Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This'n'That; September Fourteenth #2;Emails

One Email On Point; But Will Be Ignored!
    I can thank one of my many "friends-I've-never-met!"  During my years as a truck driver, I met lots of people on the internet as I traveled throughout the United States.  One of those folks--this one from central Virginia--sends me the highly-forwarded emails she thinks I might like.  This one is truly on-point, but will be ignored by those who violate it's principles as a norm:
The Problem with Public Housing
    The problem with public housing is the residents are not the owners.  The people that live in the house did not earn the house, but were loaned the property from the true owners, the taxpayers.  Because of this, the residents do not have the "pride of ownership" that comes with the hard work necessary to earn it.
    In fact, the opposite happens and the residents resent their benefactors because the very house is a constant reminder they themselves did not earn the right to live in the house.  They do not appreciate the value of the property and see no need to maintain or respect it in any way.
    The result is the same whether you are talking about a studio apartment or a magnificent mansion full of priceless antiques.  If the people who live there do not feel they've earned the privilege, they will make this know through their actions.
These two photos more than prove the point of the email!!

    Hey, AssholeGit'cher feet offa'da furniture!!
You--being the amateur president and professional community agitator, you are--may not realize this, but the desk you're using for a foot-stool has far more history than your one term can ever provide you.
    For your information and edification the desk you're abusing is known as "The Resolute Desk."  See, the 'HMS Resolute' was a British Artic exploration ship of the 19th century. The ship--and three others--were abandoned near Disaster Bay (in the Canadian Artic) after being 'frozen in' for the winter of 1854.  The ship was found by an American whaler, James Buddington, drifting in the thawing iceflow of the Spring of 1855.  He sailed the ship to a Navy facility in New London, Ct.  Even after England relinquished all claims to it, the HMS Resolute was repatriated to the British Navy, Spithead, England on December 17, 1856.
    The ship--after arriving in New London--was purchased from the salvager by the US Congress, sent to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for a complete refurbishing.  The presentation of the ship as a gift  to the British government was to soothe poor relations that had continued since the War of 1812.
    In 1879--after the Resolute had outlived it's usefulness--the ship was dismantled at the Chatham Dockyard, Chatham, England.  At Queen Victoria's request, timbers from the Resolute were used to build five desks, one of which the Queen presented to President Rutherford B. Hayes, in 1880.
   So--I repeat--keep yer feet offa'da furniture, Asshole!!
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