Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This'n'That; July Thirty-First #1; Great for Mediocre

The Liars Bury Hatchet (Sort'a!)
    Although presumably hearburn still exists between them, "Clown Prince" obama and "Slick-Willie" seem to have--at least partially, temporarily--buried the hatchet.  "Slick's" been invited to be the most blusterful blatherer at a predicted 'less-than-packed-house,'in New Black Panther Stadium, Charlotte, N.C.
    With the "Clown Prince" squandering all--albeit, few--opportunities to suck up to his voter base, "Der Slickmeister" is coming to the rescue after some disparaging remarks on the quality of the obama governance.  This is little more than substituting a mediocre professional liar with a really effective professional liar!!  Compare the two:
a)  "Clown Prince" obama couldn't convince American entrepreneurs and small business owners, founders--for that matter, even his own socio-fascists--that
"....if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own."
b)  "Clown Prince" obama couldn't convince the American taxpayer, voter, citizen that pissing away tax dollars on unsustainable green energy factories, businesses and jobs (read: Solyndra!) was in the country's best interests and not just political pay-offs to supporters.
c)  "Clown Prince" obama couldn't convince the American taxpayer, voter, citizen that 'killing' parts of the Keystone XL pipeline project was in the country's best interests.
d)  "Slick-Willie" Clinton had the entire country convinced that he didn't 'boink' Monica Lewinsky in the Ovary ...oops, Oval.... Office, right up until the appearance of 'the stain' on the blue dress, to wit:
"....Let me say it again, I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky...."
e)  During a March 3, 1995, press conference, "Slick-Willie" told the American people that his administration supported--and budgeted for--an additional 100,000 new police officers in quite convincing fashion.  There never were, never would be, never budgeted for, 100,000 new police officers!
We could go on practically forever with the Clinton 'slick-isms' but it's not necessary, the American people get it!! The American People Get Them!!obamapresentfront

The "Clown Prince" obama record of governance is such an unmitigated failure, there's nothing else on which he can 'hang-his-hat.'  For his first two years as the exalted ruler of America, the "Clown Prince" had a socio-fascist majority in both houses of Congress, and still couldn't get anything passed without complete obfuscation and political pay-offs.  
Anyone remember the 'Cornhusker Kickback?!?' 

Anyone remember the $300 Million promised to 'whore-out' Senator Mary Landreau for her vote in support of obamaKare?!?
Is it any wonder there has to be a 'liar substitution' for the "Clown Prince" to continue his 'Reign of Dependency?!?"
Til Nex'Time....
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