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"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather; November 5th

A Patriotic Response to "plug" biden; 11/05/2011
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

[NOT barackingham Palace]
[NOT District of Corruption]
November 5, 2011
    Hi, this is Joe Biden. I’m speaking to you from the University of Pittsburgh, where I just spoke to students here about what we’ve done to help ease the burden on them when it comes to the rising cost of tuition and the accumulating student debt and what we’re going to do to help create jobs when they graduate.  Today we found out we’ve had the 20th month in a row where we’ve increased private sector jobs -- 104,000 this month, 104,000 private sector jobs. And as all you know, that's not nearly enough. We have to increase the pace. We have to act now to do everything in our power to keep this economy moving and to grow jobs.  President Obama is on his way back from France where he just met with the leaders of the 20 largest economies in the world, where he urged our European friends to step up and stabilize their own economies because if they fail, it will affect the whole world.  Too many Americans are still struggling. Too many college students here at the University of Pittsburgh and elsewhere are worrying about the rising cost of their tuition, and the increasing accumulation of debt. And too many of their parents are in stagnant jobs or out of work, wondering if they're going to be able to send their child back to college next semester.  My dad used to have a saying. He said, a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. It’s about dignity. It’s about respect.  And too many Americans have been stripped of their dignity through no fault of their own. So we can't wait to help them. The President and I believe we have to act now. That's why we’ve introduced the jobs bill which independent validators said would create 2 million new jobs.
[What I'm not telling you: 
{As he does every Friday Night, George Soros had the teleprompters uploaded with prepared remarks to be delivered by "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist."  I say: Ta hell with that!!  I'm gonna tell'ya what I think!!} 
I gotta tell'ya.... it took alot to convince Barry to let me blather on, in his stead!!  But here I am 'n' here we go!!  Everyone remember when "Slick-Willie" Clinton used--as a defense for his federal blowjob--'It depends on what the definition of 'is' -is."  Everyone remember that notable example of his "Slick-ness?!?"  If you read the transcript of this conversation, you'll find that rarely do I speak of 'creating' private sector jobs.  I use the word "increased;"  we've 'increased' the number of private sector jobs; rather than we've 'created' private sector jobs!!  Pretty dam' cleaver, huh?!?  Just another example of the "Slickness of Slick-Willie!!"
    As the blogosphere has noted, time-and-again:  All Barry's blather does little more than attempt to cloud any issue, in this case student loans.  His ridiculous proposal concerning student loans--loans that students freely accepted; loans that students freely agreed to repay--saves the average student between $4.75 and $7.50 per month, over the life of the loan.   If said student was stupid enough to go over $100,000 in student-loan debt, Barry's proposal will save that idiot about "28'n'change," a month!!  What-ever-happened to American principles; to repay what one has borrowed?!?  We socio-fascists have kinda swept that principle under the rug!!  Now--needing to buy more-and-more votes--the owe-bamacRATics must pander to every class of American, excepting anyone conservative; excepting anyone republicRATic; excepting anyone of a constitutionalist mindset!!
    This 'tuition increase' kerfuffle is nothing more than a "supply 'n' demand" situation.  Everyone thinks if they graduate from a 'high-dollar,' prestigious university, they'll get a higher-paying job!!  Even if that's true--which I doubt--the increased debt load to pay for an outrageously over-priced education, isn't justified by the increase in salary!!   It seems to me--with minor differences--the education from the prestigious University of Pittsburgh is--more-or-less--equal to that of 'East Podunk' Community College!  An education that costs a tenth of that from said esteemed university.  Every prestigious, 'high-dollar' institution will continue to escalate their tuition and fees so long as there's participation!  As soon as the future college student realizes this and elects to attend the various 'Podunk' colleges around the nation, said 'high-dollar' institutions will stabilize--and reduce--their tuitions and fees!!]
    Although 51 senators voted for that jobs bill, our Republican colleagues in the Senate used a procedural requirement that requires it to have 60 votes, so it failed.  And since then we’ve taken every important piece of the jobs bill and demanded that we have a separate vote. But our Republican colleagues in the Senate have voted unanimously to vote down each and every part so far: to restore 400,000 jobs for teachers, police officers, firefighters, putting them back in classrooms, on the streets and in the fire houses.  And then on Thursday, they unanimously voted down the second part of our program: to rebuild our crumbling roads and bridges, which would have created more than 400,000 good-paying jobs.  These are all programs that the Republicans in the past have supported, but once again, every Republican voted no -- blocking the majority will to put these folks back to work.  I think the assumption is that they're voting no because of the way we would pay for these jobs, and we do pay for them. We think everybody should pay their fair share, so that's why we put a small surtax on the first dollar after a person has already made $1 million. That seems fair to us, and it pays for the bill. It’s a small price to pay to put hundreds of thousands of people back to work.
[What I'm not telling you:  That 'procedural requirement' is called 'cloture.'  Cloture was a cleaver manuever devised by the uber-liberal French in the 1880s as a method to stifle the opposition.  It was adopted by the forerunners of the owe-bamacRatics, back when we had a decisive majority in the U.S. Senate!!  Now it works against us as more-and-more owe-bamacRATics 'see the light' and stray toward conservatism.
    All those 'teacher, police and firefighter' jobs?  The funding we have--er, Barry has--proposed  only has a one-year life!!  After that comes either another round of massive, local layoffs or considerable local budget increases said governments can ill afford.  The funding only affects the federal government for the first year, then it's someone else's problem!!!  Those 'crumbling roads and bridges' were to be repaired or replaced with the $787BILLION PORKulus bill.  Instead, the vast majority of those monies went to pay off contributors, supporters and union thugs; to bail out supporters' corporations, banks and businesses!  Those '400,000 good-paying jobs' that might have been created, would have only had a life as long as the job at hand; maybe two-years, at most!!  Just in time to influence the next presidential election!!  How dam' cleaver is that?!?
    The republicRATics, the conservatives; the "Tea Party" movement representatives have seen through these latest of Barry's inane proposals; as they have since Day One!!  Those same individuals have passed 18--count'em: Eighteen!--jobs bills in the House of Representatives, as but one example:  H.R. 2587-"Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act!"  This resolution--as with the other 17, count'em: Seventeeen!--were either rejected out-of-hand, or--more-than-likely--little "pinky" reid refused to bring them to the Senate floor for a vote for fear of passage!!
    Contrary to what those "occupy...." miscreants chant, capitalism promotes full employment by creating practically every job in America!! This 'small surtax on the first dollar' proposal will remove said 'first--and many subsequent--dollars' from the very individual and small business that create the desired jobs.  For the government to give, loan, grant, forgive, one-dollar to an individual; said government must first confuscate that one-dollar from the individual who initially earned it!!  That's the essence of that wonderful owe-bamacRATic principle of 'wealth re-distribution!'  Due to the 'syphoning effect' of socio-fascist tax policy, it's highly unlikely said 'small surtax on the first dollar' will ever create a noticeable number of jobs.]
    So, look, we can't wait. We can't wait for the Congress to start acting responsibly, and that's why the President has used his executive power to announce that hundreds of thousands of people will be able to refinance their homes from 6 percent interest rates to 4 percent, saving them an average of $2,000 a year. That's why the President announced that beginning next year, no student will have to pay back more than 10 percent of their discretionary income toward their student debt. He also announced new regulations regarding prescription drugs to prevent price gouging. And there’s more to come.  If the Republican Congress won’t join us, we’re going to continue to act on our own to make the changes that we can to bring relief to middle-class families and those aspiring to get in the middle class.  Look, it’s simple: We refuse to take no for an answer. We know these steps taken alone are not going to solve all of our problems, but they will make a difference in the lives of millions of American families struggling to hold on. And you know and I know if the Republicans would just let the Congress do its job, let it step up and meet its responsibilities, we could do so much more, and we could do it immediately.  That's why the President and I need your help to tell your Republican congressmen and senators to step up. Tell them to stop worrying about their jobs and start worrying about yours because we’re all in this together, and together is the way we’re going to bring America back even stronger than it was before.
[What I'm not telling you:  Barry's so frustrated at the lack of support for his guidance toward a completely socialist-fascist form of government, I don't think--nor does George Soros--he's clear-headed enough to propose logical solutions to America's problems.  His thoughts are myopically short-sighted!!  Theproposed Soros-owe-bama form of government would be better served, force-fed to the public in very small doses; so small they don't realise the potential outcome until it's too late to correct!!  
    As an example of my opinion:  Barry is using his powers of "Executive Order" to rule by fiat, rather than alter his proposals away from the ultra-left fringe.  He's forgetting America didn't elect a dictator!!  That's exactly what Barry is giving his supporters and opponents, alike!!   Example number one of "Ya Can't Fix STUPID!!" 
    The "Executive Order" allowing some homeowners to refinance their mortgages, saving $2,000 annually?!?  What-the-hell good will that do?!? If the homeowner couldn't originally afford the mortgage, $2,000 will have scant positive affect!!  Example number two of "Ya Can't Fix STUPID!!"
    The "Executive Order" easing student-loan repayment to 10% of the debtor's disposable income will do little more than raise the amount of interest paid by lessening the amount of principle paid in every subsequent payment!!   Example number three of "Ya Can't Fix STUPID!!"
    In conclusion: each of these--and most probably, all future-- "Executive Orders" are STUPID on their face; implemented to placate the owe-bama mindset!!  They're being written as a blatant attempt to attract the former supporters Barry has driven away with his inane socio-fascist economic policies!!  I reinterate:  "Ya Can't Fix STUPID!!"  {Any bets on how long it'll be before I'm asked to sit in during a future "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist's" vacation?!?}]



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