Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This'n'That; November Sixteenth #1; Surfing....

Surfing About The Web....
    Seems like I spend a good percentage of my daily life surfing the web; chasing articles that are--sometimes--interesting only to me!!  My 'blogspot' site allows me to track other blogs I'm interested in; funny thing though.... I can't delete those I've lost interest in!?!  Those I track are:
The"Clown Prince's" teleprompter--
This blog was funny in it's early days, but--even with the wealth of 'clownish' bullshit--it's not kept current!
Bungalow Bill's Conservative Wisdom--
Bungalow Bill's is consistantly insightful, whitty, current, concise, conservative!!
Conservatism With Heart--
Chatterbox is the family--homestyle--version of Bungalow Bill's!!
Doug's Wood--
Doug's has some of the most amazing photos of some of the most amazing wood-turnings!
Dragonfly Wings--
Dragonfly is written by a dear friend of mine; sadly, it's rarely updated!  Chronicles of Cheryl's adventures backpacking around Europe.
The Reaganite Republican--
This site is one of my favorites--both for research and for general reading--always insightful!!
    Holy Crap!!  I certainly wandered all 'round "Robin Hood's Barn" with all that!!  Where I had intended to end up is with "The Reaganite Republican."  This morning I found--once again--references to "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" being either gay--or at the very least--bi-sexual; a lead story on RR!!
    This has significance!  Just prior to the 'KoolAid' vote for some imaginary 'hope and change,' I had run across an article on the internet.  You'll have to take my word for it; I don't have the referencing URL anymore.  We've suffered three-or-four computer crashes since "The Great Emasculation!!"
    I can only repeat the details as I remember them; I'm not embellishing just  because of my intense dislike--or hatred, if you will--of Barry Soetoro--aka--barack hussein owe-bama

The incident took place in a Chicago public building like a school--or some similar building--with an auditorium and classrooms/offices down a hallway to the rear.  The author of said article had left the auditorium and was making his way down the hallway, with rooms on both the left and right.  He observed--said miscreant--owe-bama coming from a room on the left, his zipper down; his shirt-tail hanging from the zipper opening. 
As the author approached the same doorway, he observed another individual  having his "rocket polished (orally gratified)!"  Said 'polishing' was being done by a third individual on his knees near the room's back wall
      This was all brought back to the fore with the article published in the 'Reaganite Republican' [ ] blog.  I have no doubt that both the referenced incidents as well as my own related information actually happened.Everyone--at least those interested--must do their individual 'due diligence' with respect to the two aforementioned articles/incidents!!Til Nex'Time....



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