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This'n'That; December Fifteenth[gates/Buffett;Gold;Ramsey/Durbin]

obama: The SOROS Marionette
One Might Ask obama: Why Them?!?!
    At the outset I'd like to say that I have nothing against either of the "Clown Prince's" freebie advisors; actually I admire one for his accomplishments, the other, I have no opinion of.
    One has but to read Mr Buffet's latest biography to see that he came by his wealth--mostly--honestly, starting at an early age-studying at the feet of his era's master wealthbuilders.  His current earned income (taxable wages) is $100,000 a year.  So--you say--how does he claim his wealth?  Mr Buffett--along with his charitable foundation--is the major stockholder in Berkshire-Hathaway.  The vast majority of his income is in the form of 'capital gains' and the requisite favorable tax rate of--currently--15%.
    The other guy--Bill Gates--really carries no relevance to me personally,  although he made home computing reachable for the vast majority of the worlwide population.  The only thing I noted in Mr Gates' public persona is that when he started dating his future wife, he apparently decided washing his hair was an important part of the dating/mating ritual.
    These guys have a combined net worth of just under One Hundred-Billion dollarsMuch as I hate to say it; the "Clown Prince" may have been correct in consulting these two on philanthropic endeavors.  On the other hand:  Why?!?!  With their kinda'money available, it's easier for them to create/donate to charitable causes--you and I have to weigh pluses and minuses before any donation!
    Now--FINALLY--to the point of this rhetoric:  Again I say, (on the topic of America's current economic woes...) Why Them?!?!
Sure, these two have made, lost and/or given away several tens-of-millions of dollars in a single day!!  From the 'princely' perspective; it's gotta be way cool to rub elbows with those who've acquired--nay, earned--what he never will: billions of dollars!!  I doubt the two guests were equally impressed!!  I equally doubt the "Clown Prince" will heed any advice that would be of help to the 'serf class.'
    IF the two guests were honest with the "Clown Prince," they might have told him the "methods to their madness:"  formulate an idea; develop a viable business plan; work like Hell-long and hard to accomplish the objective!!  One does not accomplish on the levels of the aforementioned by being on the government dole; getting up at noon; sitting in front of a TV--acquired by nefarious means--as do a majority of obama's constituents!!
    The "Clown Prince" would have been better-served had he invited several 'serfs' to his palace and talked about the economy; NOT blathered at them as he is wont to do!!  A small-business, family farmer from 'small-town,' Nebraska; a small-business hardware store owner from 'small-town,' Tennessee; a motel owner/operator from 'small-town,' Mississippi; an owner-operator in the trucking industry; all could have given him an ear-full of solutions to consider--....and.... I think more to the point--than the two billionaires!!  But: Would he take the advice?!?!  I think not!!
    To get advice he might have taken, obama should have invited the one person responsible for putting him in his exhalted position; the single most important person responsible for pulling his strings like a marionetteGEORGE SOROS!!  Mr SOROS has to his credit: the 'selection-for-election' of the most incompetent, most inexperienced individual in any elective office, in any country, today; making billions-of-dollars; single-handedly bringing the Bank of England to it's knees; bringing entire national governments to the brink of bankruptcy.  If his knowledge will accomplish the negative, he most assuredly must have the opposite knowledge to accomplish the positive!!
Alas, we'll probably never know, it ain't the fascist-way!!

Gonna Buy Some Gold??
    I've always found 'gold' too expensive for me; not that it may be accurately valued-just that the price has always been just out of my reach.  I elected to buy silver instead- (at the initial purchase date) $16.00 versus $1,200+ per ounce.  I still casually follow gold as I wander the internet looking for interesting investments.  Given the current direction of the government take-over of private entities, gold could go either way!!
    I've found this article which elucidates on the seven most-profitable gold stocks:

  • 1. Compania de Minas Buenaventura SA (BVN): Market cap of $12.92B. 5-year average gross margin at 53.56% vs. industry average at 40.68%. The stock has gained 23.68% over the last year. (Recent Price:  $49.48)
  • 2. Goldcorp Inc. (GG): Market cap of $33.98B. 5-year average gross margin at 57.33% vs. industry average at 40.68%. The stock has gained 3.59% over the last year. (Recent Price:  $46.43)
  • 3. Eldorado Gold Corp. (EGO): Market cap of $9.85B. 5-year average gross margin at 59.0% vs. industry average at 40.68%. The stock has gained 29.15% over the last year.  (Recent Price:  $18.35)
  • 4. Yamana Gold, Inc. (AUY): Market cap of $8.84B. 5-year average gross margin at 41.03% vs. industry average at 40.68%. The stock has lost -13.49% over the last year.  (Recent Price:  $12.56)
  • 5. Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd. (AEM): Market cap of $13.76B. 5-year average gross margin at 55.25% vs. industry average at 40.68%. The stock has gained 25.74% over the last year.  (Recent Price:  $82.50)
  • 6. Randgold Resources Ltd. (GOLD): Market cap of $8.56B. 5-year average gross margin at 55.1% vs. industry average at 40.68%. The stock has gained 6.58% over the last year.  (Recent Price:  $89.98)
  • 7. Newmont Mining Corp. (NEM): Market cap of $29.41B. 5-year average gross margin at 52.45% vs. industry average at 40.68%.  The stock has gained 8.02% over the last year.  (Recent Price:  $61.74)
REMEMBER:  'Due Diligence!' are the watchwords, here!!!

Senator Richard Durbin-Official Photo
 'Turbin' Dick Durbin's A THIEF!
    "Turbin" Durbin wants to use the IRS to steal your money--via the Bush Tax Rate continuation bill--with any means necessary: class envy, economic envy, fascist principles!!  With all the added pork, this rate continuation bill is doing more damage than good-well over $900BILLION in added deficit spending!!  This bill--if allowed to stand--will break the record for worthless porkulus spending, surpassing the "Clown Prince's" first large foray into fascist confiscation and waste.  That being the PORKULUS-1: $787BILLION.
    Dave Ramsey is one of the quietest, most mild-mannered men, 'til ya piss him off!!  Mr Ramsey dispenses personal finance information and solutions through his syndicated radio show.  Mr Ramsey (correctly) surmised that Mr Durbin is a thief-using the Bush Tax Rate continuation bill to confiscate more and more American earnings via the IRS.  Listen to Mr Ramsey's "pull-no-punches" critique on one of the URLs below: 

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