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This'n'That; September Tenth #1; More ZERO-bama Corruption

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Which Friends, This Time?!?
    When speaking of all things political, a bundler is--most generally--a member of that social class known by "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, The Narcissist" as 'those evil, rich, white-guys.'  A bundler amasses large pools of compaign donations from PACs and individuals.  A bundler is able to funnel far more money to a particular campaign than he could with individual contributions.  As evidenced by the "Clown Prince's" preferences in political appointments as well as choosing recipients for financial pay-offs, a bundler--most generally--will be one of the first-in-line for said pay-offs.
    Solyndra LLC is was one of the major players in the commercial solar panel manufacturing sector.  Solyndra LLC has been highly touted by "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, The Narcissist" as 'where America's future lies:'
  After moving the headquarters of Numonyx (a joint-venture between STMicroelectronics and Intel) from Fremont, Ca., to Geneva, Switzerland, Mr Brian Harrison was bounced as Numonyx' CEO.  He then was hired as CEO of Solyndra LLC for his 'strong understanding of sophisticated manufacturing operations; ....history of achieving significant product and manufacturing cost reductions....'
"The future is here" the "Clown Prince" said during a recent visit to Solyndra's Fremont, California facility.  "We're poised to transform the ways we power our homes, and our cars, and our businesses.  .....And we're poised to generate countless new jobs, good-paying, middle-class jobs, right here in the United States of America."

    That being said, one of "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, The Narcissist's" bundlers has been a direct recipient of the "Clown Prince's" wealth re-distributive efforts.  Mr Brian Harrison--a major ZERO-bama bundler--who's cash-raising acumen most probably 'influenced' Solyndra, LLC's receiving  nearly $528 Million of an Energy Department loan guarantee totalling $535 Million.  Those funds--plus millions from private investors--were used to build the Solyndra LLC facility and start manufacturing and sales operations.
    Now, fast-forward to recent history:
   An aside to the recent 'green energy' kerfuffles:
*On August 31, Solyndra LLC ceased operations, closed their facility and laid off 1,100 souls.  
*On September 6, Solyndra LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Wilmington, Delaware (case #: Solyndra LLC 11-12799, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Wilmington, De.).

*In March 2011, Evergreen Solar Inc, closed it's doors and laid off 800 souls.
*On August 15, Evergreen Solar Inc, announced a Chapter 11 filing with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Wilmington, De.
*In April 2011, SpectraWatt, Inc (a spin-off from Intel Corp) ceased operations and laid off 117 souls.
*On August 19, SpectraWatt, Inc announced a Chapter 11 filing with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

*Ben Bierman, Solyndra Exec VP, donated $5,500
*Karen Alter, Solyndra Senior VP, donated $23,000
*James Gibbons, Solyndra board member, donated $13,500
*Winston Fu, Solyndra board member, donated $4,550
*Thomas Baruch, Solyndra board member, donated $7,150
*Steven Mitchell, Solyndra board member, donated $2,300
*These donations do not include any monies brow-beaten out of employees!

*Solyndra LLC spent in excess of $550,000 in their 2010 lobbying efforts.
*Solyndra LLC spent in excess of $1,000,000 in lobbying for the passage of the "American Clean Energy Leadership Act of 2009;" and the "Solar Manufacturing Jobs Creation Act;" among others.

Til Nex'Time....  
    In conclusion, anyone--be they conservative or constitutionalist or socio-fascist--must agree that "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, The Narcissist" hit the nail on the head with his statement: 'The future is here;' proving beyond any doubt that at least solar forms of 'green energy' are not sustainable; 'green' energy as a whole, will require federal bailouts or other on-going financial support well into the foreseeable future.  A logical federal government must wait until research and development has refined the entire 'green' sector of energy production before more 'investments' are made.  What does appear 'sustainable' though, is the power of donated money!!  It didn't take a hell'uva lot of donated funds for Solyndra LLC to garner over a half-billion-dollars in federal loan guarantees; clear evidence that honest, sensible, on-going campaign finance reforms are sorely needed.
In addition to these donations to buy 'special favors' from the ZERO-bama Regime, there were excessive lobbying, presumably with taxpayer funds:
    Another aside as it relates to 'bundling' of contributions and Solyndra LLC contributors to either or both-DNC, "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, The Narcissist:"



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