Friday, October 26, 2012

This'n'That; October Twenty-Sixth #1; Surprise!!

Weinstein 'Props Up' The "Clown Prince"
    Harvey Weinstein--a large movie producer-literally--has edited his film "SEAL Team Six: The Raid On Osama bin Laden" into a 'latenight-style' infomercial about "Clown Prince" obama being dragged off the golf course to witness the killing of obama Osama bin Laden.  The 'original role' for the "Clown Prince" will be 'tidied-up,' be given far greater prominence than he deserves; far greater prominence than he's earned.
    Before we go too far, check out these photos which buttress my point:
This photo clearly illustrates that the inclusion of "Clown Prince" obama in the 'War Room' gathering was an afterthought.  With the "Clown Prince's" self-determined importance combined with his massive ego, he surely would have commanded a more prominent seating position, probably that of the Air Force officer (blue uniform); possibly that of Hilary Rob'em Clinton.

This one clearly illustrates that the most recent location for the "Clown Prince" was a golf course, given his golf shirt cleaverly hidden under an ill-fitting jacket, most probably belonging to someone else.
    While the film has inhanced the "Clown Prince" obama 'engineered' prominence with still photos, voice-overs and archival footage, it seems to have never veered even close to the actual circumstances.  Of course the national pamphleteer 'corpse' has never reported it, but around barackingham Palace it's common knowledge that Leon Panetta was the primary 'trigger-puller' in the decision making process.  He was put in the position of side-stepping the regime because the obama primary handler, the avowed communist Valarie Jarrett had already vetoed the operation on three previous occasions.
    As noted in the URLs below, few in the military ranks or mid-level management wants the "Clown Prince" to continue as their "Apologist-in-Chief!"

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