Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This'n'That; February Second [Egypt Evac; "Chuckie-Cheese;"

U.S. Gov't To Charge Evacuees
    As I mentioned yesterday, 'Team Sorobama' and the rest of the 'barack-ingham Palace' crew are supporting the thugs aiding the rioting in Cairo, Egypt.  The 'Muslim Brotherhood (MB)'--at first glance--seem far worse than 'Team Sorobama's very own--home grown--contract thugs, the 'New Black Panthers!!'
    We all know first hand, the compassion of the obama regime, George Soros and the rest of the 'barack-ingham Palace' minions, right?!?!  Destroying the American health care system at the expense of those who can least afford it; paying off supporters and contributors with PORKulus monies; installing an extensive 'shadow government,' et al.
    Now I find that this low level of compassion extends to man-made emergencies.  This from a FAQ list at the State Department:
{*}'Chuckie-Cheese' Schumer Needs Civics Lesson!
Do I have to pay for the flight?

U.S. citizens requesting evacuation will be asked to sign paperwork promising to reimburse the U.S. Government for flight costs at a later date. Exact flight costs are not yet available, but should be comparable to a one-way commercial flight from Egypt to the safe haven location.
How 'bout that incredibly low-level of compassion?  After all the money these 'rectal-cavities' piss away on a daily basis-they can't spring for a plane ticket?!?!  Hell, just write the costs off as a payment to the 'New Black Panthers' for services rendered!!
How's that "Hope'n'Change" workin' for ya, now?!?!

    'Chuckie-Cheese' Schumer an apparent graduate of the "Josef Goebbels-Brooklyn High School of Propaganda," told us last Sunday that there are three branches of government:  "The House, The Senate and The President!!"
    Chuckie.... I--unlike yourself--am not a graduate of JGBHSP, nor Harvard College, nor Harvard Law School; but am willing to provide a basic understanding of the federal government that you've prostituted for the past thirty-plus years!!   As we used to say in the trucking industry:  "Get in; Sit down; Shut-up; 'n' Hang-on!!!  Cuz here we go!!
    The real three branches of the federal government are the Legislative, the Executive 'n' the Judicial.  The House of Representatives (of which you were a member for eighteen-plus, years!) and the Senate (of which you've been a member for the past eleven-plus, years!) make up the Legislative Branch.
The presidency is not a branch of government, but--in this case--a minor member of the Executive Branch.  The federal departments, most 'councils,' various independent agencies, the staffs employed in 'barack-ingham Palace.'
The Judicial Branch is the one you pretty-much ignore, so it's understandable that you didn't recall it!!  Members of the Judicial Branch are appointed by those who control the Executive Branch-in this case, George Soros.  Another reason for your ignorance might be that Mr Soros (through the "Clown Prince") has determined that the judicial appointments must follow communist, marxist, socialist, fascist leanings.

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