Friday, June 15, 2012

This'n'That; June Fifteenth #1; It's The Economy, STUPID!

The "Battle of Ohio"
    With "Clown Prince" owe-bama firing from Cleveland, Mitt Romney firing from Cincinnati, the Battle of--and for--Ohio had a relatively minor skirmish yesterday, June 14th.  From the regime's forces there was nothing new in the form of proposals and policies to correct the continuing economic down-slide; there was an increased assigning of blame to that evil Bush-43!!  From the Romney Campaign, the usual definite, concrete economic solutions were evident along with showcasing the "Clown Prince's" inept handling of the problem; his handling of nearly all problems facing the regime.
    Early on in his 'unremarkable-remarks,' the "Clown Prince" jumped on the "Dubya-Decade," 2000-2009:

"Long before the economic crisis of 2008, the basic bargain at the heart of this country had begun to erode.  For more than a decade, it had become harder to find a job that paid the bills--harder to save, harder to retire; harder to keep up with rising costs of gas and health care and college tuitions.  You know that; you lived it."

"During that decade, there was a specific theory in Washington about how to meet this challenge.  We were told that huge tax cuts--especially for the wealthiest Americans--would lead to faster job growth.  We were told that fewer regulations--especially for big financial institutions and corporations--would bring about wedespread prosperity.  We were told that it was key to put two wars on the nation's credit card; that tax cuts would create enough growth to pay for themselves.  That's what we were told.  So how did this economic theory work out?"
    Well, let's see.... just how did this economic theory work out? 
During the entirety of that evil President George W. Bush's two terms, the AVERAGE unemployment rate was 5.75%.  The highest was 5.8% (January 1, 2003); the lowest was 4.2% (January 1, 2001).
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During just 41 months (January 1, 2009-May 1, 2012) we've had the "Clown Prince" as our exalted ruler, the AVERAGE unemployment rate was 8.4%.  The highest was 10.1% (October 1, 2009); the lowest was 7.8% (January 20, 2009-Immaculation Day).

To continue with my joyfully exposing the "Clown Prince's" taking-liberties-with-the-truth (read: blatant lies!), let's touch on the jobs creation rates of each president:
That evil President George W. Bush: created a NEGATIVE 583,000 jobs over the entirety of his two terms.
"Clown Prince" owe-bama: created a NEGATIVE 841,000 jobs in JUST 41 MONTHS of his reign.
    "Clown Prince" owe-bama is clearly reading and believing his own 'press!'  No one in their right mind would believe the blusterful blather coming out of barackingham Palace!!  Most of his 'Cleveland Speech' was a rehash of his 2008 campaign speeches, so how are we to expect any substantive solutions here?? Without a positive record on which to campaign, we can expect 'more-of-the-same' from the "Clown Prince."  Rush Limbaugh has correctly labeled him: barack o-BLAME-o Kardashian, the Celebrity of the United States as opposed to PrezUnitedStates!! 
('Ja ever listen to media teleprompter readers? That's how they mispronounce 'the President of the United States.'  Not only that: check out how they say 'social security....' that becomes "sosh-s'keridy")

    With the clear exception of some of today's college students and recent graduates, the American voters have a clear alternative to this mindless Bilderberg/George Soros mouthpiece!!!!
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