Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This'n'That; January Twenty-Fifth #1; Purple Heart?

A 'Scramble' At The Pentagon!
    Now that Mr Teresa Heinz,--who served in Viet Nam--(or, if you prefer: Mr John Heinz-Kerry--who served in Viet Nam) has revealed 'damage' to his face after cosmetic surgery, the Pentagon is scrambling to get the Senator--who served in Viet Nam--another Purple Heart Medal; the Senator--who served in Viet Nam--considers having his (eye) bags "unpacked" to be injuries sustained as a result of hostile armed conflict, just how, is anyone's guess!

Kerry-who served in Viet Nam-after cosmetic surgery

Kerry-who served in Viet Nam-'Fulbright' Testimony

   Senator Heinz-Kerry--who served in Viet Nam--learned in the 1970s, throwing your medals--even those mostly unearned--over the White House fence isn't the 'politically-correct' thing to do.  On April 23,1971--after two-hour speech AT the 'Fulbright' Committee, the day before--Mr Kerry--who served in Viet Nam; before he was Mr Heinz-Kerry--who also served in Viet Nam--tossed one Silver Star, one Bronze Star and three Purple Heart medals over said fence in protest of the Viet Nam War, inwhich he had served!!
    I'm sure Senator Heinz-Kerry--who served in Viet Nam--is quietly lobbying the Pentagon generals for one who'll recommend him for the next award!
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