Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This'n'That; August Eighth #2; Don't Bother!!

Does "Thoughts.Com" Censure Blog Entries?
    I stumbled upon for two reasons; first, I was having trouble logging onto my account, so.... I naturally thought the reason was that I had avoided giving "Google, Inc" more than the minimum information possible (they wanted to know EVERYTHING about me).  Secondly, I was attempting to reach a different demographic, a younger, more international audience with my conservative thoughts and blatherings.
    Well, it kinda-sorta worked!  I first got an account as 'justincase505' in keeping with the self-identifying title as my other two blogs (the other being ; If you read one, you've read both, 'wordpress' is a re-post of 'blogspot').  I was able to get a 'justincase505' account with 'thoughts' and posted some--maybe 8-10--conservative posts, then was unable to log onto my account subsequent to those posts.  Well, being in my sixties, I just figured it was my fault and created a second 'thoughts' account: 'JustinCaseToo.'  On the day of the second creation, I posted two current entries, and then posted about 4-5 more that were older but I considered important enough to disseminate further.  That was two days ago; I haven't been able to log-on since!!

The Bilderberg Group's U.S. Ruler
    I can reach no other conclusion than my blog entries were too conservative for the webmasters at!!  I tend to tell it like I see it, and I see The Bilderberg Group into the U.S.' federal governance up-to-their-eyeballs!!  I see "Clown Prince" obama for the complete fraud that he is!!
Can you see any other reason for my inability to log-on to either of my accounts?
Til Nex'Time....



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