Thursday, October 27, 2011

This'n'That; October Twenty-Seventh #3; Equality?!?

Equality Depends On Ideology!
    In Richmond, Virginia--and many other cities--the city government demands fees and compliance prior to issuing an assembly permit; ONLY IF said permit is for a "Tea Party" movement function!  Currently the 'occupy-Richmond' miscreants haven't had to participate in the permitting process, nor have they had to comply with most rules of public assembly.
    While the 'occupy-Richmond' miscreants occupy Richmond's Kanawha Plaza free of charge, the "Richmond Tea Party" had to fess-up over $10-grand to hold their April (2011) Tax-Day Rally.  Someone has an unauthorized FREE public assembly--that's going on for days--Someone is charged $10-grand--PER DAY--for an authorized public assembly!!  Colleen Owens--a "Richmond Tea Party" spokesperson--says:
The "Richmond Tea Party" is preparing an invoice for their "Tax Day Rally" expenses, to be presented to Mayor Dwight Jones' office for a full refund.
"We followed the rules, we followed the law, we got all the permits, we paid all the fees, we had to jump through all the hoops they asked us to.  We didn't complain about it.  But then we're sitting back and watching these Occupiers in Richmond and they're basically camped out at Kanawha Plaza.  And they're not having to pay for the park, they're not getting permits, they're not paying for police, they're not paying for port-o-potties, they're not paying for emergency personnel.  Everything that we were required to do."

I guess some of us are more equal than others of us!!
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