Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This'n'That; November Nineth #3; Post Office

It's Time For An Equitable Solution!
    With the United States Postal Service (USPS) losing millions-after-millions--annually--in daily operations, I have what may be the equitable solution:
    Hire illegal aliens, to do the work Americans won't do.  They'll work for peanuts, in all sorts of weather, in any crime-ridden ghetto or barrio.
    Move all mail sorting operations to China.  The Chinese will work for those same 'Mexican peanuts.'  This will force a slight increase in delivery times.
    Reduce delivery frequency to a 'Monday-Wednesday-Friday' schedule.  This makes all Letter Carriers part-time employees thus subject to reduced wages and elimination of insurance and benefits. Those who think they need six-day delivery can pay a premium for the extended service.
    Eliminate the USPS vehicle fleet (which, by-the-way is the largest vehicle fleet in the world).  Those who want to work for the USPS will use their personal vehicles, with no renumeration.
    Eliminate those irritating 'bulk mailings.'  This will reduce USPS income as well as reducing the 'irritation level' of mail recipients.

Til Nex'Time....
There, that aughta do it!



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