Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This'n'That; January Eleventh #1; Headlines

The Headline MIGHT Have Been....
    The upcoming Chief of Staff to the "Clown Prince" will be the third in as many years.  Each has 'a financial past' they'd prefer did NOT become common knowledge:**
All three of these owe-bama miscreants have dirtied their hands at "the well of owe-bamacRATic socialism!!"Had these Chiefs of Staff served under a republicRAT president, the headlines would have been far different at their resignations:
White House in Disarray, or
President 'Hard to Work With?' or
President Unable To Find Competent Chiefs? or
What Is First Lady's Role In On-going Staff Changes? or
some such dishonestly suggestive drivel.  George Soros' plan of socialist distortion of all facets of the news process seems to be working, at least to him.  The conservatives; the constitutionalists rarely consult the mainstream media--the national pamphleteers--except for a laugh!!  Much to Soros' chagrin--but a benefit to his wealth--there are conservative, truthful news outlets that refuse to be bought; refuse to "roll-over-and-play-dead."
Til Nex'Time....

**#1. Rahm Emanuel: Prior to becoming just another--in a long line--crooked congressman from Illinois, Mr Emanuel worked on Wall Street. With no prior experience in finance or business, he made $16.2 Million as an evil investment banker! In continuing his 'dirty deeds'--via a Freddie Mac board seat--Mr Emanuel aided the inflation of the then-growing nationwide 'housing bubble.'

#2. William Daley: A member of The First Family of the crooked 'Chicago Political Machine,' Mr Daley was more than another owe-bamacRATic hack; he was also a four-year top executive at JPMorgan Chase and sat on the boards of Boeing, Merck and Boston Properties. Following in Emanuel's footsteps, Daley sat on the Fannie Mae board where he too added his 'hot air' to the then-growing nationwide 'housing bubble.'
#3. Jacob Lew (incoming): Mr Lew also went the incredibly wealthy 'Wall Street route,' working for Citibank as a million-a-year-man. In 2009, Jake also got a million-dollar bonus; under his tutelage the divisions he managed profited by tens-of-millions by betting that the 'housing bubble' would burst-which it did!! The bursting bubble 'earned' Citibank billions-of-bucks in PORKulus funds from his bud, "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist."



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