Thursday, June 14, 2012

This'n'That; June Fourteenth #2; More 'Diaries' (O'Connor)

The Reagan Diaries
    To the reader it should be blatantly obvious that "Ronaldus-Magnus" is by far, my favorite American president.  Arguably the best, most effective president of the twenty- and twenty-first centuries!  Diametrically opposed--both in thought, word and deed--to the "Clown" we have now, President Reagan firstly, lastly and always thought about the country and the affects his decisions had on it's 'health,' welfare, growth, etc.  To that end, Mr Reagan never wanted to be "the first president to...;" at the end of the day, he only wanted what was best for the country.
    As my reading of "The Reagan Diaries" continues--time permitting--I've found entries about the possible selection and Senate confirmation of Mrs Sandra Day O'Connor as the first female Supreme Court Justice:

Monday, June 22  "Bill Smith {William French Smith, Mr Reagan's Attorney General, 1981-'85} came in on the Sup. Ct.  I believe if the check up goes well we should go with the lady in Ariz. to replace Potter Stewart to the Supreme Ct."
Tuesday, July 7  "This morning I announced my nominee for Supreme Court, Mrs. O'Connor of Ariz.  I made some calls because someone has started a bonfire among the Right to Life people.  Apparently it all started with a woman--Dr. Gersten in Phoenix.  Her claims don't match the record we have of O'Connor's voting record when she was a state Sen.  But she's spread her message far & wide.  A full Cabinet meeting on the Ft. Chafee problem (Cubans--criminal & mentally deranged dumped on us by Castro).  We believe we can move them to an unused mil. base in Maryland which can be developed also as a holding area for legitimate refugees in the future."

    President Reagan was far less concerned about Justice O'Connor being the first woman on the Supreme Court; less concerned about himself being the first president to nominate a woman for that position, than about what--and who--would be the best choice for the needs and requirements of the country as a whole.
Note:  Those "{....}" indicate that I added information to supplement and possibly clarify Mr Reagan's diary entries.
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