Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This'n'That; December Eleventh #1; Cliff

Why's obama Concerned With Middle-Class Rates?
    Does all this tax-those-pasty-white-evil-rich-guy" and "cut-entitlements" bullshit have you confused?!?  It shouldn't.  The phrase 'fiscal cliff' was created as a point of reference in the political theatre known as nightly news reports.  The National Pamphleteers use both the phrase and the theatre to instill fear in the lesser-educated among us.
    This has been going on for years so not only "Clown Prince" obama and his followers are at fault.  Several 'cans' have been kicked down the road by both parties.  The worst offender (IMHO) is:

Yup!!  You guessed it, that "Nevada Nose-Picker:" pinky reid!!
Because of pinky, in concert with the "Clown Prince," the Senate has not passed an annual budget since the first immaculation.... I mean obama's!!  All this political theatre is to confuse obama's lesser-educated followers and said confusion is used to convince the "taker-class" that either President George W. Bush or the republicRATics are at fault for the country being at the financial precipice.
    While all this political bullshit and oneupsmanship is detrimental to the country and it's day-to-day operations, no one seems to care.  No one seems to care where the country is headed.  No one seems to care what's directing the country along this path.  Any conservative--or just a freedom and/or liberty lover--must agree the "Clown Prince" is taking us to a 'dark-and-unsanitary' place!  As I see it, "Clown Prince" obama will....
"Redistribute ever'thang 'til nobody got nuthin'"
If you only remember one thing, remember this:
Socialism has failed everytime it's been tried!!
Socio-fascism is no different.... then where will we be?!?
Your thoughts?!?
Til Nex'Time....



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