Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This'n'That; December Twelfth #1; Annual Expense

The Expense Of Royalty
    On December 11, 1917, King George V of Great Britian issued Letters Patent delineating who is--and who is not--a member of the British Royal Family.  In 1996 Queen Elizabeth II modified the aforementioned Letters as noted in the London Gazette, thus:

"The QUEEN has been pleased by Letters Pantent under the Great Seal of the Realm dated 21st August 1996, to declare that a former wife (other than a widow until she shall remarry) of a son of a Sovereign of these Realms, of a son of a son of a Sovereign and of the eldest living son of the eldest son of The Prince of Wales shall not be entitled to hold and enjoy the style, title or attribute of Royal Highness."

Currently, the British Royal Family consists of 22 souls and their family members as noted in the Kings Letters and as modified by Queen Elizabeth.  Some are noted by name, others only by title.
    There are several official and private royal residences and vacation homes in the Royal real estate inventory.  
Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh normally live in
Buckingham Palace (London) on weekdays,
Windsor Castle (Windsor) on weekends as well as
Palace of Holyroodhouse (Edinburgh, Scotland) for duties in Scotland.
There are thirteen other official residences occupied by various members of the Royal Family.  These do not count a considerable number of properties privately owned by members of the Windsor Royal Family.
The number of official residences, a huge number of motor and horse-drawn vehicles, day-to-day expenses, the official travel and  accomodations of the extended Royal Family et al, only costs the British taxpayers a total of $57 million.
    Now we come to the royal family of the United States.  "Clown Prince" obama, Michelle Antoinette, the two princesses have--by action, by attitude, by arrogance--claimed unofficial royalty status.  The obamas normally live in
barackingham Palace, (District of Corruption) and
Camp David (Thurmond, Md).
Rarely does the 'royal family' visit their Chicago (in the ritzy Kenwood area) home; they're responsible for any personal expenses while they're in residence.
    The American 'royal family' normally takes monthly vacations; uses military and federal aircraft for private junkets worldwide as well as throwing lavish parties for their cronies, supporters, donors as well as the celebrities they desire to equal.  Just the  "Princely" Christmas vacations cost between $4-6 million EACH YEAR.  The "Clown Prince" obama family is probably the most 'high-maintenance' on the planet; the annual 'maintenance' for the American "royal family" is $1.4 BILLION (that--and maybe more--EACH AND EVERY YEAR!!!)
NOTE:  Those 'obama-bucks' would keep the British Royal Family in finery for TWENTY-FOUR AND A HALF YEARS!!!
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