Friday, August 19, 2011

This'n'That; August Nineteenth #2; A 'Tragedy!'

Somethin' Had To 'Give'
   Yesterday was a sad day for the family.  I was chosen as the overseer of the 'tragedy.'  A couple of years ago, I parked "Miz Daisy" at my brothers-in-law's driveway, ostensibly just for the winter; to be again driven in the next 'collector-car season.'  owe-bamanomics being as dismal a plan as it is, we were unable to continue to support having a collector vehicle, to store, to repair, to upgrade, to maintain, to license and insure; so "somethin' had to give!"

    So--after 'Craigslist' deal-after-deal fell through--we decided to donate the car to a worthy--nearby--auto museum.  We chose the Northeast Collector Car Museum in Norwich, N.Y.  After a couple of emails to the museum itself, I dealt--by phone--with volunteer Phil Giltner, a museum board member.  We 'made the deal' and he and his crew showed up at the site around noon yesterday, August 18th.  They prepped and loaded 'my friend' onto their trailer and--after several 'thank yous'--"Miz Daisy" went on down the road!!  Truely, a sad day!!

    For most of you who don't know of "Miz Daisy," she's a 1950 Dodge Coronet four-door sedan (Model D-34); flat-head 6, delivering 25.35 AMA hp (about 104 bhp); a 'Gyromatic' transmission (a semi-automatic, a forerunner of the automatic transmission); with a 6-volt, positive-ground electircal system.  This car is just a hoot to drive; a real 'head-turner!'
Now the family will go into  seclusion for a  period of mourning, probably about twenty-minutes!
Oh, more information for those who might need it:  Mr Giltner--of Norwich, as well--is an apprasial professional, specializing in antique, classic, custom and specialty vehicles.
Til Nex'Time....
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