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This'n'That; August Twenty-Fifth #1; On An EVEN SADDER Note....

(Bruce) Dale Sommers Passes Away
    After--again--hearing about "The Boz'" on the Lonsberry Show, I was able to find "The Bozo's" obituary, quoted here verbatim (well.... not exactly--who ever wrote it needs to go back to 'obit writing school'):
In Memory of Dale "The Truckin' Bozo" Sommers,
November 26, 1943-August 24, 2012

(Bruce) Dale "The Truckin' Bozo" Sommers; 1943-2012
     DALE SOMMERS, better known as "The Truckin' Bozo", whose overnight truckers' show aired on Clear Channel Talk 700 WLW-Cincinnati from 1984-2004 and in syndication before moving to XM Radio/SiriusXM Radio's ROAD DOG channel for afternoons.  SOMMERS, 68 years old, died on Friday, August 24, 2012 in the loving care of his family and  Hospice of Citrus County.  SOMMERS worked in radio in several markets including Evansville, Charleston, WV, Kansas City, Miami and San Diego before returning to Cincinnati and launching the overnight show.  His son Steve Sommers took over the WLW overnight "America's Truckin' Network" in 2004.  With his retirement, Dale closed out a 45 year radio career.     For the past 20 years, SOMMERS has entertained truckers nightly from midnight to 5 AM on WLW. From it's inception, "The Truckin' Bozo Radio Network" continued to grow through syndication and an ever-increasing fan base.  Over-The-Road as well as local, drivers listened to and enjoyed Dale as "The Boz'."  Long before cell phones, drivers would call the show from rest areas, truck stops and all points in between.  Sometimes just to say hello, sometimes in need of help. 

(Bruce) Dale "The Truckin' Bozo" Sommers; 1943-2012
    From the WLW studios in Mount Adams, Ohio, Mr Sommers was instrumental in solving a convenience-store robbery IN GEORGIA.  In 1986, he was chatting off-air with a regular caller to the show, known as the "Mississippi Lady," working in a convenience store in Camilla, Ga.  Dale heard he tell someone: "You can't come back here" and immediately hung up.  He called the Camilla Police who knew of a store clerk with that 'handle.'  Within minutes, the robber was apprehended.
    Working behind-the-scenes, Dale was also instrumental in the capture of the infamous "
D.C. Snipers" who terrorized the Maryland and D.C. areas in 2002.  From the outset, Dale continually updated his listening audience with news reports and suspected locations of the aforementioned domestic terrorists.

    Truck driver Ron Lantz pulled into a rest area near Myersville, Md.  After just hearing a vehicle description broadcast by "The Boz,'" Mr Lantz verified the subject vehicle, called 9-1-1, and with another driver, blocked both the rest area's entrance and exit until police arrived.  Later, after it was determined that Ron Lantz would not receive any portion of the $500,000 reward, Dale and Sharon Sommers personally funded Ron Lantz' participation in a Caribbean cruise.  Mr Lantz was introduced to the other travellers as "A True American Hero." 
  Dale Sommers was an honorary 'Kentucky Colonel,' enjoyed photography and was an amateur ham-radio operator.  Survivors include his wife of 37 years, Sharon K. "Lumpy" Sommers of Hernando, Fl., sons David (Christine), Steve (Lisa), Kevin (Charisse) Jason, Sean Compton (Rita), and Brian Mitchell (Magda); one daughter Crystal Sommers; nineteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
Cincinnati-area services will be announced at a later date.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Eastgate Community Church Building Fund, 3235 Omni Crive, Cincinnati, Oh., 45245.
    I intend to honor "The Boz'" with a donation to the aforementioned fund.  I urge my truck-drivin' breathren to do the same!
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