Friday, September 9, 2011

This'n'That; September Ninth #2; Craig S. Hasman Update

Justice Prevails!

    Back in August, Craig Hasman and Teresa Mancuso were on their motorcycle, riding along Lake Avenue, Rochester, N.Y.  A pair of testerone-infused street thugs in a granny-van, happened upon them at a stoplight.  Actually, the kerfuffle started along the roadway prior to the stoplight; you know the kind, the granny-van tailgating the bike, shouting back and forth, the 'polish salute' exchanged along with other verbal threats.
    Mr Hasman soon had enough of their shit--after one of the thugs popped him in the eye--shot the passenger from the granny-van.  Mr Hasman was charged with felonious assualt-2nd degree.  Mr Hasman maintained throughout that he was the victim of the assualt and was doing nothing more than defending himself and his lady-friend.  Apparently, the jury agreed and acquitted Mr Hasman of all charges.
Craig Hasman & Teresa Mancuso (Mark Schuman)
    Seems rather 'funny' to me that with the physical evidence and witnesses statements that Mr Hasman was the only one charged!  Could it have been that he had a firearm-no matter than he's had a conceal-carry permit for over thirty years; no matter that there's no record of Mr Hasman EVER using a handgun in such a manner, prior to this incident?!?
Sadly, the recipient of Mr Hasman's highspeed projectile, the miscreant Michael Lee, survived!!
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