Friday, April 13, 2012

This'n'That; April Thirteenth #1; Wegman or Ide?!?

To Get Away From All Things 'owe-bama!'
    Let's 'set-the-stage' here: 
This is about platonic "love(or, better yet: LIKE)-from-afar."
It's about Bob Lonsberry's choices versus Justin Case's.
Bob Lonsberry works for--among others--WHAM Radio in Rochester, N.Y.
On his ride into work on I-490, Bob had to pass a billboard which featured Colleen Wegman, President of her family's Wegman Food Markets, Inc.  He--on many occasions--professed his "love-from-afar" for Ms Wegman.  This went on for many months, slowing when said Ms Wegman's billboard was covered over.
    I too, have a local advertiser as my "love-from-afar," that being Ms Stephanie IdeMs Ide has been doing tv ads for her family's business: Dick Ide Honda.  In person, I'm supposing her smile will light the most dark, dank, dismal room she enters!!  The real 'hook' here is verbal/audio:  When she's doing a particular ad featuring directions to the dealership, Stephanie drags out the word 'in' as "....i-n-n-n PENFIELD...."
    While I think I've made the better choice, you take the poll or write a comment and let me know!
Til Nex'Time....
[Stephanie Ide]
[Colleen Wegman]



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Rich Ide said...

I pick Stephanie, but I am biased. This article will make her day!