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"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; November 19th

A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince;" 11/19/2011
Aboard the 'traveling'
barackingham Palace:
Air Force One,
Bali, Indonesia
November 19, 2011
    Today, I’m speaking to you from Indonesia as I finish up my trip to the Asia Pacific – the region where we do most of our trade and sell most of our exports. And over the past week, the progress we’ve made in opening markets and boosting exports here will help create more jobs and more growth in the United States.   Here in Indonesia, I was proud to join leaders from some of our nation’s top companies as they announced trade deals that will support nearly 130,000 American jobs and potentially increase U.S. exports by up to $39 billion. Boeing, for example, will sell more than 200 planes to Indonesia that are built with parts from suppliers in more than 40 states. And a deal to export GE engines will support jobs at plants in Ohio and North Carolina.   These agreements will help us reach my goal of doubling American exports by 2014 – a goal we’re on pace to meet. And they’re powerful examples of how we can rebuild an economy that’s focused on what our country has always done best – making and selling products all over the world that are stamped with three proud words: “Made In America.”   This is important, because over the last decade, we became a country that relied too much on what we bought and consumed. We racked up a lot of debt, but we didn’t create many jobs at all.
[What I'm not telling you: My latest monthly vacation is just winding up this weekend.  I--like those looking for tax write-offs--schedule at least one short visit with some third-world potentate so most monthly vacations can be officially called 'state visits.'  When we have to cart Michelle's more-than-ample ass around the world, we call that 'a vacation;' when it's just me and my men-friends, it's 'a state visit!!'  
    Had the NLRB not stifled the expansion of domestic aircraft manufacturing, these two-hundred Boeing planes would have been added to the potentially several-hundred Boeing 787 Dreamliners that should have been manufactured in South Carolina.  This is just "so much bullshit;" spouting all this crap about foreign trade and manufacturing for export!!  My regime; my rule; any previous presidency has had little-to-no influence on exportation of U.S. good and services.  This is nothing more than another excuse for my man-friends and I to get away from the prying eyes of the District of Corruption!!
    The sentences that continue from "...because over the past decade...." are additional bullshit!  While 'the past decade' did result in additional debt, that additional debt DOES NOT COMPARE to the amount of debt my handler--George Soros--and I foisted upon the American Taxpayer.  Here are some facts the reader should be aware of:
When that evil President George W. Bush-43 left office, the national debt was $10.025TRILLION.
When Soros and I completed just two-years of rule, the national debt shot up 35.2% to $13.562TRILLION.
This represents the largest two-year percentage increase since--at least--the dawn of "The New Millennium"--but most probably--since the dawn of American history!!

    If we want an economy that’s built to last and built to compete, we have to change that. We have to restore America’s manufacturing might, which is what helped us build the largest middle-class in history. That’s why we chose to pull the auto industry back from the brink, saving hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process. And that’s why we’re investing in the next generation of high-tech, American manufacturing.    But building an economy that lasts isn’t just about making things – it’s about opening new markets for people to buy them. After all, 95% of the world’s consumers live outside our borders. And as the fastest-growing region in the world, no market is more important to our economic future than the Asia Pacific – a region where our exports already support five million American jobs.  This is why we recently signed a landmark trade agreement with South Korea that will support tens of thousands of American jobs. And it’s why I traveled here this week. In Hawaii, I hosted leaders from across the Asia Pacific, and we agreed to make it easier for American companies to do business overseas. I also worked with President Medvedev of Russia to pursue trade that would increase exports and jobs for American manufacturers and farmers. And working with other leaders, we made progress toward our most ambitious trade agreement yet – a partnership with Pacific nations that holds the potential for more exports and more jobs in a region of nearly three billion consumers.  We may be going through tough times, but as I’ve said time and time again, the United States still has the world’s most dynamic economy, the finest universities, the most innovative companies, and the hardest-working people on Earth. We can compete against anybody – and we can win. As President, I intend to make sure that happens by doing everything I can to give American workers and businesses the chance to succeed.
[What I'm not telling you: If the American people truly want an economy "that's built to last and built to compete...." then socialism, fascism, socio-fascism nor communism will be the end result to their quest.  To that end--rather than admonish my voter-base of "KoolAid drinkers" and miscreants--I'd suggest that the grand mistake that is the most recent presidential election NOT BE REPEATED!!  
    Not willing to admit that the very act of bankruptcy has a place in any economic model;  not willing to admit that bankruptcy is used to cleanse the company of poor business models; to rid the company of ineffective, unprofitable management, my regime rescued General Motors from what would have been a cleansing activity!   This would have saved the American taxpayers billions in mis-invested dollars.   Until the fraudulent bailout of 'Government'--or "owe-bama"--Motors actually came to pass, no one but regime and Bilderberg Group insiders actually knew where the bulk of the funds would finally stop:  The auto unions!!!!  The auto union hierarchy added 17.8% of the PORKulus bailout funds to their coffers; only to be laundered and returned to my 're-elect....' warchest as well as those of other owe-bamacRATic officeholders!  Just how cleaver is that?!?!? 
    When I return to barackingham Palace I fully intend to fire the teleprompter programmer!  All this crap about 'American success' be it in jobs creation, manufacturing increases et al, are all intenible positions I'll be forced to defend, as the country slowly slides into the proverbial 'crapper!!'  All these deals I make during my many, many monthly vacations--and the occasional man-cation--are nothing more than so-many-smokescreens, cleaverly disguising the true mission of the "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" regime: that of a nearly unnoticable decline into socio-fascism!!  
    Read the final sentence of my blather, again.  Now do you understand the blatant hyprocrisy that is American Politics?!?  We--meaning all politicians, of any stripe, of any party--consistantly make one statement; consistantly ingnore the provisions of said statement.  As an example, look at the insider-trading scandal that are encompassing both parties in the names of Nancy PORKlosi--a minor leader--and John Boner, Speaker of the House. 
Ms PORKlosi has been--for much of her rule--either ignoring the rules or hiding her illegal actions behind the name of her husband, Paul.  Anybody ever heard of the Russell Ranch investments?!?  That's 'cuz the PORKlosis  never disclosed it in their required federal filings!!  
Mr Boner arrived in the District of Corruption in 1991, representing the Cincinnati area of Ohio.  At that time, Mr Boner's net worth was just a few 'hundreds-of-thousands of dollars."  Suddenly it's now approaching $7.1MILLION!!  How d'ya s'pose he got so rich..... especially on an annual salary of between $125,100 to $174,000.  This doesn't count pay increases for various speakerships, committee positions, majority and minority leadership positions.  The consensus of the American voter is that "insider trading" exists as evidenced by the large increases of both miscreants' net worth!!  If anyone needed verification that term limits are needed; THIS IS IT!!]
The aforementioned statistics essentially boil this monthly 'man-cation' down to additional bullshit to be added to the refuse heap that is known as the owe-bama Regime!!]



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