Friday, October 18, 2013

This'n'That; October Eighteenth #1; Don't Stop Now!

"Same Shit, Different Day!"
    While the above saying is as applicable today as ever before, this is not the time for non-RINO republicRATics to 'rollover and play dead.'  Dealing with the continuing obamacrap on a daily basis will be tedious but you plutocrats wanted this job so DO IT!!  Even you, Rand Paul!!  Supporting Mitch "KentuckyKickBack" McConnell over Matt Bevin belies your self-professed 'conservative, libertarian' politics.  Any town drunk would be acceptable over continuing with "KickBack" McConnell!!  This is the Senate that conservatives expected to lose, even without McConnell's "KickBack" agreement with that loveable nose-picker, pinky reid.
harry 'Pinky' reid Doing What He Does BEST!
    We now come to the despicable wing of the republicRATic Party, those 87 "SurrenderrepublicRATics" who sold out the American taxpayer with their vote to continue obamanomics.  I doubt seriously that any prospective voter demanded of their candidate that if elected, said candidate to continue to far outspend Treasury receipts and to support any unworkable-as-written, socio-fascist law that comes down the pike, in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution.
Note to "Clown Prince" obama:
"When you find yourself in a hole [national debt], stop digging."
                                                      Will Rogers (1879-1935)
    Those who chose to follow the "Clown Prince" into the bottomless pit that is the national debt should be primaried before their next election cycle.  Here's about half of the "surrenderrepublicRATics" who supported the continued 'hole-digging:'
BACHUS III, Spencer Al-6
BARLETTA, Louis       Pa-11
BENICHEK, Daniel     Mi-1
BILIRAKIS, Gus        Fl-12
BOEHNER, John        Oh-8
BOUSTANY, Charles  La-3
BROOKS, Morris        In-5
BUCHANAN, Vernon  Fl-16
CALVERT, Kenneth    Ca-42
CAMP, David            Mi-4
CANTOR, Eric           Va-7
CAPITO, Shelley       WV-2
COBLE, John            NC-6
COFFMAN, Michael    Co-6
COLE, Thomas         Ok-4
COOK, Paul              Ca-8
COTTON, Thomas     Ar-4
CRAMER, Kevin        ND-At Large
CRAWFORD, Eric      Ar-1
CRENSHAW, Ander   Fl-4
DANES, Steven        Mt-At Large
DAVIS, Rodney        Il-13
DENT, Charles          Pa-15
DIAZ-BALART, Mario Fl-25
GARDNER, Corey      Co-4
GERLACH, James      Pa-6
GIBSON, Christopher NY-19
GRIFFIN, Timothy     Ar-2
GRIMM, Michael        NY-11
GUTHRIE, Steven     Ky-2
HANNA, Richard       NY-22
HARPER, Gregg        Ms-3
HECK, Joseph          Nv-3
ISSA, Darrell            Ca-49
JENKINS, Lynn         Ks-2
JOYCE, David            Oh-14
KELLY, George          Pa-3
KING, Peter              NY-2
KINZINGER, Adam    Il-16
KLINE, John             Mn-2
LANCE, Leonard        NJ-7
LATHAM, Thomas     Ia-3
....and that's only little more than half the surrenderrepublicRATics!!
Now is the time to publically question their position, their votes as they relate to the fed-up taxpayer.  Letters, calls, emails to them, their offices--both in the District of Corruption and locally--should start soon and continue on a regular basis.
Next time I'll to the second 'half' of the list of surrenderrepublicRATics.
That's all I got.
Til Nex'Time....
Justin Case
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