Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This'n'That; September Sixth #1; Wildfires

Will "Clown Prince" Even Acknowledge Fires?!?
Miss Me Yet? Sticker (Bumper)
    Remember the previous Texas wildfires, those in central and west Texas?  "Clown Prince" ZERO-bama failed to even acknowledge them, let alone send any federal help until they'd been out-of-control for several weeks.  Now Texas is fighting the "Bastrop Wildfire" with parts just south; with parts just east of Austin, Texas.  The fire has consumed nearly 500 homes with over 5,000 removed from their homes.
Rick Perry for President 2012
    Now that Texas Governor Rick Perry is in the race for the GOP nomination, one can just bet that it'll take more weeks for the "Clown Prince" to acknowledge this wildfire as well!!  A side effect of the fire is Governor Perry's presence is required back in the state to make the necessary decisions in the fight.
    Let's start a 'count-down' clock to check how long it takes for "Clown Prince" ZERO-bama to just acknowledge this latest Texas kerfuffle, let alone send help of any kind!

Til Nex'Time....
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