Friday, September 2, 2011

This'n'That; September Second #1; Jobs

Blusterful 'Jobs' Blather

    If history is any indicator, expect the same ol' rehash of previous owe-bama 'jobs' proposals.  With the total economic destruction of America as we know it, it's gotta be difficult for "Clown Prince" owe-bama to even fake any enthusiasm for jobs creation.  I'm sure 'Mr Mediocrity' will continue to push job creation in 'green' industries, even in the wake of three solar panel manufacturers filing for bankruptcy protection in the past month!!  Even BILLIONS in 'owe-bama money' couldn't prop the companies up enough to be viable!!

    In 2009, this same "Clown Prince;" this same "Mr Mediocrity" proposed:
  • Eliminate capital gains taxes on small business' new investments.
  • Extend 2010 tax breaks for certain small business investments up to $250,000.
  • Tax breaks for small business new hires.
  • Eliminate SBA loan fees.
  • Continuing tax breaks for all companies making capital expenditures.
  • Spend $50Billion on infrastructure projects (anyone remember the 'shovel-ready' projects that weren't 'shovel-ready?')
  • Rebates for homeowners who refit for energy savings.
  • Expand PORKulus programs that provide borrowing power to companies that manufacture machines--such as windmills (read:green energy)--that cut down on greenhouse gasses.
  • Extend unemployment insurance; more help for the unemployed to pay COBRA health insurance premiums.
  • Provide seniors and veterans with a one-time $250 payment in lieu of a cost-of-living increase. Cheap bastard!!
  • Provide funds to states so teachers, police and firemen aren't laid-off (read: union payoffs/vote buying!).

    One year ago--almost to the day: August 29, 2010--This same "Clown Prince;" this same "Mr Mediocrity" made the same proposal he did just before the August, 2011 monthly vacation:  He would 'propose a plan for jobs and economic growth' when he finally tore himself away from living-like-the-rich!!  Will this year be any different?!?  I doubt it!!  Nothing he or the rest of the socio-fascists propose will have any positive on either the general economy or jobs creation.  Almost by definition, government can not--and does not--create private sector jobs.  The only ones they can create are those high-paying government jobs with great benefits and taxpayer-funded retirement programs.
Obamanomics - A Debt Sentence for America
   If "Mr Mediocrity" would 'take-a-day-off' from the destruction of America as we know her, he might consider running up to Georgetown University and sitting in on a 'Econ-101' lecture; no grades to hide from the public like his others, just an understanding of the economy and how wealth is created.  The blusterful jobs blather--originally planned to run counter to the next GOP debate--will just be more of the "same ol,' same ol'" the owe-bamacRATics have nothing new to offer!!

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