Thursday, September 22, 2011

This'n'That; September Twenty-Second #1; Tony Bennett

Has Senility Set In?!?
    Until now, my family and I have always like Tony Bennett!  Having said that--I'll never buy another concert ticket, never another CD.  I seriously think senility has set it; Mr Bennett's opinions are straying far afield from his patriotism.
    Recently, Mr Bennett was interviewed by Howard Stern on his Sirius-XM radio program (channel 100 on both systems); here are a few quotes:
 Til Nex'Time....
"I'm anti-war, [....] it's the lowest form of humanity."
"The Germans were frightened.  We were frightened.  Nobody wanted to kill anybody when we were on the line, but the weapons were so strong that it overcame us and everybody else."
"The first time I saw a German, that's when I became a pacifist."
"That was a nightmare that's permanent, I said 'this is not life, this is not life.'"
With respect to the modern times, Mr Bennett also said:
"To start a war in Iraq was a tremendous, tremendous mistake internationally."
Upon meeting President George W. Bush at a 2005 Kennedy Center gala honoring the singer, Mr Bennett said:
"He told me personally that night that, 'I think I made a mistake.'"
With respect to those muslim terrorists who attacked and 'dropped' the twin towers of the World Trade Center, Mr Bennett said:
"But, who are the terrorists?  Are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists?  Two wrongs don't make a right."
"They flew the planes in, but we caused it.  Because we were bombing them and they told us to stop."

I can understand his mindset with regard to war; to armed conflict.  The first time I was exposed to a dead body, I kinda lost it; I felt badly that someone had died, no matter the reason.  In my case, patriotism took over and I justified my actions and those of others.  Would Mr Bennett feel the same way about muslim terrorists if they'd landed on his house; if they'd killed his loved ones?!?  Ya gotta wonder....

    If 'at don'beat all!!  If Mr Bennett isn't displaying definite signs of either senility or dementia--or both--I ain'gotta clue what's goin' on!!



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