Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This'n'That; October Twenty-Fifth #1; Indoctrination?

Government Fascists On The 'Attack!'
[Rather than give my interpretation of the following article, I cut-and-pasted' it from the original site.  Blogspot will most probably render my efforts horribly out-of-order!  For an in-order view, see: http://www.justincase505.wordpress.com/]
    As a part of the "Tea Party" movement, I'm involved with the 'We Surround....' folks in Rochester, N.Y., the nearest chapter.  As such, I get email updates on their activities; on their important issues.  Another member found the below article--on the 'As A Momsite--and published it to the 'We Surround....' website.  Although not very surprised, I did find this entry quite alarming.  The government (public) schools are pulling out all the stops in support of the miscreants defiling the public areas in cities, nationwide!  Said entry:
    My 14 yr old public high schooler was given a pamphlet from "Occupy Wall Street" yesterday with an assignment to do for the rest of the week in World Geography class. They are to break into small groups and compile a list of grievances. They are to then use the school's video equipment to make a video of the list and send it to Occupy Wall Street. The pamphlet has a ballet dancer on top of the Wall Street Bull statue. It has the Ocupy Wall Street "hand signals" to be used to voice your opinion. It also has the address to send your info to: The UPS Store, Re: Occupy Wall Street, 118A Fulton Ste #205 NY, NY 10038.
It says they are low on food.
    I am so mad, I could spit! I sent an email to this teacher thru the school's website (to hopefully create a paper trail). I made my own permission note, denying permission for my kid to participate in this assignment/protest and denying my permission for my kid's name or image to be used in this assignment/protest. I did this yesterday. This morning I got a reply basically just saying OK your kid will not participate. I am worried for my kid today. I will wait and see how today plays out at school before taking more action.
    Ask your kids if they have been introduced to this protest at school. My kid knew I would be mad and said that she would not be filmed during class when the assignment was given. She was given the camera man job.
(I moved this post from the Texas education forum to this because it has a wider audience)

This article--as brief as it is--certainly makes the case for 'home-schooling!'  If I still had kids at home, I'd surely consider the option!
Til Nex'Time....
    George Soros; his sycophants and subordinates; the lil' darlin's who do his daily bidding, demonstrate the lack of limits to which they'll go in bringing down the government!!  The immaculation of "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" was but the first step.



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