIF]) relative to the unemployment rates.  Currently, approximately 80,000 military "souls" have--or are scheduled to have--their asses 'kicked-to-the-curb,' both the decision for the RIF as well as the numbers involved in said RIF should be relative to the current and projected U-3 and U-6 unemployment rates.  A U-3 rate of 4.5% is considered full employment.  Have the RIF figures be based on national full employment, example:  if the fascists want to dis-employ 100,000 military "souls," they should do so at 4.5% unemployment;  85,000 at 5.0%;  70,000 at 5.5%;  55,000 at 6.0%;  40,000 at 6.5%;  25,000 at 7.0%;  10,000 at 7.5% and ZERO at 8.0% and above!!
    Not only have the vast majority of said "souls" put their lives-on-the-line on a minute-by-minute basis, they are subjected to long tours of duty away from family and friends; subjected to international moves with minimal notice!  Given these military "souls" do the work "most Americans won't do," do they deserve to be tossed out of a chosen career 'on their proverbial asses?!?'  I think NOT!!!
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Monday, January 30, 2012

This'n'That; January Thirtieth #2; Economic Warfare

owe-bama Leaves 'Warriors' Out Of Battle
    As with most of the shennigans "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" dreams up, I can't figure out if he is just leaving some "warriors out of the battle," or he's shielding them as a  'bonus' for dirty-tricks performed?!?  We have to look no further than "TurboTax-Tim" Geithner to see the benefits of soldiering in the fascist owe-bama army.  No matter the income level, one is not made to satisfy his income-tax obligations.
    Now we find that 279,000 federal employees owe more than $3.4 BILLION in back income taxes since the list was last updated: September 30,2010.  That unconscionable figure indicates AN AVERAGE of $12,186.38 owed, PER FEDERAL MISCREANT!!  Don't misunderstand!  This is not only applicable to the owe-bama Regime;  hirelings of all parties, of all branches of the federal government are taking advantage of this "wealth-redistribution" plan!!

House of Representatives: 467 employees owe $8.5 MILLION (average: $18,201.28), and
The U.S. Senate:  217 employees owe $2.13 MILLION (average: $9,815.67), and
The "Clown Prince's" staff:  36 employees owe $833,970 (average: $23,165.83),  the owe-bama hirelings win the "Screw-The-Taxpayer" Sweepstakes!!

WHEW!!  Nice work if ya kin giddit!!
As historians have said for eons:
The point when the citizen can vote for, award himself federal monies marks the beginning-of-the-end of said government.
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This'n'That; January Thritieth#1; The Next Bubble?

The 'Education Bubble'
    Within my own family, I've always promoted education as the last thing the federal government has yet to figure out how to tax!  Hence, the more one can get, the farther they can 'travel' in their lifetimes.  I have NOT always promoted a formal education as the way to go; an education can be as simple as the information a kid gleans from talking with the grarageman he takes his bike to when the chain won't stay on the sprokets.  A far more valuable education can be had at a technical or a two-year junior or community college, at far less money.
    Let's have a look at the  statistics of financing said college education.  Since 1982 AVERAGE cost of a bachelor's degree (tuition, room & board, books, et al) has increased 439%!!  That rate of increase is twice the rate of medical care; four times the rate of inflation over the same period.
The current tuition annual averages: 2-year public college-$2,713; 4-year public college-$7,605; 4-year private college-$27,293.
Most students qualify for student aid.  In a single year that pool of funds dropped 23%; from 2008-$37Billion, to 2009-$26Billion.
Projected AVERAGE total college expenses (bachelor's degree):  public college in 2006-$12,796 versus 2018-$112,638;  private college in 2006-$30,367 versus 2018-$267,308. 
How the hell is anyone going to afford an 'Ivy League' education?!?
    Relative to graduate loan debt, one study compares Simmons College (Boston,Ma., http://www.simmons.edu/) with Holy Cross College (Worcester, Ma., http://www.holycross.edu/): 
Simmons enrollment: 4,933
Holy Cross enrollment:  2,932
Simmons total cost:  $48,800
Holy Cross total cost:  $50,942
Simmons average grad loan debt:  $42,000
Holy Cross average grad loan debt:  $17,000
Simmons College takes no position--positive or negative--on using private loans to finance education; Holy Cross actively discourages private loans!!
    In recent years the job market--those not destroyed by the current regime--has been flooded with college graduates.  In 2009 there were 1.6 MILLION graduates entering the job market.  At graduation, 81% (that's 1,296,000) had no job!!  Even if graduates find work, 45% of them are still only earning $15,000 TWO YEARS AFTER GRADUATION!!
    Big Ed is a bubble!  When it will burst is anyone's guess; how it will affect the parents, the students, the grads, those indebted is--again--anyone's guess.  But.... rest assured, it will burst.  The parent, the student could take steps to insulate themselves from 'getting splattered:'
Start with several institutions and compare ALL costs carefully;
Is it really worth attending a costly private college over a public one;
Fully investigate all financial aid and grant options before considering private loans;
If the student must consider private loans; insure the major choice will provide career opportunities to support the added debt;
The consensus is an individual--over a lifetime--is better off with a degree than without.  A prior cost-benefit analysis is a must!!
My personal take on a technical versus a traditional college education:
Far more college grads hire plumbers than plumbers hire college grads!!
Til Nex'Time....
Check out Antioch College, Yellow Spring, Ohio!  This college has 'had some financial problems' in the past and is trying to resurrect itself.  To build a student base, the college is giving away a four-year degree,valued at $106,000.  In my little world, that ain't toooooo shabby!!




Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sunday 'Report;' 01/29/2012

What The National Pamphleteers Don't Report:
How to Get a $106,000 College Education for Free
by Lynn O'Shaughnessy,

CBS MoneyWatch
January 27, 2012
How would you like to go to a private liberal arts college that will give you a full-ride tuition scholarship for four years?
Sounds crazy? Actually, I'm serious.
Antioch College in Yellow Spring, Ohio, is waiving the tuition for all its students, who enroll in the next three years.
How much are these freebies worth? The value of the free tuition for the current year is $26,500. The scholarship, based on that price, makes each scholarship worth at least $106,000.  Some students, who file financial aid applications, will capture an even greater price break. If they qualify, they may get to skip the room and board charges or pay a reduced price. Antioch's room and board is currently $8,628.
Obviously, it's unheard of for a college to offer free tuition to its all students. There is, however, an explanation for the generosity.  Antioch is crawling out of the grave. Antioch College, which was originally founded by abolitionists in 1850, shut its door in 2008 after years of decline. Terrible management decisions, among other reasons, led to the closure, but tremendous financial support [....]

Health Insurance Deductibles Doubled in 7 Years, Study Finds

New York Times
January 27, 2012
    If you've seen your health insurance premiums increase along with your deductible, you're not alone. A recent study by the Commonwealth Fund shows just how much more consumers are paying for employer-provided health insurance.  Total premiums -- the amount paid by both employers and workers combined -- for family coverage rose 50 percent from 2003 to 2010, to nearly $14,000 a year, the study found. (The fund is a private foundation that researches health policy issues. The report includes an interactive map showing premium increases by state.)  Workers, [....]

[Related Content: Interactive Map]
Employer Premiums as a Percentage of Median Household Income, 2003-2010

How Much Has The Taxpayer Recouped From TARP?
by Tim Parker,

November 10, 2011
In 2008, at the brink of the subprime meltdown, President George W. Bush signed in to law a highly controversial bill that provided help to struggling banks who looked to be destined for bankruptcy. Not only did the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) provide aid to the banks, but it was that bill that gave America a new political buzzword: bailout.
TUTORIAL: Credit Crisis
Americans saw a price tag of $700 billion and immediately associated this figure with money lost. Each American citizen would contribute about $2,200 to a fund that would bailout greedy banks. Even today, especially during an election season, TARP has become an American poster child for corporate greed. Is it entirely accurate for Americans to hold such a grudge for TARP? Possibly not. Let's take a look at TARP three years later. (For a look at past government interventions in the market, read Top 6 U.S. Government Financial Bailouts.)
Not Even Close to $700 Billion
Although TARP was authorized for $700 billion, the price tag never came close to it. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), in March of 2011, $432 of the $700 billion [....]

Posted January 12, 2012
8 Questions to Ask Your Tax Preparer

by Robert D. Flach'
January 12, 2012
How to Spot a Pro
More than 60 years ago Albert Einstein observed that the hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax. Sadly, today’s situation is far worse. With the current [....]

A Hezbollah Threat in Thailand?

by Ben West,
January 19, 2012

    On Jan. 12, Thai authorities arrested a man they say was a member of the Lebanon-based Shiite militant group Hezbollah who was plotting an attack in Bangkok. In uncovering the plot, Thai police cite cooperation with the United States and Israel going back to December 2011. Bangkok is indeed a target-rich environment with a history of terrorist attacks, but today Hezbollah and other militant and criminal groups rely on the city as a business hub more than anything else. If Hezbollah or some other transnational militant group were to carry out an attack in the city, it would have to be for a compelling reason that outweighed the costs.
    The suspect was identified as Hussein Atris, who was born in Lebanon but acquired Swedish citizenship and a passport after marrying a Swedish woman in 1996. Atris was arrested on immigration charges as he was trying to board a plane at Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok's main international airport. Police said another suspect is still at large and possibly already out of the country. Atris's arrest on Jan. 12 was followed by a statement the next day from the U.S. Embassy warning U.S. citizens in Bangkok of the potential foreign terrorist threat in the country and encouraging them to avoid tourist areas. Other countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Israel, issued similar warnings. Thai police have [....]

Obama awards aircraft contract to firm in Brazil
The Palestine Herald
January 23, 2012
The Obama Administration awarded a $355 million U.S. Air Force light attack aircraft contract in December, 2011, to Embraer, an aircraft company in Brazil.
Hawker Beechcraft Corporation, an American owned and American based aircraft company, who has already built more than 14,000 aircraft for the U. S. military, had worked with the Air Force for two years and invested more than $100 million to meet Air Force requirements for the light attack aircraft only to be informed they had been excluded from the bidding competition.  Actually, there was no bidding process at all. The decision was simply made [....]

Scientists Discover Gassy Liberal Pseudo-Science

by John Ransom,
January 21, 2012
The science portal New Scientist reported yesterday that the much-publicized risks involved in the natural gas recovery method of “fracking” have been exaggerated according to British geologists.
“Frack away, there's no reason not to,” writes New Scientist. “Two of the main objections to ‘fracking’”- [earthquakes and well-water contamination] - “have been blown out of proportion, according to British geologists… ‘We think the risk is pretty low,’ said Mike Stephenson, head of energy science at the British Geological Survey at a press briefing in London on Tuesday.”  Fracking involves boring into shale deposits with water, chemicals and particulates in order to open seams to allow the escape of natural gas, oil and other fossil gases for recovery as fuel. Huge new reserves of energy have been found in the US over the last decade that can only be recovered by fracking. These reserves have [....]

[Related Content:]
Gas drilling contaminates drinking water

by Sujata Grupta,
May 10, 2011
Drilling for shale gas may pose a safety hazard if there are water wells nearby. But the controversial use of "fracking" does not appear to be a safety risk as regards water contamination.  Over the past decade, the use of fracking – a mining technique involving pumping water and chemicals underground to rupture rocks and bring trapped natural gas to the surface – has skyrocketed in Pennsylvania.  The state sits atop the Marcellus shale, a deposit estimated to harbour over 14 trillion cubic metres of natural gas. Residents have long expressed concerns that fracking could contaminate drinking water.  Now a study has shown that the real safety concern is the proximity of water wells to gas wells, and that fracking does not appear to increase the risk of water contamination.  Rob Jackson of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and colleagues analysed water from 68 drinking wells in upstate New York, where fracking is banned, and Pennsylvania. They found that wells located within 1 kilometre of an active shale-gas drilling site contained 17 times as much methane on average as those further away.  The team was also able to confirm that the methane found in the drinking water came from deep within the Earth [....]

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(Plot Summary for)  GasLand (2010)
It is happening all across America-rural landowners wake up one day to find a lucrative offer from an energy company wanting to lease their property. Reason? The company hopes to tap into a reservoir dubbed the "Saudi Arabia of natural gas." Halliburton developed [....]

Justice Department Coordinates Suits with ACORN's Project Vote
by: Examiner Editorial  Staff,
January 19, 2012
Steve Kest, Executive Director of ACORN, talks to a reporter after a news conference October 29, 2008 in Washington DC.(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Remember ACORN, the far-left activist community organizing group that filed for bankruptcy a couple of years ago? That followed revelations that some members were advising pimps and prostitutes on tax evasion, not to mention operating houses of prostitution and smuggling underage girls into the country to work in the sex industry. The Democratic-dominated Congress voted in 2009 to ban ACORN from receiving federal funds. After ACORN's bankruptcy filing, many of its local chapters remained intact by the simple expedient of reorganizing under different names. It's the same tactic used by fly-by-night rug merchants and disreputable used car dealers to stay one step ahead of the law.   Readers will also recall that ACORN activists have long been involved in voter registration fraud, either directly or through its Project Vote affiliate. At least 70 ACORN/Project Vote employees have been convicted of voter registration fraud in a dozen states since 2006. According to a 2009 House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform report, approximately a third of the 1.2 million new registrations turned in by the two groups in 2008 were fraudulent.  Despite all this, [....]

Bashed teen speaks of terror
by Nicole Cox,
Police Reporter
January 21, 2012
A PERTH teenager has spoken of his terror after he was violently bashed by a gang of thugs who repeatedly kicked him and stomped on his head after being racially taunted.  Perth detectives are hunting up to 20 youths, believed to be of African descent, who were involved in the attack in the city at 11.30pm last night.  Two males - aged 16 and 17 - have already been charged, but police have not ruled out further charges being laid.  This afternoon, 19-year-old James Claxon told how a night out [....]

Buffett Blames Congress for Romney's 15% Rate

by Andrew Frye and Andrea Ludtke
January 23, 2012
Warren Buffett, the billionaire calling for more taxes on the rich, said Mitt Romney's U.S. tax rate of about 15 percent reflects poor laws rather than failings by the candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.   "It's the wrong policy to have," Buffett told Bloomberg Television's Betty Liu in an interview today. "He's not going to pay more than the law requires, and I don't fault him for that in the least. But I do fault a law that allows him and me earning enormous sums to pay overall federal taxes at a rate that's about half what the average person in my office pays."  Buffett, chairman and chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK/A) , supports Democratic President Barack Obama and said Congress needs to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans[....]

Liberal Science: Oil Extraction Could Cause the Globe to Deflate

by John Ransom,
January 15, 2011Lon wrote:
Ransom is right, if you look at the official White House pictures of the function, it is clear that the White House was trying to keep this matter secret. It seems obvious that as the stars posed for their publicity photos they were thinking how clever it was that this was going to be kept a secret.
– in response to The Alice-in-Wonderland President
Dear Lon,
OK. Let’s get this straight: The White House didn’t seek to keep this secret, even though they had discussions about keeping it secret. Yet it remained secret until the revelations in Kantor’s book despite the White House not trying to keep it secret. The secrecy happened just by coincidence?
Obama ought to go by the name Mr. Coincidental, because everything that happens on his watch you all defend by acting like it’s just a coincidence. 
The worst economic recovery since the Great Depression and Obama’s president: That’s just a coincidence.
Obama puts billion of taxpayer money into loan programs for green companies that just coincidentally are tied to his biggest financial supporters.
Every time a financial crisis happens, Obama pals Buffett or Soros just coincidentally happen to be around to buy preferred stock or some other investment that’s backed up by government credit.
The ATF walks guns to violent Mexican criminals with no follow through, coincidentally when the ATF and the Obama administration are pushing for scrapping the 2nd Amendment.  I’ll let the readers [....]

This Gas Company Spin-Off Could Bring Big Returns

by Crista Huff,
January 15, 2012Now that Williams Companies (WMB, $28.00) has spun off WPX Energy Inc. (WPX), let's take a look at Williams to assess its value as a growth and income stock.  Williams Companies owns and operates interstate gas pipelines, runs a large-scale Midstream Canada & Olefins business, owns a substantial portion of Williams Partners L.P. (WPZ), and operates from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada. Olefins are organic chemicals suchs as ethylene and propene. The midstream business processes, stores, transports and markets natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGLs).  In Williams Completes Separation of E&P Business, MarketWatch.com, Jan. 3, 2012, we learn, "Williams' interstate gas pipeline and domestic midstream interests are largely held through its significant investment in Williams Partners L.P. [WPZ], one of the largest energy [....]

Best Super Bowl Player Bargains

by Brian Reed,
January 25, 2012

    As you count down the hours until the Super Bowl, imagine all of the superstar teams full of expensive free agent acquisitions. Maybe the Philadelphia Eagles or Washington Redskins come to mind. Often, these teams don't emerge as successful as everyone anticipated.  Here's why.  Great football teams are built around three types of players: 1) superstars who carry the team, 2) young signees who bring quality far beyond their paycheck size and 3) journeymen players who fill small but important roles.  The best teams don't rely solely on spending money to acquire players. Instead, they find gems in late rounds of the draft, bargain free agents or even undrafted free agents.  The two teams in this year's Super Bowl, the New York Giants and the New England Patriots each have their share of bargain players.  With the average NFL salary up to $1.9 million and the highest paid players reaching around $20 million, these are six players who really bring maximum value to their team:
New York Giants
1. Jason Pierre-Paul, DE
The Giants expected big things out of Pierre-Paul, the 15th [....]

How Much It Costs To Become President
by Tim Parker,

January 25, 2012
During presidential election seasons, we start hearing a lot of big money figures thrown around but have you ever asked yourself, how much money do you have to spend to become president? If you're planning to make a run for the White House, you'll want to start saving your money now. (For related reading, see Talk Is Cheap: Campaign Promises And The Economy.)
TUTORIAL: Savings Accounts 101
President Obama
Let's start with the current president. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the total amount of money spent by the Obama campaign in 2008 came in at $730 million, far outspending Republican nominee John McCain who spent a mere $333 million. Obama became the first major party candidate to reject public campaign funding, which allowed him to not fall under some campaign finance laws that may have limited his fundraising efforts. How much more was spent in 2008, than previous years? The Obama Campaign raised nearly twice as much money as the Bush campaign in 2004, which, at the time, was the most expensive campaign in history.  This year, once the Obama [....]

WWII destroyer returns to SC home after repairs
Associated Press
January 25, 2012
MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (AP) — With the blare of air horns, cheers and a champagne toast, "The Ship That Would Not Die" returned Wednesday to its home at a maritime museum on Charleston Harbor on the South Carolina coast.  Just after sunrise, the World War II destroyer USS Laffey was towed slowly down the Cooper River to the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum. It was moved more than two years ago to a dry dock so its hull could be repaired at a cost of about $9 million.  A group of about 50 people, including more than a dozen former crew members, gathered on the flight deck of another World War II vessel, the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, to welcome the Laffey home.  "This means a lot of years of fighting to get her saved again," said Sonny Walker of Abingdon, Md., who [....]

Your Complete Guide to Free Tax Tools
by Jeanine Skowronski
January 23, 2012
Tax Day tends to stress out a lot of Americans.
Luckily, there are several online tax tools and software programs that let you file your tax returns for free, which can help ease the mental and financial burden of tax time. Of course, each has its own eligibility criteria and none offers a free-file option to taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of more than $57,000. Other criteria may include age, state, eligibility for the Earned Income Tax Credit and military status.  Here’s a breakdown  [....]
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; January 28th

A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince;" 01/28/2012
barackingham Palace,
District of Corruption
January 28, 2011
    On Tuesday, in my State of the Union Address, I laid out a blueprint for an economy built to last – an economy built on American manufacturing, American energy, skills for American workers, and a renewal of American values.  This week, I took that blueprint across the country, and what I saw was people who work hard and believe in each other. They believe in the America that’s within our reach. But they’re not sure that the right thing will get done in Washington this year, or next year, or the year after that. And frankly, when you look at some of the things that go on in this town, who could blame them for being a little cynical?
Just two days ago, a senator from Utah promised to obstruct every single American I appoint to a judgeship or public service position – unless I fire the consumer watchdog I put in place to protect the American people from financial schemes or malpractice.  For the most part, it’s not that this senator thinks these nominees are unqualified. In fact, all of the judicial nominees being blocked have bipartisan support. And almost 90 percent have unanimous support from the Judiciary Committee.  Instead, one of his aides told reporters that the senator plans to, and I’m quoting here, “Delay and slow the process in order to get the President’s attention.”   This isn’t about me. We weren’t sent here to wage perpetual political campaigns against each other. We were sent here to serve the American people. And they deserve better than gridlock and games. One senator gumming up the works for the whole country is certainly not what our founding fathers envisioned.
[What I'm not telling you: This 'blueprint for an economy to last' is nothing more than just so much blather; blather I'm ever more famous for. In this context, "an economy" is based entirely on the survival of our current representative republic; that, a pseudo-democracy.  History tells us the longest-lasting democracies have succumbed in 250 years, or less!! This means--statistically--the United States has a mere 14 years left (2026) in it's current lifecycle.  For this reason--among others, more self-serving--I'm doing what I'm told: transform the United States away from said pseudo-democracy.
    My federally (read: taxpayer-thus illegal) funded campaign stops across the country this week, I could have chosen any topic to blather on about.  I chose this one for the very reason of continuing the disguise of my 'jobs-killing' decisions as good for the country; good for the environment. I have--single-handedly--practically killed domestic energy exploration and production.  Pandering to opposite sides of the "Keystone XL" pipeline project has left me in the untenable position of not satisfying either side; nor doing what's most beneficial to the American people.  Rarely do owe-bamacRATics do "what's most beneficial to the American people," said party does what's best for the party, for the supporter, for the donor, et al.  This "Keystone" kerfuffle seeks to pacifiy the labor and construction unions on the 'pro-construction' side; while the 'anti-construction' side appeases the environmentalist whackos.  Thus, my decision--if one can call it that--placated my handlers in that it failed to allow 20,000 IMMEDIATE jobs as well as hundreds-of-thousands of FUTURE jobs!!  This decision will go far in the 'timeline of demise' of the current form of government.
    As I'm well known for, the current campaign season is developing into some form of warfare be it race, class, gender, economic or party!!  When I appointed Richard Cordray, I appointed an individual that will eventually have control over every financial and economic decision ANY American makes.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is structured such that it can 'self-correct' it's path of over-reach into the citizen's financial life; taking more-and-more control over said decisions.  Some members of the current 'class' of legislators have taken exception to this individual; such an exception that they intend to oppose every appointment, nomination I make.  Check out this quote:
"This isn't about me."
There's never been a more false statement written by, for or about me!!  This entire exploration into socio-fascism has been ENTIRELY about me!!  From massaging my uncontrollable ego to the massive chip-on-my-shoulder to disguising my completely inept lack of experience; everything that happens in barackingham Palace is about me!!]
The truth is, neither party has been blameless in tactics like these. But it’s time for both parties to put an end to them. I’m asking Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, to stop this kind of behavior by passing a rule that allows all judicial and public service nominations a simple up-or-down vote within 90 days.  We should also stem the corrosive influence of money in politics. The House and Senate should send me a bill that bans insider trading by Members of Congress, and I will sign it immediately. They should limit any elected official from owning stocks in industries they impact. And they should make sure people who bundle campaign contributions for Congress can’t lobby Congress, and vice versa.  During my Address on Tuesday night, I spoke about the incredible example set by the men and women of our armed forces. At a time when too many of our institutions have let us down, they exceed all expectations. They’re not consumed with personal ambition. They don’t obsess over their differences. They focus on the mission at hand. They work together.  If you agree with me that leaders in Washington should follow their example, then make your voice heard. Tell your Member of Congress that it’s time to end the gridlock, and start tackling the issues that really matter – an economy built on American manufacturing, American energy, American skills and education, and a return to American values. An economy built to last.
[What I'm not telling you: 
"We should....stem the corrosive influence of money in politics."
Given my forecast of raising a billion-dollars for my re-immaculation campaign, where is the 'stemming' of any financial influence in the political arena?!?   See, just more blather that must be adhered to by the public but will never apply to me or my regime!!   
   The 'example set by the  men and women of our armed forces' is being handsomely rewarded by firing--laying off, if you prefer--80,000 brave, dedicated and faithful soldiers,sailors, airmen and marines at a time when we've massaged the unemployment numbers down to 8.2%.  (Without massaging, the U-3 unemployment would be 11+%; the U-6--everyone unemployed--rate would be approaching 16%!!).  This is how we reward said dedication, bravery and faithfullness?!?  Casting these  selfless warriors off into a society that can't help them support their families?!?  Only in owe-bamanomics; only in socio-fascism!!! 
    Do you ever get sick of it?!?  The way I whine about every little action that doesn't go my way?!?  Now I'm choosing to whine about the Congress not adhering to my suggestions; the path toward ever more controlling socio-fascism!!  I pretend to not understand how the Congress can not see the benefits to the country as a whole;  so I whine-and-whine until I get the college kids; the welfareRATs; other socio-fascists, on board with my wants.  Most of these followers have NEVER had an original thought; they look to rulers like me to fill their heads with 'oatmeal, like' suggestions, as well as 'pay them not to work!!' 
    To 'go-off-teleprompter, here:  Did anyone see my interview with Diane Sawyer about Newt Gingrigh calling me 'the food-stamp president?!?'  Let me quote:
"First of all, I don't put people on foodstamps.  People become eligible for foodstamps.  Second of all, the initial expansion of food-stamp eligibility happened under my republicRAT predecessor, not under me.  
No 3, when you have a disastrous economic crash that results in 8 million people losing their jobs, more people are going to need more support from the government."                                                                                                                                                          ]
This is just another of my many excursions into presidential blather; I'm trying to once-again, "blame Bush!!"  Here--with the use of the word 'initial'--I've managed to 'toss it off' to my predecessor, President Bush-43.  While not the 'initial,' the greatest expansion in history came under my watch, by those concerned about my falling poll numbers.  This expansion is being used as another method of buying support, buying votes, buying donations.  While feeling the effects of the 'disastrous economic crash' began under President Bush-43,  the groundwork was actually laid by "Slick-Willie" Clinton and his then-HUD Secretary, Andrew Cuomo.  Their efforts to buy 'the black vote' led to relaxed mortgage requirements, resulting sub-prime mortgages to those who couldn't afford them and hand no intention of ever paying them back.  So the entire economic crisis can be successfully lain at the feet of the owe-bamacRATic party!!
Lest we forget:  Housing sales for the year 2011 were the WORST IN RECORDED AMERICAN HISTORY.... and on my watch!!!]



Friday, January 27, 2012

This'n'That; January Twenty-Seventh #2; Brewer AGAIN!!

Brewer, owe-bama 'Collide!'
    Ya jis gotta love that Jan Brewer!!  Ms Brewer--Governor of Arizona--for the second time in recent history, has handed "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" 'his ass on a silver platter!!'  The first time came after Arizona passed into law (April, 2010) SB-1070 and the subsequent HB-2162, which "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" apparently took offense to. At the  time of it's passage, "Clownie" said,
"....[the bill] would undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and our communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe."

June, 2010, barackingham Palace meeting
     The Incompetent Boob in barackingham Palace had--and still has--no interest in enforcing federal immigration laws so he ordered 'General' Holder to sue the State of Arizona FOR ENFORCING FEDERAL LAW!!  The pair had a somewhat contentious meeting in June, 2010--in barackingham Palace--where the "Clown Prince" treated the Governor as if she were one of his underlings; very condescending, very patronizing, very 'lecturing.'  Governor Brewer wrote of the incident in her book:  "Scorpions for Breakfast."
    Yesterday (January 25th) upon their meeting on the airport tarmac, the Governor proceeded to hand the "Clown Prince" his 'ass-on-a-silver-platter,' yet again!!  owe-bama has led such a sheltered life, he's not used to anyone standing up to him.  With his informal education by the likes of socio-fascists Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis; added to his close associations with the felons Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Tony Rezko, Rod Blagojevich among MANY others, the "Clown Prince" has never had to justify even his very existence.  "Clownie" has--since early childhood--been treated as royalty--groomed for any position bought for him.
     It's highly likely that Ayers and Dohrn collaborated to ghost-write both owe-bama books:  "The Audacity of Hope" as well as "Dreams of my Father."  Income from the books has allowed owe-bama to live like the royalty he perceives himself to be!! Not only did owe-bama buy a far-below-market-value house from Tony Rezko , owe-bama was instrumental in helping Rezko's firm; Rezmar obtain $43 Million in federal funding for various building projects.

The 'Royal' Ass-handing!
    Not only has owe-bama been handled with kid-gloves; he's been given everything he's gotten thusfar: his various jobs; his socialist, fascist, dictatorial educations and leanings; his home; who knows, maybe even his marriage to "Michelle Antionette" is an arranged deal--I'm just askin'!!!  Where we're going with all this is:  Governor Brewer 'took-it-to-him' with such vigor, "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" was completely taken aback!
'Splain to me again why YOU elected this Arschloch?!?
Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That; January Twenty-Seventh #1; History

January 27th In History:
1943:  First Lieutenant Ronald "Ronaldus-Magnus" Reagan is assigned to the U.S. Army's First Motion Picture Unit as a unit public relations officer.  Lt Reagan went on to narrate or star in nearly a dozen training films, shorts as well as a couple of full-length films.
1951:  The first atomic bomb was exploded at the 'Nevada Proving Ground,' 65 miles north-west of Las Vegas.  The flash from the explosion was seen as far away as San Francisco.
1965:  Carroll Shelby introduces the Ford Mustang GT350.  The GT350 was the first attempt at a Mustang 'muscle car.'  The car became very popular and today is a highly prized collectable.
1967:  After carrying several seriously wounded soldiers to safety during a battle near the village of Tri Tam, Kontum Province, South Viet Nam; Army medic, Spec4 Donald Evans died of wounds while carrying even more wounded soldiers to shelter.  Specialist Evans--from Covina, Ca.,--was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.
1967:  While participating in a simulation of the upcoming Apollo 1 launch scheduled for February, 1967; "Gus" Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee died in an explosion and fire in the Apollo's capsule, on the launch pad.  Faulty wiring created a spark which ignited the fuel.  They became the first astronauts to die in a spacecraft.  Eventually, there would be 17 Apollo missions and 6 lunar landings.
1970:  John Lennon both wrote and recorded "Instant Karma" on this Tuesday.  After writing the song, he went on to record it the same day because "I knew I had a hit record."
Til Nex'Time....



Thursday, January 26, 2012

This'n'That; January Twenty-Sixth #2; Taxes

You'll NEVER Get The Truth!
    Given that George Soros, The Bilderberg Group, et al, control the North American and western European media, no one will ever hear the truth so long as "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" is in power.  The truth is a powerful negative, relative to the owe-bama socio-fascist plans, programs and policies.
    Those in control of the flow of information are continuing to cloud the issue of Mitt Romney's federal taxes and tax rates.  In 2010 Mr Romney earned $21.6 Million and on that, paid $3 Million in taxes.  This--per the articles--equates to a rate of 13.9%.  Granted this rate is below the normal capital gains rate of 15%, why I don't know.  Here's the part that Soros and Bilderberg would like to keep hidden:
That $21.6 Million is earnings as a result of the investment of a much larger amount.  This 'much larger' amount has already been taxed at the 'earned income' level of 35-40% as Mr Romney's salary; more-than-likely, several years' salaries.  Can you see why the aforementioned international miscreants--coupled with the federal miscreants--want this information to stay hidden?!? The more they can keep hidden--unreported--the more they can cloud the issues with innuendo; the more they tarnish Mr Romney's--and by extension, every member of his family--reputation, honesty, etc!!
    In addition, the miscreants at every level would rather you not learn that in 2010, the Romneys gave nearly$3.5 Million to various charities.  This equates to over $6.5 Million in income the Romneys no longer have control over!
Compare this to the "Hairplug" bidens' ANNUAL donations:  1999-$120 (0.1%); 2007-$995 (0.3%); 2010-$5,350 [including $950 in dirty drawers](0.014%).
    If "plug" and his wife were to use the Romneys charitable-giving percentage (16), their donations would look more like this:  1999-$38,398; 2007-$48,000; 2010-$60,670.  Can you imagine any socio-fascist owe-bamacRAT EVER giving that kinda money away?!?  Hell, NO!!  There's a government program--somewhere--that can cover serf class problems!!
Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That; January Twenty-Sixth #1: In Just Three Weeks!

owe-bamanomics In 2012
    In just the past three-weeks--ALL of January, thusfar--the numbers just keep climbin'!!  "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" is continuing his race, economic, gender warfare, onward toward a socio-fascist dictatorship:
January 25, 2012, 7:00PM, eastern
Nationwide Bankruptcies to date:      1,425,632
Nationwide Foreclosures to date:         874,459
Nationwide Foodstamp recipients:   47,051,147
Total:                                         $15.275 Trillion
Debt per citizen:                                $48,816
Debt per taxpayer:                            $135,268
NYS (My home state) Total Debt:  $303.619 Billion
Debt per NYS citizen:                          $15,658
NYS Food stamp recipients:               3,086,992
State of Missouri total debt:           $40.901 Billion
Debt per Mo citizen:                             $6,809
Mo Food stamp recipients:                    958,439
   The state-level statistics are important because the debt is separate from the owe-bama debt and the per-citizen share must be added to the national per-citizen share.  This means that--at this moment--I owe approximately $64,474, and it's a steady climbin'!!  The "Young Miss Lovely" and I are planning to permanently re-locate to Springfield, Missouri.  When we do, my individual share of a state-level debt will drop by 57+%, to $6,809!!
Til Nex'Time....



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This'n'That; January Twenty-Fifth #2; owe-bama Blather!

State of the 'Onion' BLATHER!!
    "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" proved but one thing during his blather opportunity: 
He's in love with his own voice!!
'His Incompetence' blathered on for one-hour, six-minutes!!  That's sixty-six minutes you'll never get back; that's 3,960 seconds you'll never get back!!
  Here's where I'd normally do a "What I didn't tell you:" segment; here's where we depart from normality.  I can't stomach reading this crap AGAIN!!  While--from a 'fact-checking' perspective--there's not too many lies, crucial facts have been left out, like:
  • "....there are no Americans fighting in Iraq...."  is  not the same as no Americans in Iraq--which is what most Americans see, rather than what they read; and
  • "....An economy built to last,where hard work pays off, and responsibility...."  Plainly the "Clown Prince" did NOT mean those of us who actually invest in ideas, invest in entrepreneurs, invest in companies, put their capital at risk, use their good fortune to create jobs.  His class, gender and race warfare--"The Buffett Rule--is a clear indicator; and
  • "....In the last 22 months, businesses have created more than 3 million jobs...."
  • The "Clown Prince" fails to mention that over one-million jobs were lost in just one of those years, alone; and 
  • "....we've agreed to cut the deficit by more than $2 Trillion...."
  • Considering the nearly $5 Trillion "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" added, this is seemingly a drop-in-the-bucket.  The cuts said "Clown" is  referring to, won't occur until late in the 'next-ten-years,' and
  • "....We got the industry to retool and restructure....General Motors is back on top....Ford is investing billions in U.S. plants and factories...."
  • A significant amount of the $787 Billion PORKulus bill went to the auto unions as did 37% of GM's new stock issue; the 'pre-bailout' bondholders were screwed by payoffs of CENTS on the DOLLAR; the federal government took over the auto unions health, retirement and benefits plans unfunded liabilities--which were underwater.  Ford--even after being 'ordered' to take bailout funds--refused and did it all on their own--as GM could have chosen to do--without federal PORK.  Bailouts do little more than reinforce ineffectual management and poor business plans, and
  • "....for the first time in 15 years, Master Lock's unionized plant in Milwaukee is running at full capacity...."
  • Why?!?  What's changed?!?  Certainly not any union concessions.  Most probably an increase in crime caused by the Regime's failed economic practices; meddling, and
  • "....Soon, there will be new cars on the streets of Seoul imported from Detriot...."
  • That seems highly doubtful, the vast majority of Seoul's streets are too narrow for American cars, except possibly the little sh*t-boxes and electrics that won't sell here at home, and
  • "....Over a thousand Americans are working today because we stopped a surge in Chinese tires...."
  • That statement is laughable!!  The labor number is essentially bogus-the gain of 1,100 jobs took almost two years; the tire imports were just switched from China to Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia and others, and
  • "....We know a good teacher can increase the lifetime income of a classroom by over $25,000...."
  • That's not even worthy of a "Clownish" brag!  If the average class size is 25, the LIFETIME increase is but $10,000; given there are 2,080 work-hours in a year; given the student can expect to work for 50 years, the gain amounts to a NINE and ONE-HALF CENT hourly increase, BUT: don't forget the ravaging, reducing affects of--the currently unreported--inflation rate, and
  • "....At a time when most Americans owe more in tuition debt than credit card debt...."
  • As noted on national 'debt clock' (http://www.usdebtclock.org/index.html), every American--EVERY AMERICAN, from infant to the OLDEST American--owes the (Clown) Princely sum of $48,810 at the instant of birth!!  Now couple that with $100,000-$150,000 in student loans to see just how disingenuous the "Clown Prince" truly is!!
Believe-it-or-not--for someone who actually gives a sh*t about the country--this is dam' grueling work!!  I'm not gonna do any more of this owe-bama blather opportunity; if I thought he actually cared about the country and it's citizens; if he wasn't hell-bent on destroying the representative-republic in favor of a dictatorship, I'd continue.... But 'He Don't Kare!!'
Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That; January Twenty-Fifth #1; Purple Heart?

A 'Scramble' At The Pentagon!
    Now that Mr Teresa Heinz,--who served in Viet Nam--(or, if you prefer: Mr John Heinz-Kerry--who served in Viet Nam) has revealed 'damage' to his face after cosmetic surgery, the Pentagon is scrambling to get the Senator--who served in Viet Nam--another Purple Heart Medal; the Senator--who served in Viet Nam--considers having his (eye) bags "unpacked" to be injuries sustained as a result of hostile armed conflict, just how, is anyone's guess!

Kerry-who served in Viet Nam-after cosmetic surgery

Kerry-who served in Viet Nam-'Fulbright' Testimony

   Senator Heinz-Kerry--who served in Viet Nam--learned in the 1970s, throwing your medals--even those mostly unearned--over the White House fence isn't the 'politically-correct' thing to do.  On April 23,1971--after two-hour speech AT the 'Fulbright' Committee, the day before--Mr Kerry--who served in Viet Nam; before he was Mr Heinz-Kerry--who also served in Viet Nam--tossed one Silver Star, one Bronze Star and three Purple Heart medals over said fence in protest of the Viet Nam War, inwhich he had served!!
    I'm sure Senator Heinz-Kerry--who served in Viet Nam--is quietly lobbying the Pentagon generals for one who'll recommend him for the next award!
Til Nex'Time....



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This'n'That January Twenty-Fourth#4; Mark Davis

If You Ain't....
    If ya ain't a republicRAT, a conservative, a constitutionalist, don't bother tuning in!  Mark Davis--a WBAP talkshow host--can find SOMETHING in each of the GOP candidates to like.   Not to steal a phrase but.... Mr Davis epitomizes "fair and balanced!"  Being somewhere-to-the-right of Limbaugh, Beck, et al, I so enjoy listening to Mark!!
    Speaking of Limbaugh.... Mr Davis is apart of the "Mark-Trifecta" who sub for Rush when he's out; with Mark Belling and Mark Steyn.  Tune in WBAP for the audio 'ride of your life!!'
http://www.wbap.com/article.asp?id=746707 (local-to-Dallas, Texas; 820AM) then click on 'Listen Live'
Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That; January Twenty-Fourth #3; owe-bama Blather

[I tried to fix this-it's too blogspot-ted!! Go to www.justincase505.wordpress.com]
owe-bama State of the ‘Onion’ Blather Topics
Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist“ will take a Tuesday evening opportunity to disrupt his subjects’ viewing schedules with insane blather on various insane topics. The relevant definition for tonight:

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.
[attr:] Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Giving the aforementioned quote a face, “Clownie” will propose continuing to take the country down ‘the Soros road to socio-fascism:’

The public has experienced this policy for the past three years’ owe-bama rule. It’s gotten us exactly: NO WHERE!! Oh….. that’s not exactly true-the labor and service union heads; the major supporters; the major contributors, were handsomely rewarded with a large percentage of the proceeds of the $787 BILLION in PORKulus and bailout funds.
The “Clown Prince” will continue down the Soros path of ‘devisive politics’ with his proposals concerning economic inequality and the federal government insuring ‘a fair shake for all.’

He wants tax reform so the wealthier among us pay more in taxes. He’d also like to see the ‘Bush-43‘ tax cuts expire. This serves no one except those in government addicted to spending money they‘ve not earned!! The reform proposal will take funds away from going concerns which in-turn will result in further economic downturns and lost jobs. This only exacerbates the actual problem-SPENDING! When George Soros determines that the hugely extravagant national debt is undermining his plans for a governmental takeover, SPENDING will be addressed….and, not until!
The “Clown Prince” proposes to continue his onslaught on those who’ve prospered with hard work and wise investments:

The “Clown Prince” proposes more bailouts for ‘homeowners-in-trouble:’

The “Clown Prince” will propose MORE tax breaks for those companies who return jobs to the United States:

The “Clown Prince” will propose more ‘clean energy’ incentives:

The “Clown Prince” will propose ‘enhanced’ education and job-training initiatives, primarily high school graduates seeking technical degrees:

The “Clown Prince” will propose the ‘Buffett Rule,’ establishing a minimum tax for those earning more than one-million-bucks:

    ”Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist” is certainly ‘putting a face on’ the definition of INSANITY!! We’ve seen many of these proposals enacted in the current regime as well as past administrations, to NO POSITIVE EFFECT!! This is his feeble attempt to make the upcoming campaign and election about the role of the government and the future of the middle-class; not about his inept, incompetent rule!! The “Clown Prince“–in his attempt to reinforce his ‘income inequality’ philosophy–clearly doesn’t understand the ratio between “exertion extended versus compensation achieved.” This is nothing more than another attempt at cementing his ‘racial and economic warfare’ philosophy in the American mind.
‘Splain to me again, why YOU elected this Arschloch?!?
Til Nex’Time….
The net-affect of the ‘Buffett Rule‘ will be a reduction of taxpayers’ monies to the Treasury Department. If one can't keep ”the fruits of his labors” then why ’labor?!?’ Why invest or labor any more than the amount which will earn UP TO the one-million-buck limit?!?
Why–in the face of the Keystone XL pipeline jobs rejection–is this even relevant?!? Given the dismal graduation rates, the abysmal drop-out rates: clearly-money is NOT the answer! Monetary control must be at the district or county level rather than with the teachers’ unions. A teacher’s salary of $120,000 is not uncommon…. for six-months work!! This is nothing more than extending the students’ ignorance; extending the unions’ power and control!
In this proposal, the word ‘incentives‘ is defined as: “payoffs to my supporters and contributors who were tipped-off to invest in the particular company we’ll give money to.“ Do we all remember “Solyndra?!?” This company was already failing when the Energy Department–at Soros, owe-bama‘s insistence–approved giving them $528 MILLION! Lazard (an asset management, advisory company [offices in 42 cities in 27 countries-WORLDWIDE]) told the Energy Department that Solyndra was already failing prior to the give-away. It happened anyway!! Solyndra took the money, promptly split it among it’s officers and “investors,” laid off 1,100 and filed for bankruptcy!! REMEMBER: Solyndra is but one of nearly a dozen failed businesses the regime has “invested” your money in!!
It has been suggested by economists–of either party–nationwide that to bring jobs on-shore, cut the corporate tax from the current 35% to 15, 12, to ZERO!! Again, it’s the spending addiction that drives America’s current tax policy. While “Clownie” purports to be a tax-reform mouth-piece, he continues to propose ‘band-aids’ for budgetary problems.
We’ve seen several of these bailout plans over the last three years. Of those homeowners who qualify, few took advantage of the plans. What ever happened to personal principles, personal responsibility?!? Do the math before you buy a house; if ya can’t afford it now, ya can’t afford it in the future!! When homeowners receive bailouts from the federal government and subsequently sell said house, how much of the profit do they owe the taxpayers who are majority stake-holders in the property?!?



This'n'That; January Twenty-Fourth #2; F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!

    Rather than "go-with-the-flow," someone has finally 'stood with their princlples' and defied "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist!"  The Boston Bruins--as Stanley Cup Champions--were invited to barackingham Palace for an audience with 'the ruler,' Goalie Tim Thomas declined with the following statement:

"I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberty and the Property of the People.  
This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level.  This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government. 
Because I believe this, today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen and did not visit the White House.  This is not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country.  This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL. 
This is the only public statement I will be making on this topic. TT"
    I'm the last guy to support a hockey player; I don't know the rules, I don't understand the game!!  Mr Thomas has my undying respect for 'standing on his principles'--like he said--no matter the party occupying barackingham Palace; no matter the party in legislative power!!
Til Nex'Time....



This'n'That; January Twenty-Fourth #1; Soros Memo

Buffett Got 'The Memo!'
    Warren Buffett got the George Soros 'memo' to vilify any GOP presidential candidates he can, but he failed to read it to the end:  Make the complaints feasible!  While Mr Buffett agrees that both he and Mitt Romney earn their money the same way, Mr Buffett attempts to put a negative connotation on the process; he's acting like said process should somehow be illegal.
Mr Buffet laments that most rich guys make their money by shuffling it around.  As seems to be the norm, 'eggheads' do not see the entire picture!  How many jobs would 'go away' if the venture-capital companies like "Bain Capital;" if the Buffett-esque and Romney-esque investors, just put their money "under the mattress?!?"  It's the investments by those like the aformentioned--including that evil Soros--which fuel the engine of job growth; of economic growth!!  If each of these guys were to pull their investments, major sector economic collapse would be certain!!
Til Nex'Time....