Friday, September 30, 2011

This'n'That; September Thirtieth #1; What?!?

What Did He Know; When Did He Know It?!?
    Remember that phrase?  The fascist, incompetent media (mere pamphleteers) used that phrase hourly, to vilify select--usually NOT fascists, socialists, communists--government officials, both elected and career workers.  
But.... that question was asked decades earlier of President Richard Nixon, by Senator Howard Baker (r-Tn) concerning the break-in at The Watergate and subsequent cover-up.
    More recently, the same question was asked of President George W. Bush by the entire National Pamphleteer corps as well as every socio-fascist in the Congress.  Ambassador Joe Wilson conspired with his wife CIA-worker, Valarie Plame to embarrass the president.  It's alleged that someone in the administration 'outed' Ms Plame as a covert CIA agent when in fact, she 'drove a desk' at "Foggy Bottom."  VP Cheney's aide--Scooter Libby--paid the price in taking the fall by being convicted of lying to a grand jury.
    Now, the same question(s) has to be asked of 'Komrad obama' "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, The Narcissist" (in no particular order):

Lawyer-stuffing at the Department of (socio-)Justice:  Of 113 ZERO-bama nominees, exactly ZERO were conservative, moderate or apolitical
A NLRB ruling is preventing Boeing from starting production of their '787 Dreamliner' at the new 2 Thousand-Million-Dollar plant in Charleston, SC.  The unions whined that Boeing cut jobs in Everett, Wa., in favor of jobs in the 'right-to-work' state of South Carolina. FACT:  Boeing cut NOT A SINGLE JOB in Everett, but is prevented from putting nearly 4,000 souls to work in SC.
The solar-energy-scam perpetrated on the American Taxpayer by "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, The Narcissist."  $535 Million to Solyndra who was destined to failed even before it started.  The deal was constructed so that in failure, the private investors were compensated first, at the expense of the American Taxpayer. NOT ONLY SOLYNDRA, the Dep't of Energy (proving it should be disbanded!) approved loan guarantees to the next two solar energy failures
$737 Million for Tonopah Solar Energy (Tonopah, Nevada);
$337 Million for Mesquite Solar 1 (Maricopa County, Az).
Not only those, the following companies are in various stages of loan guarantee approvals:
$150 Million for 1366 Technologies (Solar Mfg), Lexington, Ma;
$1.2 Thousand-Million for Abengoa Solar (Solar Generation), San Bernardino Cty, Ca;
$1.5 Thousand-Million for Abengoa Solar (Solar Generation), Gila Bend, Az;
$400 Million for Abound Solar (Solar Mfg), Longmont, Co., Tipton, In;
$967 Million for Agua Caliente (Solar Generation), Yuma County, Az;
$1.6 Thousand-Million for BrightSource Energy (Solar Generation), Baker, Ca;
$90.6 Million for Cogentrix of Alamosa (Solar Generation), Alamosa, Co;
$680 Million for First Solar-Antalope (Solar Generation), Lancaster, Ca;
$1.88 Thousand-Million for First Solar-Desert Sunlight (Solar Generation), Riverside County, Ca;
$1.93 Thousand-Million for First Solar-Topaz (Solar Generation), San Luis Obispo County, Ca;
$45.6 Million for Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (Solar Generation), Las Vegas, Nv;
$852 Million for NextEra Energy Resources-Genesis Solar (Solar Generation), Riverside County, Ca;
$1.4 Thousand-Million for Prologis-Project AMP (Solar Generation), 28 states;
$344 Million for SolarCity Corp-SolarStrong (Solar Generation), 124 military sites in 33 states;
$737 Million for Solar Reserve-Crescent Dunes (Solar Generation), Nye, Nv;
$197 Million for SoloPower (Solar Mfg), Wilsonville, Or;
$1.187 Thousand-Million for SunPower Corp-Calif Valley Solar Ranch (Solar Generation), San Luis Obispo, Ca.
    And, boys 'n' girls.... that's only for solar failures; there's plenty of waste spent on geothermal, wind and other crap!!  Check it out for yourself:
Judging from just this list, it sure appears to me they're are nothing but more socio-fascist pay-offs for "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, The Narcissist's" buddies in the venture capital market. 
"Clownie" should be taken-to-task and made answerable for this complete waste of money in unsustainable industries; for each-and-every scandal his regime is involved in!!!
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