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This'n'That; January Twenty-Fourth #3; owe-bama Blather

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owe-bama State of the ‘Onion’ Blather Topics
Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist“ will take a Tuesday evening opportunity to disrupt his subjects’ viewing schedules with insane blather on various insane topics. The relevant definition for tonight:

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.
[attr:] Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Giving the aforementioned quote a face, “Clownie” will propose continuing to take the country down ‘the Soros road to socio-fascism:’

The public has experienced this policy for the past three years’ owe-bama rule. It’s gotten us exactly: NO WHERE!! Oh….. that’s not exactly true-the labor and service union heads; the major supporters; the major contributors, were handsomely rewarded with a large percentage of the proceeds of the $787 BILLION in PORKulus and bailout funds.
The “Clown Prince” will continue down the Soros path of ‘devisive politics’ with his proposals concerning economic inequality and the federal government insuring ‘a fair shake for all.’

He wants tax reform so the wealthier among us pay more in taxes. He’d also like to see the ‘Bush-43‘ tax cuts expire. This serves no one except those in government addicted to spending money they‘ve not earned!! The reform proposal will take funds away from going concerns which in-turn will result in further economic downturns and lost jobs. This only exacerbates the actual problem-SPENDING! When George Soros determines that the hugely extravagant national debt is undermining his plans for a governmental takeover, SPENDING will be addressed….and, not until!
The “Clown Prince” proposes to continue his onslaught on those who’ve prospered with hard work and wise investments:

The “Clown Prince” proposes more bailouts for ‘homeowners-in-trouble:’

The “Clown Prince” will propose MORE tax breaks for those companies who return jobs to the United States:

The “Clown Prince” will propose more ‘clean energy’ incentives:

The “Clown Prince” will propose ‘enhanced’ education and job-training initiatives, primarily high school graduates seeking technical degrees:

The “Clown Prince” will propose the ‘Buffett Rule,’ establishing a minimum tax for those earning more than one-million-bucks:

    ”Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist” is certainly ‘putting a face on’ the definition of INSANITY!! We’ve seen many of these proposals enacted in the current regime as well as past administrations, to NO POSITIVE EFFECT!! This is his feeble attempt to make the upcoming campaign and election about the role of the government and the future of the middle-class; not about his inept, incompetent rule!! The “Clown Prince“–in his attempt to reinforce his ‘income inequality’ philosophy–clearly doesn’t understand the ratio between “exertion extended versus compensation achieved.” This is nothing more than another attempt at cementing his ‘racial and economic warfare’ philosophy in the American mind.
‘Splain to me again, why YOU elected this Arschloch?!?
Til Nex’Time….
The net-affect of the ‘Buffett Rule‘ will be a reduction of taxpayers’ monies to the Treasury Department. If one can't keep ”the fruits of his labors” then why ’labor?!?’ Why invest or labor any more than the amount which will earn UP TO the one-million-buck limit?!?
Why–in the face of the Keystone XL pipeline jobs rejection–is this even relevant?!? Given the dismal graduation rates, the abysmal drop-out rates: clearly-money is NOT the answer! Monetary control must be at the district or county level rather than with the teachers’ unions. A teacher’s salary of $120,000 is not uncommon…. for six-months work!! This is nothing more than extending the students’ ignorance; extending the unions’ power and control!
In this proposal, the word ‘incentives‘ is defined as: “payoffs to my supporters and contributors who were tipped-off to invest in the particular company we’ll give money to.“ Do we all remember “Solyndra?!?” This company was already failing when the Energy Department–at Soros, owe-bama‘s insistence–approved giving them $528 MILLION! Lazard (an asset management, advisory company [offices in 42 cities in 27 countries-WORLDWIDE]) told the Energy Department that Solyndra was already failing prior to the give-away. It happened anyway!! Solyndra took the money, promptly split it among it’s officers and “investors,” laid off 1,100 and filed for bankruptcy!! REMEMBER: Solyndra is but one of nearly a dozen failed businesses the regime has “invested” your money in!!
It has been suggested by economists–of either party–nationwide that to bring jobs on-shore, cut the corporate tax from the current 35% to 15, 12, to ZERO!! Again, it’s the spending addiction that drives America’s current tax policy. While “Clownie” purports to be a tax-reform mouth-piece, he continues to propose ‘band-aids’ for budgetary problems.
We’ve seen several of these bailout plans over the last three years. Of those homeowners who qualify, few took advantage of the plans. What ever happened to personal principles, personal responsibility?!? Do the math before you buy a house; if ya can’t afford it now, ya can’t afford it in the future!! When homeowners receive bailouts from the federal government and subsequently sell said house, how much of the profit do they owe the taxpayers who are majority stake-holders in the property?!?



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