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This'n'That; October Eleventh #2; Classic Franklins

Some Truly Beautiful Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles
    During one of our "Clown Prince" obama-forced 'stay-cations' we travelled to the Northeast Classic Car Museum in Norwich, N.Y.  This is the facility to which we donated "Miss Daisy" a couple of years ago.  After my rant of several posts back, I've since located all those photos previously thought gone-forever!
To do the museum justice, I'll need more than one post, so.... let's get on with it!!
    The Franklin Automobile was manufactured in Syracuse, N.Y., from 1902 through 1934.  The museum has the largest Franklin Automobile collection known to exist-WORLDWIDE!!  There's also an extensive Franklin photo collection displayed by the Onandaga (Syracuse-area) Historical Society.
The 1926 Franklin Sport-Runabout below was equipped with an in-line 6 cylinder, air-cooled, 32 hp engine. This model, the 'Model 11A' was priced at $2,690, fob-Syracuse, N.Y.
1926 Franklin Sport-Runabout
This is an example of the Frank deClauss 'Series 11' design.  It was long and low (for the era), as well as the first to sport a 'boat-tail' design.
Illustration of the 1926's 'boat-tail' design
Below is what may be the only surviving example of the Franklin 'Woodie.'  There were only two ever produced.  This 1930, Model 147-Suburban was located in Cape Cod and believed to be used to ferry hotel guests to-and-from docks, railroad and bus stations.  The woodie has a 'J.T. Cantrell (Huntington, N.Y.) body; an in-line 6, air-cooled, 100 hp, engine. 

1930 Franklin Model 147-Suburban (far right)
Another view of the Franklin Suburban

More Franklins on display.  Starting on the right in the photo below are examples of the earliest Franklins produced
In the photo below is an example of an early Franklin flat-bed truck (far left) and an early convertible-sedan (left)
 Examples of late '20s; early '30s Franklin coupes; Franklin sedans
That's about all I got involving the Franklin automobile.  Remember, this is but one of five huge, interconnected buildings housing over 160 vehicles!!
Next time, we'll have a look in one of the other buildings.
Til Nex'Time....



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