Thursday, January 17, 2013

This'n'That; January Seventeenth #2; Only The Start!

Cuomobama Are Only Beginning!!
    As with "Clown Prince" obama, "Andy-the-Czar" Cuomo is only beginning with his state-wide gun grab!  The aim--forgive the pun--of both these ass-clowns is to eventually de-weapon the entire United States, much like Great Britain!
    The Grand Duchy of New York is in the process of criminalizing the ownership of many types of both shoulder- and hand- weapons.  Not only 'medium capacity' handgun magazines will be illegal along with the "AKs" the "ARs," now we find that many types of shotguns will be illegal as well!!
On the NYS State Troopers website there's partial listings of some of the illegals--Oh, NO!!  Not humans from south of the border, but firearms some ol' pasty white guys started a whole revolution over--The Grand Duchy of New York has deemed a greater danger than automobiles; than hammers; than miscreant medical doctors!!
The following are listed on the Troopers website as "Assault Weapons," even though there's never been an accurate definition published by any governmental entity.
Any AR-15 variant designed to fire ammunition in any caliber manufactured by the firms listed below: +/- 48 Manufacturers

Any AK- 47 variant designed to fire ammunition in any caliber manufactured by the firms listed below: +/- 54 Manufacturers 

The following rifles, pistols and shotguns are classified as assault weapons:
SEMIAUTOMATIC RIFLES: +/- 36 Manufacturers and Models
PISTOLS: +/- 12 Manufacturers and Models
SHOTGUNS: +/- 14 Manufacturers and Models
    If you don't think that at both the Grandy Duchy and The Bilderberg Group levels this is only the first step of a national disarming of the populus, you're sadly mistaken.  It worked in Great Britain in it's totality and they experienced massive increases in gun-related crime. 
Get prepared, America!!
Til Nex'Time....
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