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"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; September 3rd

[Blogger Note:  Given "Clown Prince" owe-bama's masterful handling of the 'jobs' market and the economy in general, I've "deemed" his new nickname to be "ZERO-bama!" Don't like it; don't read it!]
A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince;" 09/03/2011
barackingham Palace,
District of CorruptionSeptember 3, 2011
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    At the end of September, if Congress doesn’t act, funding for our roads and bridges will expire. This would put a stop to highway construction, bridge repair, mass transit systems and other important projects that keep our country moving quickly and safely. And it would affect thousands of construction workers and their families who depend on the jobs created by these projects to make ends meet.  Usually, renewing this transportation bill is a no-brainer. In fact, Congress has renewed it seven times over the last two years. But thanks to political posturing in Washington, they haven’t been able to extend it this time – and the clock is running out.  Allowing this bill to expire would be a disaster for our infrastructure and our economy. Right away, over 4,000 workers would be furloughed without pay. If it’s delayed for just 10 days, we will lose nearly $1 billion in highway funding that we can never get back. And if we wait even longer, almost 1 million workers could be in danger of losing their jobs over the next year.  Those are serious consequences, and the pain will be felt all across the country. In Virginia, 19,000 jobs are at risk. In Minnesota, more than 12,000. And in Florida, over 35,000 people could be out of work if Congress doesn’t act.  That makes no sense – and it’s completely avoidable. There’s no reason to put more jobs at risk in an industry that has been one of the hardest-hit in this recession. There’s no reason to cut off funding for transportation projects at a time when so many of our roads are congested; so many of our bridges are in need of repair; and so many businesses are feeling the cost of delays.
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[What I'm not telling you:   As everyone-socialist knows, that style of governance works really well so long as the receipts into the national treasury remain stable; preferably increase, over the term of the socio-fascist in power.  It has been the misfortune of the Soros/Jarrett/ZERO-bama Regime to have been put into power during a cycle of falling revenues to the federal coffers.  We have--and will continue to--suffer the daily drubbing of--as Margaret Thatcher said--"running out of other people's money!"  These falling revenues can only travel further downward:  54% of adult Americans are 'riding in the wagon' with their enrollment in the various and several entitlement programs, while just 46% of adult Americans are actually 'pushing the wagon' with their tax payments to the regime.
    All Americans--with the exception of myself, of course--feel the on-going pain in a very public way; they fill their vehicles' fuel tanks!  With the Congress' failure to pass the transportation bill, every motoring American would instantly feel the effects of a tax cut!! Nearly twenty-cents on every gallon of fuel America purchases, goes straight into wealth-redistribution!!  Originally, these fuel taxes, road-use taxes, the ton-mile useage fees, tire purchase taxes, tire disposal fees, auto-parts taxes, used-lubricant disposal fees all went into a federal 'lock-box' to only be used on highway projects.  Today: "Not so much!!"  The lock-box has been rifled open and filled with I.O.U.s the federal treasury can never pay off.
    Another point to consider in advocating for the passage of the next transportation bill is my need for monies for infrastructure new construction, repairs and replacement costs of existing roads, bridges, mass transit, et al, that I suggest are necessary for normal upkeep.  What I'm hoping you have forgotten--or never paid attention to in the first place--is 'What the hell was the $787Billion PORKulus bill for?!?  I blustered on about the necessity; the emergency speed for passage, of the PORKulus, so much so, that few realized the vast array of things it might cover:  union management payoffs; union membership's retirement funding payoffs; large contributors' payoffs; highest-level supporters' payoffs, and on, and on, and on!  On and on, so far that the money never reached down the ladder far enough to fund many highway-type projects!  Remember when 'hair-plug' biden touted the 500,000 jobs per month, that the PORKulus bill would create?!?  Never Happened!!  As with all things, socio-fascist; just more of "plug's" wishful thinking!  My whining about the job-loss in the various states I cited:  Many of them will 'go away' with or without passage of the next transportation bill.  The transportation bill-generated money will be side-tracked as before, into current and future entitlement programs designed primarily as vote-buying schemes for ZERO-bamacRATics.  The congested roads, the deteriorated bridges, the costs of delays, all existed at the time the PORKulus bill was passed.  They weren't important enough to fund then; Why Now?!?]

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    This isn’t a Democratic or a Republican issue – it’s an American issue. That’s why, last week, I was joined at the White House by representatives from the AFL-CIO and the Chamber of Commerce – two groups who don’t always see eye-to-eye, but who agree that it’s critically important for our economy that Congress act now.   That’s also why 128 mayors from both parties wrote to Congress asking them to come together and pass a clean extension. These are the local leaders who are on the ground every day, and who know what would happen to their communities if Congress fails to act.  So I’m calling on Congress, as soon as they come back, to pass a clean extension of the transportation bill to keep workers on the job, keep critical projects moving forward, and to give folks a sense of security.  There’s a lot of talk in Washington these days about creating jobs. But it doesn’t help when those same folks turn around and risk losing hundreds of thousands of jobs just because of political gamesmanship. We need to pass this transportation bill and put people to work rebuilding America. We need to put our differences aside and do the right thing for our economy. And now is the time to act.

[What I'm not telling you:  Much as George Soros has given the union managements a very large 'say' in the operations of the SJZ Regime; I was forced to do the same with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, to say nothing of the financial promises the governors extracted to buy their support!
    Given that my demands of the congress were rebuffed by Speaker of the House, John Boehner, I don't hold out much hope (there's that failed concept again, biting me in the ass!) that I can brow-beat both houses of the congress into supporting the bill contents as I demand!   I do have one question I need help with:  How can the redistribution of highway monies give the thinking population any 'sense-of-security?!?'  We've seen the affects of 'political gamesmanship' on several previous occasions.  The 'Tea Party' movement's elections of 2010;  the debt-ceiling debates; much of the entitlement funding's restrictions as a part of the debt-ceiling increase legislation.  Each and every time, these acts of 'political gamesmanship' have resulted in a 'gain' for the American taxpayer; a 'loss' for socio-fascism!!
    Looking forward to my re-scheduled national blather opportunity:  What a fiasco this is becoming!  Originally, Soros had plotted the upstaging of the next round of GOP debates; Speaker Boehner quashed that!!  Now, we're having to cut the teleprompter-reading short so as not to piss-off the vast majority of America any more than we already have; my blusterful rantings have to end prior to the kick-off of the 2011-2012 NFL season!!
    Now that Speaker Boehner has stymied the stragetic timing choice for the original blather opportunity, the content of said opportunity is likely to be even more ignored than before, if that's even possible!!  Who is likely to interrupt final pre-game preparations just to watch/listen to, me read from a teleprompter?!?  Far less than when I was to upstage the debates!!]
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