Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This'n'That; January Third #1; Scams

Maybe A Scam; Maybe Not
    Don'cha just love all the unsolicited crap ya get in the mail?!?  Me NEITHER!!  As a retired truck driver with previous experience as a cabinetmaker, I enjoy keeping up with the various woodworking publications and techniques.  As such I'm on several mailing lists.
    WELL, the "Woodworkers Guild of America" (who-the-hell-ever they are!?!) bought one of the lists I'm on, cuz I received one of their unsolicited DVDs which I could keep for the fantastic price of $12.95; allegedly reduced from $21.95.  If I chose not to pay the fee, the onus was on me to return the DVD in a postage paid envelope.  If you're like me, you sometimes forget the crap in the mail you're not interested in!  This happened to me previously--with an auto-related DVD--I forgot to return it and was dinged for 'ages' for the money.  I finally sent them a letter that the onus was on them to come get the DVD; they finally gave up.  Oh, I had thrown the DVD away--without viewing--long before the dinging letters started.
    I consider this type of activity a scam for two reasons:
The DVD--or some other item--was sent to me unsolicited, and
The onus is on me to return something I didn't order, or pay the required price.

Til Nex'Time.... 
Each of us must make up our own minds, I've decided this type of activity IS a scam and I won't participate!



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