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This'n'That; February Sixth #2; Fingers!!

Check This Out!!
    I found this in the Wordpress "Freshly Pressed" section.  I thought it important enough, exciting enough to re-publish it and JUST SOME of the reference material.  The entry I found is labeled '#3' in the Lie-Barry, and I've included the two previous ones.  I think entries on this particular topic (the robotic fingers) go further previous than these three.  Here's Entry #3:
(Oh, and don't forget:  These folks building Liam's robotic fingers are looking for funding to continue!!)

Liam’s birthday Robohand!

Liam is now the owner of a functional, comfortable device that increases what his right hand can accomplish. The evening before his birthday, Liam and his parents (Rory and Yolandi) stopped by Richard’s workshop to pick up the completed hand.
Not only did this device cost $0 for Liam’s family, but the design itself is now public-domain. There is no patent, the details of this design can be used freely by anyone. The specific CAD files used to print the components are available for free-download here.
It was a long day, but Liam was kind enough to demonstrate using his new hand on video:

And here he is just 3 days later, practicing and playing with his new hand:

Liam took his new hand with him to his doctor’s appointment today and also to school! His mother Yolandi says,
“Finish with Hand Clinic yay Dr’s are VERY impressed with Liam’s Robohand. No operations to be done as yet which is awesome. Amazing stuff to happen very soon. Liam has had so far an fantastic day not shy at all to show all his Robohand. His little school he goes to was a huge hit all the teacher’s & kiddies were in awe ;) its been a super duper day. Thank you all for the birthday wishes to Liam much appreciated xxx”
Richard and Ivan are deeply grateful for the support of their families (Beth Rademeyer Van As & Jen Owen, you ladies are both indescribably awesome!), thankful for Rory & Yolandi for taking a chance on two crazy guys with an idea and for all the people who have helped with this project.
A special thank you as well to Makerbot for providing the machines that made it possible to produce light-weight, inexpensive components for Liam’s hand!
With what we have learned by working with Liam, we see this as just the beginning. From here we want to carry this forward, to find other “Liams” out there who could benefit from the designs and techniques we are exploring.
If you believe, as we do, that as many people should freely benefit from this as possible & you would like to help make it happen, please visit our fundraising page. Thank you!!!
Donate if you can!!
Til Nex'Time....
Reference "Lie-Barry:"



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