Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This'n'That; November Twenty-Fourth [Giggle;Fascism;LameDuck]

GOOGLE "Screws The Pooch"-AGAIN!!
NOW, I have to 'go on-line' to retrieve a photo that Google--in it's less-than-stunning--infinite wisdom, has decided I have stored 'out-there-somewhere!!'
NOT-SO!!  I have the photos I need right here in my very own, PRIVATE, storage!!  Is this not reminiscent of "Clown Prince" obama-level of control?!?!  What's next?!?!  What kinds and subjects of photos I can publish?!?!  We've ALREADY ARRIVED AT THAT LEVEL OF CONTROL!!!!!  Without signing in to Google'sGoogle cloud picker  I CAN NOT publish related photos!!
It's more "GIGGLE" than GOOGLE!!

Soros Funds Fascism; Jarrett Directs It!!
If you don't already; Ya gotta check in with 'Floyd Brown' every cuppla days!!  Here's what I found on my last check-in [Remember-Nicknames and emphasis are mine, alone!]:

Last week, the Center for American Progress (CAP), which received significant seed money from George Soros, released a 47-page paper illustrating how he could do that: by ruling through executive order, as this author reported he would. Some of their proposals include: {*}
Late last month, a reporter asked the head of the Office of Public Engagement Valerie Jarrett what she would tell her close friend "Clown Prince" obama about the American uprising against his aggressive liberalism. She replied, “To stay the course and to know that it will get better.” Those were not idle words of comfort; they were marching orders. The "Clown Prince" told the New York Times he runs every decision by Jarrett, and she has admitted to Vogue magazine, “I kind of know what makes [both obamas] who they are.” When she speaks, obama listens.

The day after the election, as pundits forecast how he would compromise with the Republican House, Barack Obama revealed that he planned to continue moving this country to the Left. As though he were invincibly ignorant to the will of the people, Obama told Democratic volunteers on a conference call, “We’ve just got to work harder to deliver the change the American people want.”
[I think "Tea Partier"s have already told him--obama's not ready to listen!!]

{*}Blocking legislation passed by Congress
{*}Advancing the Cloward-Piven Strategy
{*}Levying a new fee on foreign oil
Now, Soros is threatening to dry up the cash flow if Obama does not comply. Obama appears poised to continue shoving the big government liberalism Americans repudiated this month down their collective throat through executive action.
Just when the American public could see a "light at the end of the tunnel," obama, Soros, Jarrett, et al, just dropped a bag of dog-poop on our front porch and lit it on fire!!!

Fascism Marches On-As A 'Lame Duck!'
The obamacRATics are willing to test the Tea Partiers' long-term memories, with a last-ditch push to continue their infusion of fascism into the United States Constitution!!  They're forgetting that the Tea Party memory is at least two years long!!
  • The highest-profile item for November and December is the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, passed under President George W. Bush, which expire at year’s end.  obamacRATs have promised they will not allow tax rates to rise for families making less than $250,000 a year.
  • obamacRATic leaders have also prioritized the defense authorization bill, which includes a repeal of the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that bans gays from serving openly in the military.
  • Sen. Dick Durbin (Ill.), the chamber’s second-ranking obamacRAT, has promised to push for a vote on the DREAM Act, which would give the children of illegal immigrants a chance to earn legal residence.
  • obamacRATic leaders also view an extension of unemployment insurance benefits and a freeze in scheduled cuts to doctors’ Medicare reimbursements as must-pass legislation.
  • The deficit commission recommendations: "The Hill" article completely neglects this, but the cat food commission should give their recommendations by December 1. The Senate and House are committed to vote on them at that time.
  • Tax extenders bill: Max Baucus just created a new version of this, mostly paid for with big taxes on Big Oil. It includes the Office of Homeowner Advocate, the appeals process for HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program), which Sen[?]. Al Franken has promoted.
  • EPA: Jay Rockefeller wants to block the EPA from regulating carbon emissions for two years, and he claims to have the votes to get this done. You could see this come up as an amendment to many legislative vehicles. Reid has promised a vote.
  • Renewable energy standard: Jeff Bingaman and Sam Brownback have a bill to create an RES of 15% of electricity from renewables by 2021. They have four Republicans on board but will need more for passage. And Harry Reid refuses to give them floor time until he gets assured of 60 votes. Reid also has an energy bill, a narrowly-cast measure with incentives for electric cars and natural gas vehicles, money for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, oil spill response and the Home Star energy efficiency program for residential buildings.
  • START Treaty: The arms reduction treaty with Russia passed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with three Republicans supporting, but would need five others to come aboard, along with every Democrat, for the 67 votes needed for ratification.
  • Child nutrition/food safety: These two popular bills have languished for a variety of reasons, with child nutrition passed in the Senate and food safety passed in the House. Republicans have obstructed them consistently, and liberal Democrats hate the pay-for, a decrease in food stamp payments, in the child nutrition bill, essentially paying for a child’s lunch by taking away their dinner.
  • Chinese currency bill: The House version of the bill may not have widespread support in the Senate. "Chuckie-Cheese" Schumer wants a Senate bill to come up in the lame duck, and there’s a scenario where he becomes Majority or Minority Leader-in-waiting at that time. The obama Regime has been very mum on the whole thing.
  • Updating No Child Left Behind: We’ve been waiting for a reauthorization of this for some time, and my guess is we’ll wait some more. The obama Regime has its own ideas about education that they’ve succeeded in pushing through other means.

  • Cybersecurity (a Lieberman bill – look out!!)
  • FAA multiyear authorization
  • Mine safety
  • NASA authorization
  • Intelligence authorization
  • The South Korea free trade agreement
  • AND 'General' Eric Holder would like the Senate to get off their rears and confirm some judges and end 'the crisis' in our courts.
Join the FASCISTS!!
Join Google 'CLOUD!!'
Til Nex'Time....



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