Saturday, September 29, 2012

This'n'That; September Twenty-Nineth #1; Objectivess

Reasons For Skewing The Polls
    All the major pollsters are reporting--essentially--the campaign's over; "Clown Prince" obama has an unsurmountable lead over Governor Romney in all the polls; in all the 'battleground' states.... hell, nationwide!!
Sadly, the national pamphleteers are being disingenuous in their reporting and in concert with the pollsters, are hoodwinking the American public, primarily those of obama's opposition.  With the polls' over-sampling of obamacratics by as much as 14%, the obama water-carriers are getting the statistics they want:  The aforemention h-u-g-e obama lead.  With proper sampling, Governor Romney would have leads in most of the state polling, in some cases a lead of 11%! 
    Beyond the sampling scam, obamacRATic registered-voter numbers are dropping in several of the battleground states.  When compared to figures from the election that immaculated "Clown Princeobama, today's numbers are showing significant republicRATic gains.  While said gains may not surpass the obamacRATic totals, they are showing greater republicRATic inroads than the national pamphleteer corpse would like you believe.

    This skewing does have positive affects for the obama 2012 'Campaign of Fabrication.'  The pollsters' hope is:
the vast obama lead will discourage non-obama voters on November Sixth;
the vast obama lead will discourage non-obama early voters;
the vast obama lead will discourage non-obama absentee voters;
the vast obama lead will discourage non-obama military voters.
    The aforementioned statistics are a positive for the obama Regime as well as other obamacRATics in that they will be the basis for many individual-state voter fraud lawsuits on behalf of said obamacRATics and obama, his-very-own-self!  Neither party is immune to voter fraud; the aforementioned skewed polls set-the-stage for voter-fraud cases favoring the obamacRATics.  Lest we not forget the Philadelphia-area activities of the obama Voter Intimidation Unit of the New Black Panthers organization! It's been said--in these comments--that "Clown Prince" obama will have 10,000 lawyers in each state ready to file suit to keep him on the throne toilet!!  So long as fabrication does not overtake logic, the "Clown Prince" should go down in flames on November Sixth!!
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