Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This'n'That; December Fourteenth #1; Tax-Cut?!?

Onus On owe-bama And His 'cRATics!
    The House of Representatives--rather than cave as they did on the debt-ceiling kerfuffle--passed legislation to continue the raid on the Social Security 'Trust Fund.'  Some of the more important points would:

Reduce federal unemployment benefits, and
Raise Medicare premiums on wealthier seniors, and
Continue the raid on the Social Security 'Trust Fund' by $1,000 per family, and
Continue current levels of Medicare physician payments, and
Force the State Department to issue a speedy decision on the 'Keystone XL pipeline' project, and
Roll back EPA regulations on industrial boilers, and
Include provisions to wrap up year-end over-spending.

    Both "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" and the Soros mouthpiece in the Senate-"pinky" reid say the bill is dead-on-arrival in the Senate (reid); will be vetoed if it reaches the abused "Resolute Desk. (owe-bama)."
We shall see what we shall see!!
Til Nex'Time....



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