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This'n'That; October Fifth #2; Quiet Fascism

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owe-bama Regime Promotes 'Dirty' Air!
    While Presidents George H.W. Bush (41), "Slick-Willie" Clinton and George W. Bush (43) approved various aspects of the NAFTA--North American Freedom Traded Away--agreement, they--to a man--refused to approve and implement the 'cross-border trucking' provision.  This has been 'a bone of contention' for as long as there has been a NAFTA!
    Primary negative issues involved with cross-border trucking are:  driver qualifications requirements; driver qualifications compliance; driver records archives; defection of illegal aliens; drug trafficing; vehicle safety standards; vehicle emissions standards, et al.  As an O-T-R driver for Transport America, MS Carriers and Crete Carrier Corp., I've delivered dozens (more probably, hundreds) of loads to the border-area warehouses in Brownsville, Tx., Laredo, Tx., El Paso, Tx., and San Diego/Otey Mesa, Ca.  It would be impossible to convince anyone of the complete lack-of-attention to safety of the Mexican trucking companies; of the Mexican drivers, themselves!  These spectacles have to be seen to be believed; doors hanging by one hinge, fuel tanks barely hanging on, headlights hanging by wires, mirrors flappin-in-the-breeze, et al.  The three companies I leased my truck to, did only "drop-and-hooks" in the border cities.
[A "drop-and-hook:"  dropping a loaded trailer at the correct warehouse; 'hooking' to an empty trailer in preparation for the next load, northward.]
There were--and presumably, are--some U.S. trucking companies who venture into the countryside of Mexico.  Along with these border crossings are horror stories of cargo hijacking, vehicle hijacking, collecting bribes from American truckers, raping and murdering American truckers!
    In early July (2011) Transportation Secretary Ray The LaHood quietly went to Mexico City and--with his Mexican counterpart-Dionisio Perez-Jacome--signed America's highway safety away, to say nothing of the bogus American global-warming requirements!  While the 'regime blather' is the kerfuffles with the Mexican transportation system have been resolved, it's common knowledge that they'll "look-the-other-way" for almost any amount of money!! News reports of the time quote the regime blather-line:

The U.S. Department of Transportation says the safety concerns have now been resolved. Electronic monitoring systems will track how many hours the trucks are in service. Drivers will also have to pass safety reviews, drug tests and assessments of their English-language and U.S. traffic sign-reading skills. Mexico has the authority to demand similar measures from U.S. truck drivers entering their territory.
As any American trucker knows, electronics can be tweeked (wink;wink)!!  For the right number of pesos, the remaining provisions can be circumvented.  OK, my primary concern is for the American trucker and his profession:  There will be a tremendous loss of jobs when American shippers start taking advantage of the Mexican pay-scales:  They'll work for less than 25% of what a U.S. driver earns.  Some unscrupulous American shippers will undertake to violate U.S. cabotage laws. 

[The U.S. cabotage laws as they apply to the trucking industry {in a nutshell}:  Foreign drivers--primarily Canadian and Mexican--can deliver to a point in the U.S.; deadhead {empty trailer} or bob-tail {tractor only; no trailer} to the next loading point.  The freight a foreign driver loads, MUST return to their country-of-origin; NOT TO ANOTHER POINT IN THE UNITED STATES!!]
This quote from the same article clearly illustrates how out-of-touch Secretary The LaHood really is:
"By opening the door to long-haul trucking between the United States and Mexico, America's third largest trading partner, we will create jobs and opportunity for our people and support economic development in both nations," he (The LaHood) said.
What jobs will be created?  Freighthandlers?  Warehouses only hold so much freight, which is effectively, efficiently handled by the current labor force, therein.
More American drivers?  How, when adding umpteen-hundred Mexican drivers to the American labor force?  More diesel technicians; more towing-and-recovery companies?  If a driver is driving junk, why would he have it repaired?  Just abandon it where it dies.  If a driver is driving junk, why would he have it dragged out of the median?  Why would he have it lifted off a dead family's 'granny-van?'  Just run-like-hell and avoid the cops 'til he reaches his border!
    In conclusion, this policy is just so-much-more pandering to all things unAmerican!  More regime kissing of "the fuzzy, brown ass!"  It has no positive consequences to--or for--the American economy, the American worker, the American trucker!   Every citizen should contact his/her senators and representative, relaying their displeasure of the socio-fascist 'path' American trade policy is taking.
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