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This'n'That; July 30th[Louise;Fluffy/Ponzi;SafewayRemedy;PorkScams;InsuranceReform]

How's That "Hope'n'Change" Workin' For Ya?
Here we go again.....Geeze Louise needs some press, any press, even negative press!!! To satisfy that need, she's grasping at straws to get some notoriety. So now, we're gonna help the western New York dairy farmers who, for ALL OF HER 24 "House of Representatives" years, have been "sucking hind tit!!" Now she's gonna "represent her constituents" and form another layer of government to syphon off MORE MONEY!! Where the Hell was she when corporate farms were buying up tillable acreage by the hundreds of acres?? where was she when grain prices went outta sight, making animal feed cost prohibitive??
" colleagues and I are committed to serving as their voice in Congress...."
Do you suppose she's saying that to ALL her constituents?? I doubt it!! Go to her official website [ ] and check the ongoing results of her survey concerning a highspeed rail connecting Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany......
  • Against the Highspeed rail: 432 [74.7%]
  • For the Highspeed rail: 127 [22.1%]
  • Might support Highspeed rail: 19 [3.3%]

For those who don't know, Geeze Louise has been pushing a highspeed rail linking the above cities, all of whom have local economies in the toilet! She pushes this knowing full well that "after the fad wears off" the only users will be politicians travelling from home to their "play-pens" in Albany and back...... Who else can afford to ride it??? The "three men in a backroom" have taken all our economic resources, we have nothing left after paying New York's multi-multi-layered usurious taxes!!! Previous to this highspeed rail fantasy, we had "the fast ferry-" a $13million boat that was to run between Rochester and Toronto, Canada. This tub lost money every second of it's existence!!! Does Louise believe that just because she coerced a RepublicRAT [Chris Lee] to join her Mafia-that makes it economically feasible??

**From the KoolAid Media:
Responding to cries of woe from dairy farmers, who are having to sell their milk for less than it costs to produce, two local members of Congress announced the formation of a new bipartisan congressional caucus on dairy farming. “Milk prices have plummeted this year, and New York’s nearly 6,000 dairy farmers are facing tremendous hardship as a result,” said Rep. Louise Slaughter D-Fairport. “The formation of the Congressional Dairy Farmers Caucus should assure farmers across New York that my colleagues and I are committed to serving as their voice in Congress, and re-evaluating the effectiveness of the policies that ensure their livelihood.”Rep. Chris Lee, R-Clarence, is one of three vice chairmen of the caucus.
Fluffy obama's "Ponzi Scheme" You're Not Supposed To Hear About!
Fluffy obama [slowly evolving to "o-dum-a"] had one of his Ponzi schemes hidden in the $787 Billion Porkulus bill... and you weren't supposed to find out about it!! oduma is "lower than whale shit!!" .... to prey upon those who can least afford it-those Americans who are already retired and those who are approaching retirement. When one closes in on retirement, they tend to gradually move their investments into interest bearing instruments-away from stocks and other fluctuating vehicles. What Fluffy didn't want you to find out about is "ZIRP"-Zero Interest Rate Policy. This is an unpublished facet of the bank bailout legislation. The ZIRP is a zero-sum game-the banks win, the savers lose!! Many financially prudent savers are forced by FED induced policy of zero rates, into riskier and riskier asset classes and longer maturities in search of yields?? How's that Hope'n'Change workin' for ya'??? For those trying to survive without the gubmint dole, it's quickly becoming "Hopeless Change!!!"
Possible Relief From Fluffy's "Ponzi Scheme!" Safeway operates the nation's third-largest retail grocery chain with about 1,740 stores in the United States and Canada. Its primary markets include the western United States, western Canada, Texas, and the mid-Atlantic region. -Company profile from Morningstar Safeway [NYSE:SWY] July 28, 2009 $18.70; 52-week range: $17.19 (Nov. 21, 2008) - $28.95 (Aug. 15, 2008); Dividend = $0.10 quarterly = 2.14% current yield. Despite uncertain economic times people continue to eat. In fact, with decreased restaurant traffic, groceries for home-based meals seem to getting a boost. On balance full-year 2009 results are likely to drop from 2008’s $2.21 /share to about $1.80 this year. Zacks sees $2.23 next year while Value Line looks for $2.10 in 2010. That makes Safeway’s multiples just 10.3x and about 8.9x the 2009 – 2010 estimates. That is well below historical levels. Here are the per share numbers from continuing operations as reported by Value Line:
  • Year ......Sales ..... C/F ..... EPS ...... Div. ....... B/V ...... Avg. P/E
  • 2004 .....80.02 .... 3.25 .... 1.25 ......Nil ......... 9.62 ........ 17.0x
  • 2005 .....85.48 .... 3.48 .... 1.40 ......0.15 ..... 10.95 ........ 15.8x
  • 2006 ......91.31 .... 4.01 ..... 1.73 ..... 0.22 ..... 12.88 ........ 15.7x
  • 2007 ......96.08 ... 4.45 ..... 1.99 ..... 0.27 ..... 15.23 ........ 17.2x
  • 2008 ....102.83 ... 4.91 ..... 2.21 ..... 0.32 ..... 15.82 ........ 12.4x

Dividends were initiated in 2005 and have been raised in each year since. The quarterly distribution was increased to $0.10 in the most recent quarter. Today’s 2.14% yield is better than the rates on most bank CDs and short- term treasuries. Value Line notes Safeway’s financial strength as 'B++’ and assigns it an ‘above average’ safety rating. They also note that SWY has a 95th percentile ‘stock price stability’ ranking (with 100th being best) and a 0.7 Beta. Morningstar gives Safeway their highest 5-Star rating and sees ‘fair value’ as $30 /share. This steady, somewhat conservative company appears undervalued based on all historical metrics such as P/BV, P/CF and P/E. The shares trade near multi-year lows going all the way back to 1996. Peak prices from $24.20 - $38.30 were touched in each calendar year from 2003 right through 2009. SWY shares actually hit $61 - $62 highs in 1998-1999-2000 and 2001 when the supermarket group was ‘hot’.
Porkulus Scams: How's That "Hope'n'Change Workin' For Ya' Today?
  • A Piece of the Stimulus Pie
  • by Bill Bonner-London, England

An article in today's International Herald Tribune tells the story of one area in Tennessee that has gotten stimulus money. "The cash that salvaged a county," says the headline. Perry County, southwest of Nashville, must be one of those places you don't want to stop when you're driving across the country.

  • With 25% unemployment and no significant industry, it sounds dreadful - at least from an economic point of view. It might be a nice place to live - if you don't have to work for a living.
  • So the county honchos figured the county needed a little stimulus. They managed to lay their hands on cash being passed out by the feds. It doesn't seem to bother anyone that the money belongs to someone else. Nor does the fact that it is now being frittered away in a bunch of make-work projects that nobody wanted to pay for even when they had some money.
  • Stimulus-assisted businesses of Perry County now have an unfair advantage over their honest competitors in other parts of the state. The Armstrong Pie Company, for example, used taxpayers' money to expand: "New workers [hired with stimulus money] have helped the company triple its pie production and expand its reach through central Tennessee."
  • A quick question: what happened to the pie companies that lost market share to Armstrong?
  • And another: how is the economy any better off by stimulating one pie company to make more pies at the expense of other pie companies?
  • And a final one: even if total pie consumption goes up - a larger pie! - where's the benefit?
  • The whole thing is a scam! The government will just keep on using taxpayers' money to pay for the stimulus -
  • What are you going to see in return?
  • Most likely...a whole lot of nothing.

"The credit crisis is over," declared Ian Mathias. "No seriously, it is!" Banking lending rates reached a historic low today. At a wimpy 0.48%, three-month Libor is at its lowest rate since at least 1986, when the British Bankers' Association started keeping track.

The London Interbank Offered Rate (or LIBOR) is a daily reference rate based on the interest rates at which banks borrow unsecured funds from other banks in the London wholesale money market (or interbank market). It is roughly comparable to the U.S. Federal funds rate.
  • Compared with its post-Lehman Brothers peak of 4.8%, banks can now lend to each other at practically no cost. Credit, it would seem, is extremely liquid.
  • Remember the Libor/OIS spread? It's the complicated ratio of inter- bank lending rates to overnight index swaps that Alan Greenspan famously called a 'barometer of fears of bank insolvency.'
  • It peaked at 3.6% basis points in October.
  • Greenspan said credit would be in a 'normal' state when the spread hit 0.25%.
  • This morning, it shrank to 0.29%.
  • That reminds us of a key theme of last week's AF Investment Symposium: Inter-bank credit is flowing, but that's no longer the problem.
  • It was once about what banks didn't have - credit. Now it's all about what they've got - bad assets.

Talk about scams... Elliot Spitzer is back in the news. Speaking to MSNBC, the disgraced crime-fighter described the Fed as a "Ponzi scheme":"You look at the governing structure of the New York Federal Reserve."

  • it was run by the very banks that got the money.
  • This is a Ponzi scheme, an inside job. It is outrageous!!
  • It's time for Congress to say enough of this. And to give them more power now is crazy.
  • The Fed needs to be examined carefully.
  • "Poor Spitzer resigned as governor of New York in March 2008. At the time, he had been warning about sub-prime mortgage loans.
  • Some think the feds found a way to silence him - by revealing that he had a bad habit...$1,000-an-hour hookers.
  • Investigative reporters maintain that federal enforcement officials had the option of leaving Spitzer out of the news. Instead, the Bush Administration Justice Department decided to out Spitzer.

The former NY Attorney General and Governor had this to say about regulatory reform:

  • "Regulatory agencies already had the power to do everything they needed to do," he said. "They just affirmatively chose not to do it.
  • "Stimulus is a scam - on both sides of the Atlantic.In Europe the banks have a good hustle going - almost as good as in the United States.
  • They borrow money from the European central bank and then lend it back to the government. The ECB loans money at low rates to the banks - hoping to encourage consumer and business lending. In June, for example, the banks borrowed 442 billion euros at a fixed interest rate of 1%.
  • Lending to business and households is at its lowest level since record-keeping began - and slowing down, says James Saft in the International Herald Tribune.
  • In May, Europe's money supply grew at a 3.5% annual rate, he notes. But lending to the private sector in June slowed to 1.5% from 1.8% a month earlier. Loans to nonfinancial corporations actually fell in May, while lending to households grew at less than 1%.
  • If they didn't lend the money out...what did they do with it? Well, they did lend it - back to the people they borrowed it from. In June the banks bought $75 billion worth of government bonds and lent nearly $30 billion directly to European governments.
  • Of course, the banks are doing well.
  • They earn money without taking the risk of lending to the real economy.
  • But what good does it do?
  • None.
More Whinning On obamaCare
To be perfectly clear at the outset: obamaCare has nothing to do with healthcare!!
It's all about obama's hatred of America and all it stands for; all it's citizens have!! It's all about obama's need to control more and more of the national economy!! It's all about obama's need to "redistribute the nation's wealth 'to it's rightful owners'" It's all about obama's need to financially protect his campaign donors.
Now we find out that GoldmanSachs has a Cadillac of a healthcare plan that costs over $40,000, just less than the average American family makes in a year. This plan is truly amazing —
  • no co-pays
  • no deductibles
  • no cost for prescriptions
  • Don't worry about pre-existing conditions
  • and of course, all free
  • it is not taxed, all deductible
Here are the facts on small businesses:
1. Firms with fewer than 20 employees account for 18 percent of private-sector jobs but almost 25 percent of net employment growth in the past 15 years; 2. However, small businesses pay nearly 20 percent more for the same health insurance policy than larger firms because of broker fees, administrative costs and adverse selection; 3. While 99 percent of firms with over 200 employees offer health insurance only 49 percent of firms with three to nine employees do. 4. What's needed here IS NOT healthcare reform!!

America has the best healthcare system on the planet!!

How many of your relatives, friends or neighbors have left the United States for better healthcare abroad??

What's needed here IS health INSURANCE reform!!

  • The administration should model an insurance plan after that of Safeway, Inc.!!
  • The administration should model an insurance plan after the highly successful auto insurance format.

Start with a base monthly rate that reflects the worst in Americans' lifestyles

  • Subtract discounts for weight reduction to the recommended levels.
  • Subtract discounts for verifyable regular exercise.
  • Subtract discounts for gym membership and verifiable use.
  • Subtract discounts for an active work environment.
  • Subtract discounts for each of several annual/semi-annual tests and exams.
  • ....and other lifestyle changes to enhance wellness.
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This'n'That; July 29th[FluffyPolls;PalinFuture;Contenders]

KoolAid Media Won't Tell You.. Fluffy's Poll Results Sunday, July 26, 2009 3:07 PM A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that Fluffy obama's rating in Rasmussen's Presidential Approval Index has hit negative double digits for the first time. The survey found that 29 percent of voters strongly approve of obama's job performance, while 40 percent strongly disapprove. Rasmussen calculates its Presidential Approval Index by subtracting the "strongly disapprove" figure from the "strongly approve" figure. As a result, obama's overall score is a minus-11. That's the first time his rating has reached negative double digits. Other results of the poll:
  • 49 percent somewhat approve of Obama's performance.
  • 50 percent disapprove of Obama's performance.
  • 76 percent see Obama as liberal.
  • 48 percent see Obama as very liberal.
  • 54 percent primarily blame former President George W. Bush for America's economic woes.
  • 25 percent say the U.S. economy has been aided by the economic stimulus package.
  • 53 percent oppose the Democratic healthcare reform package.
  • 37 percent say deficit reduction should be Obama's top priority.
  • 20 percent say healthcare should be Obama's top priority.

What Should Sarah Do Now?

Since Sarah Palin departed the governorship of Alaska last Sunday, the question is whether she will go on to become a viable presidential candidate in 2012. More to the point might be: "Can she bring the RepublicRAT Party back to a viable organization? Leaving the governor's job may brand her as a quitter; branding of any sort will certainly be a disservice to "Sarah the lady." Ms Palin has amassed a large following during and after the most recent presidential campaign. A loyal following!! .....NOT the "KoolAid Drinkers" and the "KoolAid Media" who supported Fluffy obama and aided and abetted ACORN-COI in buying the American presidency and installing a rank amateur; a political neophyte into the office. The "KoolAid-ers" seem to be slowly seeing through all the fluff, the lies and the half-truths; and are a logical demographic to attract to the conservative policies.

Hopefully sooner rather than later, the KoolAid-ers will see the error of their ways; see through all the obama-ACORN-COI lies and half-truths. Most of the ACORN supporters will throw their votes, voices behind the candidate or party that will give them the most wealth stolen from those with the initiative to work and strive for success. All "The New Deal, The New Frontier, The Great Society," Carter's lackadaisical adminstration and "Slick-Willie's" scatter-shot governance have done little more than put millions of Americans of all races, into economic slavery. They've developed a "peon" class who are impossible to understand!! They follow and vote for anyone who'll provide more of the federal largess than the next guy. They fail to understand that this builds generation after generation of economic slaves-who have no hope of ever leaving that class; their will to work and to succeed have been stolen from them!!

Were I to be on Ms Palin's "A-list," I might give her the following advice:
  • Fill the next year with speaking engagements to replace personal monies depleted by defending yourself against the frivilous "ethics" complaints; participating in fundraisers and campaign appearances for those of your political philosophies.
  • Break up these events in a 50-50 ratio between personal appearances and campaign/fundraising appearances.
  • You surely had an effective staff in your successful campaign for Alaska's governorship-keep them intact, but insist that, if they're on the team to get up to speed on the various campaign issues necessary for a successful run to unseat Fluffy obama.
  • You need to have advisors on every possible campaign topic so you're not duplicating the recent "Campaign of Fluff." If ACORN-COI's recent campaign proved nothing else... it's slowly proving that the "KoolAid Drinkers" will only "swallow the fluff" for so long, until they begin to see through the deceitful methodology used AGAINST them.
  • You must decide early-on which, if any, public office you aspire to; the U.S. Senate, an ambassadorship, the presidency, which one? You've already proven that your message is one that Americans want AND NEED to hear; that someone who's conservative, can aspire to higher office and not have the perfect "Brady Bunch" family.
  • Not only must you make many public appearances to keep your message at the fore; you must use all forms of media to your best advantage-with those who are very adept at their uses.

The Republican "Field" For '12

  • 1) Mitt Romney- Former Governor of Massachusetts and business leader. Romney is the current front runner. He has an experienced organization in place and a personal fortune he's willing to spend on a campaign. Given the economy and the way the current administration is screwing it up-Mr Romney's business background has more and more appeal.
  • 2) Newt Gingrich- Former Speaker of the House and Georgia congressman. Gingrich is a former Speaker of the House and the brains behind the "Contract with America" in 1994. He was the chief engineer of the Republican congressional takeover during the Clinton Administration. The party is in dire need of fresh ideas and Newt is full of 'em!!
  • 3) Sarah Palin- former Alaska Governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee. Palin is the most famous and arguably the most popular Republican in the country. A national book tour, speeches, interviews, the lone conservative voice just might give her a leg up on getting the nomination.
  • 4) Tim Pawlenty- Governor of Minnesota and former state legislator. While largely unknown nationwide, Pawlenty is a rising star within the Republican Party and was on the short list to be the vice presidential nominee in 2008. Low name recognition and media presence will hurt his chances, but his experience and low visibility may help him define himself before his opponents can.
  • 5) Mike Huckabee- former Governor of Arkansas and current Fox News show host. Huckabee shocked pundits with his surprise victory in Iowa in 2008 and winning the second highest amount of delegates. His job on the nation’s most watch news channel helps his name ID among voters.
  • 6) Bobby Jindal- Governor of Louisiana and former congressman Jindal is the definition of a rising star. Not only is he a strong conservative, but also he is an Indian-American. His age may be a factor-he is only in his thirties.
  • 7) Charlie Crist- Governor of Florida and former state attorney general Crist is a popular executive in the largest swing state. He is running for the U.S. Senate in 2010. He might be a better choice as a vice-presidential candidate. . If Crist loses the Senate race, he is toast.
  • 8) Rudy Giuliani- former New York City Mayor and U.S. Attorney Giuliani is one of the most recognizable men in the country following his leadership during 9/11. He has a lot going against him, from being a moderate to business dealings to his private life. Rudy is eyeing a 2010 run for New York Governor. A win would put him in a good position to run for president.
  • 9) Haley Barbour- Governor of Mississippi and former RNC Chairman Barbour is one of the brightest governors in the country and has pluses following his tremendous display of leadership after Hurricane Katrina. His experience as RNC chair may allow him to maneuver himself effectively to win the nomination.
  • 10) Ron Paul- Texas Congressman and doctor Paul is the hero of the Libertarian movement in the United States. He demonstrated a great talent at raising money, but did not win any 2008 primaries. He is likely to win the nomination of the Libertarian Party.

Right now it's anyone's guess, given the wide field. As ACORN-COI continues to decimate the economy and completely foul America's foreign policy, the RepublicRATs stand a very good chance of pushing obama back into the field of the "unexperienced" where he'd be with his own kind.

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This'n'That; July 27th[FluffyRacist;FluffyScofflaw;obamacare;GovPerry]

Fluffy obama: The Street Thug
Cop Tells obama: I Didn't Vote for You and Won't Apologize Thursday, July 23, 2009 8:44 PM; By: Newsmax Staff The police officer at the center of a national racial firestorm triggered by Der Fluffmeister, told an interviewer Thursday that he had nothing to apologize for in the arrest of a black Harvard scholar, and that the president he didn’t vote for should have considered his words more carefully.
  • “The apology won’t come from me,” Sgt. James Crowley told Carl Stevens of WBZ News Radio in Boston. "I’ve done nothing wrong."
  • A well-regarded officer who is an expert on racial profiling, Crowley responded to a call at the Cambridge home of Henry Louis Gates Jr. last week to investigate a report of a burglary.
  • Confronting Gates and another man who appeared to have forced open the door of the home, Crowley asked Gates to show him identification.
  • The professor, a close friend of Harvard alumnus Barack Obama, was charged with disorderly conduct.
  • The charge was dropped.
  • Tuesday, and Gates has since demanded an apology from Crowley.

In a four-minute interview outside his home, Crowley revealed that:

  • Gates escalated the situation by yelling and refusing to calm down, calling Crowley a racist, and referring to his mother.
  • He was the police officer who tried to save the life of former Boston Celtics player Reggie Lewis, a black man, who collapsed and died during an off-season workout at Brandeis University.
  • Crowley said he still is very shaken because of that event.
  • Crowley said he didn’t vote for Obama but supports the president 110 percent.
  • He also suggested that the president was siding with his friend Gates, and he probably would have done the same in a similar situation.
  • Though he said he would do everything exactly the same way again, Crowley did express regret at the media attention and pressure the event has brought on his friends and family.
  • “I acted appropriately. Mr. Gates was given plenty of opportunity to stop what he was doing,” Crowley said. “He didn’t. He acted very irrational, and he controlled the outcome of that event.”
  • “There was a lot of yelling. There was references to my mother,” Crowley said. “Something you wouldn’t expect from anybody who should be grateful you’re there investigating the report of a crime in progress, let alone a Harvard University professor.”
  • The reporter then referred to the death of Lewis, explaining that he worked the scene that night when Crowley tried to save the player’s life.
  • “I was a police officer at Brandeis University at the time and I was responding to a medical call and had the unfortunate experience of trying to revive somebody who was probably already gone,” Crowley said. “It was very tough emotionally dealing with that as well.”
The reporter than asked him to respond to those who allege that he is a racist.
  • “It almost doesn’t warrant a comment.
  • My friends, my family my colleagues — those people whose opinions mean the most to me — they know who I am, they know what I am and what I am not.
  • It’s an unfortunate thing that the professor and other people even mentioned that.”
  • Asked what he thought of the president’s comments, Crowley immediately replied, “I didn’t vote for him,” and then smiled.
  • “When he said the Cambridge police acted stupidly, he was talking about you,” the interviewer said. “What was your reaction to that?
  • “My only reaction, somebody had told me what he said. I didn’t hear the press conference but I did listen afterwards and I support the president of the United States 110 percent.
  • I think he’s way off base wading into a local issue without knowing all the facts as he himself stated before making that comment so again, I don’t know what to say about that. I guess a friend of mine would support my position too.”
Asked whether he is able to do his job, Crowley responded:
  • “Sure. I absolutely will. This will not distract me from doing what it is I do.
  • And if a similar call came in tomorrow, I wouldn’t shy away from responding and I’d do what I have to do.”
  • Asked whether he should have done anything differently, Crowley responded bluntly: “No.”
Fluffy Really Presidential Quality? 'Scofflaw' obama Grudge Against Cambridge Police? Thursday, July 23, 2009 8:34 PM One reason Fluffy obama may have been so critical of the Cambridge Police Department is that he might have a grudge against the law enforcement agency. obama, who attended Harvard Law School from 1988 to 1991, lived in Cambridge and apparently didn't like the fact he was frequently hit with parking tickets.
  • In all, Obama received 17 tickets for parking violations, and he did not pay 15 of them until a local newspaper exposed him as a scofflaw.
  • According to a 2007 Associated Press story, Obama was a parking ticket deadbeat for more than a decade — and felt the need to pay the 15 outstanding parking tickets only as his presidential campaign began in earnest in 2007.

Here is the Associated Press story detailing Obama's negligence:

  • Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama got more than an education when he attended Harvard Law School in the late 1980s. He also got a healthy stack of parking tickets, most of which he never paid.
  • The Illinois senator shelled out $375 in January — two weeks before he officially launched his presidential campaign — to finally pay for 15 outstanding parking tickets and their associated late fees.
  • The story was first reported Wednesday by The Somerville News.
  • Obama received 17 parking tickets in Cambridge between 1988 and 1991, mostly for parking in a bus stop, parking without a resident permit and failing to pay the meter, records from the Cambridge Traffic, Parking and Transportation office show.
  • He incurred $140 in fines and $260 in late fees in Cambridge in all, but he paid $25 for two of the tickets in February 1990.
  • Jen Psaki, a spokeswoman for the obama Campaign of Fluff, dismissed the tickets as not relevant. "He didn't owe that much and what he did owe, he paid," Psaki said on Wednesday.
  • "Many people have parking tickets and late fees. All the parking tickets and late fees were paid in full."
House obamacare Talks Break Down In Anger By Jared Allen, Mike Soraghan and Lauren Burke Posted: 07/24/09 03:27 PM [ET] House healthcare negotiations dissolved in acrimony on Friday, with Blue Dog Democrats saying they were “lied” to by their Democratic leaders. In advance of a subsequent press conference called by House leadership, Blue Dog liaison Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-Calif.) said the healthcare bill should be staying in committee. "I expect the committee process to proceed," Cardoza said. The seven Blue Dogs on the Energy and Commerce Committee stormed out of a Friday meeting with their committee chairman, Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), saying Waxman had been negotiating in bad faith over a number of provisions Blue Dogs demanded be changed in the stalled healthcare bill. “I’ve been lied to,” Blue Dog Coalition Co-Chairman Charlie Melancon (D-La.) said on Friday. “We have not had legitimate negotiations. “Mr. Waxman has decided to sever discussions with the Blue Dogs who are trying to make this bill work for America,” Melancon said. Although those Blue Dogs were supposed to be headed back into another meeting of the Energy and Commerce Democrats, their anger was visible. If the two sides cannot reach an agreement, the only hope for passage of the bill in the House will be to go straight to the floor, an option leaders shied away from endorsing but said was an option. But the Blue Dogs issued dire warnings to leaders contemplating that approach. "Waxman simply does not have votes in committee and process should not be bypassed to bring the bill straight to floor,” Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.), the lead Blue Dog negotiator, said on Friday. “We are trying to save this bill and trying to save this party.”Melancon said there would be 40-45 “solid no” votes from the 52-strong Blue Dogs, among other problems throughout the caucus. And Melancon said there are more Democrats who will vote against the bill. “If they try to bring it to the floor, I think they’ll find out they have more problems than the Blue Dogs.”
Perry: Show obama "Where Bear Shit In Buckwheat?"
Perry raises possibility of states' rights showdown with White House over obamacare By DAVE MONTGOMERY AUSTIN — Gov. Rick Perry, raising the specter of a showdown with the obama administration, suggested Thursday [07/23] that he would consider invoking states’ rights protections under the 10th Amendment to resist the president’s healthcare plan, which he said would be "disastrous" for Texas. Interviewed by conservative talk show host Mark Davis of Dallas’ WBAP/820 AM, Perry said his first hope is that Congress will defeat the plan, which both Perry and Davis described as "obamacare." But should it pass, Perry predicted that Texas and a "number" of states might resist the federal health mandate. "I think you’ll hear states and governors standing up and saying 'no’ to this type of encroachment on the states with their healthcare," Perry said. "So my hope is that we never have to have that stand-up. But I’m certainly willing and ready for the fight if this administration continues to try to force their very expansive government philosophy down our collective throats." Perry, the state’s longest-serving governor, has made defiance of Washington a hallmark of his state administration as well as his emerging re-election campaign against U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in the 2010 Republican primary. Earlier this year, Perry refused $555 million in federal unemployment stimulus money, saying it would subject Texas to long-term costs after the federal dollars ended. Interviewed after returning from a trip to Iraq and Afghanistan, Perry spoke out against Fluffy obama's obamacare package less than 24 hours after the president used a prime-time news conference Wednesday night to try to sell the massive legislative package to Congress and the public. 'Not the solution’ "It really is a state issue, and if there was ever an argument for the 10th Amendment and for letting the states find a solution to their problems, this may be at the top of the class," Perry said. "A government-run obamacare system is financially unstable. It’s not the solution." Perry heartily backed an unsuccessful resolution in this year’s legislative session that would have affirmed the belief that Texas has sovereignty under the 10th Amendment over all powers not otherwise granted to the federal government. In expressing "unwavering support" for the 10th Amendment resolution by state Rep. Brandon Creighton, R-Conroe, Perry said "federal government has become oppressive in its size, its intrusion into the lives of our citizens and its interference with the affairs of our state." Returning to the "letter and spirit" of the 10th Amendment, he said in April, "will free our state from undue regulations and ultimately strengthen our union." Perry, in his on-air interview Thursday with Davis, did not specify how he might use the 10th Amendment in opposing the Obama health plan. His spokeswoman, Allison Castle, said that the governor’s first goal is to defeat the plan in Congress and that any discussion of options beyond that would be "hypothetical." "I don’t think it’s surprising that the governor is taking a stand against it," said Anne Dunkelberg, associate director of the Center for Public Policy Priorities, an Austin-based research organization that supports the House version of obama’s plan. "Unfortunately, the national dialogue on health reform has been extraordinarily partisan and polarized." The White House Media Affairs Office, asked to comment on Perry’s statements, did not have an immediate response. In his remarks to the nation Wednesday, obama restated his midsummer deadline for passage of the bill in Congress, saying it is urgently needed to help families "that are being clobbered by healthcare costs." High stakes in Texas Texas has a higher percentage of uninsured people than any other state, with 1 in 4 Texans lacking health coverage. Dunkelberg, whose organization supports policies to help low- and modest-income Texans, said the House version would create a "predictable and comprehensive benefits package" for thousands of struggling middle-income Texans. Former Rep. Arlene Wohlgemuth of Burleson, a senior fellow for healthcare at the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation, echoed Perry’s assertion that the obama plan is the wrong approach and could have disastrous financial consequences for Texas. Under the Senate version of the bill, she said, an expansion of the joint federal-state Medicaid program for the poor could cost Texas $4 billion a year. "There are good solutions" to the country’s healthcare problems, Wohlgemuth said. "This isn’t it."
Perry said the plan is another example of the Obama administration’s "massive takeover of the private-sector economy." "I hope our leaders will look for solutions that don’t dig our country further into debt," he said. Perry called on Texans in the House and Senate to oppose the plan. "I can’t imagine that anyone from Texas who cares about this state would vote for obamacare. I don’t care whether you’re Democrat or Republican," he said. Of those Texans who might consider supporting the plan, he said: "This may sound a little bit harsh, but they might ought to consider representing some other state because they’re sure not representing Texas."
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Friday, July 24, 2009

This'n'That; July 26th[Presidential;U3-U6;Lies!MoreLies!

Can Fluffy Act "Presidential?" I can’t believe it. Can someone explain to me how an individual in the most prominent leadership role [not to be confused with an individual who is a leader] of the civilized world can be reduced to such ghetto levels of racial divide? How can this individual partake in banter of such racial, banal and prosaic order?
  • This is about Fluffy’s response and interjection of opinion about the dispute between Henry Louis Gates Jr. and the Cambridge, Massachusetts police. It is so beyond my comprehension I can’t imagine how the distinguished leaders and nobility of other countries view our embarrassment.
  • Can you imagine Margaret Thatcher addressing the people of Great Britain in such a manner? Where is the gravitas??
  • No wonder the world has such a dim view of America, our President is nothing more than a gang-banger.
  • None of us know what prompted the actions of the police, or what the discourse and/or diatribe of Mr. Gates was.
  • What we do know is that it is beneath the President of the United States to get involved in such a niggling and petty ordeal.
  • What troubles me is that he promotes a society that says we should mete gratuities as though we’re all equal-which, we’re not.
  • It is more bothersome that he has brought additional disgrace to the Office of the President. Didn’t Clinton do enough to tarnish that glow?
  • It’s beneath the President of the United States to indulge in such rhetoric.
  • No other leader of the industrialized or civilized world has or would license such discourse as Obama aired on national television recently.

Unemployment: Worse Than "They" Say!

Over the last few decades we have seen the official unemployment figures massaged and fiddled time and time again in order to make them seem more 'acceptable' in the official reports and, of course, the newspapers.

  • I don't believe the official unemployment number (known as U3) is accurate.
  • One of the major reasons is that it does not consider people who leave unemployment for underemployment.
  • Accepting underemployment is one very real factor that can make initial unemployment claims drop, especially if ongoing unemployment claims are going higher.
  • U6 unemployment is decidedly more accurate than following U3 unemployment[currently:9.5%].
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ("BLS"), U6 is currently sitting at 16.4% and is defined by them as including:
  • "Marginally attached workers or persons who currently are neither working nor looking for work but indicate that they want and are available for a job and have looked for work sometime in the recent past. Discouraged workers, a subset of the marginally attached, have given a job-market related reason for not looking currently for a job. Persons employed part time for economic reasons are those who want and are available for full-time work but have had to settle for a part-time schedule."
  • In layman's terms U3 does not include workers who have given up looking for work but still want a job, workers who have given up looking for a job all together because they feel they can't find one or were kicked off unemployment, or workers who have taken a lesser job that they normally would not hold because they cannot find suitable employment.
  • U6 includes these people. All in all, U6 suggests a very different employment picture than U3 and today's headlines should be looked at with extreme caution. Especially since the Department of Labor has a history of "fudging numbers" and has represented that ongoing unemployment has continued to increase.
  • Lastly, let us not forget that a person cannot collect unemployment insurance forever. At some point in time a person's unemployment benefits eventually run out. That time frame varies from state to state, but most will only pay for 26 weeks. After that time, if unemployment runs out, under U3 a person is no longer considered unemployed.
  • Does that make any sense?

More Fluff From The Fluffer!

The Fluffer added more Fluff, taken from the Campaign of Fluff. More than once Fluffy obama pledged that there would be NO lobbyists WORKING IN HIS ADMINISTRATION....b-u-t.... He forgot to get approval for that claim from ACORN-COI. Apparently the street-thug academy wants the lobbyists to get their share of the federal largess!! So, Fluffy obama is going to ban lobbyists from his administration...except.......? This from a previous New York Times:
  • In what ethics-in-government advocates described as a particularly far-reaching move, obama barred officials of his administration from lobbying their former colleagues "for as long as I am president."
  • He barred former lobbyists from working for agencies they had lobbied within the past two years and required them to recuse themselves from issues they had handled during that time. OK. Stand by your guns; fulfill a campaign pledge [for a change!].
  • The Republican National Committee criticized that requirement and said the new administration was already violating it.
  • obama's nominee for deputy Secretary of Defense, William Lynn, has been a lobbyist for the defense contractor Raytheon.
  • Obama's nominee for deputy Secretary of Health and Human Dependency, William V. Corr, lobbied for stricter tobacco regulations as an official with the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

A senior White House official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, conceded the two nominees did not adhere to the new rules.

  • He said that Mr. Lynn had the support of Republicans and Democrats, and would receive a waiver under the policy.
  • Mr. Corr did not need a waiver because he had agreed to recuse himself from tobacco issues.

As the philosopher Scooby-Doo might say: Awhroo? (That's cartoon dog for "Huh?")

  • "When you set very tough rules, you need to have a mechanism for the occasional exception," this official said, adding, "We wanted to be really tough, but at the same time we didn't want to hamstring the new administration or turn the town upside down."
  • I'm deeply ambivalent about this whole thicket of issues; I normally have negative feelings about anything "obama."
  • I thought Fluffy's sweeping condemnation of lobbyists was better campaign rhetoric than policy.
  • The reality is that some lobbyists are as nefarious as advertised and some are not.
  • The vast majority want to turn their "expertise" into big bucks and the very few remaining turn around and help what the liberals would call good causes.
  • And oh yeah: Many have experience that could be helpful for a new administration trying to enact its agenda.
  • I think that some substantial number of people who go through the so-called "revolving door" are a problem, and so I have some sympathy for tougher restrictions on that kind of back and forth.
  • But if you're going to campaign on sweeping condemnations about the evil of lobbyists and then, with great fanfare, ban them from your administration, you need to live by your own rules!
  • At least you shouldn't start making exceptions for them on Day 1.
  • Else the message is:

It is important to prevent other administrations from doing business with lobbyists; but we are of such mor al character that the rules need not apply to us.

More Lies From Der Fluffmeister!

I found another website of import; one that tracks and verifies obama's lies: [obama, What's The Facts?]. Here's the first 50, in reverse order of discovery:

Man-oh-man!!! When has this guy EVER TOLD THE TRUTH?!?! With a list like this; and this list is less than one-third of that compiled on the "wtf" site!!! Remember this in the Fall of 2010 and the Fall of 2012; Vote ALL THE BASTARDS OUT!!!

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This'n'That; July 25th[WorldNetDaily]

ACORN-Fluffy Colluding On Censorship?
[Neither ACORN-COI nor Fluffy obama will brook any questions on the topic of Fluffy's birth certificate. Granted, they are a "den-of-thieves-" CROOKS, ALL!!! It is on the shoulders of ACORN, INC., to prove Fluffy is a natural born citizen, not the public, not the congress, not the courts to prove he isn't!! Evidence exists all along the path to authoring the Constitution of The United States that the founding fathers would and did insist in that requirement; one of those below:
John Jay wrote [in a letter of July 25, 1787]: "Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Commander in Chief of the American army shall not be given to nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen." (Underlining in the original). There was no debate, and this qualification for the office of the Presidency was introduced by the drafting Committee of Eleven, and then adopted without discussion by the Constitutional Convention.
What brings all this to mind is the censoring of WorldNet Daily, the only organization at the fore in insisting that ACORN produce a valid legal birth certificate indicating that FLUFFY IS A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!! To date, all they offer is a "certificate of live birth," of poor quality and easily altered. I found the below on the WorldNet Daily website: I might suggest that all interested parties check this website daily for the conservative viewpoint!!]
WND being censored from search engines?
Obama birth certificate links buried on Google News site Posted: July 24, 20095:49 pm Eastern By Drew Zahn© 2009 WorldNetDaily On a story that no news organization has followed more closely than WND – questions surrounding Barack Obama's birth certificate – one of the Internet's top news portals, Google News, is now placing dozens of sources and even left-leaning blogs higher in the search rankings than WND. So appears to be Bing, the new Google competitor. Weeks ago, when WND was one of the few sources for news information about President Obama's eligibility controversy, a search for "Obama birth certificate" on Google News would have produced dozens of WND story links. Today, however, typing in "Obama birth certificate" and sorting by relevance leads to a long list of links apparently deemed more "relevant" than WND's coverage.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

This'n'That; July 24th[Failing;Collusion;Rights;Denegration]

The Fluffy Presidency Failing? Why is Fluffy obama losing support? The Economy.
  • The White House's vaunted economic team blew it, says Craig Gordon, White House editor of Politico.
  • Larry Summers and his "Gang of Thieves" were too optimistic about the economy, and their rose-colored views led Fluffy to over-promise and under-deliver.
  • As Bill Clinton once explained, "it's the economy, stupid." If the economy does finally recover, all will likely be forgiven. If the economy does not recover, support for Fluffy and his scams will probably continue to fall.
  • The White House's initial projections, made only six months ago, said it would peak around 8% this year. Already it's 9.5% and headed above 10%).

As early as last March 16th, less than 60 days into the Era of Fluff, a Pew survey found Fluffy's approval rating falling to 59 percent from 64 percent in February. It also found the ranks of Americans who disapprove of the president's job performance rising, to 26 percent from 17 percent.

In the Washington Post/ABC poll of July 15 through 18, just 49% of those surveyed said they approved of the way Fluffy obama was handling healthcare, down from 53% in June and 57% in April. The share of people voicing disapproval for the president's handling of the issue has risen from 29% in April to 44% in the July survey.

Can the "KoolAid" be wearing off both the drinkers and the media?

Fluffy's Possible Collusion?

Mr Douglas Elmendorf is the Director, Congressional Budget Office. Mr Elmendorf was "invited" to the White House last Tuesday [07/21] quite probably to "be put back in line" with the ACORN-COI version of the Fluffy healthcare reform scam.

The one thing standing between Obama and his disastrous government takeover of health care is the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. They’re the ones who blew the lid off the president’s lie that his so-called “health care reform” would cut costs and make things better. Fluffy obama disclosed an unusual meeting with the CBO, presumably its director Doug Elmendorf, in his Today Show appearance this morning with Meredith Viera.

  • obama: And so, what we’ve got to do, is to bend the cost curve over the long term. And we’ve put forward a whole series of proposals to do that, and the Congressional Budget Office and every health care expert have looked at many of our proposals, and they’ve said, “You know, this has a good chance of working.” Not all of them have been adopted by Congress yet –
  • VIERA: But — not to beat a dead horse here, but again, the Congressional Budget Office is looking at those bills that are out there, and they’re saying they do not contain costs. Any one of those bills, would you sign them, based on what you see?
  • obama: Right now, they’re not where they need to be. But I promise you, I just met with the Congressional Budget Office today, so I know exactly what they’re saying. And
    what they’re saying is, is that the cost savings that are in those bills right now, some of them may actually work,
    but they’re not enough to offset the additional costs of bringing in 46 million new people to provide.

Let’s hope the CBO can stand up to the political pressure or as I see it, let's hope the Director isn't buried in the bullshit Fluffy is piling on his revamping of everyone else's statement [read: lies about].

This Needs Nothing From Me!!

[I found this on the American Thinker website: ]

June 04, 2009 Obama's Attack on Achievers and Individual RightsBy Lloyd Marcus Recently, I thought of two Hall of Fame baseball players, Baltimore Orioles', Frank Robinson and Cal Ripken Jr. On several occasions, I witnessed Robinson, bottom of the ninth with two outs, dramatically hitting the game winning home run. Most players may hit the game winner once in their careers. With great pride, they repeatedly tell the tale to their grandkids. Incredibly, Frank Robinson hit the "big one" numerous times. Cal Ripken Jr holds the record for going 2,632 games without missing a day at work. But Cal is beloved for more than his dependability. He was an excellent quiet player beaming with character. When Cal announced his retirement, there was much fanfare and worldwide media surrounding his final game. The night of the game, astonishingly, Cal hit two home runs. The crowd and both teams cheered wildly for Cal. Extremely moved, Cal spontaneously jogged around the stadium. Then, the crowd really went nuts. Had this perfect scenario happened in a movie, people would have said it was too corny to be real. It was a truly wonderful, moving and inspiring moment. (Lloyd Marcus tribute song to Cal Ripken at iTunes) I wondered, what makes one "that guy" or "that woman", the person that does the impossible repeatedly at the perfect moment? I'm talking Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and other elites. A common thread ties these high achievers together. It is character and a strong work ethic. Oh, I almost left out the man who mesmerized me and my buddies as kids, martial arts genius, Bruce Lee. I am talking about EXCELLENCE! Here in America, we are blessed with a precious gift, Freedom. For which, many brave men and women have paid the ultimate price. There is something wonderful and American about striving to be the BEST, competition, winning, losing, character and hard work. Freedom does not guarantee equal outcomes. It does give one a rare opportunity to rise to the pinnacle. In most countries, if your parents are peasants, you will be also. In America, opportunities are limitless, restricted only by one's "Will" to GO FOR IT! Horrifically, the Obama administration is committed to re-shaping America. Using "class envy", which appeals to our lower nature, Obama has successfully demon-nized achievers. He accuses them of being greedy and selfish. President Obama, the supposed "Great Unifier" uses his bully pulpit to divide Americans by proclaiming, "You have too little because THEY have too much". He vows to "Spread the wealth around". Ponder this for a moment folks, like no president before him, our president, Mr. Obama traveled around the world on his "America is Too Successful and Arrogant Apology Tour". WOW! My mom was a domestic worker. She cleaned white folk's homes and did ironing. She was respected for her honesty and character. My dad was one of the first blacks who broke the color barrier into the Baltimore City Fire Department. Despite horrendous treatment by the white firefighters, my dad won "Firefighter of the Year" TWO TIMES! Neither of my parents EVER taught my four younger siblings and me that we were ENTITLED to the earnings of others. Everyone is concerned about the spread of 'swine flu'. I pray that the "entitlement mindset" bug, spread by democrats and Obama, does not infect too many Americans. The day most Americans believe they are ENTITLED is the day we die as a great nation. Obama wants to reward failure, laziness and bad behavior, while punishing achievers. Outrageously, he fired the CEO of General Motors. Now, he wants to 'cap' salaries. This is TOTALLY un-American. When did we vote to change the Constitution giving government control over private sector business? King Obama's massive "power grab" is a devastating intrusion on our freedom. And here's another thing that "frost" me! If one works harder, is smarter and invests wiser than others, why shouldn't he reap the benefits? All you folks who agree with Obama's redistribution plan, do you want to see a loser? Look in the mirror. I'm sorry, but people who are consumed with "class envy" and "entitlement" are losers. The Good Book says, "Thou shall not covet". Winners celebrate excellence and strive to emulate it. My fellow Americans, we MUST preserve and defend the RIGHTS and FREEDOM of the INDIVIDUAL! At least for now, this is still America. We ARE the greatest nation on the planet, where personal achievement is celebrated and rewarded. For the sake of our children, we MUST not allow one "resentful of our greatness" president to KILL the American Dream! Lloyd Marcus, is a songwriter & vocalist of the American Tea Party Anthem, as well as President, NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color)

Fluffer Denegrates ALL Law Enforcement Personnel!

July 23, 2009 Obama disses the Secret Service

by Thomas Lifson

President Obama didn't just insult the Cambridge Police and Sgt Crowley, he insulted the Secret Service, who guard him with their lives. Bookworm noticed the slight, though it has been largely ignored in the kerfuffle: Given the caliber of people surrounding the President, and the sacrifices they are willing to make on a daily basis, I cannot come to grips with the insult Obama offered them as part of his foolish decision to wade into the public battle between Henry Louis Gates and the Boston Police Department (emphasis mine): "I don't know - not having been there and not seeing all the facts - what role race played in that, but I think it's fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry; number two that he Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home," Obama said in response to a question from the Chicago Sun-Times's Lynn Sweet. Gates, Obama allowed, "is a friend, so I may be a little biased here. I don't know all the facts." However Gates, he continued, "jimmied his way to get into [his own] house." "There was a report called in to the police station that there might be a burglary taking place - so far so good," Obama said, reflecting that he'd hope the police were called if he were seen breaking into his own house, then pausing. "I guess this is my house now," he remarked of the White House. "Here I'd get shot." Let me rephrase that. What Obama just said is that, if he for some reason was in the wrong place in the White House, or in the right place at the wrong time, White House security would shoot him.

Let me dig down into that a little deeper:

  • "I, Barack Obama, think it's funny and self-deprecatory to state that the security people who surround me, the ones who have taken on the job of protecting the world's biggest targets, are racists who would willingly shoot me because I am a black man in a fancy house."
  • And its no use defending that statement by saying that Obama was likening himself to just any homeowner, as opposed to a black one. Gates made it very clear, and Obama, who was defending Gates, must have understood, that the pressure the police put on Gates was solely because he was black.
  • Indeed, from the minute the officers arrived, Gates used his race as the justification for refusing to cooperate, thereby escalating the situation. With this manifest racial context, Obama could only have been saying that a black man in the White House is a natural target for security forces.
  • Frankly, if I were in the Secret Service, I would have second thoughts about holding a job that requires me to throw myself in front of a bullet to protect an employer who thinks so little of me that, as a joke, he implies that I would casually pull the trigger and shoot him just because he's black.
  • I would also note that the mayor of Cambridge (black) and police chief (also black) reportedly ahve apologized to Gates. This strikes me as utterly stupid. The police department has got to be smarting under all the criticism, and cannot appreciate the lack of support from the city itself.
  • I would not want to serve as mayor or police chief and be hated by many police officers. There are just too many ways in which a politician can be caught in embarrasing situations.

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This'n'That; July 23rd[FluffyBullshit;

More Bullshit Cloaked In "Fluff"
Text of Fluffy obama's opening remarks at a news conference at the White House on Wednesday, as prepared for delivery and provided by the White House: ___ Good evening. Before I take your questions, I want to talk for a few minutes about the progress we're making on health insurance reform and where it fits into our broader economic strategy. Six months ago, I took office amid the worst recession in half a century.
  • [How can this be true when, in 1991 "Slick-Willie" Clinton campaigned on "the worst economy in the last 50 years?!" This is nothing more than a democRAT catch phrase to trot out the next "crisis" to terrorize the American voter!!]
We were losing an average of 700,000 jobs per month and our financial system was on the verge of collapse.
  • [No where have I seen any verification of Fluffy's 700k job loss figure-Must Be BULLSHIT!! In any case, is this number supposed to ease our layoff fears? Since the signing of the $787Bln PORKulus bill , America has bled 13,000 jobs PER DAY!! I feel better, don't you??]

As a result of the action we took in those first weeks, we have been able to pull our economy back from the brink.

  • [Here's where he's glossing over all the political pay-offs included in the PORKulus package, including several million for ACORN-COI who's expertise in buying elections and terrorizing voters paid off with the purchase of his monarchy]
We took steps to stabilize our financial institutions and our housing market. And we passed a Recovery Act that has already saved jobs and created new ones; delivered billions in tax relief to families and small businesses; and extended unemployment insurance and health insurance to those who have been laid off.
  • [AGAIN: Please explain the mechanics and math involved in calculating the amount of "saved jobs." I still maintain that it's a bogus concept that cannot be calculated!! And those "created jobs....."... It can't have been many with less than ten-percent of the PORKulus funds being spent to date!!]
Of course we still have a long way to go. And the Recovery Act will continue to save and create more jobs over the next two years just like it was designed to do.
  • [What it was designed to do is to create hope {Sorry, Fluff' Had to borrow your buzzword!!}, but allow little relief to be realized!! What better way to sell a program to create federal control of 20+% of the American economy via the healthcare market than to have the requisite crisis??]

I realize this is little comfort to those Americans who are currently out of work, and I'll be honest with you — new hiring is always one of the last things to bounce back after a recession.
  • [That part, Fluffy is correct on. It ain't gonna happen because his socialist, marxist policies and programs have stiffled any incentive to expand small business, conduct research and development, develop additional markets!!]
And the fact is, even before this crisis hit, we had an economy that was creating a good deal of wealth for folks at the very top, but not a lot of good-paying jobs for the rest of America.
  • [Come ON, Fluffy!!! How can that be when we've been suffering "the worst economy in a half-century??"]
It's an economy that simply wasn't ready to compete in the 21st century one where we've been slow to invest in the clean energy technologies that have created new jobs and industries in other countries;
  • [The "rich people" that you despise are smart enough not to invest where there's virtually no profit potential!! Those new jobs and industries you spout in other countries.... they are heavily subsidized by their governments!!]
......where we've watched our graduation rates lag behind too much of the world;
  • [Fluffy: You remember those teachers' unions that ACORN-COI bought for the monarchy? They're the reason our graduation rates SUCK!! There's no way to fire 'em for poor performance!! With no penalty, there's no quality!!]
......and where we spend much more on health care than any other nation but aren't any healthier for it.
  • [If we're no healthier for it.... Why do we have Canadians coming to US hospitals for surgeries and quality doctors? I'll tell'ya why.... RATIONED HEALTHCARE, that's why!!! If Fluffy is successful, we of the "geezer set" will be given an aspirin and sent home to die!! We have no other country where a procedure can be done!!]
That is why I've said that even as we rescue this economy from a full-blown crisis, we must rebuild it stronger than before. And health insurance reform is central to that effort. This is not just about the 47 million Americans who have no health insurance.
  • [How 'bout tellin' us about the 5 million illegals that flood emergency rooms on our dime? How 'bout tellin' us about the nearly 52 million who are between 18 and 30 years old, healthy and have little or no need of healthcare? How 'bout tellin' us of those 85% of Americans who are happy with their healthcare insurance? ]
Reform is about every American who has ever feared that they may lose their coverage if they become too sick, or lose their job or change their job. It's about every small business that has been forced to lay off employees or cut back on their coverage because it became too expensive.
  • [First, let's consider that these small business cut backs and layoffs are primarily the direct result of your piss-poor handling of the economic crisis!!]
And it's about the fact that the biggest driving force behind our federal deficit is the skyrocketing cost of Medicare and Medicaid.
  • [What Fluffy IS NOT SAYING is that both Medicare and Medicaid are essentially "unfunded mandates;" the funds are allocated but are then sidetracked into the general fund and spent elsewhere, much like the Social Security Tax you pay each week. With no funds, all these government programs just become more "Bernie Madoff ponzi schemes!!"]

So let me be clear: If we do not control these costs, we will not be able to control our deficit. If we do not reform health care, your premiums and out-of-pocket costs will continue to skyrocket.

  • [Don'cha jis wonder if "Der Fluffmeister" has ever heard of Steven Burd?? Mr Burd is the CEO of Safeway, Inc., the supermarket chain. They're self insured and modeled their program after the auto insurance industry. Drivers who have no tickets, have no accidents, are proven safe drivers, have installed safety devices are eligible for reduced premiums. The healthcare industry should and could offer much the same benefits; proveable exercise program, no or quit smoking, no or reduced alcohol consumption, etc., would be eligible for reduced premiums. Small businesses could afford this type coverage and might well provide it to their employees-thus rendering Fluffy's reforms {read: control!!} unnecessary]
If we do not act, 14,000 Americans will continue to lose their health insurance every single day. These are the consequences of inaction. These are the stakes of the debate we're having right now.
  • [93% or 13,000 of your referenced "14,000 Americans....." are those who are laid off EACH DAY, due to your failing, failed and idiotic marxist economic policies!!]

I realize that with all the charges and criticisms being thrown around in Washington, many Americans may be wondering, "What's in this for me? How does my family stand to benefit from health insurance reform?" Tonight I want to answer those questions. Because even though Congress is still working through a few key issues, we already have agreement on the following areas: If you already have health insurance, the reform we're proposing will provide you with more security and more stability. It will keep government out of health care decisions, giving you the option to keep your insurance if you're happy with it. It will prevent insurance companies from dropping your coverage if you get too sick. It will give you the security of knowing that if you lose your job, move or change your job, you will still be able to have coverage. It will limit the amount your insurance company can force you to pay for your medical costs out of your own pocket. And it will cover preventive care like check-ups and mammograms that save lives and money. If you don't have health insurance or are a small business looking to cover your employees, you'll be able to choose a quality, affordable health plan through a health insurance exchange, a marketplace that promotes choice and competition. Finally, no insurance company will be allowed to deny you coverage because of a pre-existing medical condition.

  • [These previous paragraphs are the BIGGEST PILES OF BULLSHIT in the entire infomercial!!! This is Fluffy's way of initiating control; "the camel getting his nose under the tent flap!!" Once he has a modicum of control, he'll dam' sure increase it by leaps-and-bounds!!! Once Fluffy's "nose is under the tent flap" there's no end to the possibilities his control will have!! If you smoke, no upper-respiratory or heart ailments won't be covered; If you drink, no liver, kidney, heart ailments won't be covered; If you eat at McDonald's or Wendy's or Burger King, any obesity ailments won't be covered.... see where Fluffy will eventually go?? It's not about improved healthcare, IT'S ALL ABOUT CONTROL!!]

I have also pledged that health insurance reform will not add to our deficit over the next decade, and I mean it. In the past eight years, we saw the enactment of two tax cuts, primarily for the wealthiest Americans, and a Medicare prescription program, none of which were paid for. This is partly why I inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit.

  • [Listen Fluffy, YOU DUMB ASS!!!! Who'ta Hell do ya think creates the vast majority of new, non-government, jobs?? It's the rich guys who wanna advance their wealth-that is, until ya re-distribute it!!!! Why'r'ya whinnin' about the deficit you inherited.....? The lady who succeeds you will inherit one far greater than you did!!]

That will not happen with health insurance reform. It will be paid for. Already we have estimated that two-thirds of the cost of reform can be paid for by reallocating money that is simply being wasted in federal health care programs. This includes over 100 billion dollars in unwarranted subsidies that go to insurance companies as part of Medicare subsidies that do nothing to improve care for our seniors. And I'm pleased that Congress has already embraced these proposals. While they are currently working through proposals to finance the remaining costs, I continue to insist that health reform not be paid for on the backs of middle-class families.

  • [Yes, and you're driving medical practitioners away from working with Medicare and Medicaid recipients due to the reduced pay rates and slower and slower payments]

In addition to making sure that this plan doesn't add to the deficit in the short term, the bill I sign must also slow the growth of health care costs in the long run. Our proposals would change incentives so that doctors and nurses are free to give patients the best care, not just the most expensive care. That's why the nation's largest organizations representing doctors and nurses have embraced our plan.

  • [Unable to find any references to support this!! Seems to be more "merchandise" from a Feather Merchant.]

We also want to create an independent group of doctors and medical experts who are empowered to eliminate waste and inefficiency in Medicare on an annual basis — a proposal that could save even more money and ensure the long-term financial health of Medicare. Overall our proposals will improve the quality of care for our seniors and save them thousands of dollars on prescription drugs, which is why the AARP has endorsed our reform efforts.

  • [This is where the "rationed care" philosophy comes in!! AARP has several million members, but represent dam' few of 'em!!]

Not all of the cost-savings measures I just mentioned were contained in Congress's draft legislation, but we are now seeing broad agreement thanks to the work that was done over the last few days. So even though we still have a few issues to work out, what's remarkable at this point is not how far we have left to go — it's how far we have already come.

  • [Read another way; it's all about "arm-twisting" and PORKulus payoffs!!]

I understand how easy it is for this town to become consumed in the game of politics to turn every issue into running tally of who's up and who's down. I've heard that one Republican strategist told his party that even though they may want to compromise, it's better politics to "go for the kill." Another Republican senator said that defeating health reform is about "breaking" me. So let me be clear: This isn't about me.

  • [Fluff'....That's the biggest lie you've told, thusfar!!! It's ALL ABOUT you... and SAVING YOUR PRESIDENCY!!]

I have great health insurance, and so does every Member of Congress. This debate is about the letters I read when I sit in the Oval Office every day and the stories I hear at town hall meetings.

  • [You should come down off "your high-horse" and listen to talk radio. I've heard several callers-in who collectively, have contacted several members of congress and gotten the same response-the senators and representatives will be exempted from your scam; they'll keep their FREE, preferential healthcare system!! Both you and they are forgetting one important fact: All of you are employed at the behest of the American voter!!]

This is about the woman in Colorado who paid $700 a month to her insurance company only to find out that they wouldn't pay a dime for her cancer treatment, who had to use up her retirement funds to save her own life. This is about the middle-class college graduate from Maryland whose health insurance expired when he changed jobs, and woke up from emergency surgery with $10,000 in debt. This is about every family, every business and every taxpayer who continues to shoulder the burden of a problem that Washington has failed to solve for decades.

  • [There's an easier solution to these examples than government CONTROL of the healthcare industry-Those exampled just need to claim that they're illegal aliens and all will be treated-all expense will be forgiven!!]

Til Nex'Time....



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This'n'That; July 22nd[FluffyPolls;BlogPalin;MorePalin

Fluffy Losing Ground! [The "KoolAid Drinkers," fueled by the extremely biased propaganda from the "KoolAid Media" are not the purveyors of these statistics!! These result from commoners and ordinary, "work-a-day" folks like you and me speaking out against Fluffy obama, the tyrannical, self-proclaimed messiah!!] By Eric Kleefeld - July 21, 2009, 11:07AM A newUSA Today-Gallup poll suggests that Fluffy obama's ratings could be taking a hit on some key issues. Fluffy's overall approval rating is 55%, with 41% disapproval. That might sound solid enough, but in fact it puts him 10th among the 12 post-World War II presidents at the equivalent point in the term. On the economy, his approval is 47%, with 49% disapproval, down from a 55%-42% rating in May. On health care policy, he is at 44%-50%, another upside-down rating. In addition, 59% say his proposals involve too much spending, and 52% say the proposals call for too much expansion of government power. A Blogger's Take On Sarah Palin

[I found this on "Conservatism with a Heart" { }]

Sarah Palin's resignation had barely hit the airwaves and the convulsions and screaming from the left hit an all time high. High pitched squeals were heard about how this was the end of her career, etc, etc...Why is it that the left is so afraid of her? Especially, elitist liberal women? And some elitists on the right as well? As the above Hamlet quote says, some are protesting a little too much.During this past week, I've had many ask me why Sarah Palin isn't running for re-election as Governor and why she is resigning. Since, we've heard the high pitched squeals on the left, lets look at what some others have said. --Roger Stone gave his insight in his article entitled, Palin's Plan. An excerpt:

  • As Bill Kristol, the only DC based analyst who "gets it" said the move also frees Palin to "write her book, give speeches, travel the country, and educate herself on some issues." It also frees her to build a net work of fundraisers and supporters throughout the country - many of whom will be her TV viewers.Palin will also be more in demand as a dinner speaker, fundraiser and campaigner than any other Republican in 2011. She can suspend her TV career and will have a chance to collect countless political IOUs along the way, campaigning for candidates and raising them money and hitting the State Republican dinner circuit. Demand for the "New Palin" will only increase.Palin's "star-power," charisma, presence and genuineness can not be discounted. No one can discount her moxie, her energy and her inspirational qualities. Her anti-elite middle-class message can have resonance again when the Obama economic polices likely fail. The Ivy leaguers and Hollywood crowd so high on Obama may be riding for a fall. The media has unfairly labeled her as "dumb." All she must do is disprove this...and she can have sixty minutes each week to do it.Palin's stunning move guarantees an outsider strategy in which Palin is a movement but not a party candidate. No decision on running should be made until 2011 and focus must be on image repair. This is a woman who held off 36 year Senate vet Joe Biden in a 90 minute debate. She may just be up to the task. --Conservatives for Palin had an extensive post where they listed reactions from many.

One of those was from The Anchoress who took the words right out of my mouth. An excerpt:

  • It’s tough to govern and not go broke when the other side has decided to nibble you to death – and to build up a “record of questionable ethics” against you while they do so.
  • The left and the press, who one might characterize as “at war” with Palin and her family, have tossed together a mess of Palin narratives (she’s “stupid,” they’re “trailer-trash,” the daughters are “sluts,” she looks like a “slutty flight attendant,” they are cornpone, she is inept, she “can see Russia from her window” and oh, yeah, she’s really her son’s grandmother, and one of her “slutty” daughters got pregnant just a few weeks after giving birth to that retarded kid that everyone wishes she [or her daughter, winkwink] had aborted) and they have created an enormous battle-hill out of all of that.
  • And I suspect Sarah Palin has looked around and decided, no – she is not going to die on that hate-constructed hill. I think she’s going to do her thing, forge her own path by her own lights, and eventually head back into politics on her own damn hill – and with (one fervently hopes) a hum-dinger of a speech-writer.
  • One of the jobs of a believer -whether Christian or not- is to find meaning in what is going on around and within. I suspect Palin is finding meaning in the abuse she’s been handed. I suspect her interior strength and her interior narrative of faith, family and love of homeland are commingling into a strategy, based on that meaning; a strategy that will be broad in scope, takes the long-view and is played close to the vest.
  • While, I don't know the exact reason for Sarah Palin's latest move, I do take great offense to how her and her family have been treated by the hate filled left.
  • No one, not even Bush has had their family put through so much torture.
  • Not one hate filled thing has been said about obama's children.
  • Barely a mention was made about Biden's daughter's drug problems.
  • Yet, somehow it is okay to drag Sarah Palin's children and family through the mud. I would think the line would be drawn at making fun of a Downs Syndrome baby, but apparently not.

I conclude with a post from Legal Insurrection by William Jacobsen. He is convinced that the main reason for thePalin Derangement Syndrome is precisely because of her audacity to give birth to Trig, a Downs Syndrome Baby.

Saturday, July 4, 2009 It Always Has Been About Trig I waited a whole day before posting about the Sarah Palin resignation. Well, not a whole day, but longer than almost everyone else in the blogosphere. Here's my take as of this moment in time, subject to change:

  • I don't know why Sarah Palin resigned, what her plans are, or whether she has or wants a political future.
  • I do know why the left hates her so much. And it keeps coming back to Trig.
  • Yes, some people hate Sarah Palin because she doesn't have the traditional pedigree, she isn't one of them, she is too good looking to be taken seriously, etc.
  • And yes, some hate her because they hate her religion, politics, blah blah blah. But that doesn't explain the Sarah Palin hatred. It is so deep as to be pathological.
  • But it keeps coming back to Trig. From the moment Palin was nominated for V.P., the attacks on Trig began.
  • First there were the rumors, spread by Andrew Sullivan and others, that Sarah Palin was not Trig's mother,
  • that there was a grand conspiracy of hundreds if not thousands of people to cover up that Bristol Palin was Trig's real mother.

Those Trig truther conspiracy theories have been pushed hard by Sullivan and the others continuously to this day.Then there were the attacks on Palin for bringing Trig on stage at the Republican National Convention, and with her on the campaign trail.

HuffPo blogger Suzy Shuster wrote after Palin brought Trig to the V.P. debate in early October 2008:

  • It actually came after the debate, when for seemingly the millionth time, Sarah Palin trotted out her piece de resistance, her favorite prop of this campaign season: her five and a half month old son Trig. Why is this child up so late every time there is a camera op? ... My point is, if Palin is going to keep shoving the motherhood card down our collective throats, maybe she can start being a mom again and stop using her own kid for political gain. Trig deserves a good night sleep."

And this post from a self-proclaimed feminist:

  • In addition to keeping Trig up all hours of the night so that she can parade him around a stage after a pitiful debate performance or speech, she's decided to use baby Trig to get some lusty applause out of the audience, because, let's face it, there's nothing evangelical Christians love more than a developmentally disabled baby they can use to their own end.
  • The accusation that Trig is used as a "prop" has continued to this day.

Megan Elaine at Political Inaction, who accuses Palin of "pimping" Trig in the most recent issue of Runner's World:

  • It's amazing that Palin is, once again, using Trig as a prop. I mean--is it really necessary to have the baby in a picture with her for Runner's World?? Again, we see her willing to pimp out her children, until one of them gets knocked up. Amazing.

And the personal attacks on Trig for having Down Syndrome have gone far beyond anything I have ever seen, even in politics. My post, Wonkette Goes After Trig Palin Again, has some of the details on the people who fancy themselves intellectuals, and use that intellect to spend their days mocking Trig and creating doctored images of him.

Palin's resignation speech brought out more of the Trig mockers. HuffPo blogger Erik Sean Nelson penned his now-famous (and deleted) post arguing that Sarah Palin's political comeback would be pinned to the need for more "retards." Nelson was far from alone. Witness this post at Paliban Daily:

  • That’s right. Palin is about to embark on a career of causing babies to be born retarded. Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, crack addiction, or a good old-fashioned kick to the pregnant tummy, it doesn’t matter to Palin. She wants the world to have more Trigs.
  • Other than fueling a greater need for social services, think how this could benefit Palin politically. She already tests well with the Retarded demographic, and also the Retarded Sympathizer demographic.
  • Imagine the world Palin is trying to create, in which instead of a superior race, Palin breeds a stupider race. 20 years from now, she’ll only be in her late 60s. She’ll be able to run for President on the Retard ticket . . . no doubt with full support of Retardeds, Retarded Sympathizers, and the Politically-Correct.

Next time around, when Palin is told “Your platform is completely retarded”, she will be able to say, “You betcha! That’s just what my constituents want!”At Wordsmoker the intellect in charge posted: "To be honest, it’s hard to decipher what she’s on about, or on, so the most pressing question is this -- did Trig Palin write this speech for her?"I could go on and on. The internet is full of Trig Palin conspiracy theories, name-calling and Photoshopping. No matter what month, event, or excuse, Palin haters find a reason to attack Trig.If Sarah Palin had aborted Trig, the left would have been okay with it. If she hid Trig offstage and out of sight, all would be good. But treat the child as you would any other child, and that cannot be tolerated.There is something about a Down syndrome child in plain view which has exposed the moral and emotional bankruptcy of the left-wing of the Democratic party. And they hate Sarah Palin because deep down, they hate themselves for being who they are.

More "Sarah Fear"

[I found this while wandering around the 'net. It takes place over several days, by several people:]

Rachel D'Oro of the Associated Press has a story on Kim Chatman's ethics complaint about the Alaska Fund Trust with a big, splashy headline: "Palin implicated in ethics probe."* The practical effect of the ruling on Palin will be more financial than anything else. The report recommends that Palin refuse to accept payment from the defense fund, and that the complaint be resolved without a formal hearing before the Alaska Personnel Board.However, it seems that the report "obtained" by the AP is not the final one from the Personnel Board. The governor just tweeted:

  • Re: inaccurate story floating re:ethics violation/Legal Defense Fund;matter is still pending;new info was just requested even;no final report

And this was just posted on Gov. Palin's Facebook page:

  • I cannot verify the validity of this claim. There is no final report. The Investigator is still confidentially reviewing this matter.
  • It appears suspect that in the final days of the Governor's term, someone would again violate the law and announce a supposed conclusion before it is reached.Meghan Stapleton--PalinSpokesperson

UPDATE: The report via the ADN. Of note on the last page (text is bolded in the original):

  • However, this decision is confidential pursuant to AS 39.52.340, unless confidentiality is waived by the governor.Given the governor's tweet and Meg Stapleton's statement, it seems pretty clear that confidentiality was not waived by the governor.

UPDATE II: From the governor's Facebook page:

  • "The resolution of the Trust Fund is not final. I have been working with the investigator regarding supplemental information. The matter is still pending. Whatever you have seen was released in violation of law. There has been no Board finding of an ethics violation and there is a detailed legal process to follow before there is a final resolution.

"Thomas Van FleinPrivate Attorney for Sarah PalinUPDATE III: From the AP story:

  • John Coale, a Washington lawyer who helped set up the fund, called the probable cause finding "crazy," adding that if upheld,
  • it would mean that no governor could ever defend themselves against frivolous ethics complaints."If this complaint is true, there's no way to defend yourself" as governor, Coale said.
  • "Anybody can keep filing ethics complaints and drive someone out of office even if you're a nut."
  • Coale said that unlike other states, Alaska's governor has no legal counsel's office to defend the governor from allegations brought against the governor in her official capacity.
  • Coale said he recommended creation of the legal defense fund, a common practice in Washington.
  • The Web site for the Palin fund cites similar accounts created for Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and other prominent politicians.

UPDATE IV: From the governor's Facebook page:

  • "All options are open in terms of legal remedies. It is a clear violation of Alaska law that Mr. Daniel explicitly reviewed with Ms. Chatman prior to her illegal actions. We will be contacting the appropriate authorities for review and action."Thomas Van FleinPrivate Attorney for Sarah Palin.

UPDATE V: From Thomas Daniel's report:

  • In sum, I find probable cause to believe that payment of the governor's legal fees by the Alaska Fund Trust will violate the Ethics Act prohibition against a public officer accepting gifts intended to influence performance of official duties.
  • You'll notice that Daniel found no violation because no payment has been made.
  • Governor Palin hasn't accessed any of the money from the Alaska Fund Trust.
  • Daniel also made an interesting recommendation as to how Governor Palin can pay for the cost of the frivolous complaints that have been dismissed:
  • I also recommend that she seek reimbursement from the state for the cost of defending the ethics complaints that have been dismissed.

*The AP changed the headline for their story. It now reads: "Investigator rules against Palin in ethics probe.

"UPDATE VI: In the comments, howIroll explains why the AP's new headline is inaccurate and misleading:

  • That new headline by AP is equally misleading.
  • The investigator doesn't "rule" on anything.
  • He's like a prosecutor in a criminal case (although an ethics complaint is in NO WAY criminal).
  • He investigates an alleged violation or "offense" and issues a report or "summons."
  • It only ALLEGES a violation---it is in no way dispositive.
  • Basically he is suggesting that the Personnel Board take the matter up for hearing (like a magistrate finding probable cause and then certifying a case to the Grand Jury).
  • ONLY the investigator's findings are contained in his report; there is no evidence from the Governor's team.
  • Once her team gets the report, they have an opportunity to assess it for proper application of the law, complete and accurate fact finding, etc. The governor's team can then gather their evidence and questions and approach the investigator who can then review her materials and evidence and either amend/modify his report or stand on his original findings and pass the matter onto the Personnel Board for HEARING (trial).
  • The Board may either hold a hearing (call witnesses, etc. as in a "trial) and issue a ruling OR
  • vote to dismiss as a matter of law upon a motion filed and subsequent argument by the Governor's attorney.

As Mr. Van Flein indicated, this report is but a first step in a very long process, just as a summons is the first step in a very long trial process. There are "miles to go" before there is any "ruling," which would be done by the Board, not an investigator.

  • UPDATE by RAM: It is being incorrectly reported that Gov. Palin was found to have violated the Ethics Act. This is a complete lie!

All you have to do is read the report:

  • In addition, my role as independent counsel for the personnel board is only to decide whether there is probable cause to believe a violation of the Ethics Act has occurred – not to reach a definitive conclusion. See AS 39.52.320.
  • The ultimate determination of whether the governor has violated the Ethics Act can only be made by the personnel board after a formal heating and a report by the hearing officer. See AS 39.52.360-370.
  • In sum, I find probable cause to believe that payment of the governor’s legal fees by the Alaska Fund Trust will violate the Ethics Act prohibition against a public officer accepting gifts intended to influence performance of official duties.[...]
  • I can recommend that corrective action be taken to resolve this complaint without the necessity of a formal hearing on the matter. See AS 39.52.330.
  • My recommendation is that the governor should refuse to accept payment of her legal fees and costs from the Alaska Fund Trust and withdraw her authorization for the trust to be recognized as her “official” legal defense fund.
  • I also recommend that she seek reimbursement from the state for the cost of defending the ethics complaints that have been dismissed.
  • I also recommend that the legislature consider amending the Ethics Act to require the state to reimburse a public official for reasonable legal fees and costs incurred to defend against an Ethics Act complaint that is dismissed. [emphasis added]

Did you get that? The independent investigator, Thomas Daniel, is not finding the governor in violation of the Ethics Act. Only the Personnel Board can make such a ruling.

  • Daniel actually recommends that no ruling is necessary.
  • Gov. Palin has not accepted one dime of money from the legal defense fund yet.
  • How can she be in violation of the Ethics Act for something she hasn't even done yet? You can't charge her with a violation for a future act! The language Daniel uses is future tense "will violate" -- not violated.
  • Daniel recommends not accepting the funds and instead having the state pay for the legal bills incurred by the dismissed complaints (which is basically all of them).

Ordinary Americans from all over the country (and Alaska) gave money to pay these bills, but now the people of Alaska will be stiffed with the bill and forced to pay for Andree McLeod's hobby and obsession.I'm not at all convinced that the Alaska Fund Trust will be forced to disband and return the money. I'm sure Gov. Palin's attorney will counter this report. I'm sure it will be resolved. But if it does have to be disband and the money returned, then guess what? We'll set up a new one for Sarah Palin as just a plain old citizen. And we'll raise even more!Congratulations once again to the nutters in Alaska who have turned the state's Ethics Act into a joke. I sure hope that the Democrats up there fix the crazy loop holes in the Executive Branch Ethics Act before any Democrat is elected governor because anyone from anywhere can file an ethics complaint against the governor of Alaska without paying a penny, and there are a lot of people just itching for a tit for tat on this.

UPDATE VII: (h/t TommyReport) From Chris Cillizza at The Fix:

Randy Evans, the attorney who helped Palin set up the Alaska Trust Fund, released a statement moments ago dismissing the allegation that there was any impropriety in its founding as "absolutely untrue".Added Evans:

  • "It was specifically patterned after well recognized trusts of prior Presidential candidates as well as high profile public servants.
  • As with other public servants, there is no impropriety in the creation or operation of such a trust and any suggestion to the contrary is candidly absurd.
  • "Evans, a partner in the firm of McKenna, Long & Aldridge, is a well known Republican attorney, having served as outside counsel to then Speakers Newt Gingrich (Ga.) and Dennis Hastert (Ill.).

UPDATE VIII: KTUU has Kristan Cole's statement:

  • "I haven't seen any report and as a matter of fact was just asked for additional information as of yesterday, July 20, 2009," Cole wrote.
  • "Just a reminder that this legal expense fund was thoroughly vetted by numerous attorneys from Alaska to the East Coast.
  • The purpose of the Trust is to help the Governor with the crushing legal fees she has incurred solely because of her public service.

"UPDATE IX: Governor Palin issued the following statement on her Facebook page:

  • "I find the notion that I have taken any action pertaining to the legal defense trust fund misguided and factually in error. I am informed that this fund was created by experienced attorneys in DC and was modeled after other similar funds established for senators and others.
  • The fund itself was not created by me nor is it controlled by me. Neither I nor my lawyer has received a penny from this fund, and I am informed the Trustee was withholding any action or payment pending final resolution with the Personnel Board.
  • This is the hallmark of legal compliance and prudent conduct.In short, I have not 'acted' relative to the defense fund and it is misleading to say I have.
  • I have no doubt that the Trust will welcome guidance by the Board, as do we all, but it is my understanding that this matter was not resolved and the complainant's violation of law has served to mislead the public and prejudice a fair review of this matter."Sarah Palin

UPDATE X: At, Josh Painter questions how independent an investigator Thomas Daniel really is: So who is Thomas Daniel, and how "independent" an investigator is he?

  • Daniel is a lawyer employed by the firm of Perkins Coie, LLP.
  • He contributed $1,000 to Democrat John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign.
  • Daniel has also donated to Alaska's Democrat U.S. Senator Mark Begich.
  • Perkins Coie, as it turns out, just happens to have Barack Obama as a client.

More on Perkins Coie here:

  • Perkins Coie often partners up with the ACLU and groups like MALDEF on such issues as immigration.
  • Much of the political heavy lifting is done by former Kerry/Edwards 2004 General Counsel Mark Elias and Firmwide Chair, Political Law Practice Robert (Bob) Bauer.
  • Both gentlemen’s resumes read more like that of DNC staffers than of lawyers at a firm with the motto "Legal Counsel to Great Companies."
  • And speaking of the leftist ACLU, guess which attorney is a member? That's right.
  • Thomas Daniel, who as an investigator is anything but independent. He's a liberal Democrat who is a member of the leftist ACLU.

Til Nex'Time....